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Video Collection #1

1.) On the Tenth Anniversary of the "American Music Awards" Olivia greets everyone
via "satellite" from Hawaii, where she is currently performing. Looking wonderful,
as always, itís a pleasure to see her smiling face. Later in the program, she wins
for "Favorite Pop Female." Surprised with her award, she graciously accepts the honor.
During this "upclose full screen moment" she looks great!


2.) Returning to America for the 25th "Grammy Awards" Olivia joins Lionel Richie,
as they present one of the awards for the evening.

3.) On a special report for "The Today Show" titled "On the Record" they profile the
talented singer. After a brief overview of her career, they present a wonderful
interview with her. Looking radiant, she is a delight to watch. In talking about her
career, the main focus of the interview is on the upcoming release of her movie,
with John Travolta, and the direction of the music associated with the film. In closing
she talks about working at Disneyland, and being a relatively unknown artist.

4.) In this exceptional interview from "Entertainment Tonight" both Olivia and John Travolta
share their thoughts on their early days, long before they were ever popular. During
the interview they both look very relaxed with each other, sharing how it was
to work together again.

5.) During a special blend of "music video" "interview" and actual "footage from the
film" Cinemax presents "Album Flash" which is devoted to the release of her new film,
"Two of a Kind." Inbetween the videos filmed for the soundtrack, both Olivia and
John talk about working together, and the chemistry they share with each other.
In talking about the music contained in the film, Olivia mentions that with the release
of "Physical" the year before, her music has started to "mature" which reflects her
current state of mind. During a lighthearted moment, in talking about "something"
both of the talented stars, crack themselves up! Which is really funny! After a minute
or so, no one can remember what started the whole thing. In closing, Olivia talks about
what she would like for her career, both on screen and in the music business.

6.) In an exceptional interview for "Good Morning America" John Travolta does the
honor of interviewing Olivia! During this "upclose full screen" moment with the two
stars, they talk about working together, and how well they get along with each other.
As they visit, the scene changes, and the next thing moment we are treated to, is
the two of them outside horseback riding through the countryside, which is very nice!
They look so peaceful together! In closing, John relates a touching story
about them both flying into the night.

7.) During this fantastic musical number from "Solid Gold" Olivia gives a splendid
performance of her hit song: "Make a move." Dancing around the stage, she is
clearly have a wonderful time! She looks great!

8.) In making the rounds to promote their film, "Two of a kind" both Olivia and John
visit with Dick Cavett, for HBOís "Behind the scenes." They look wonderful! Full of
laughs and smiles, during this exceptional moment! In talking about their new film,
they are asked about their previous "career failures." From there they talk about
their work on "Grease." Interestingly, Olivia talks about the press, and how they have
been left with no choice, but to make up stories about her, because they canít find
anything negative to write about. As they continue, the topic of their new movie
comes up, and they talk in depth about the film. From there they talk about many
things, far too many to mention. In closing they discuss the music included on the
"soundtrack" which leads to the video: "Take a chance." Overall a wonderful
moment, from beginning to end.

9.) I canít really say, what particular program this next clip is from, but it centers
around this rather odd character that has wandered into Oliviaís shop. After a
moment or two, she takes him on a tour. Interestingly, we get to meet her best
friend, Pat. Olivia is having a great time. And she looks fantastic.

10.) During this special program, devoted to "The Olympics" Olivia joins the
celebration, via satellite, from Australia. While walking through the park,
she sings a stirring rendition of "I still call Australia home." From there,
they show many of the images of the land "down under." Finally rejoining
Olivia for a wonderful finale, with a full orchestra. Very nice moment!

11.) Unfortunately, the downside of being famous is mentioned very
briefly, during this short clip from "Entertainment Tonight" where a security
officer is talking about the stalker that was following Olivia. This particular clip
is very short, but I thought Olivia looked exceptional!
12.) In this particular clip from "Entertainment Tonight" Shirley McLaine is being
honored for her incredible career. Also at the event, both Olivia and John Travolta,
talk about the talented star.

13.) During this particular appearance on "Entertainment Tonight" Olivia talks about
the upcoming birth of her baby, and how it will affect her career.

14.) In another "Entertainment Tonight" moment, Olivia and Matt are shown at her
boutique in West Hollywood. Sitting together, talking about their relationship, they make
such a wonderful couple. Later the two of them can be found, sampling some of the
food from Australia.

15.) Returning after the birth of her baby, Olivia appeared on this particular moment
from the "Grammy Awards." As it happens, she presented the "Song of the Year"
award to Burt Bacharach and Carole Bayer Sager.

16.) In celebrating Australiaís Bi-Centennial, Olivia joins this particular special, "Live" via
satellite from her home. As Matt holds Chloe, Olivia sings a wonderful rendition of "I still call
Australia home" which is wonderful!

17.) "Live" from Australia, Olivia introduces the band "Icehouse" on this particular
installment of the "American Music Awards."

18.) Appearing on "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee" Olivia makes a delightful return
to the spotlight. After being away for a while, raising her daughter, the conversation
starts out, with her family. As they continue, she talks about how she met Matt.
In turning to her career, she discusses her new album "The Rumour." And what
message she is trying to convey in some of the songs, which are meant to reflect her
interest in the environment. She looks great!

19.) On a exceptional "Public People, Private Lives" Olivia sits down for a delightful
interview! Before they settle indoors, both Matt and Olivia can be found outside,
riding their horses. With Matt by her side, the interview starts out with Olivia
being asked why she waited so long to actually get married. From there she discusses
their relationship, and how it has changed her life. Moving to her career, she touches
upon her role in "Grease" and her highly successful chain of boutiques. Very nice
interview! With some questions, rarely asked! And Olivia looks great!

20.) Moving from one interview program to the next, Olivia showed up on the "Home"
show. With the release of her new album, "The Rumour" Olivia is once again in the
spotlight. Since the show, is centered around the "home" most of the questions deal
with her family. Which is a nice change of pace. Great interview!
Video Collection #2

1.) Back in the 1980's we were treated to many more specials than we have
the privilege of seeing today. One of the things that made "Home Box Office"
so popular, were their musical events, that they would air from time to time.
Olivia had the honor of being one of their featured artists! Her special was
titled "Olivia Down Under." Throughout the hour, we were treated to some of
the wonderful sights of Australia, while Olivia strolled through a variety of
musical settings. In a way, this particular special is like an "extended music
video" showcasing some of the songs from her new album "The Rumour"
while taking us on a whirl wind tour of her homeland. Some of the sights
were "extraordinary!" And there were so many different images of
Olivia scattered throughout the special, it was hard to pick which
ones to place here!

2.) During this "mini-interview" following the special, Olivia shares some of her
own thoughts on how she wanted everyone to view Australia, in all it's wonder.

3.) Always welcome at the "American Music Awards" Olivia steps to the stage
to talk about three of the musical artists that we lost during the year of 1988. One
of which was Andy Gibb, who is shown performing with Olivia.

4.) Appearing in a segment on "Entertainment Tonight" Olivia talks about the age
difference between herself and Matt. She is only one individual of many that are
featured during this coverstory.

5.) On the 1989 "Academy Awards" Olivia makes one of the introductions for
the evening.

6.) In an indepth interview with Larry King, Olivia shares many of her thoughts!
Interestingly, she starts out by talking about her boutique "Koala Blue" and the
reason it has become so successful. Throughout their time together she talks
fondly about her native land of Australia, which will always be her home. As they
continue, she talks about her role in Grease, and her friendship with John Travolta,
which brings forth some really nice comments. In closing, she touches upon her
personal life, in relationship with her career.

7.) Earlier during the interview with Larry King, Olivia talked about her appearance on
behalf of Australia's Bicentennial. Stepping to the stage, during that particular special
she performs a wonderful rendition of her signature song "I still call Australia home."
Throughout the show, we are treated to a variety of musical performances, but none
seem to match the level of excitement, as when Olivia joins Cliff Richard for a lovely
rendition of their duet "Suddenly." It's truly remarkable watching them
perform together.

8.) With the release of her new single "Reach out for me" Olivia stops by the set of
"Good Morning America" for a delightful interview! As she visits with Joan Lunden,
she fondly talks about the music contained on her new album "Warm and Tender.

9.) In making the rounds to promote her latest release, Olivia stops by "The Tonight
Show with Jay Leno" for an exceptional performance of her latest single "Reach out
for me." She looks absolutely wonderful! And that incredible voice!
Video Collection #3

1.) During this particular moment from the "American Music Awards" Olivia
presents one of the awards for the evening.

2.) Next up! The "Grammy Awards!" Where Olivia presents one of the honors for
the evening. Olivia is delightful!

3.) With a new album to promote, "Warm and Tender" Olivia stops by the set of
"Regis and Kathie Lee" for a wonderful interview!

4.) Looking wonderful as always, Olivia pays a late night visit to the set of the
"Late Show with David Lettermen." Performing "Reach out for me" Olivia treats us
to an exceptional rendition of her latest single. She has never sounded better!
Wonderful full screen moment! Afterwards, she has a delightful visit with Dave!

5.) Returning to the stage, in another setting, Olivia joins those in attendance for
a "Night of 100 Stars." Performing "I honestly love you" Olivia receives a
thunderous amount of applause.

6.) Even though beloved by nearly everyone, and an avid spokesperson on behalf
of the environment, Olivia finds herself under attack with the building of her home
in Malibu, California. Amid the flurry of reporters, Olivia talks about the project
from New York, while Matt takes us along the beach, so we can see "upclose"
what all the trouble is about. They also visit with two of his neighbors: one against
the project, and another who supports their efforts.

7.) Ironically, this next appearance with Olivia happened right in her own "front yard"
a "Global" conference on behalf of the environment.

8.) During this particular segment from "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" they catch up
with the talented star on "many fronts!" Starting with her involvement on behalf of the
rainforests; followed by her successful string of boutique stores; her happy marriage;
and finally her musical career.

9.) Joining Bette Midler and a host of other celebrities, "For an Evening on Behalf of the
Environment" Olivia performs a wonderful rendition of her hit song "Magic." After she shares
a few of her concerns for our planet, she touches everyone with a "heartfelt" rendition of
the timeless classic "Somewhere over the rainbow." Even though she confides that she
hasn't performed in public in over eight years, you wouldn't have been able to tell. She
sounds absolutely fabulous!

10.) Stepping into the spotlight once again, Olivia makes a delightful appearance on the
"People's Choice Awards" where she presents one of the awards.

11.) "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with the talented star at an Expo on
behalf of the environment, where she talks for a minute about our planet.

12.) With the upcoming release of her "Greatest Hits" collection, that features
several new recordings, "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Olivia in the studio,
and on the set of her music video.

13.) While appearing on "The Today Show" Olivia talks about her upcoming appearance
on Lifetime's "Breast Cancer Awareness" special. Even though it's fairly early in the
morning, Olivia still looks wonderful.

14.) Traveling across town, Olivia also visits the set of "Regis and Kathie Lee"
where she continues to talk about the special. Interestingly, she talks about her
album "Gaia" and the process of recording those songs.

15.) Lending her support and incredible voice, Olivia graces the stage during the
Lifetime special for "Breast Cancer Awareness." After a wonderful welcome from
the audience, she sings a "heartfelt" rendition of "Why me" from her "Gaia" album.
Listening to her, could we ever have imagined losing her wonderful spirit.
As the show draws to a close, Olivia returns dressed in a flowing gold lame'
outfit, which is simply gorgeous! She then performs "Not gonna give in to it."
Absolutely wonderful!

16.) Returning to the spotlight, Olivia stops by the set of "Regis and Kathie Lee"
for another delightful interview. Having been away for awhile, the audience gives
her a thunderous round of applause! Which really touches Olivia deeply.
From there she talks about her latest concern, on behalf of our children.
Wonderful full screen moment! Her image literally leaps from the screen!

17.) While in New York, Olivia makes an additional appearance! This time on the
"Larry King" show! After a brief review of her life, through an assortment of
images, the camera settles in on the talented star. She looks absolutely beautiful!
As they visit, she talks about many things! Her children's book; her health; her
family; and the degree of success that she has achieved in her life.
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