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"Video Collection #1"

1. Appearing on the "Jerry Reed Show" Tanya performs a spirited version of the
"Pecos Promenade." Slowing things down, she then sings a few bars of "Tennessee woman"
which is really nice! In between the musical numbers, Tanya visits with Jerry, which basically
sets up the next guest. As the show draws to a close, Tanya performs a rousing rendition of
"Texas when I die."

2. Joining Jim Stafford, on the country favorite "Hey good lookin'" Tanya plays hostess
for a program featuring the "Greatest Moments in Country Music." Looking wonderful, as
always, Tanya is truly a delight! Throughout the show, the two of them reappear as old-timers
of the theater, reflecting upon the old days. Later in the program, Tanya returns to perform a
wonderful version of "Baby I'm yours.

3.  On the highly popular "Austin City Limits" Tanya performs a rousing set of old and 
new favorites! Starting out with the "San Antonio Stroll" Tanya was simply delightful!
Dressed in one of her trademark outfits, complete with her fancy boots, Tanya danced
across the stage performing: "Make me feel right" "Pecos Promenade" and a rousing rendition
of "Delta Dawn." Slowing things down a bit, she performed two of her own songs "Rodeo girls
don't cry" and the heartfelt "Changes." Both of which, displayed her ability to convey a level
of emotion, very seldom touched upon by many of the stars today. Very nice! Closing the show,
she tipped her hat to the great state, with one of her signature tunes, "Texas when I die."

4. "Entertainment Tonight" featured a wonderful interview with Tanya, upon the
release of her latest single "One love at a time." Delighted with it's success, Tanya is
all smiles! As they refer to this as being her "comeback" she mentions that she was
never really away! Always performing on the road, actually. It's nice to see looking
so happy and full of life!

5. Presenting a closer look at "Fan Fair" the camera caught up with Tanya, performing at the
annual event. Looking wonderful, as always! She talks briefly about her fans.

6. Blending a bit of acting, with her incredible singing ability, Tanya makes a special
appearance on the night time police drama "Downtown." Performing "Be my baby" she
steps into the role quite nicely! Throughout the show, Tanya is featured in nearly every
scene! She is such a natural in front of the camera! Later in the program, she performs
two more selections, "Not Fade Away" and "Twist and Shout" which are nothing short of
fabulous! As you might have guessed, Tanya's character finds herself in a bit of trouble
before the hour is up! But don't worry, as with all good dramas,
this one has a happy ending.


7. Performing an exceptional version of "Just another love" Tanya makes a dazzling appearance
on the David Brenner talk show "Night Life." After mentioning her love of the music, she goes on
to discuss being in the business, and she exclaims with a chuckle "I'm still mad that I didn't
start earlier!" When asked about one of her famous quotes, "If I had done half of the things
they said that I did, I'd be dead," Tanya talks about her "wild personality." Which proves to
really spice up the conversation! This is definitely an interesting interview!

8. Unfortunately, this next appearance is slightly out of place, it probably should have been
place first on the tape! Even though Tanya has had a whole string of hits throughout her
career, while appearing on the "Tommy Hunter Show" she performs a rousing rendition of
her signature hit "Delta Dawn."

9. This short clip from the Nashville Network game show, "Fandango"
presents another side of Tanya!

10. Performing a sizzling rendition of "I'll come back as another woman" Tanya makes
an exceptional appearance on "Solid Gold." She looks absolutely gorgeous!

11. Making another guest appearance on the "Tommy Hunter Show" Tanya looks
absolutely RADIANT! as she performs a touching version of "Girls like me." Very few
can match the level of emotion that Tanya brings to her songs! And this particular
moment is one of her best! Returning later in the show, she sings a spirited version
of "Just another love." Which is very nice! As the show, draws to a close, she joins
the popular host, on the timeless classic "Rollin' in my sweet baby's arms."

"Video Collection #2"

1. With the success of her new album, riding high on the charts, Tanya makes a
delightful appearance on "Nashville Now" performing "Just another love." She looks
absolutely great! After talking about her own career, the conversation shifts to her
sister, La Costa, and what she is doing now. Returning later in the show, Tanya
performs her latest release "Love me like you used to." Slowing things down even
more, she sings a heartfelt rendition of "It's only over for you."


2. Looking simply lovely, Tanya makes a wonderful appearance on "New Country"
to promote her latest album. Starting with "Just another love" she simply sparkles!
Dipping into the past, she performs a rousing rendition of her signature hit "Delta
Dawn" which will always be a favorite! Returning to the present, she sings "I'll come
back as another woman" "It's only over for you" and "One love at a time."
Rounding out the show, she performs "Texas when I die."
Wonderful "full" screen moments! Upclose!

3. Making a delightful appearance on "Hee Haw" Tanya performs "One love at time" from
her current album. Throughout the show, she returns during the short comedy segments,
before changing into a different outfit for "Just another love." She looks wonderful!

4. Appearing on the "America Music Awards" Tanya presents one of the awards
for the evening.

5. Making a return to the set of "Hee Haw" Tanya simply sparkles, singing her latest
release "Love me like you used to." She looks wonderful! After several comedy segments,
Tanya returns with Paul Davis and Paul Overstreet, to sing "I won't take less than your
love." Seeing them performing together is truly wonderful!
Wonderful "full" screen moments! Very, very nice!

6. On the 30th annual "Celebration of the Country Music Awards" Tanya takes
to the stage, singing one of her favorites "Texas when I die."

7. On a very special segment of "Wrap around Nashville" they visit "Steamboat Springs"
in the mountains of Colorado. The spotlight is on Tanya and her annual Celebrity Ski Challenge!
As you will see, the countryside is simply beautiful! And so it's no wonder that she spends
some of her free time there! Along with Tanya, you'll also see Lorrie Morgan, Keith Whitley,
Paul Davis, Nicolette Larson, Paul Overstreet, and many more! The highlight of the event is
a very special, private benefit concert featuring Tanya! We catch a glimpse of her
singing "One love at a time."

8. Returning to Nashville, Tanya appeared on the 23rd Annual Country Music Awards,
singing "If it don't come easy." Dressed in a wonderful outfit, she simply captured
everyone's attention.

9. Making a return visit to the "Tommy Hunter Show" finds Tanya singing a
spirited version of her hit song, "One love at a time." As always, she looks
great! With such a sense of style and spirit!

10. Looking absolutely gorgeous! Tanya performs a rousing rendition of
"If it don't come easy" on the 22nd Annual Music City News Awards. Dressed
in a short skirt and a tight-fitting jacket, she simply captures your attention!

11. Strutting across the stage, Tanya joins Merrill Osmond as he performs a song
from his "What I like" special. Then they duet on several other songs! Dressed
in her red leather outfit, Tanya looks fabulous!

12. Returning to the "Tommy Hunter Show" Tanya sings a heartfelt rendition of
"Tennessee you in my dreams." As always, it's a treat seeing her! And especially
when she performs such a lovely ballad as this one! Later in the program, she
sings "Mississippi man, Louisiana woman" with Mr. Hunter.
"Video Collection #3"

1. Traveling aboard the "Mississippi Queen" riverboat, Tanya makes a delightful
appearance on the Roger Miller Show. Dressed in a very nice, springtime outfit,
Tanya sings a wonderful rendition of "Love me like you used to." During a fantasy
sequence with Williams and Ree, Tanya sings a cute version of "Till I kissed you."
Later in the evening, Tanya steps to the stage and performs a spirited version
of "Strong enough to bend."

2. Dipping into the past, this next moment with Tanya appeared on "Video Country."
Where they presented her performance of Anne Murray's hit song
"Could I have this dance." Very, very nice!

3. On the 22nd annual "Country Music Awards" Tanya presents the honor of
"Album of the Year."

4. Performing a rousing rendition of "Highway Robbery" Tanya steps to the
stage, during this particular appearance from "Nashville Now." She looks absolutely
wonderful! It's hard not to be captivated by her presence! After a short visit with
Ralph Emery, she performs a heartfelt version of "Daddy and Home" which she
dedicates to her father. When asked about the song, she mentions her interest
in Jimmy Rogers, and the foundation that his family has established. Later in the
program, she sings her latest hit single "Strong enough to bend." This is one of her
best appearances!

5. Showing her playful, competitive side, Tanya makes a week long guest appearance
on the game show "Win, Lose, or Draw." It's an exciting, fun filled time!
And Tanya is a natural at the highly popular game!

6. Making an early morning, guest appearance on the "Nashville Network" Tanya helps
announce some of the nominees for the upcoming "TNN Viewer's Choice Awards."

7. With her new album riding high on the charts, Tanya stops by the set
of "Crook and Chase" for a wonderful visit. Looking radiant, as always, Tanya
is a pure delight! Interestingly, they start out by talking about the "business"
and how she handles some of the things being written about her. Which brings
their conversation around to her relationship with Ben. As their conversation
draws to a close, they talk about the new album and video "Strong enough
to bend." Very upbeat, lighthearted interview!

8. Although this next moment is slightly out of place on the time line, that
thought will disappear quickly, when you see Tanya dressed in her black
mini-skirt, leather jacket, and cowboy boots. She looks absolutely
fabulous! Singing "If it don't come easy" she simply captures your
attention! Speaking of keeping an eye out, be sure to catch Tanya's
sister, La Costa, and her family in the audience, as she prepares to
sing her latest release "Strong enough to bend."

9. Riding high-a-top one of the floats in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Tanya
sings a rousing rendition of her latest selection "Highway Robbery."
She looks wonderful!

10. Looking "RADIANT!" Tanya makes a guest appearance on the 23rd annual
"Country Music Awards" singing "If it don't come easy." Afterwards, she
presents the honor for "Male Vocalist of the Year."

11. During a "rare" moment on camera, Tanya's parents are on hand
to help her celebrate her 31st Birthday. In her arms she is holding Presley
who is only three months old. Tanya looks so lovely! It's a wonderful moment!
Especially when you see what she received as a Birthday present
from her father!

12. The celebration continued into the evening, as we see from this "extended"
segment from "The Crook and Chase" program. It was a great evening! Tanya looks
absolutely beautiful!

13. Entertainment Tonight spotlighted Tanya's generosity, as she visits a
gentleman, in the hospital, who is waiting for a organ transplant. While by his
side, she sings "As long as there is a heartbeat." This is a wonderful
moment from the heart!
"Video Collection #4"

1. Joining in the "New Year's Eve" celebration to welcome in 1990, Tanya appears at
Billy Bob's in the great state of Texas. Performing with the Charlie Daniel's band, she
sings a rousing rendition of the "Pecos Promenade." Later in the program, she returns
to sing a dazzling version of her hit song "If it don't come easy." As the show draws to
a close she performs "Texas when I die."
2. Returning to the set of "Hee Haw" Tanya performs a delightful rendition of her
latest hit song "My arms stay open all night." As always, Tanya is simply wonderful!
Throughout the show, she appears in several of the comedy segments, as well. Along
with Tanya, we also have the pleasure of hearing her sister, La Costa, perform! Which
is really nice! She sings a Jimmie Rogers selection. Later in the program
Tanya and Roy Clark, sing a duet "Walk with me."
3. Appearing on an all star "Salute to Ralph Emery" Tanya dips in the past,
and sings a stirring rendition of "Delta Dawn." Dressed in her elegant evening
gown, she looks absolutely beautiful!
4. Returning to the acting side of her long career, Tanya makes a special
appearance on the television show "Shannon's Deal." The storyline revolves
around a young song writer, who submitted one of her compositions to a
publishing firm, only to find out later, that someone else was taking credit
for her song. And you guessed it! Tanya is the one who recorded the song.
Unbeknownest to her, however, the song belonged to someone else.
5. Appearing on the "Lifetime" program "Attitudes" Tanya makes a delightful
guest appearance! Modeling her line of "denim" outer-wear, Tanya talks about
wanting to add this latest "enterprise" to her long list of interests! As they visit,
she talks at length about her career, being on the road, and making time for her
daughter. This is an interesting interview because she really discusses, indepth,
her music! And how it relates to her "real" life! She also offers her thoughts on
the responsibility that being in the "business" requires, and that some individuals
shouldn't be in it.
6. Making another appearance on "Nashville Now" Tanya sings a heartfelt version
of her hit song "Daddy and Home." Which later, prompts her talk at length about
Jimmy Rogers, and his music. The theme of the show is essentially centered around
the country legend, and so who else should appear! But Tanya's sister, La Costa!
Who performed that wonderful song on a previous show! Well, she sings it here
as well, and then later in the program, BOTH Tanya and LaCosta perform together!
It's such a treat hearing what LaCosta has been up to over the years, after leaving
the music business. What a wonderful evening! As the show draws to a close,
Tanya returns to perform her latest single "Walking Shoes." Which is delightful!
7. From the "Showboat" in Atlantic City, Tanya performs a collection of her hits,
not only from the past, but also from her brand new album. Starting out with
"One love at a time" Tanya looks absolutely sensational in her "red" dress!
While "On Stage" she sings: "Tennessee Woman" "It won't be me" "Take it
on the run" and "Walking shoes." As the show draws to a close, she
performs a rousing rendition of her signature hit "Delta Dawn."
8. A delightful Tanya, looking radiant and full of smiles, appears on "Live with Regis
and Kathie Lee." Even though she performs her latest hit, "Walking shoes" and she
has the new album to promote, the conversation is centered around her daughter.
She mentions how her life has changed in so many ways!
9. Appearing at the Houston "Livestock and Rodeo Show" Tanya simply sparkles!
Dressed in one of her most glamorous outfits, she captivated everyone's attention,
while performing several of her hits! "My arms stay open all night" "Strong enough
to bend" "One love at a time" and "Texas when I die."
This was an exceptional performance!
"Thank you"
for taking the time to read through these rather lengthy descriptions!
I know it seems rather "incredible" to believe!
All these moments from the past.
Moments that you might have missed recording.
And those that you have only heard about!

Throughout the years, I've
shared many of these clips from my collection
with my friends, and they have always been astounded by all the appearances
that I was able to record. To ensure the highest quality possible, I use a "dual deck"
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I look forward to hearing from you!

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