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"Peter Allen" Video Collection #1

1.  At his very best, Peter was simply marvelous!  And this particular special from 1983
is exceptional in every sense of the word!  Appearing at Radio City Music Hall, Peter treats
us to so many of the songs that made up his "incredible career."  Among his selections:
"Don't wish too hard" "Fly away" "One step over the borderline" "Tenterfield Saddler"
"Bi-Coastal" "You and Me" "Paris at 21" "I could really show you around"
"Hit in the heart" "Everything Old is New Again" "Quiet Please" and "Don't cry out loud"
The one thing that I noticed about this wonderful special is how the "sound" fills
the famous arena, often giving the songs a decidedly different feel.  Not to mention
that this is a situation far removed from the studio, and so the arrangements
are left up to Peter's ability to "play the music" which adds a certain depth to
the songs, as well.  It's also very interesting listening to him talk about some
of his songs, and the stories behind them.  I have to say, I couldn't help but
 smile watching him dance around the stage, bouncing from place to place, or
laying on top of the piano.  He truly knew the meaning of "showmanship!" 
It's hard not to be inspired by his spectacular performance!  You'll especially
enjoy his "fancy foot work" when he joins "The Rockettes" for a dazzling
"showstopping" number!  Rarely seen today.
As if that wasn't enough, after the intermission he returns atop a camel!
For a spectacular finale' of "I go to Rio!"
Absolutely fantastic!


2.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with the talented superstar, as he brought his
spectacular blend of showmanship to Los Angeles.

3.   With a lovely backdrop behind him, Peter performs a wonderful rendition 
of his classic "Everything Old is New Again" on the program, "Live and In Person."  
As the number draws to a close, "The Rockettes" join him on stage, for
a wonderful finale.'  I'm still amazed by his fancy footwork, 
and I know you will be too!

4.  Appearing on "The Today Show" Peter is simply wonderful!  It's always a pleasure listening
to him, as he talks about his life and career.  Starting out with "Arthur's Theme" he mentions
the inspiration for the song, and how it came about, and the success that followed.  After they
show a minute or two of him performing the hit song, he goes on to mention working with
"The Rockettes" and how he wanted his latest show to concentrate on just the music.

5.  This next moment is another one of those "unknown" segments, from some show, which starts
out with the description:  "The Making Of . . . Peter Allen."  As they tour his dressing room backstage
at Carnegie Hall, they flip to the past, and present an interesting profile of the talented star, complete
with photos of him growing up in Australia, then as a young adult, along with concert footage from
Radio City Music Hall.  Afterwards, they present an "upclose" interview with him, that finds
 him looking sensational.  Intermixed throughout the interview, they show him performing on
stage, and then later at the "Closing Night Party" which finds him singing Aretha Franklin's
"Respect" and another song "Just a little bit."  Even though both of these are really short,
it's nice to see him having such a wonderful time!


6.  When the video for "I go to Rio" premiered, they intermixed "live" concert footage
from the Carnegie Hall performance, with a bit of animation, which was kind of different.
As always, it's a treat watching him perform.

7.  This particular musical performance from the "Noel Edmonds" show is simply
outstanding!  Peter looks absolutely fantastic!  Full of energy!  And it shows in the
way he "moves" during an exceptional "medley" of "You haven't heard the last of me"
and "Fade to black."  Which fit so well together!  I can't say enough about this particular
performance!  He is such a seasoned entertainer!  Truly fantastic!

8.  Appearing on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show, Peter simply shines!  During this wonderful
moment, you'll see a certain sparkle in his eyes, only matched by his delightful personality.
After a short medley of some of his greatest hits "I honestly love you" "Don't cry out loud"
and "Arthur's Theme" Peter talks about his life and career.  I think you'll find his thoughts
on being "famous" quite interesting, because it shows another side to him, that we rarely
see.  As he talks about Liza Minnelli, he mentions how difficult it was telling her that her
mother had just passed away.  Which then allows him to sing a few bars of "Quiet Please
There's a Lady on Stage" that was originally written about Judy Garland.  When talking
about his current project, "Legs Diamond" he's kind of "put on the spot" when Sally
asks him to sing a few bars from one of the songs, in the show.  Not that he didn't want
to, but rather the "clearance" issue of performing one of them on television.  Afterwards
they continue to talk about many things.  In closing the show, he sings "Everything
Old is New Again."

9.  Lending his support for Aids Awareness, Peter performs a shortened version of
"Love don't need a reason."  Which is really nice.

10.  While attending "A show of concern . . . the heart of America responses"
Peter is shown performing, very briefly, during this moment from "Entertainment Tonight."
"Peter Allen" Video Collection #2

1.  Appearing at the "The Australian Royal Bicentennial Concert" Peter
takes center stage, singing his time honored classic "Everything Old is New Again."
Set in the roaring 20's, the musical number takes on a entirely different meaning,
complete with fancy footwork, on both Peter's part, and the guests on stage with
him.  As always, his performance is flawless.  Slowing things down a bit, he performs
a new selection, written in honor of Australia's Bicentennial.

2.  "Live" via satellite from Reno Nevada, Peter honors the official "Bicentennial of Australia"
with the selection that he performed earlier.

3.  During this wonderful interview from the set of "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee"
the conversation is mainly centered around Peter's upcoming Broadway opening of
"Legs Diamond."  As he talks about the show, it's quite interesting hearing about all
things he has endured, just to bring this very special project to life.  Performing one
of the songs from the show, "Don't say it's over" Peter is clearly quite excited about
it's upcoming premiere.

4.  Looking and sounding better than ever, Peter stops by the "Pat Sajak" show
for a delightful moment.  Stepping to the stage, he performs a rousing version
of "I'll see you in the springtime."  Which has never been presented on television
before.  ANOTHER CLASSIC!  Currently, he is on tour with Bernadette Peters, and
so he talks about what it's like working with her, and what the audience can expect
from "their" show together.  As he visits with Pat, the conversation turns to his
legendary run at Radio City Music Hall.  After the break, he returns to the stage
to perform another wonderful selection:  "Making every moment count."
Which is simply marvelous!

5.  With all of the excitement and energy that normally surrounds Peter, this very
special segment of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" presents the "other side"
of the talented performer.  After a brief tour of his Manhattan apartment, Peter
settles in for an exceptional interview, which finds him talking about many things.
Throughout this wonderful moment, they also show him in "rehearsal" for "Legs
Diamond" along with several other moments, enjoying his life in New York City.

6.  If the previous moment, with it's relaxed setting, seemed to present Peter
in a night and interesting light, this next interview from "One on One" really
allows him the opportunity to share his thoughts with us, even more.  After a
brief overview of his incredible career, he talks about many things in great detail:  
his marriage to Liza, his incredible musical talent, his early childhood, and writing 
the theme from "Arthur."  Very insightful interview!


7.  The Bravo Channel profiled the talented superstar, by presenting the hour long
retrospective "The Boy From Oz."  During this wonderful special we are treated to so
many images of Peter, as they present moments from his early childhood, all the way
through to the present, even to the very end.  Throughout the program many of his
friends talk fondly of him:  Lilly Tomlin, Bette Midler, Bernadette Peters, Julie Wilson,
and many others.  It's an interesting journey, and this particular program is
exceptional, in every sense of the word!



While looking through my collection, I happened to stumble across "two" additional
appearances that I had completely missed!  And they are EXCEPTIONAL!
8.  Descending from the heavens!  Peter graces the stage, for the second annual
"Night of a 100 Stars!"  Singing the "Theme from Arthur / The best that you can do"
he sets the stage for a wonderful tribute to "New York City."  As always, he looks
sensational!  Truly a wonderful moment, that definite deserved to be included!


9.  With the release of his new album, "Not the boy next door" Peter stops by
the set of "The Tonight Show" for an EXCEPTIONAL appearance!  Seated at the piano, 
Peter graces us with his incredible talent, as he performs a "splendid" version of the
the song, "Just another make out song."  Taking the microphone in hand, Peter steps
to the center of the stage, mid-way through, letting the emotion of the song, come
through.  As he dances, he completely captivates your attention.  Later, as he visits
with Johnny, they talk about many things!  Mr. Carson always knew how to treat his
guests!  The interview is uplifting, funny, and heart warming.  As the show, draws to
a close Peter returns to the piano and sings a stirring version of the song he wrote
for Ann Margaret, "Once before I go."  Which is "very touching!"  It's almost as if 
he is giving us this moment, to remember him by . . . "once more, before I go."
"Thank you"
for taking the time to read through these rather lengthy descriptions!
I know it seems rather "incredible" to believe!
All these moments from the past.
Moments that you might have missed recording.
And those that you have only heard about!
Throughout the years, I've shared many of these clips from my collection
with my friends, and they have always been amazed by all the appearances
that I managed to record.  To ensure the highest quality possible, I use a
"dual deck" when I'm sharing any of these moments from my collection.
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