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"Video Collection #1"

1.  Appearing on "Nashville Now" Lynn looks absolutely radiant, as always!  Performing
"Take me like a vacation" she seems to set the tone for the show, which later finds
her dressed as Carman Miranda, singing the "Labamda."  Which is really cute.

2.  Returning to the set of "Nashville Now" Lynn performs a wonderful ballad,
"That's what I learned from loving you."  Afterwards, she talks one of her
favorite passions:  horses.  Which is interesting because she mentions how
they have been trained to help those who might be disabled.

3.  Lending her support for "Farm Aid" Lynn takes to the stage for rousing
rendition of "Listen to a country song."  Dressed in a flowing summer dress, she
looks wonderful!  Slowing things down a bit she performs a stirring version
of "Cry."  Before she sings her next selection she mentions her own family,
and how they learned to "Read between the lines."

4.  Singing a rousing rendition of the "Midnight train to Georgia" Lynn makes
another appearance on "Nashville Now."  As I was lining up all these
performances, I couldn't help but notice the trademark "headband"
that seemed to adorn all her outfits, repeatedly!  Which is kind of
funny.  As she visits with Ralph, he asks her what the phrase
"I never promised you a Rose Garden" means to her.  After the
break, she returns to sing a classic ballad "Somebody's shoulder."
Drawing the show to a close, she sings a delightful rendition of
"Under the Boardwalk."  Which is simply wonderful!

5.  With the release of her new album, Lynn stopped by the set of
"New Country" to perform several selections, including "What he
does best" "Martha" "Under the Boardwalk" "How many hearts"
"The price you pay" and "Odds and Ends, Bits and Pieces" 
Lynn sounds absolutely wonderful!  And she looks simply radiant!

6.  Returning to the set of "Nashville Now" Lynn performs a delightful
rendition of "What he does best" from her new album.  She looks wonderful
during this "upclose" moment!  Afterwards, she talks about many things.
Stepping to the stage for her second selection, she sings "Odds and Ends, Bits
and Pieces."  Later in the show, Ralph asks Lynn to join him out in the audience
for a delightful moment with the fans.

7.  "Christmas on the General Jackson" finds Lynn and a whole host of other
country entertainers, performing some of their "Holiday Favorites."
 Lynn looks so beautiful performing "When a child is born."  Later in the
program she sings a duet with one of the other guests.

8.  On a special tribute to Ralph Emery, the ladies of country music surprise
him with a wonderful collection of their greatest hits.  Among the entertainers
you'll find "Anne Murray" "Jeannie C. Riley" "Kitty Wells" "Barbara Fairchild"
and "Lynn Anderson" . . . plus many more!    Lynn sings "Rose Garden."


9.  Appearing on "Video Country" Lynn is slightly embarrassed as the host
touches upon many of the awards and honors that she has received
throughout her long career.  As always, it's wonderful seeing Lynn!  She
looks radiant!  As they visit, she talks about many things.  Interestingly,
the conversation turns to her new album, and how she approaches
a classic, like "Under the Boardwalk."  As the show draws to a close
they present a classic performance from Lynn's past, where she
sings "Heartbreak Hotel."



"Video Collection #2"

1.  From the showboat in Atlantic City, Lynn treats the audience to some of
her favorite selections, during this moment from "On Stage."  Starting out with
"Listen to a country song" Lynn looks wonderful!  Beautiful as always!
From there she sings "Cry" "Rose Garden" "Even cowgirls get the blues"
and "Under the Boardwalk" to name just a few!

2.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with the talented superstar, when she
was forced to take legal action against her ex-husband. 


3.  Returning to "Nashville Now" Lynn performs a wonderful selection, before
sitting down with the popular night time host.  Since Ralph knows her so well,
they talk about many things, including a really funny story of when Lynn's wig 
fell off in the rodeo arena, during one of her personal appearances.  Tonight, 
as always, Lynn looks wonderful!


4.  On the 20th Anniversary of her hit song "Rose Garden" Lynn welcomes us into
her home, for a delightful visit!  She looks lovely! 


5.  On the wonderful special spotlighting the "Women of Country Music" Lynn
speaks fondly of her friends, and her many years in the business.


6.  "Crook and Chase" caught up with Lynn enjoying her life in Taos, New Mexico.
After a brief visit with the talented superstar, she is shown at "Eagle Ranch" singing
"Under the Boardwalk" and "Rose Garden."  On the lighter side, we raft along with
Lynn on the Rio Grande.


7.  Making a special appearance at the Ben Johnson Rodeo Championship, Lynn's
love for the horses, comes riding through!


8.  Returning to the set of "Crook and Chase" Lynn promotes her latest release
"Latest and Greatest."  As she visits with the popular hosts, she talks about many
things.  They even show a short clip of her from earlier in the day, at her booth in
"Fan Fair."  She looks great!


9.  At a later date, Lynn returns to the set of "Crook and Chase" where she
treats us to a lovely rendition of "Top of the World."  She looks and sounds
wonderful!  With her love for horses in mind, she also sings "Ponies."
During the interview portion of the show, she talks about her recent
hip replacement surgery, and how it hasn't slowed her down.  Plus, she
mentions many other things:  her children, the upcoming benefit in Nashville
at the Ryman, and her friendship with Tammy Wynette.


10.  During the "Crook and Chase" interview, they talked about the upcoming
special "Tammy Wynette Remembered."  Before her performance of "DIVORCE"
Lynn talks fondly of her dear friend. 


11.  Returning to the spotlight, on the 34th Academy of Country Music, Lynn
performs a few bars of her signature hit "Rose Garden."  Then she helps present
the "Song of the Year."  She looks great!


"Thank you"
for taking the time to read through these rather lengthy descriptions!
I know it seems rather "incredible" to believe!
All these moments from the past.
Moments that you might have missed recording.
And those that you have only heard about!
Throughout the years, I've shared many of these clips from my collection
with my friends, and they have always been amazed by all the appearances
that I managed to record.  To ensure the highest quality possible, I use a
"dual deck vcr" when I'm sharing any of these moments from my collection.
I look forward to hearing from you!




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