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Anita Morris Video Collection #1

1.  "She was HOT!" exclaims Mick Jagger, of the Rolling Stones, during their
highly popular video which features the "sexy" Anita Morris!  Clearly when
they were deciding who should play the part, they knew that 
Anita would "heat" up the screen!

2.)  Appearing on the "Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" Anita simply
commands your attention!  Her image literally leaps from the screen!  She
is absolutely gorgeous!  I just love her "laugh!"  She was so incredibly
voluptuous!  As they visit she shares several stories, that has everyone
laughing!  In a particularly DELIGHTFUL moment she steps to the stage
for a spirited rendition of Tina Turner's ballad "Private Dancer."  Without
a doubt, Anita performs the song in her own incredible style!  Full of
energy, movement, and charm!  
"Hello handsome!"

3.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Anita at a Carnival Fund
raiser in California.  Once again, she displays that infectious laugh!

4.)  Displaying her incredible "Broadway" flair for showmanship,
Anita struts her stuff during an exceptional performance on
"The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson."  I believe the song is
called "Man wanted" and during this wonderful musical number
Anita leaps upon the piano, for a "captivating display" of her
incredible legs.  Afterwards, she shares more STORIES!
Which is absolutely charming!


5.)  Playing a rich socialite, in the limited run television series "Berrenger's"
Anita simply sparkled!  She was absolutely gorgeous!  Throughout the show,
she was always struggling to prove her worth against the backdrop of the 
"department store" empire run by her family.  Anita looks absolutely smashing!  
So many different looks, and styles!



6.)  Originally when I assembled the collection on Anita, I decided to not include
this particular moment, from "Cheers!" because there is a flaw in the performance.
But after putting my reservations aside, I determined that it was more important
to include Anita's exceptional performance, in spite of my misgivings.

Anita Morris Video Collection #2

1.)  Returning to the "Tonight Show" for another guest appearance, Anita
simply captures everyone's attention!  Not only with her wonderful stories,
but her bubbly personality!  Moving to the stage, Anita playfully displays her
vocal talent on the classic "Make yourself comfortable."  Adding a little bit
of sizzle, and charm, she is truly delightful!  After Johnny compliments her
on her incredible vocal range, Anita just laughs!  Once again, that 
incredible LAUGH!

2.  "Slipping into a provocative skin tight outfit, Anita makes an exceptional
appearance on the special "Night of a 100 Stars!"  No one shines brighter
than Anita!  She looks simply radiant!

3.)  Making a guest appearance in the movie "Ruthless People"
Anita is fabulous, playing Danny DeVito's love interest.  However,
she's not as devoted to him, as he would like to believe!  Ironically,
Anita always seemed to be cast as the slightly "ditzy" redhead, but
in this movie, she is actually the one with the "brains" behind an
extortion plot to get Danny's money.  Which is really funny!


4.)  Stepping into the ring, Anita makes a sensational appearance on
"Circus of the Stars!"  Dressed in a skin-tight leotard, she gracefully swirls
a hula-hoop, around her tiny frame.  Throughout her performance you can
hear her wonderful laugh!  This is truly a fantastic moment!


5.)  Playing a different type of character, Anita steps into the role of an 
evil witch, in the Dolly Parton movie, "Smokey Mountain Christmas."  
Anita is simply bewitching!  

6.)  Appearing on the "Wil Shriner" show, Anita looks simply radiant!
As always, she is delightful!  Interestingly, during this particular interview
she talks about the "famous see-through" outfit from the Broadway show
"Nine."  Which caused quite a stir!  Very nice profile of the talented star!

7.)  Making a "grand" appearance from the balcony above, Anita joins
George Burns and his guests, in the movie "18 Again."  Looking absolutely
radiant, Anita is simply charming! 

8.)  Joining Arsenio Hall, on his late night talk show, Anita looks absolutely
radiant during this very interesting interview!  As always, she is delightful!
After talking about her latest project, she is asked about some of her leading
men, among them "George Burns" "Rob Lowe" and "David Bowie" and "Mick
Jagger."  As she playfully talks about each, you'll find her insights quite


9.)  Starring in the movie, "The Hotel New Hampshire" Anita is simple charming!
She always adds a certain flavor to whatever project she is involved in!
Anita Morris Video Collection #3

1.)  Looking simply sensational!  Anita makes a delightful appearance on the game
show "Win Lose or Draw."  This particular moment is highlighted by the fact that
Anita has brought along her son, James, to cheer her on!  Even though he is only
ten years old, he looks just like his mom!  He has that adorable smile!  This is
truly a wonderful moment with Anita!

2.)  Stepping into a "different" type of arena, Anita takes center stage
under the big top, riding in on an "elephant" on this particular airing of 
"Circus of the Stars!"  As the mighty animal holds her gently in it's trunk,
swinging her back and forth, you can hear Anita's trademark laugh.
Dressed in a beaded outfit, Anita simply sparkles!

3.)  Besides the occasional interview, Anita showed up as a frequent guest
on several of the more popular television series of the day.  During this wonderful
moment from "Matlock" Anita plays "The Star" who's light suddenly dims!
Anita is simply gorgeous!  


4.)  This next moment is a little bit different, because Anita isn't really featured
in this particular episode of "Tales from the Dark Side" but yet she figures into
the show quite prominently.  All of her scenes are acted out on the television
in front of us, as she plays a "soap opera" character, that influences the
actors in the "actual show."


5.)  Appearing on another limited television series, "WIOU" Anita lights up the
screen with her incredible presence.  This particular series centered around the
news room of a Chicago television station, has her playing the role of devoted wife
to one of the newscasters.  Ironically, it seems that most of her roles in front of 
the camera always found her searching for a degree of "respect" and "attention."
With someone as "voluptuous and sexy" as Anita, how could they not notice her?
So it goes without saying, that once again she is forced to take a stand:  "Why do 
you think I do all those situps, and go to the gym?  You're looking at a
twenty-two year old body, with forty-seven years worth of 
experience," she exclaims.  


6.)  Proving that "redheads" indeed carry themselves with greater ease,
Anita stops by the set of "The Vicki Lawrence Show" for a delightful moment!
Looking radiant as always!  She shows us the "walk!"


7.)  Making another guest appearance on a short lived television series,
Anita plays a physic on an episode of "Pros and Cons" starring Richard Crenna
and James Earl Jones.  As always, Anita looks gorgeous!
Anita Morris Video Collection #4

1.)  Looking absolutely radiant, Anita makes another "fabulous" guest appearance!
This time as the mother of Jake Hanson, on the highly popular "Melrose Place."
Even though she only appeared in this particular episode, she still caused quite
a stir!  It's interesting watching her, because this particular role is probably the
most realistic one that she has ever played.  That of "being a mother."   And it
shows in her incredible performance.  Wonderful full screen moments!

2.)  Lending her incredible presence to the short lived series "Trade Winds" 
Anita stepped into the role of "Countess Laetitia Gabetti Philips."
The series only lasted six episodes, I believe, and out of all of them
the scenes that I have assembled, touch upon her delightful charm
and incredible personality!  True to the type of character that
she is always being "cast" as, one of these moments is an
absolute classic!  She squares off with another one of
the ladies on the show, she gets slapped across the face,
and then they call each other a "BITCH!"
Literally!  It's so funny!
If I may say, out of all the entertainers that I have happened to capture
over the years, very few have touched my heart the way Anita did!
She was so incredibly remarkable!  I miss seeing her lovely face!
Her delightful sense of humor!  Her wonderful laugh!
And so this is my "tribute" to her!
"Thank you"
for taking the time to read through these rather lengthy descriptions!
I know it seems rather "incredible" to believe!
All these moments from the past.
Moments that you might have missed recording.
And those that you have only heard about!
Throughout the years, I've shared many of these clips from my collection
with my friends, and they have always been amazed by all the appearances
that I managed to record.  To ensure the highest quality possible, I use a
"dual deck vcr" when I'm sharing any of these moments from my collection.
I would like to trade for shows that I don't have and a few other things.
I look forward to hearing from you!

A few things that I'm looking for on Anita!
Any of the episodes of "Down and Out in Beverly Hills" that aired on the Fox Network.
The "complete" Vicki Show, when Anita appeared.  Unfortunately, my copy isn't complete.
And perhaps any other appearances where she was asked to perform:  Tony Awards, etc. etc.
Thank you!



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