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"Video Collection #1"

1. Appearing on the 10th annual American Music Awards, Aretha joins Melissa 
Manchester and Mac Davis, as guest hosts for the evening.  Later in the program, 
Aretha performs a medley of her hits "Jump to it" "Day dreaming" "Think" and 
"Respect."  As the show draws to a close she is honored with the award for
"Favorite Soul Album" of the year.

2.  "Entertainment Tonight" spotlighted Aretha's upcoming special on Showtime.  After
talking about the special, she is asked how she hopes others think of her, to which she
replies, "She's a lovely lady and a great artist."

3.  Stepping to the stage, Aretha presents her "very first special" on Showtime, 
appropriately titled, "Aretha!"  She performs so many of her hits, that I can't even 
mention all of them!  She opens the show with "Shine a light on" "Love all the hurt 
away" "Won't be long" "Try a little tenderness" "Respect" "Chain of fools" and 
"Natural Woman."  With Aretha it's truly the best, but I have to say, I really enjoyed
hearing "In my life!"  Which is excellent!  After a quick costume change she returns 
to the stage, with a rousing version of "Who's zoomin' who" and "Freeway of love."  
Slowing things down, Aretha performs a spirited version of "Look to the rainbow."  As 
the program draws to a close, Aretha is joined by a full gospel choir, and they lift the 
roof off the place!  Truly an "exceptional" concert!


4.  Looking absolutely "gorgeous!" Aretha makes a wonderful appearance on "Fame, Fortune
and Romance."  After a trip down memory lane, Aretha speaks from the heart as she talks 
about the simple joys of her life.  Which include spending time with her family and friends, 
and "just relaxing at home."

5.  Music video for her smash hit, "Another night."

6.  Stopping by the set of "Nightlife" we are treated to an "exceptional" appearance
with Aretha!  Seated at the piano in her home, Aretha performs "Look to the rainbow." 
It doesn't get any better than this!  During the interview portion of the program, Aretha
speaks from the heart as she touches upon her life and career.

7.  "Good Morning America" caught up with Aretha for a "sensational" interview, after 
her "SURPRISE" appearance on stage with George Michael.  Who was touring the States 
and just so happened to stop in Aretha's home town of Detroit.  It's really "AMAZING" 
seeing the two of them on stage together, singing "I knew you were waiting for me."
She shares her thoughts on the chemistry that she feels with him!

8.  Music Video with George Michael - "I knew you were waiting."

9.  Music Video for the hit song, "Think"
Aretha looks absolutely "gorgeous!" in this video!

10.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Aretha while performing at the
Trump Castle in Atlantic City.  Surrounded by a group of hunky men, Aretha looks
absolutely sensational!

11.  The Queen of Soul pays her respect to Jeannie Cooper from "The Young and the
Restless" during a wonderful moment from the annual "Soap Opera Awards."

12.  Looking simply sensational, Aretha performs a rousing rendition of her hit song,
"Freeway of love" on "Night of a 100 Stars!"  She looks GORGEOUS!  Slowing things down,
she honors "Broadway" with the classic, "I dreamed a dream."

"Video Collection #2"

1.  Looking absolutely beautiful, Aretha makes a splendid appearance on the "Phil
Donahue" show.  It's an exceptional hour with the talented singer!  Aretha touches
upon "many things!"  The questions come early from those in the audience, as they ask
about the music business today, other entertainers, and so much more!  At one point,
while Phil is trying to make more of a situation than what is appropriate, Aretha isn't
pleased with his intentions.  And she has every right, because she is a very respectful
lady, and so she suddenly becomes very quiet.  From that moment on, the interview 
takes on a decidedly different tone.  Seated behind the piano, Aretha performs a few 
bars of "Memories."  It doesn't get any better than this!  As the hour moves along, the 
questions take a more serious turn as Aretha is asked about the darker side of the music 
business, raising her children and keeping them on the right path.  Two of her "boys" are 
with her, and as they are introduced, Aretha wipes the tears away from her eyes.  After 
the break, Aretha is joined by a full gospel choir!  As the hour draws to a close, she 
performs "When we all get to heaven."  It's an "exceptional hour!"


2.  During a special edition of "60 Minutes" devoted to some of the greatest "Entertainers"
of our time, we are treated to a portion of their interview with Aretha!  After hearing
that she wasn't pleased with this interview, it's easy to see by the look on her face. 
On a lighter note, seated at the piano Aretha sings a few bars of "Daydreaming." 
Throughout the program, they feature many segments of her in concert!

3.  Performing the Christmas classic, "Go tell it on the mountain" Aretha makes a
splendid appearance on the holiday favorite, "Christmas in Washington."  On a lighter
note, Aretha joins Reba McEntire and John Denver, on several other classics of the
season!  "Jingle Bells" "Deck the Halls" "Winter Wonderland" and "White Christmas."
After the break, all of the guests perform a selection with the choir.  Aretha has
chosen "O Holy Night."  She looks absolutely "stunning!"

4.  "Entertainment Tonight" was on hand to give us a 'behind the scenes' glimpse into
the rehearsal for the 34th Annual Grammy Awards. 

5.  During a special "warm up" party for the Grammy Awards, Aretha looks
absolutely fantastic in this appearance from "Entertainment Tonight."

6.  Singing a spirited version of "These ever changing times" Aretha looks absolutely
beautiful, on the 34th annual Grammy Awards.  As the song nears the chorus, she is
joined by Michael McDonald, who adds his soulful voice to Aretha's commanding presence.
Following their duet, Luther Vandross steps into the spotlight with a rousing version 
of "The Power of Love."  As the song draws to a close, Aretha returns to the stage to
lend her vocals on the chorus.  The interesting aspect to all of this is that she has 
slipped into a different evening gown.

7.  Looking simply "radiant" Aretha makes a splendid appearance on the highly popular,
"Murphy Brown."  Seated at the piano, Aretha performs an acappella version of the
classic song, "Natural Woman."

8.  "Entertainment Tonight" spotlighted a celebration honoring Clive Davis, who is
surrounded by all his friends.  Among them "Aretha!"

9.  "Christmas at home with the Stars" finds Aretha in the holiday spirit, as she
welcomes us into her home!  She looks absolutely "BEAUTIFUL!"  Her spirit simply shines!
As she shares with us her holiday memories, you can tell that it's a special time!  With her 
family and friends by her side, she sings a rousing version of "Joy to the World."

10.  While on the set of her new music video, "Entertainment Tonight" caught up
with Aretha!  As always, she looks sensational!

11.  Dressed in an elegant evening gown, Aretha makes a spectacular appearance
honoring Bill Clinton, during his Inaugural Celebration.  Singing "I dreamed a dream"
Aretha is absolutely remarkable!

12.  Appearing on the 36th annual Grammy Awards, Aretha is honored with their highest
honor, the "Lifetime Achievement Award."  Stepping to the stage, Aretha sings a spirited
version of "Natural woman."  She looks so beautiful! 


13.  Several years have passed by, as "Entertainment Tonight" presents a 'behind the scenes'
glimpse into the rehearsals for the 39th annual "Grammy Awards."  Spotlighting the celebration 
we are treated to a moment with Aretha, as she attends a party thrown by Clive Davis.


14.  Looking radiant, Aretha joins several other singers of the day as they perform
a selection at the 39th annual Grammy Awards.  Later in the program, Aretha returns
with Tony Bennett and Stevie Wonder as they present the final award of the evening.


15.  On the 28th annual "NAACP Image Awards" Arsenio Hall and Patti LaBelle honor Aretha
with the "Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award."  Aretha looks radiant!

"Video Collection #3"

1.  Honoring the "Queen of Soul" doesn't get any better than when you have Aretha
and several of her closest friends, performing "Duets" with one another!  Aretha opens
the show with her classic hit, "Chain of fools" with Smokey Robinson, Rod Stewart, and
Elton John on background vocals.  After the break, Aretha and Elton blend their voices
together on the classic hit, "Border song."  Backed by a full choir, Gloria Estefan and
Aretha perform "Coming out of the dark."  Later in the program she joins Rod Stewart
on the song, "This old heart of mine."  Which is really great!  Smokey Robinson returns
to the stage with Aretha by his side on the classic hit, "I would do anything."  Dipping
into Aretha's extensive catalog, Bonnie Raitt joins her on "Since you've been gone."
With Gloria Estefan and Bonnie Raitt by her side, Aretha hits all the right notes on her
classic hit, "Natural Woman."  Looking absolutely radiant, Aretha steps into the spotlight
along with Rod Stewart, as they perform "People get ready."  As the show draws to a
close, Aretha steps into the spotlight to perform several of her own selections.
It's a "fantastic!" hour with the "Queen of Soul!"


2.  Looking simply "fantastic!" Aretha makes a splendid appearance on the "Rolonda
Show."  From the moment she hits the stage with "I want to take you higher" Aretha
simply commands your attention!  During the interview portion of the program, she
touches upon many things!  Which is interesting when she mentions to Rolonda that
she'd rather not talk about her father and what happened to him.  Immediately their
conversation shifted around the subject, but she makes a point of saying that her
faith has always been there for her.  After the break, we are treated to a "great"
segment with Aretha in the kitchen, as she prepares one of her favorite!  As Rolonda
stirs the pot, so to speak, trying to get the dish on Aretha's personal life, she suddenly
finds herself in the hot seat!  Aretha turns the tables on her!  Which is really cute!
After the break, Aretha returns to the stage to perform her Grammy nominated song,
"It hurts like hell."  As the show draws to a close Aretha treats us to another musical
selection, which has everyone feeling the spirit!
Wonderful "full" screen moments!


3.  Returning to the role that she made famous in the original "Blue's Brothers'" movie,
Aretha simply commands our "Respect" as she steps in front of the cameras to sing the
title track for the new "Blues Brothers" film.  She looks "fantastic!" during this segment
from "Entertainment Tonight."  We are also treated a 'behind the scenes' glimpse, as
Aretha puts the finishing touches on the song!

4.  Looking radiant as always, Aretha performs a stirring version of her hit, "A rose is
still a rose" on the Rosie O'Donnell show.  Speaking from the heart, Rosie always had a way
of connecting with her guests, and so as she visits with Aretha, they touch upon many
things!  It's a wonderful interview with the "Queen of Soul."  After the break, Aretha
returns to the stage, to performa a rousing version of her classic hit, "Respect!"


5.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with all the guests 'backstage' after the 40th
Grammy Awards.  Aretha looks sensational!


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