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1.  Appearing on "Hour Magazine" Stephanie shares her thoughts on the success that has followed her
throughout her career, including her role on "The Colbys."  It's an exceptional interview!  She also is
on hand for several of the other segments of the program, including a moment in the kitchen!

2.  "The Colbys" is honored as "Best New Drama Series" on the annual "People's Choice Awards."

3.  Looking radiant, Stephanie stops by the set of "Good Morning America" to talk about her
role on "The Colbys."  Which she absolutely loves!  Touching upon her personal life, Stephanie talks
about her daughters, and her hearing loss.  It's a "great" interview!


4.  Returning to the set of "Good Morning America" Stephanie talks about some "nude" photos of
herself, taken back in 1972 that have "suddenly" re-surfaced, in the pages of "Playboy."  They
had never been published, until now.  Speaking via satellite, Stephanie's main concern is 
her children, and the reaction of those who she works with on the set of "The Colbys."

5.  Returning once again to "Good Morning America" Stephanie shares her thoughts on
joining the cast of "Dynasty."  She also puts to rest the rumor that her and Joan Collins are
at odds with one another, over who is going to be the ultimate villian!

6.  Stopping by the "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno, Stephanie talks about her new series, 
"Sister Kate."  Plus many other things; including her English upbringing, the Royal family,
and her two children.  It's an exceptional interview!  Stephanie simply sparkles!

7.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Stephanie on the set of her new
series, "Sister Kate."  She looks like she's having a wonderful time with the kids!

8.  Looking simply radiant, Stephanie makes a "splendid" appearance on the Tonight Show
with Jay Leno.  In addition to talking about her new series, Stephanie touches upon many
things.  It's an exceptional interview!

9.  Appearing on the annual "Soap Opera Awards" Stephanie hosts the "villain" segment!

10.  While on the set of "Sister Kate" Stephanie is visited by a group of 
"non-conventional" nuns, during an hilarious episode of "Super Bloopers and
New Practical Jokes."  They really pull a good one over on Stephanie!

11.  Looking absolutely beautiful, Stephanie visits the set of the Lifetime series,
"Attitudes."  The interview starts out with her sharing something very special!  The first
time she was able to "hear!"  She is quite moved, in telling the story.  She also touches
her new series, and so much more!

12.  During this short interview segment, we are treated to a few minutes of Stephanie
on "stage."  As she talks about her role, she explains how she deals with her hearing loss,
in relationship to the rest of her fellow actors.

13.  Playing the free spirited mother of one of the characters on "Beverly Hills 90120"
Stephanie shows us the depth of her incredible talent.

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