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"Video Collection #1"

1.  Appearing on the "Arsenio Hall" Show, Sandra looks absolutely fabulous!
With Sandra you never know what to expect!  And this interview is no exception!
Wearing a "very low" cut back-less dress, Sandra simply commands your attention
from the moment she appears!  She has just filmed her one woman show, "Without
you I'm nothing" and so their conversation starts from there.  After they discuss
the film, she talks about many things!  Although, the topic keeps coming back around
to her "sexuality."  One of her best interviews!


2.  Upon returning from her vacation to the "Virgin Islands" Sandra makes a
wonderful appearance on "Late Night with David Lettermen."  Looking rather wind
blown, Sandra skips around the world, sharing her thoughts on some of our favorite
entertainers, among them:  Latoya Jackson, Cher, and Robert Palmer, to name but
a few!  She spares nothing!  Saying whatever comes to mind!


3.  Returning to the "Arsenio Hall" Show, Sandra is in "RARE" form!  Sharing her
thoughts on so many things!  It's hard to list them all, because she skips all over
the place!  After a short break, she reappears to sing a heartfelt version
of "Johnny My Love."  As always, Sandra looks wonderful!


4.  Looking "radiant" Sandra makes another appearance on the "Late Show
with David Lettermen."  In typical fashion, she's off and running.  This time
around, she relates an erotic story of having her "inner thigh" massaged while
in some foreign country.  Which is just hilarious!  As Dave listens, he comes back
and provides his own take on the situation, and Sandra fires back:  "Kiss my ass!" 
They are having a great time together!  Another wonderful interview!


5.  Making a return appearance on the "Arsenio Hall" Show, Sandra talks fondly
of her co-star, Bruce Willis, in her upcoming feature film, "Hudson Hawk."  From there
she talks about many things:  Madonna, and her appearance in the film "Truth or Dare"
and what she meant by what she said; her current single status; and finding that "special"
someone.  Which brings her around to the rumor that her and Madonna were intimate.  It's
interesting listening to her reply.  She also talks briefly about her family, and her relationship
with them.  As the show draws to a close, she discusses her new one woman show, and the
message she is trying to convey to the audience.


6.  "Sexuality" is the main topic of conversation, as Sandra sits down with Dr. Ruth,
for an interesting visit.  Most, if not all, of their talk centers around "sex!" and what
Sandra finds "sexy."  We find out what she enjoys, her limits, and how far she will go!
She even answers a few phone calls!  Throughout the show, they mention so many
things dealing with sex, and how Sandra feels about each of them.  We really
get to see another side of Sandra!


7.  Settling in for another visit on the "Arsenio Hall" Show, Sandra looks absolutely
fabulous!  It's doesn't get any fresher!  And boy is she hot!!!  Hot on the heels of those
in power!  Talking about their lack of concern for those who are suffering.  Essentially,
she is referring to Magic Johnson's statement about his HIV status, and the response
that it generated from the White House.  


8.  Wearing one of her most "provocative" outfits yet, Sandra makes ANOTHER appearance
on the "Arsenio Hall" show.  As usual, she is in "rare" form!  Saying whatever comes to mind!
During her visit, she mentions her latest one woman show "Giving until it hurts!" and what
it is all about.  On a serious note, she shares a few of her thoughts on the situation in
Los Angeles, that brought about the riots. 

9.  Appearing on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" Sandra is a bit more reserved, but she
more than makes up for it, when she hits the stage for a rousing rendition of "Manic
Superstar."  Which is simply fabulous!  No one shifts from one thought or idea better
than Sandra!  And she looks absolutely sensational!
Truly one of her best appearances!


10.  Presenting one of the awards for the evening, Sandra makes a guest appearance
on the "Cable Ace Awards."  Looking radiant as always, Sandra is gorgeous!


11.  Returning to "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" Sandra makes another delightful
appearance.  She looks wonderful!  Talking about everything!  How she views the fashion
world, her love of "bowling!" . . . if you can imagine that!  and so much more!
Very nice interview!


12.  Making a guest appearance on the ABC television series "Clueless" Sandra
plays a drill-type sergeant, assigned to clean up a public park.


"Video Collection #2"

1.  During the first few minutes of her special "Sandra After Dark" the camera captures
our hostess, getting ready for the evening.  As she exclaims "tonight I want to look like
a woman, not like a drag queen" I'm sure many, have used her opening monologue for
a show of their own!  And speaking of "shows" this particular one is fabulous!  As Sandra
mingles with her guests, from the entertainment industry and the fashion world, she
is simply provocative!  Saying whatever comes to mind!  Pushing the envelope, whenever
possible!  Whether it be rapping with Tom Jones on his classic song "You're unbelievable,"
kneeling in front of him, and eventually rolling around on the floor!  Leaving nothing to hide!
After their duet, Rip Taylor provides a delightful moment of comedy, poking fun at our 
famous hostess.  Which is simply hilarious!   As the show continues, Nikki Harris sings a
rousing rendition of "All night long" which turns into a duet with Tom Jones.  As the show
draws to a close, Sandra performs a "jazzy" rendition of "Coffee Time" while she thanks
everyone for being her guest.  In perhaps the most revealing moment of all, when she is 
alone, Sandra complete un-dresses and slips under the covers!
What a sensational evening!



2.  While appearing on the "Comedy" network, Sandra introduces one of the
entertainers for the evening.  Without a doubt, Sandra looks simply radiant!



3.  Making an appearance on the "American Music Awards" Sandra presents
one of the honors for the evening.


4.  After spending most of the day with George Hamilton, Sandra joins him
and his ex-wife, Alana Stewart on their day time talk show.  As you listen to
these two banter back and forth, it's rather amazing that the show lasted
long enough for them to even have Sandra on!  But she makes the best of it!
As they visit, Sandra talks about her "personality" and how most people expect
her to be "outrageous" all the time, which is simply not true.  Touching upon her
past, Sandra is asked about the early days of her career: working in Los Angeles,
as a nail tech, and then as she became more well known, through her roles on the
big screen.  As the interview draws to a close, she is asked about 
her future plans.  Overall, a very nice interview.


5.  In celebrating Rodney Dangerfield's 75th Birthday, Sandra performs a rousing
rendition of the Stevie Nicks classic "Stop draggin' my heart around."  Without a
doubt, Sandra simply commands your attention!  She is absolutely fabulous!


6.  Making a fabulous appearance on the "RuPaul Show" Sandra seems to be more 
open about her life, than during any of her previous interviews.  She mentions one thing
 in particular that caught my attention:  her spirituality, and how her belief has influenced
 her life, especially in becoming more "centered."  It's interesting listening to her talk, 
because I had noticed that something was different about her.  Perhaps it was a sense 
of self-assurance, or confidence, that I noticed.  But clearly something had changed.  As
she reflects upon her life at this point, she touches upon the attitude within the fashion
world, and how she is no longer a part of that consciousness.  With this hightened sense,
feel that her daughter is the result of her spiritual awakening, because things have a
tendency to evolve, only when your ready.  And Sandra is on the right path!


7.  On the television program "Extreme Comedy" Sandra ventures into completely
new and uncharted waters!  Namely the "Colorado river!"  Dressed for the part,
she rides the rapids, for one hell of an exciting time!  And I'm not kidding!


8.  Making a special appearance on the high rated television show "Ally McBeal" Sandra
plays a "tough as nails" lawyer, who's more than ready to fight for a cause.  She completely
cuts to the chase, mowing down anyone in her path!


9.  Appearing on the first episode of yet another season of "Mad TV" Sandra almost
completely takes over the whole show!  After being welcomed to the stage, she sings
a delightful version of her tribute to the fashion world, "On the runway."  Which is really
great!  As the show moves along, she spoofs her own image in one segment, and then
displays her incredible talent, by being "over the top" in another sketch!  All of which
is absolutely fabulous!  Later in the show, returning to the stage, she then performs 
a second selection, "Songbird."  Dressed in her "Stevie Nicks" attire, she definitely
plays the part!



10.  Singing "I am woman" Sandra makes a guest appearance on the first episode of
Roseanne's daytime talk show.  As always, Sandra is wonderful!


11.  This particular interview from VH1's Fashion segment, finds Sandra in a very reflective
mood, talking about many things!  In a way, this moment is an extension of what she talked
about on the "RuPaul" show.  When she mentions the birth of her daughter, along with the
spirituality that she has found, you really do get the sense that her life has changed.
This is a very nice interview!


12.  While appearing on "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee" Sandra looks to some degree
like she just woke up!  During this particular interview, she talks about the recent
birth of her daughter, and how she has changed her life.  As they visit about what
Sandra is doing at the moment, she mentions her "one woman" show, currently
running on Broadway.

"Video Collection # 3"

1.  Making a "grand" appearance on behalf of VH1's Honors program, Sandra
pays tribute to "Red Hot and Blue."  An organization devoted to the fight against
AIDS.  As always Sandra is delightful!

2.  Looking "wonderful" Sandra stops by the set of Politically Incorrect, where
she joins the panel, as they discuss topics of the day.  Interestingly, Sandra takes
the media to task for their role in our society.

3. On a lighter note, Sandra makes a splendid appearance on the Roseanne Show!
As the two ladies visit, they touch upon many things.  Among them, the birth
of her daughter, and how she has changed her life!  Because Roseanne has known
Sandra for many years, there is a connection between the two ladies, and the
words "just fly!"  Sandra dishes the dirt on Hollywood, as no one else can!
As the interview draws to a close, she lays it on the line, when it comes to
those in Washington, too!

4.  Joining the ladies of "The View" Sandra touches upon many things;
the birth of her daughter, and the direction of her career at this point in
time.  Plus so much more!  She looks radiant!

5. Returning to the "Roseanne Show" Sandra simply ROCKS!
Always the free spirit that she is!  She touches upon her universal appeal, 
and how she has remained in the business, in spite of all the obstacles.  
Throughout the interview, she shares with us her views on a whole list of
things!  Far too many to mention!  I think part of the reason is because at 
this point, the Roseanne Show was being shown late at night, and so there
was no holds placed on what they could talk about.  Closing the show, the
two ladies perform a song together "We've got to get out of this place."

6.  Experiencing Sandra has never been easier, than during A&E's Biography, 
which touches upon her life and career, from the early days to the present.
Often she has talked about her family, and "surprisingly" they are here, sharing
a side to Sandra, that we rarely see.  It's interesting watching her, as she 
changes through the years, becoming more confident and self assured.  
Throughout the hour, Sandra appears from time to time, lending more of a
personal feel to the program, and she looks "beautiful!"  She is truly a unique,
one of a kind, performer!


7.  Dipping into the past, David Lettermen welcomes Sandra to the 
"Late Show" for an exceptional appearance!  As always, Sandra is in
rare form!

"Video Collection # 4"

1.  After a wonderful introduction, Sandra returns to "The View" for another
delightful visit!  She looks absolutely gorgeous!  Spirited and definitely "on" she
shares with us, her views on a variety of things!   

2.  Lending her presence to the hit show, "Will and Grace" Sandra is simply
delightful!  She is trying to sell her apartment, and you'll never guess who
shows up to buy it!  Sandra even treats us to a few bars of the "Midnight
train to Georgia!"  Which is really cute!  When Will and Grace spill the beans,
that they were only there to meet Sandra, she lets them both have it!

3.  Looking absolutely "radiant!" Sandra stops by the Rosie
O'Donnell show for a delightful interview!  She tells us how she
picked her daughter's name, which is really cute!  Plus, she shares
several other stories!  After the break she performs an "exceptional"
version of the Elton John classic, "Madmen across the water."  Which
is simply "remarkable!"

4.  After the birth of her daughter, it seemed as if Sandra's personality
changed to reflect her inner spirit; which is how this particular interview
from "The View" begins.  She speaks from heart, honestly, and completely.
Great interview!

5.  Taking a more darker, edgy view of Sandra's life and career, the Bravo channel
presented an "exceptional!" profile of the talented star.  Throughout the program,
Sandra talks about her childhood, her parents, and not fitting in with those around
her.  Ironically, as she denounces the media machine, she clearly reflects all of those
things happening in our society.  Which makes her even more interesting!  We are
treated to moments with Sandra "on stage" and "off."  Whether it's strolling down
the sidewalks of New York City, in the studio preparing for her next show, or just
visiting with friends, we are there with her, every step of the way.  One of the
more striking moments of the show, is when Sandra is holding her daughter
in her arms, during a photo shoot.
Truly an "exceptional" hour!


6.  Stepping in front of the camera, Sandra plays an attorney on the 
popular "Law and Order" series:  "SUV."  She's great as always!

7.  Seated at the table with the rest of the ladies from "The View" Sandra is working it!
She definitely makes her presence known, spicing things up with own particular view, of 
things.  I thought it was interesting as she rose her voice to "talk above" the ladies, as
they cross talked over each other!  Each and every time, Sandra slammed the topic
back onto the table, cutting to the very heart of the matter.


"Thank you"
for taking the time to read through these rather lengthy descriptions!  

I know it seems rather "incredible" to believe!  
All these moments from the past.
Moments that you might have missed recording.
And those that you have only heard about!

Throughout the years, I've
shared many of these clips from my
with my friends, and they have always been astounded by all the appearances
that I was able to record.  To ensure the highest quality possible, I use a "dual deck"
vcr when I'm sharing any of these moments from my collection.
I would like to trade for shows that I don't have and a few other things.
I look forward to hearing from you!



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