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Collection #1

1.) With the success of the “Lifetime Channel” they started to present 
some of the interviews that Barbara Walters has treated to us, over the years.
Interestingly, in presenting Bette’s first interview, from 1980, this particular
interview has been “re-arranged.” In the original airing, Bette starts out by
talking about her performing on the stage. Well, that particular part has been
shifted to the middle of the interview, and “this” interview starts out with Bette
talking about the hard times that she has been dealing with of late: the firing
of Aaron Russo, after so many years; and the death of her mother. Reflecting
upon those thoughts, she confides that she was almost ready to call the “guys
in the white coats” to come and get her. Hearing her talking this way, you
realize that all of this has been very hard on her. As the conversation continues,
she talks about growing up in Hawaii, and her high school years, wearing
“those cat’s eye glasses” and how she was treated by her fellow classmates.
Which Bette jokes about, but I’m sure underneath, it was a different story. 
From there, she talks about her image on stage, and then Barbara asks Bette 
the famous: “On a scale of one to ten, what do you think you are?” In true
fashion Bette replies: “I think I’m a 55!” Returning from the break, Bette
talks about the time she “dropped her dress” in London, which brightens
up the mood! She then goes on to talk about “her act” and the fine line
between what she does, without going too far. From there, they talk about
many things. Ending with Bette’s comment: “This was as far as the fantasy
got me, now I have to go out and find a new fantasy.” Truly a
wonderful moment! Not to be missed! One of Bette’s Best Interviews!

2.) While accepting her “Golden Globe” for “The Rose” Bette makes
light of the moment, with her famous line: “I’ll show you a pair
of Golden Globes!” Which is hilarious! 

3.) Appearing on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” Bette performs
a rousing rendition of her single: “Beast of Burden.” As she flings the 
microphone stand around the stage, and suggestively rolls around the floor,
we are treated an “exceptional performance” from the one and only “Divine
Miss M.” After the break, Johnny asks Bette about her new book “The Saga
of Baby Divine” which brings us so many wonderful moments: Bette talks
about meeting her fans, at the book signings; the inspiration for the book; and 
knowing in “two seconds flat her portion of the royalties!” Which is
hilarious! From there, the conversation turns to Bette’s rather endowed
figure, and how she keeps herself so “gorgeous!” Which keeps the laughs
coming! Bette even pokes some fun at Johnny, touching upon his latest
divorce! Which is delightful! Returning to her music, Johnny asks her about
her album “No Frills” which leads Bette to the stage, once again, for a
stirring rendition of “Come Back Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean.” 
As always, Bette knows how to touch us with her ballads. In the remaining
minutes of the show, Bette fills the room with laughter, as she talks about
her life, in such vivid detail! Truly one of Bette’s Finest Appearances!

4.) “Entertainment Tonight” catches up with Bette, in Miami, at her
book signing for “The Saga of Baby Divine.” “Let the signing begin!”
she exclaims! As always, Bette looks marvelous! 


5.) In an expanded interview from “Entertainment Tonight” this particular
installment picks up where the previous interview left off. Talking in greater
detail about the troubles that she encountered on the set of “Jinxed” 
and how it lead to her having a nervous breakdown. 
Great “Upclose Full Screen Moment!” 


6.) An appearance on the “Phil Donahue” show, prompts Bette to talk
about her lengthy career, complete with all the “highs and lows.” With the
release of her new book “The Saga of Baby Divine” Bette is presented in a
clip from the local news, at her book signing in Chicago. She looks
wonderful! Affectionately, she talks about the fans and how delighted she
is to meet them all. Throughout the hour, they talk about many things:
in talking about her parents, she mentions their feelings about her career;
and starring in her first movie “The Rose.” Which she talks about quite candidly,
and how she knew she wasn’t going to win the “Oscar.” Of course, their
conversation eventually gets around to “Jinxed” which is only briefly touched
upon! But you know it hurt her very deeply. Interestingly, she talks about
where she came up with the title of being the “Divine Miss M.” 
Intermixed throughout the show, they present several clips from her current
tour, which is interesting because the camera angle is completely different than
what we were given when most of the concert was presented in “Art or Bust”
video. When asked about her “slim figure” Bette really gets carried away!
Which is hilarious! Towards the end of the hour, she is asked why she wrote
her new book, which is truly touching. When asked about the other
members of her family, Bette comments on all of them, and how this has
affected her view of her career. Bette looks wonderful during this delightful
hour! There so many laughs and great moments, that I can’t list them all! 


7.) During this special moment from “MTV” they provide an interesting
“behind the scenes” look at Bette’s video “Beast of Burden.” Bette is shown
in her dressing room, where she comments on what it was like working with Mick
Jagger. Who also shares his own thoughts on the making of the video. In addition,
Alan Arkush talks about working with the two talented stars. Which is a nice
tribute to Bette! During the filming of the video we are treated to a cute moment,
when Bette forgets her lines! 

8.) And here’s the finished moment! Bette’s video: “Beast of Burden.” 


9.) Appearing on “Hour Magazine” Bette stops by to talk about her new book
“The Saga of Baby Divine.” Of course she is thrilled with the success of her latest
project. She looks wonderful! Dressed rather simply, her words seem to take
centerstage! She talks indepth about the storyline contained in the book, which is
nice to hear in her own words. From there she talks about the ups and downs in her
life; and how the “charm competition” becomes very fierce, in trying to win everyone
over to her side; and finally she talks about her role in the movie “The Rose.”
Returning for the second day, of her two part appearance, their conversation picks
up where they left off in talking about the image of shown in “The Rose” and how 
she isn’t anything like that character. On a lighthearted note, she advises everyone
to enjoy their young years, because “life” can be very hard when you grow up, 
and venture forth into the world. In closing she is asked about wanting children
someday, and how she would raise them; which brings forth
several really insightful comments from Bette. 


Collection #2
1.) Previewing her new album on “Solid Gold” Bette performs a rousing
rendition of her single: “Beast of Burden.” Dressed in a white, cotton outfit, 
she really shouldn’t be rolling around on the floor like that! 
2.) In an “upclose and personal” moment, Bette confides to “Entertainment
Tonight” the truth of what it was like making her second film, “Jinxed.” 


3.) With the arrival of Bette’s movie “Jinxed” to Home Box Office, they
present an interesting “promo” that contains a scene that was not included in
the original movie! You have to look close, it’s at the end! 
4.) Announcing the arrival of her new special on Cinemax, titled 
“No Frills” Bette takes a moment, to welcome everyone! 

5.) Blending concert footage, with studio recordings, and interview
segments, Bette presents her latest project “No Frills.” Even though the title
may suggest things are going to be “less than expected,” this special is anything
BUT! After a barefooted-highly energized performance of “Beast of Burden”
with Bette rolling on the floor, we are treated to a wonderful “upclose” moment
with Bette in the studio, singing “All I need to know.” Afterwards, Bette returns
to talk about her next musical number “Is it love" showcased during this
exceptional performance from her current concert tour. Truly a remarkable
visual performance! Upon returning to the studio setting, Bette talks about
one of her most colorful characters: Sophie, complete with a few of her trademark
jokes. Exclaiming that she always wanted to record a song, that sounded like
a “radio record” we are treated to an excellent studio recording of “Favorite
Waste of Time” that blends, footage of her in concert, with a gorgeous! new
outfit, and look from the studio! Not to be missed! She looks absolutely
beautiful! In closing, Bette returns to talk about how much she loved
the movie “The Rose” and we are treated to one of her most memorable
concert performances, of the “number one” hit song from the movie. On a final
note, Bette reads from her new book “The Saga of Baby Divine” ~ “make sure
your life is a rare entertainment, because you’re really a yawn if it goes!” Truly
a wonderful special! Not to be missed! 

6.) Upon the release of her new book, the new album, and with her name once
again in the spotlight, as she toured the country, Bette spends a week with Gene
Shalit, from “The Today Show.” Over the course of these “five” interviews, Bette
talks about so many things! Far too many things to mention! In talking about
her recent tour, she talks about her collapse in Detroit, when she was rushed
to the hospital, due to exhaustion. As she laid there on the floor, trying to breath,
she confides that was just about ready to give it all up! In the third installment,
when the conversation turns to “Jinxed” Bette threatens to walk out, when Gene
calls it a “bad movie.” “Well, my name was above the title!” She goes on to talk
about what “really happened” on the set, confiding for the first time, that 
the situation went much deeper than “just exchanging words.” As the 
conversation turns to the new album, Bette talks about how much of an ordeal
it took to get “No Frills” recorded, touching upon the fact, two of the songs she
had recorded were then, pulled from her. Towards the end of the weeklong
visit she talks about some of the biggest names in the business: Mick Jagger,
Tina Turner, David Bowie, and John Belushi. On a lighthearted note, she is
asked “what woman in history would you have been?” Which is really
quite interesting. In talking about her “early days” in New York, Bette talks
about being a “go-go dancer!” and how it was probably the happiest she has ever
been! When asked about “marriage” Bette shares her thoughts on it being a
“partnership” with each person contributing equally. Then of course, she is asked
about what “kind of man attracts her.” On a final note, in talking about living in
Los Angeles, Bette confides that she is just about ready to move away from the
“lack of input” that you find in L.A. I have to say, back in the days when these
interviews were given, there was such a thing a “real interview!” None
of this one and two minute soundbytes! that we are given today. 
You’ll be amazed by the length of these segments. 

7.) “It’s a fascinating story!” describes Hugh Downs, on a special edition of 
ABC’s “20 / 20” as they profile the talented superstar. With an assortment of 
images from her past, we are treated to a heavy dose of what Bette does best!
From the early moments of her career to the present! So many images! 
Touching upon her current smash tour, we are treated to a spirited version 
of “It should have been me!” She is full of energy! It’s too bad this particular 
performance wasn’t included in her “Art or Bust” concert video. In a private
moment, Aaron Russo is also interviewed, which provides them with an 
opportunity to cover her past, shown through an assortment of photos from
her early childhood. In bringing her up to the present, Bette reflects upon
her many talents; her parents; and her first starring role in “The Rose.” 
During Bette’s “upclose and personal” moments, she talks about her life in great
detail, all of which is wonderful! Truly a wonderful interview from beginning to end. 

8.) Lending her support for the “We are the World” hunger project, Bette joins
the other entertainers, in attendance, for a remarkable moment in history. Shown 
arriving for the evening, Bette looks great! Full of smiles. Later in the program,
she talks personally about her concern for this cause. Unfortunately, when the final 
cut of the video aired, representing the recording of the song, Bette was standing 
next to “Latoya Jackson” on the end, and so she really didn’t get much time
on camera. 

9.) “Good Morning America” presents a wonderful interview with Bette
upon her return to New York City, to promote her latest project “Art or Bust.”
As they set the feeling for the interview, they show a lovely painting of Mary 
Pickford, that Bette has in her home, above the fireplace. In commenting about
the painting, you get the feeling Bette is also talking about herself. In talking
about the rough times, following “Jinxed” Bette confides that she feels the
“clouds have lifted.” Bette looks marvelous, with her new look! Having recently
changed her hair color to red, she feels “recharged and refreshed.” In the 
second installment of this wonderful interview, Bette talks about her
new project “Art or Bust” which is scheduled to air on Home Box Office later
in the month. In finding her way, she found the determination to present her 
particular “stage performance” in the wake of the current trend, being represented
in the entertainment industry today. On a final note, she talks about the inner 
strength that the children of today need, in order to make their way in the world. 

10.) In a special dedication to Bud Freidman, on behalf of his “Improv Club” 
Bette performs a special rendition of her heartfelt ballad “Broken Bicycles.” Taken
from her current smash tour, this particular video recording seems to be one of 
the earlier attempts, of putting the show on film. It’s shot from a different angle. 

11.) In promoting her latest special for Home Box Office, Bette stops by to
talk about HBO Promotional for “Art or Bust.” She looks fabulous! 

12.) Making a special appearance on “Live Aid” Bette shakes Madonna’s hand,
before providing the introduction for the talented star. Bette is TRULY
DELIGHTFUL! Posed and ready, we catch of glimpse of Bette backstage .... 
and then she greets the crowd! Looking radiant, she simply commands your
attention. In talking about Madonna, she hints at her recent “pictorial” in 
Penthouse magazine, “a woman who pulled herself up by her bra straps, and
has been known to let them down occasionally . . . She great! She’s
hot! She’s like a virgin! Madonna!” Which is absolutely hilarious! 

13.) On a special interview for the “weekend” edition of “Entertainment 
Tonight” Bette shares some thoughts on her recent marriage to Martin, which 
has clearly brought a great deal of happiness to her life. She looks wonderful! 

14.) In closing, the last moment on this tape, is a few minutes of Bette’s 
performance of her heartfelt ballad, “Martha” which she performed on “Saturday 
Night Live.” Unfortunately, this particular moment isn’t complete; which I 
wouldn’t have normally placed but I felt it needed to be represented, 
even if in the smallest detail.

Bette Midler Collection #3
1.) The roster for MTV’s first Annual “Music Awards” read like a “Who’s Who”
of the Music Business, and so it was only fitting that Bette should reign as 
“Hostess!” Rising from below the stage, Bette first appeared, dressed in a silver
metallic space suit, similar to the likeness of the “award” that would be handed out
during the show. Commenting that she felt like a “baked potato” in her outfit,
Bette was off and running! With an endless stream of jokes and one-liners! Nearly
every moment that she was “on-camera” provided Bette with an opportunity, to 
zing almost everybody. After Madonna’s famous rolling around on the floor musical
number, “Like a virgin” Bette particularly let her have it! Throughout the evening,
Bette changed “costumes” many times, some slightly more dignified than others! 
You’ll especially love the “special effects” head-dress, that literally “spins” on top
of her head! All of which garnered a rousing response from the audience. 
Inbetween the musical numbers and award segments, the cameras went backstage,
catching Bette completely by surprise! In keeping up with the times, Bette mentions
the rock group “Ratt” many times, throughout the show, which drew more than a 
few laughs. Without a doubt, Bette looks absolutely “radiant” each and everytime
that she graces the screen! Towards the end of the program, Bette changes into
a beautiful evening gown, that flows with her each turn of her incredibly slim figure.
Every bit the “Star!” She is gorgeous! In a final, comedy segment, Bette and her
co-host, David Ackroyd, can be found outside the “women’s restroom” munching
on “dog biscuits.” In learning that she is up for the next award, she ducks into the 
ladies room, and the next thing you hear, is the toilet flushing! Which is
hilarious! Unfortunately, Bette doesn’t win. In closing Bette dances across the 
stage, delightfully, to the title song from “Ghostbusters.” She’s having a 
wonderful time. 

2.) In the second part of an earlier “Entertainment Tonight” interview, this 
“extended” version, touches upon the release of “Art or Bust” on home video.
Which prompts an interesting story of the time, when Bette accidently crashed 
her wheelchair, on stage, flinging herself into the audience! 
3.) Upon the release of her new album, “Mudd will be flung tonight” Bette
makes a rare appearance on the “Late Show with David Lettermen.” Turning down
his request for several years, she finally decides to challenge the late night host. 
As it turns out, perhaps part of the draw, was the chance to “star” in a small feature, 
titled “Angst on shoe string,” which contains the famous line “Why bother!” for 
almost everything! During the interview portion of the program, Bette talks about 
her recent marriage to Martin, and her thoughts on turning 40 years old. As 
always, she looks wonderful! And it’s a pleasure to hear what she’s been up too! 

4.) In making the rounds to promote her new release, Bette stops by “The 
Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson, for “another memorable moment” with the
late night host. Touching upon the recent events in her life, Bette talks about
many things: her marriage to Martin; turning forty; and performing with the other
guest stars on the “We are the World” project. In a lighthearted, delightful 
moment, Bette sits atop Johnny’s desk to sing “Fat as I am.” Which is truly 
hilarious! After the break, she steps to the stage, to perform a stirring rendition
of “Skylark.” Which is nothing short of remarkable. No one sings a ballad, as 
wonderful as Bette. Not to be missed! 

5.) In this short clip from “The Today Show” Bette talks about the release
of her special, “Art or Bust” that has just been released on home video. During
this segment, it’s clear that this interview was given during the filming of “Down
and Out in Beverly Hills."
6.) “Entertainment Tonight” catches up with Bette, as she receives her 
“Star” on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Clearly she’s very surprised by the honor. 

7.) In an expanded edition of “Entertainment Tonight’s Weekend” edition, 
Bette looks absolutely fabulous! She talks about many things; some of which will 
surprise you. Especially in terms of how she looks after the money that she has 
earned, over the years. There are those that call her “cheap” but she explains “why.” 
In talking about her lengthy career, she’s very insightful about her special talent,
and the drive to continue, in spite of the challenges that have come her way. On
a final note, she talks about her marriage to Martin, and how her life has remained
“very private.” Inbetween the interview segments, we are treated to several filmed
“scenes” that were completed for her “Mudd will be flung tonight” album, which 
has never really been shown before. Great interview! One of her best! 
8.) On the heels of the above interview, Bette pulls off another “wonderful 
moment.” This time for “The Today Show.” In this “very insightful” interview, she 
talks about the happiness that she has found with Martin, and what he means to her. 
Showing another side of her incredible personality, Bette touches upon the loss of 
her mother, and the near death of her father the year before. Speaking from the 
heart, she confides that she has found a “measure of spirituality” through all of her
challenges, knowing that her mother is always around her, giving her a certain
sense of peace. Never before have we heard Bette talk so privately, about her
inner feelings. 

9.) “Entertainment Tonight” caught up with all the “Stars” of “Ruthless
People” at it’s world premiere in Hollywood. 

10.) While on the set of “Outrageous Fortune” the USA Network’s 
night time entertainment news program, “Hollywood Insider” caught up with
the talented star. During this wonderful moment, Bette talks about the upcoming 
birth of her baby; and her plans for the future, when this current film finishes
shooting. Touching upon her past, to some degree, they present many of the
images of her career, which Bette candidly talks about. Relaxed and calm, 
she is every bit the star! 

11.) As a followup, “Hollywood Insider” presented another portion of the
interview, that was filmed on the set of “Outrageous Fortune.” This time 
around, Bette is shown at the press conference celebrating her recent success, 
with the signing of her “long term contract” with Disney. In talking about the 
movies, she confides that she “kept on going” inspite of what happened with 
“Jinxed.” Stepping back into the business, she discusses her current movie 
roles, and her intention of leaving the music field behind. 

12.) On a special “weekend edition” of “Entertainment Tonight” Leeza 
Gibbons spends a delightful moment with Bette! “One to One!” With the 
birth of her baby, in the near future, Bette talks about wanting things to be 
simple for her child: no television, junk food, and any of the outside sources 
that might present a negative influence. In touching upon her career, she talks
about “standing up” for herself, in spite of those who were determined to 
undermine her talent. Afterwards, they talk about many more things. 

13.) During a two part interview on “Good Morning America” Bette 
covers alot of ground: the upcoming birth of her baby; her film career; and how 
Martin has changed her life. Looking wonderful, she simply lights up the screen
with her incredible smile! Truly a delightful interview! On a final note, she 
mentions how she wants to raise her baby, and her hopes for the future. 

14.) Spotlighting Barbra Streisand’s benefit concert, “Entertainment 
Tonight” caught up with all the stars, attending the event. Looking 
“very pregnant” Bette shares her own thoughts on the special performance. 

15.) In a special overview of her incredible successful run at the movies, 
“Showtime” presented scenes from each, along with a few minutes of Bette 
being interviewed on ‘camera.’ A Very nice tribute! 
16.) During this wonderful appearance, Bette is being honored by the 
“Cinematheque Awards” for her lengthy career, most notably in the motion
picture industry. While accepting her award, she performs acceppella “A 
dream is a wish your heart makes” which leaves the audience in tears. All 
of her old friends are there, including Barry Manilow, and a surprise reunion 
of “all” her former “Harlettes” past and present. Which is really something to
see! In closing, we are treated a few minutes of their final musical
number: “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.” Truly a remarkable evening! 
17.) With all of the success of Bette’s first three movies for Disney, they
decided to offer her a “long-term contract.” Something rarely seen anymore. 
At this press conference for the occasion, Bette is truly the “guest of honor.”
Taken from “Entertainment Tonight.”

18.) In a similar segment, as the one above, “Hollywood Insider” presents 
more of an indepth approach to the press conference, where Bette gets the chance
to express her thoughts on her incredible success. During this particular moment, 
they show several moments from “Big Business” behind the scenes, which is nice! 

19.) Performing the title song from “Ruthless People” Luther Vandross 
treats us to a wonderful video. 

Bette Midler Collection #4
1.) After a complete “overview” of her incredible career, from the stage to
the screen, Bette sits down for an “exceptional” visit with Barbara Walters. Now
the “M” stands for “movie star and mother.” With much to celebrate, Bette has 
had an wonderful year: three movies and a baby! Beginning with the silver screen,
Bette confesses she’s never going to invest as much of her “emotional state” in a 
movie ever again, after the failure of “Jinxed.” In talking about the early days of her
career, she confides that her probably a good share of that character, that she
played was a result of her childhood. Sadly their conversation touches upon the
death of her father, who had just died, the year before. Bette confesses that 
before her father passed away, that he had the chance to meet Martin, and he
thought he was “wonderful.” From there, Barbara asks Bette how she
meet Martin; their marriage; and how he has changed her life. As they continue, 
Bette talks about the birth of her daughter, and it’s clear, that Sophie has brought
an added meaning to her life. 

2.) “And the winner is . . . . ‘Bette Midler.’ “ “I guess this is my night! And 
to think I almost didn’t come” she exclaimed, after accepting numerous “Comedy
Awards.” Dressed in the evening gown that she was “married” in, she believes that
the dress has brought her “good luck.” Joining Lilly Tomlin on the stage, they both
express their mutual admiration for “Lucille Ball” which is really nice. It’s such a
treat, seeing Bette enjoying herself. She absolutely wonderful! 
3.) On this particular installment from “Entertainment Tonight” they have
caught up with both Bette and Lilly, upon the release of their motion picture:
“Big Business.” As you will notice, it’s clear that the chemistry between the 
two talented stars, goes beyond their performances on the screen. They truly 
enjoy each others company, laughing and having a good time together. 

4.) In basically the same interview setting, “Good Morning America” also
spends a few minutes with the talented stars. This time the line of questions 
is completely different, from the angle of how they approach their “craft.” 

5.) Looking radiant! Bette makes a special holiday appearance on “The 
Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.” Beginning with an exceptional version 
of the timeless classic: “Under the Boardwalk” Bette has never sounded 
better! Full of energy, she’s truly enjoying herself. After the break, she
joins Johnny for wonderful interview! In connection with the release of her
new movie, Bette sings a heartfelt rendition of “I think it’s going to rain
today.” Which is fabulous! 

6.) In an exceptional three part interview for “The Today Show” Bette 
discusses many things, in great detail. From her incredible career to her 
personal life, she talks about it all. With the release of her latest project 
“Mondo Beyondo” on Home Box Office, she talks about the show and the 
cast of characters, that she is bringing to the small screen. As she talks 
about Martin, she also shares her thoughts on his role, in the show, which
is kind of unusual. As they continue to visit, Bette talks about the “ideal 
balance, that she would like to have in her life” which includes plenty of time 
with her family. In spending her time away from the screen, Bette talks 
indepth about the home that she shares with her family, believing if “created
with great care, that love will reside there.” Bette looks wonderful in
these “upclose full screen” moments! 

7.) While on the set of her next motion picture, Bette wins another 
“Comedy Award.” In accepting the honor, you can’t help but notice her
incredible beauty. 

8.) Appearing on the “Oprah Winfrey” show, Bette discusses her 
latest project, “Beaches” which has just been released. This hour long 
interview is absolutely wonderful! Starting with her new movie, Oprah just
loved it, and she insists upon talking about it again and again! Which is a 
nice tribute. As they continue to visit, Bette shares some really heartwarming
stories about her daughter, who has just turned two years old. Throughout
the program, Bette talks about many things, in great detail. Far too many
things to mention! Bette is full of energy! Clearly ready for the occasion, she
shares so much of herself. Wonderful “upclose full screen” moments! 
On a final note, the audience is allowed the chance to ask Bette a few 
questions, which is always a treat! Truly a wonderful hour! 

9.) The video for: “Wind beneath my wings.” 

10.) In this particular interview, taped along with the previous 
“Today Show” segments, but shown at a later date, Bette talks about her
starring role in “Big Business.” Clearly having a good time, on the set,
Bette fondly talks about her co-star, Lilly Tomlin. In comparing her own life,
with the “multiple Bette’s” presented in the picture, Bette
confesses that there are many different sides to her own personality.

"Diva Las Vegas"


"In Concert from the MGM Grand"
Experiencing the Divine was never this "exciting!"
This particular video recording was taken directly from a satellite
receiver, so the quality is first-rate!  Those of you familiar with the show,
know this particular concert is Miss Midler at her best!


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