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"Video Collection #1"

1.  Performing selections from their first couple albums, "Culture Club" showcases
their incredible talent, with their very own concert special, titled "Kiss across the 
ocean."  Throughout the show, they touch upon many of their hits!  Including, 
"I'll tumble for you, It's a miracle, Karma Chameleon, Black Money, Do you really 
want to hurt me, Miss me blind, Church of the poison mind, Victims, and Time."  
To name but just a few of the songs they perform.

2.  Appearing on the "American Music Awards" via satellite from London, Boy George and
the group perform a wonderful rendition of their hit song, "Karma Chameleon."

3.  Making one of his very first appearances on American television, Boy George
stops by "The Tonight Show" for a "unpredictable" conversation, with guest host,
Joan Rivers.  Dressed in "every color possible" from his multi-layered outfit,
distinctive makeup, and the many ribbons in his hair, George clearly enjoys being
the center of attention.  His imagine and the reason he presents himself in this
way, seems to fascinate everyone, endlessly!  Throughout the balance of the 
interview, he discusses many things.  He has such an interesting way of
looking at things.

4.  With wisdom beyond his years, George once again touches upon his
image, and how it has very little do with the music of "Culture Club."

5.  Stopping by the set of MTV, George touches upon his life and career,
in great detail.  From his early days in London, working in the fashion district, 
to the development of his individual style, and his eventual involvement in the
music business.  As he visits with Martha Quinn, he talks about many things.
Wonderful "full" screen moments!

6.  Returning to the stage, Culture Club performs several selections, before
a "standing room only" crowd, in London.  Looking wonderful, George sings
"Do you really want to hurt me" and "Time."

7.  Performing "Mistake #3" Culture Club makes a splendid appearance on the 
"American Music Awards" via satellite from London's "Camden Palace."
Sporting an entirely new look, George looks fabulous!

8.  Returning to "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson, George is a bit more
"reserved" this time around, as he visits with the popular late night host.
During this "exceptional" indepth interview, George touches upon many things
in greater detail, than ever before.  Clearly Mr. Carson has done his homework,
preferring to not follow the trend of all the previous interviews.  And so this 
"extended" interview is wonderful!  As their conversation turns to the type of
music that George prefers to listen to, he sings a few bars of the popular Frank
Sinatra classic, "Fly me to the moon."

9.  By the time, Barbara Walters featured this exceptional interview with
George, it would have seemed as if we knew all there was to know about
him.  But then again, no one had really delved into his past, and asked the
really tough questions before.  Touching upon some of the more familiar 
issues, George reflects upon his "new image" and how this relates to his
current state of mind.  As always, his answers are "fresh" and totally
honest; especially when asked about his "sexuality" and how it relates
to "religion."  His answers will surprise you!  This is an excellent interview!
"Video Collection #2"

1.  Looking absolutely "fantastic" Boy George makes an "exceptional" appearance on
the "Phil Donahue" program.  As the popular daytime talk show host, wanders through
the audience, the line of questions covers much of the same ground, as some of the
previous appearances.  But due to the "hour long format" George is able to express his
views to a greater extent, touching upon his life and career, the press, his image, their
music, and the "message they are trying to convey."  After a short break, the rest of the 
members of the band, take their place on the stage, providing us with an even greater 
understanding of the "message they are trying to convey" to the listener.  It's an
exceptional hour!  

2.  Dressed in one of the costumes from the video, "War Song" Boy George looks
simply "smashing!" as he makes a guest appearance on the "David Lettermen" show.
Throughout the interview, George and the popular late night host, spar back and forth
with each other!  While touching upon the press, Princess Margaret, and so much more!
George even turns the tables on Dave, by asking him to slip into one of his many colorful 
jackets!  Which is quite cute!  It's a great interview!

3.  The "EXCEPTIONAL" video for the "War Song."  So many fantastic images!

4.  Returning to the spotlight, Culture Club makes an exceptional appearance on
"Solid Gold" performing a splendid rendition of the song, "Love is Love."  As always,
George looks sensational!  After a short break, George teams up with the host of
the show, Dionne Warick, and together they sing the classic song,  
"Say a little prayer."  Which is absolutely wonderful!

5.  Stopping by the set of "Good Morning America" George visits with Joan
Lunden for a few minutes, touching upon his "new" look, and the projects
he is involved with at the moment.

6.  While appearing on MTV, Guest JV "Liberace" introduces some of his favorite videos,
among them, Culture Club's song, "Mistake #3."  Which is exceptional!


7.  With the release of their new album, "From luxury to heartache" the band makes a
guest appearance on "American Bandstand" singing, "Move Away."  
As always, George looks so sharp!

8.  Returning to the set of "Solid Gold" Culture Club, performs a wonderful rendition
of their hit song, "God thank you woman." 

9.  Entertaining us once again, with their incredible "vision!"
Culture Club presents their video for "Move Away."

10.  Making a spectacular appearance at the "Apollo Theater" during a tribute to
the artists of Motown, George joins Stevie Wonder and Luther Vandross, as they
perform "What becomes of the broken hearted" and "Part time lover."  For those
who never considered the "depth" of his soulful voice, George makes a 
"believer" out of everyone!

11.  As George touched upon his "image" it was clear that something was happening
"behind the scenes" by the time he made this appearance on "Good Morning America."
Ironically, he steers clear of some of the rumors surrounding him, by saying that if he
talks about them, then he gives them a certain degree of "creditability."  When asked
about the status of Culture Club, he contends that everything is fine, but that's all
about to change.

12.  Emerging from the police station following his arrest for drug possession,
George returns to the "spotlight" and also into the glare of the media.

13.  While presenting an honor to the "Pet Shop Boys" at the Britt Awards, the expression
on George's face and his overall "ghostly" appearance, clearly reminds us that things are
not well George.  

14.  Lending his support on behalf of the victims of the "ferry boat accident" 
in London, George joins the other artists, as they record the song, "Let it be."

15.  Returning to the spotlight, George makes a special appearance at the AIDS benefit,
"Stand my me."  Performing a spirited version of song, "Freedom" it's nice to see him
singing again.  As the show draws to a close, he joins the rest of the guests for a
heartfelt rendition of the classic song, "Stand by me."
 In the interviews and appearances, to follow it will be interesting to see
if his fans, indeed "stand by him" because there are dark days ahead.

16.  Dipping into the vault, this rare moment from the group, finds them
performing, "Karma Chameleon" on Solid Gold.

"Video Collection #3"

1.  After being on the air for nearly 21 years, Phil Donahue takes his popular daytime
talk show to London, for the "first time!"  The past four years haven't exactly been easy
for our favorite entertainer, as we learn during this "exceptional" hour long interview!
Appearing essentially as "himself" without the "look of glamour" we see an entirely
different side of the talented singer.  The edge in his voice is missing, as he speaks softly
about the events in his life and career.  Even though his charming sense of humor
surfaces from time to time, it's very fleeting as his expression turns "serious."  Several
years have past since his involvement with drugs, but yet certain members of the 
audience can't seem to let the issue go, or believe for an instant that George won't
repeat his past mistake.  "I was a herion addict but it's not the most interesting 
thing I've ever done."  As the show continues, George does open up a bit,
giving us a glimpse of his wonderful personality.  It's an exceptional visit!

2.  Although slightly out of place on our time line, this particular appearance from MTV
finds George sporting a "wonderful" new look, as he performs "Keep me mind."  After
thanking the audience, he launches into a spirited version of the song, "Next time."

3.  With his name in the headlines, following his recent arrest, "Entertainment Tonight"
caught up with the talented star, as he rebounds from the troubles that have plagued him.
Interestingly, they present several moments with him on stage, looking and sounding better
than ever!

4.  With a brand new album in the stores, George joins the set of "Good Morning America"
via satellite from London.  As always, he looks great!  With his past behind him, 
relatively speaking, the topic of their conversation is mainly centered around 
his new release, "High Hat."
5.  Boy George makes a surprise appearance at the "Britt Awards" 
by presenting the award for the "Best British Group." 

6.  "Entertainment Tonight" featured a "behind the scenes" look at the Britt Awards,
which included a series of "mistakes and bloopers."

7.  Appearing via satellite, "Live from London" George gives an "exceptional" on-screen
interview, on the "Arsenio Hall" show.  He looks absolutely wonderful!  There is a certain
sparkle in his eyes!  His expression is "bright and fresh!"  As he visits with the late night
host, they touch upon many things, among them, the reason he is unable to be
there in person.

8.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Boy George, upon his return to the
United States.

9.  Looking and sounding simply "sensational" George performs a rousing rendition
of his current single, "Whisper" on the Arsenio Hall Show.  He absolutely commands
your attention, as he reclaims his place in the spotlight!  During this "extended" 
interview George touches many things, now that he is given a chance to formally
address the events, surrounding his life, the past few years.  As always, he's
extremely honest and upfront about everything, which is quite "refreshing!"

 10.  Some things never change!  As "Boy George" makes a special appearance on the
television program, "One on One," the first question out of the box, deals with his
"appearance."  Once again!  We cannot get past this issue, for some reason.  The
remainder of the interview touches upon many of the same topics, already
covered.  But this particular one, presents a more "quiet and thoughtful"
side to George, which is nice to see!  He has clearly found a sense
of peace.

11.  With the release of his new album, "Cheapness and Beauty" and his book,
George stops by the set of "The Tonight Show" for a "slightly" different type of
interview.  It's hard to say, exactly what seemed to be the problem, but clearly
George is annoyed with Jay.  And he definitely has a reason to be.  One of the
trends that has developed over the last few years, is the idea that the host
tries to "grand stand" the guest, proving that they are more knowledgeable,
which tends to put the guest down, or place them on the spot.  Jay's line of
questions, although designed to enlighten us, only prove how "un-prepared"
he really was for this interview; relying on questions that have been asked
so many times before, not to mention asking things in such a manner, that
the question carries with it, a degree of "sensationalism!"  Designed to garner
a reaction from the guest, not to mention the audience.  As the show draws
to a close, George performs a selection from his new album.

12.  With the release of his book, Boy George stops by the set of
"Live with Regis and Kathie Lee" for a great interview!  Touching upon
some of the things from the book, he talks about his incredible life and
career!  Very nice interview!

Collection # 4

1.  Dipping into the past, Culture Club makes a "fantastic!" appearance on the
hit television series "The A-Team."  Stepping to the stage, the group performs "God
Thank You Woman" and their hit single, "Move Away."  The storyline is kind of typical
of the programs that were being shown back then, but it's great seeing George
in front of the camera doing some light acting.  As the show draws to a close the
group performs "Karma Chameleon."  George looks "fabulous!"

2.  While bringing us up to date on George's current activities, MTV dipped into the
vault and presented a short interview with Boy George from 1988.  Always outspoken, we
hear his views on a variety of things!  He looks "flawless!"

3.  In talking about his latest endeavor under the name of "More Protein" George shares his
thoughts with us, on the "music industry" "the lack of talent being presented" and the "motivation
behind a lot of the decisions being made, which drive the industry." 
After being away from the 
spotlight for a little while it's "great" seeing him again!  And he's right on the "mark" with 
everything that he says,
which is the reason I've always admired him!

4.  During a very special "Behind the Music" we are given a glimpse into George's rise to
fame with the hit group, "Culture Club."  And then his fall from grace.  Throughout the hour 
he touches upon many things.  Nothing is off limits.  Everything is covered!  It's an 
"exceptional" hour!  Very indepth!  Wonderful closeups!  George looks sensational!  The 
most interesting aspect of the program details George's love for Jon and how it affected 
the direction of the group.  In addition, George's addiction to drugs and how it changed
his life.  We hear his thoughts on the subject, and his brother also speaks about those
days when he felt he was losing George.  It's a very interesting hour!

5.  During VH1's "Where are they now?" we catch up with George, as he reunites with
his old band mates, during this short segment from the music channel.

6.  Looking absolutely "fabulous!" George makes a special appearance with "Culture
Club" as they perform "Voulez Vous" for a British tribute to "ABBA."  George has such
a beautiful voice!  And his version of their hit song is truly brilliant!
It's simply AMAZING!

7.  Appearing on the highly popular British program, "So Graham Norton" George
looks simply "fantastic!"  For those who are familiar with the show, Graham always
manages to touch upon the "sexual" aspect of things.  And as we know, George has
never been one to shy away from the subject.  It's a great interview!

8.  Looking stylish in his purple hat and fitted jacket, George simply commands
your attention during his appearance on the "Sandra Bernhard Experience."
Throughout the interview they talk about many things.  Since Sandra has always
been sort of out on the fringe, she clearly can relate to someone of George's
stature.  So it's a different kind of interview than any we have seen before.  As
the show draws to a close, Sandra dedicates a musical selection to George.

Collection # 5

1.  Twelve years after the breakup of "Culture Club" the band reunited in 1998.  During
an "exceptional" updated "Behind the Music" we catch up with each of the members
as they come together.  This time the focus is more about the "music" as we will see
later during a special VH1 "StoryTellers" concert.  After all of the interviews surrounding
the reunion are finished, George visits some of his favorite spots in New York City.
Moments before the concert we are treated to a "behind the scenes" look, as they
prepare for an "exceptional" evening.


2.  Sounding absolutely sensational "Culture Club" reunites for a very special "StoryTellers"
concert on VH1.  Throughout the show, they perform all of their hits!  They never sounded
better on "Church of a poison mind" "Karma Chameleon" "I'll tumble for you" "That's the
way" "Do you really want to hurt me" "I just wanna be loved" "Time" "Miss me blind"
plus many more!  It's wonderful seeing them together again!



3.  "Access Hollywood" caught up with Rosie O'Donnell as she crossed the
Atlantic, to see the London version of Boy George's hit musical, "Taboo!"  During 
this "wonderful" interview, it's clear to see the two of them are having
a smashing good time!

4.  "Ross the Intern" - always a favorite of "The Tonight Show" traveled to jolly
old England, where he caught up with Boy George!

5.  With his wild - ever changing looks, George stops by "The View" for an exceptional
interview!  He simply commands your attention!  While visiting with the ladies, he
touches upon many things!  Included, bringing his musical to Broadway, working with
Rosie O'Donnell, and his thoughts on seeing "himself" being portrayed each night by
someone else.  Turning to an interview that George gave Barbara Walters from the
early 80's, the conversation turns to George's "sexuality!"  Wait till you hear what
he has to say!

6.  Dressed in his costume from the hit musical, "Taboo!" Boy George stops by "Live
with Regis and Kelly" for a WILD interview!  I say, "wild" because it's very early and
George looks sensational!  They talk about the musical and so much more!

7.  With the "Tony Awards" right around the corner, "The View" spotlighted several
of the musicals that were nominated, one of which was "Taboo!"  With just a piano by
his side, Euan Morton performs "Pretty Lives."

8.  Looking "fabulous!" George joins Yoko Ono, as they present one of the awards
at the annual "Dance Music Awards" in Miami.

"Thank you"
for taking the time to read through these rather lengthy descriptions!  

I know it seems rather "incredible" to believe!  
All these moments from the past.
Moments that you might have missed recording.
And those that you have only heard about!

Throughout the years, I've
shared many of these clips from my collection
with my friends.  They have always been astounded by all the appearances
that I was able to record.  To ensure the highest quality possible, I use a 
"dual deck" vcr when I'm sharing any of these moments from my collection.  
I also have the ability to place these moments onto DVD.
I look forward to hearing from you!


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