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"Collection #1"

1.  Appearing on "American Bandstand" Laura performs a "rousing" rendition
of her number one hit "Gloria!"

2.  During the 1985 "American Music Awards" Laura presents one of the
honors for the evening, along with the country group, Exile.

3.  While watching the "full" video for "Spanish Eddie" it's quite clear, that this
was filmed around the time of "Flashdance."  There are moments, when you'd swear it
was the video for "Maniac." 

4.  Appearing the "Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" Laura performs a sizzling
rendition of her latest hit, "Spanish Eddie."

5.  "Entertainment Tonight" spotlighted the success of Laura's career, with an
interesting interview, centered around her incredible voice and stage presence!
Looking rather shy, before the camera, she talks about always wanting to be in
the music business, even though she was rejected by nearly everyone.  With the
incredible success that has followed her, she mentions how she has changed, but
always being true to the idea, that she wants to touch people with her music.

6.  Performing the "Power of Love" Laura steps to the stage, for this incredible moment
 from "Tops of the Pops."  She looks and sounds fantastic!


7.  Upon learning of Laura's passing I went back through my collection and found this
"exceptional" performance of "The Power of Love" that she performed on a program
hosted by Joy Behar, on the Lifetime network.  Laura simply commands your
attention!  Wonderful full screen moments!  Following her sensational 
performance Joy visits with her for a few minutes.

8.  On the 1988 "American Music Awards" Laura presents one of the honors
for the evening.

9.  Returning to "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" Laura performs a spirited
selection, "Reverse psychology" from her new album.  Slowing things down, she sings a
heartfelt version of "Never in a million years."  Which is simply fantastic!  She looks
absolutely gorgeous!  During the interview, Johnny is quite taken with her!  Which is
very nice!  Truly a wonderful appearance!

10.  During this very insightful interview from the television show, "Attitudes" we
see a different side of the talented star.  Speaking softly, Laura talks about being more
in control of her life and career.  Even though she doesn't exactly mention where she
went wrong, it's clear that she is definitely handling everything with greater knowledge
and self confidence.  After talking about her new album, we are treated to a "live"
performance of "Moonlight on Water."  Which is simply splendid!  What a surprise!

11.  With the release of her album "Over my heart" Laura gives a splendid interview
for the "E" Network.  RADIANT! doesn't even begin to describe how beautiful she looks!
Before she talks about her latest release, they show a few minutes of the astounding video
"Didn't we almost have it all."  Which is very striking!  From there, she mentions the music
on this album, and how she was involved in the whole project from beginning to end.
Throughout the interview, they continue to play the video, which we learn also features
her brother, Billy.  Overall the interview is very nice!

12.  Ironically, it takes a "cable" channel to give us one of the best interviews ever, with the
talented star.  Feeling relaxed, Laura opens her heart with Robin Leach, and shares many of her
thoughts on her life and career.  As they talk about her "Greatest Hits" album, that has just been
released, they present a few minutes of the video "Dim all the lights."  Which is quite interesting. 
Getting back to the music, Laura talks about the type of music that interests her, and how she
selects the songs, that have become associated with her.  Later in the program, she performs a
great rendition of "Dim all the lights."  Which is nothing short of fantastic!   When they return, she
mentions her future plans, which will take her around the world!  As the show, continues, she
prepares one of her favorite pasta dishes in the kitchen.  Which is nice!  Overall, a very
delightful interview from beginning to end!


"Collection #2"

1.  Laura Branigan has emerged as one of the most successful female singers of the
80's.  With several gold albums and singles to her credit, she is known for live
performances that equal the total excitement and energy of her hit songs.  Collection
number two is an hour long concert with Laura!  Singing all her hits, she simply dazzles
the audience!   Among her favorites, you'll find:  "The Lucky One" "All night with me" 
"Satisfaction" "Ti Amo" "Wish we could be alone" "Solitare" "How am I suppose to live 
without you" "Gloria" and "Don't show your love."  It's an incredible "live"
performance!  They also present her wonderful video "Self Control."

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In addition, I have just assembled a very special "remix" collection on Laura!
"Laura Branigan"
1. Solitaire ( "Hot Tracks" Remix Service )
2. Self Control ( "DiscoTech" Remix Service )
3. Gloria ( "Direct Hit" Remix Service )
4. Shattered Glass ( Vocal 12 Mix )
5. Moonlight On Water
( Sex on the Beach 12 Mix )
6. Turn the beat around ( Popcussion Mix )
7. Dim all the lights ( "Hot Tracks" Remix )
Laura Branigan and Donna Summer together!
8. Love your girl ( "E-Smoove Extended" )
9. Dim all the lights ( Monday Bar Dub )
10. Gloria in 3-D ( "Hot Tracks" Remix )


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