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1.  Against the backdrop of the beautiful Arizona countryside, Lynda unveils her
network special, "Body and Soul."  Singing the classic hit song, "I got a name"
Lynda looks simply fantastic!  While remembering her childhood, Lynda recalls
her fascination with the music of the 1940's, and through the magic of
television Lynda is able to take us there.  Performing the timeless classic, 
"Chattanooga Choo Choo" it's clear that Lynda has the ability to 
transport herself, and us, to any era, just by wrapping her 
incredible voice around the music of the day.  

Even though many years have passed by since she played the role of Diana,
on the highly popular "Wonder Woman" series, it hasn't diminished the amount
of fan mail, that Lynda still receives.  After reading a few of the letters, she
comments on one of them, through the words of a beautiful ballad,  
"The hero in us all."    

Shifting her focus to another era in musical history, Lynda returns to
the stage to perform several "blues" selections, "My mama done told
me" and "Do I want you."  

While walking through one of the many "ghost towns" scattered through 
the Arizona countryside, Lynda slips into the salon at "Bittercreek."
There inside, she teams up with Eddie Rabbit for the exceptional
duet, "Just you and I."  Which is simply wonderful!

After presenting a few of her home movies, Lynda steps onto a soundstage of 
her own, which showcases her incredible talent as a singer and a dancer.  
Looking absolutely sensational, she performs a medley of hits.  
"Steppin' out with my baby" "Fascinating rhythm" and "Lullaby of Broadway." 

As the show draws to a close, Lynda performs two more selections: a stirring ballad
titled "Three sides to every story" and then a rousing rendition of the hit
song, "Gimme' some lovin' " which brings everyone to their feet.
This is a wonderful special!  4/84


2.  Looking beautiful and radiant, Lynda makes a special appearance
on "The Tonight Show."  Unfortunately, Johnny is away for the evening,
and so Joan Rivers is filling in, as guest host.  If it wasn't for her, sitting
"behind the desk" this would be a perfect moment.  As you know, Joan has 
never been known for her subtlety and the so the line of questions centers
around Lynda's recent marriage and how relocating to Washington, has
changed her life; and the fact that Lynda is rather 'full figured' and 'tall' 
which may have found men unable to measure up exactly.  I couldn't help
but reflect that Joan hasn't changed her act one bit in the last 15 years,
she is still the same abrasive person she has always been.  On a much
brighter note, Lynda's appearance closes with a wonderful medley of 
"Come rain or come shine" and "That man of mine."  
Wonderful "full" screen closeups!  5/85


3.  While making a very special appearance on the "Larry King" show,
all aspects of Lynda's life and career come into focus, as she touches upon
so many things.  With an upcoming television movie in the wings, they start
by discussing her role as "producer" on the project, and how she developed
an interest in that area of the business.  From there, Lynda mentions her role
as spokesperson for Maybelline cosmetics, who is also supporting her with
the release of her 'makeup' video, that she has just finished producing.  
Throughout the hour, they take phone calls from the listeners, who's focus
seems to be centered around the role that she is best known for, "Wonder
Woman."  Briefly they discuss the possibility of a "reunion" movie.  The 
conversation takes a serious turn, when Lynda is asked whether she would
ever appear in nude pictorial.  As she expresses her opinion on the subject,
it's rather interesting, how this seems to be in direct conflict to the role
that she played every week in "Wonder Woman."  Because of the sexy
image that she portrayed.  With so many projects in the works, and with
such a busy schedule, naturally the conversation turns to her recent 
marriage and how Lynda is able to maintain a certain balance in her life.
It's a wonderful hour with the talented star!  Fantastic Close-ups! 


4.  If the previous interview made it sound as if Lynda was taking
charge of her life, and making certain changes, this next appearance,
from "Hour Magazine" pointed out the reasons 'why.'  Little did we know,
but "behind the scenes" there was much more going on, than we ever
would have guessed.  During this very indepth interview, Lynda touches
upon the end of her marriage to Ron, and the reasons why they decided
to separate.  She also talks about the mistakes that were being made, in 
managing her career, and how they ultimately placed her in the position 
where she was forced to make some "hard decisions."  As the program 
draws to a close she mentions her recent marriage to Robert, and how
they are working together for the benefit of both their careers.  12/86


5.  While on location for their series "Partners in Crime" Loni and Lynda,
sit down for a "staged" interview, set up by the producers of "Bloopers and
Practical Jokes."  The premise of the scene is designed to fool Lynda into
believing that Loni has accomplished all of these "extraordinary" 
achievements, that have never been discussed before.  
Well, the look on Lynda's face says it all!  8/88


6.  Stopping by the set of Joan Lunden's program, "Everyday" Lynda makes
a delightful appearance.  After being away for awhile, Lynda takes a moment
to bring us up to date, not only on the birth of her son, but also her future
plans, which might include a return to network television.  10/89
7.  Making a very brief appearance on "Entertainment Tonight" Lynda
attends a benefit race, for breast cancer awareness in Los Angeles.


8.  While in Hollywood, attending the premiere of "Dick Tracy" Lynda steps
in the spotlight, as she talks about Madonna, during this particular moment
from "Entertainment Tonight."  5/90


9.  Returning to the set of "Larry King Live" Lynda steps back into the spotlight,
after being away for nearly four years.  With several new projects to promote,
it's the "comeback of Lynda Carter!"  Or as she corrects Larry, "I would like to 
think of it as my return to television."  Throughout the hour she touches upon
many things, expressing a deeper level of concentration and insight, into her
life and career, which explains her absence.  She also sets the record straight
about the situation involving her husband, and the financial institution that was
in question.  As the show continues, she answers phone calls from the viewers,
which adds a certain depth to the show, beyond Larry's usual line of questions.
Ending on a wonderful note, she mentions the support that she has received
from her friends and fans, throughout the years.  11/91


10.  With her television movie, "Daddy" set to air, "Entertainment Tonight"
spotlighted Lynda's return, with this exceptional interview.  Lynda looks simply 
radiant, as she talks about many things.  5/92


11.  Looking absolutely beautiful, Lynda stops by the set of "Live with Regis 
and Kathie Lee" for a delightful interview.  With Regis away, Howie Mandel
takes over as guest host.  Proving once again that he isn't quite connected,
he tries to recall the last time that he met Lynda, and in doing so he jokes 
about her association with "lens crafting" which garners a round of 
applause!  After correcting him, Lynda replies, "Why did I come on this
show?"  Interestingly, it takes Kathie Lee to rein the show back into
focus, as Lynda discusses her latest project.  3/97


12.  "Inside Edition" tracked Lynda and her family down, while on vacation, 
in the hopes of landing an inside scoop on the recent news, involving her
dependency on alcohol.  Realizing that any sort of statement or action would
reflect back upon herself and her family, she just smiled for the camera.  7/98


13.  Slipping into the murky depths of "tabloid style journalism" this recent moment
from "Entertainment Tonight" starts off by stating that "nothing could stop the 
controversy surrounding Lynda Carter's personal life."  After viewing all of these
appearances, I wouldn't exactly say, that Lynda's life was filled with as much 
"controversy" as they would lend us to believe.  But "sensationalism" is the name 
of the game these days, and honestly, during this moment from their "Whatever
happened to . . . " series, Lynda LOOKS SENSATIONAL!  It's wonderful seeing her
smiling face, and listening to her, as she allows us the opportunity to step back
into her life.  Thank you Lynda!  3/2001


14.  And finally, here are two of Lynda's appearances on 
the game show, "Win Lose or Draw."  2/89


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