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Video Collection #1

1.) While appearing on the “American Music Awards” 
Celine and Wil Smith present the nominees in the 
“Favorite Hard Rock” category. After a delightful moment
with Celine, she is asked to translate the category into
her native language, which is quite cute! 

2.) In Celine’s first appearance at the 
“Academy Awards” she performs “Beauty and the Beast” 
with Peabo Bryson, in a wonderfully “staged” moment, 
from the film. Celine looks radiant! 
And she sounds exceptional! 

3.) After the success of “Beauty and the Beast” 
Celine seemed to at the top of everyone’s list! 
Making an appearance on the “Grammy Awards” she 
presents the award for “Producer of the Year.” 
Looking youthful and totally at ease, she announces
“David Foster” as the winner. 

4.) Looking wonderful, Celine steps to the stage
again, to present an award at the “American Music
Awards.” This time to fellow Canadian, k.d. Lang.
Returning later in the program, she performs 
“Beauty and the Beast” with Peabo Bryson.

5.) During this particular installment from 
“Entertainment Tonight” they present a wonderful 
interview with the “now popular” recording artist. 
After a brief overview of her current appearances, 
they show some “behind the scenes” footage of her 
filming her latest video; she also talks about Prince, 
and some of the other celebrities that she has 
had the chance to meet. Truly starstruck, 
she is delightful. 

6.) “Entertainment Tonight” catches up with 
Celine, on the set of her next music video: 
“When I fall in love.” 

7.) While appearing on “Live with Regis and 
Kathie Lee” Celine looks radiant! She has a 
delightful story about when she got married. From 
there she talks about many things: her current 
tour, growing up in a large family, and
the chance to do some acting her videos. After the 
break, she returns to perform: “Because you loved me.”

8.) Making an “upclose and personal” appearance on
“The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno, Celine simply
commands your attention, as she performs: 
“Because you loved me.” 

9.) Unfortunately, this next clip is slightly
out of place! While appearing on the 
“Late Show with David Lettermen” Celine sings 
a spirited version of “River Deep Mountain High.”
Simply marvelous! Tina would be proud! Celine 
even makes a reference to Tina during the song. 
Truly wonderful! Afterwards, she shares a few
minutes with the late night host. 

10.) In a splendid overview of her incredible 
career, VH1 presents a blend of “music videos” 
along with a delightful interview, with the 
talented star. Beginning with her video: “It’s all 
coming back to me now” we are treated to one of
the best videos ever made! Truly remarkable! After 
the break, they proceed to play her video “The Power
of Love” followed by “If you asked me too.” Upon
returning to Celine, she talks about her videos, 
which leads to her current chart hit: “Because 
you loved me.” After a few short scenes of her in the
recording studio, we are treated to one of
her earlier videos: “Love can move mountains.” 
In talking about the possibility of acting someday, 
she refers to her videos, as being the start of 
that particular interest. “When I fall in love” 
presents Celine at her best, in one of the
more romantic songs ever! As the show continues, 
they present a “live” performance from her early days
of: “Where does my heart beat now.” Returning 
from the break, they present the wonderful video 
“Beauty and The Beast.” Celine is shown in a 
variety of interview settings, all of which are 
delightful. On a final note, they present a few
moments of her video: “Misled.” 

11.) Making a return visit to “The Late Show 
with David Lettermen” Celine performs: “Because you 
loved me.” Looking wonderful as always! 

12.) Stepping to the stage, Celine performs a 
heartfelt rendition of the timeless classic: 
“All by myself” on the Billboard Music Awards. 
Dressed in her tailor suit, she simply commands 
your attention with her stirring

13.) While appearing on “The Tonight Show with
Jay Leno” Celine performs another wonderful 
rendition of the hit song: “All by myself.” 
Truly a classic moment! Afterwards, she joins Jay 
for a moment of lighthearted conversation. 

14.) Appearing from her dressing room backstage,
in Canada, Celine dedicates her following performance
of “Because you loved me” to those lending a hand to
those in need, for the “SeaWorld Special: Party for
the Planet.”

15.) After a wonderful welcome, Celine once again 
performs a delightful rendition of her hit song: 
“Because you loved me.” However, this time she also 
receives an award from the “International World Music 
Awards” afterwards. She accepts the honor graciously. 

16.) Accepting another honor, of a different kind, 
Celine performs the “Power of the dream” at 
the opening ceremonies of the Atlanta “Olympic Games.” 
As always she looks and sounds remarkable! 

17.) Earlier in the day, “Entertainment Tonight” 
catches up with Celine as she gets ready for the 
big night. She is shown in her hotel room, giving us 
a preview of what she will be wearing. 

18.) On the tribute recording to Carol King, intitled 
“Tapestry: Revisited” Celine performs a wonderful rendition 
of “You make me feel like a ‘Natural Woman.’ “ 

Video Collection #2

1.) On a special “Behind Closed Doors” with Celine 
Dion, Joan Lunden is given an “all-access-pass” to the
talented superstar, from every aspect of her 
incredible “life!” This indepth interview is absolutely
wonderful! We are treated to a “day in the life” 
of Celine! From backstage moments getting ready, warming 
up her voice, to leaving on her private plane .... we 
are able to see “everything” that goes on! After her 
performance for the evening, she personally “thanks” 
her guest stars, and then has a “met and greet” with 
another group of individuals, before she disappears 
into the night. Exceptional interview! Not to be missed! 

2.) Stopping by the “Rosie O’Donnell” show, Celine
performs a wonderful rendition of her hit song: 
“It’s all coming back to me now.” Looking great 
as always, she simply command your attention. 
After the break, she visits with Rosie about many
things. Truly wonderful! I apologize greatly for 
the “network interference” during this particular clip. 

3.) Upon the release of her “French Album” Celine 
stops the set of “Good Morning America” for a delightful
interview! She looks very youthful! Full of energy!
She talks about learning the “language” in order
to perform in English. After the break, she returns
to sing one of the songs from the album. 
Truly Wonderful! 

4.) On a special trip to “Disney World” in Florida,
Oprah surprises her guests with a delightful duet
of Celine and Peabo Bryson, singing “Beauty and 
the Beast” from the set of the staged show. Later 
in the program, one of the couples along on the 
trip exchange their wedding vows, and there’s no one
better to serenade them, but Celine. Singing 
“Because you loved me” she looks and sounds great! 

5.) The song maybe the same “Because you loved 
me” ... but the setting was different. This time
around Celine serendates those in attendance 
for this special appearance on “Good Morning America.”
She looks great! 

6.) “Entertainment Tonight” caught up with those
in attendance at the “rehearsal” for this year’s
Grammy Awards. Although the clip is relatively short,
it’s still nice to see Celine as she prepares for
the big night.

7.) Stepping to the stage, Celine performs a 
heartfelt version of the hit song: “All by myself.”
Truly a wonderful moment! The crowd just loves
her! Later in the program, she wins the award 
for “Album of the Year.” Clearly surprised, 
Celine is delightful to watch! 

8.) Catching up with those in attendance at the
Grammy Awards, “Entertainment Tonight” spent a few 
moments with Celine right after her win! 

9.) During this short clip from “Entertainment 
Tonight” Celine talks about her upcoming appearance at 
the “Academy Awards.” 

10.) The “Oscars” always seem to be filled with 
more than a few stories, and this particular 
evening was no exception. During the evening, 
Celine performed two selections: “I finally found 
someone” and her nominated song: “Because you
loved me.” Dressed in an exquisite beaded gown,
she looks fabulous! 

11.) Appearing on the Lifetime Channel, in support
of women’s breast cancer, Celine takes to the 
stage to sing a heartfelt rendition of “You make 
me feel like a natural woman.” As always, she 
looks wonderful! 

12.) Interestingly, the fans overseas always 
hold their favorite entertainers in very high regard, 
and so it’s only fitting that Celine should be 
honored once again by the “International Music Awards”
held yearly in Monaco. This time around Celine 
performs a wonderful rendition of her wonderful ballad 
“Think Twice.” Looking radiant, as always,
she simply commands your attention. 

13.) On one of Oprah Winfrey’s “theme” programs, 
she presents clips from Celine’s wedding. Which is nothing
short of remarkable. An occassion fit for a queen! 

14.) As a good friend to Joan Lunden, Celine makes
an early morning appearance to wish her well, upon leaving
the show. Even though we have heard her sing “Because you
loved me” so many times, this particular moment takes
on special meaning, because we really have spent many,
many years waking up with Joan. Clearly touched by
Celine’s appearance, it’s hard not to get 
rather misty eyed. 

15.) Little did we know that “Titanic” would capture
the hearts of everyone! During this particular clip from
“Entertainment Tonight” catches up with the talented 
superstar, while she is filming the video for: “My heart
will go on.” 

16.) With the release of her new album, “Entertainment
Tonight” presents a few minutes with Celine and Barbra
Streisand in the recording studio, singing: “Tell him.”
It’s amazing how those voices match so perfectly. In an
“upclose and personal” moment, Celine talks about meeting 
her for the first time. 

17.) After a wonderful welcome from “Rosie” Celine 
makes another guest appearance, on the popular daytime talk
show. Performing a heartfelt rendition of her 
signature hit song: “My heart will go on” Celine creates 
a presence like no other. She is amazing! After the
break, they talk about many things! Her new album, 
the movie “Titanic” and working with Barbra Streisand.
Then Rosie and Celine join Richard Simmons for a “food
segment” from “hell.” Which is hilarious! Truly a great show!

18.) “Entertainment Tonight” caught up with the 
stars! during this particular segment, where 
David Foster was honored. Among the celebrities 
attending the event: Barbra Streisand and Celine! 
Dressed in a skin-tight gold lame
outfit, she hits a few of those high notes! 

19.) On the “Ladies Home Journal Most Fascinating 
Women of 1997” Celine is honored as one the top individuals
of the year! Intermixed between scenes from the past,
we are treated to an exceptional interview with the talented
superstar! She looks wonderful! Interestingly, she
talks about being a guest in Barbra’s house, which 
is very nice! 

20.) Returning to the “World Music Awards” Celine
performs a wonderful rendition of “Call the man.” With a full
choir backing her up, she sounds marvelous! She looks 
radiant in her evening gown.
"Thank you"
for taking the time to read through these rather lengthy descriptions!  

I know it seems rather "incredible" to believe!  
All these moments from the past.
Moments that you might have missed recording.
And those that you have only heard about!

Throughout the years, I've
shared many of these clips from my
with my friends, and they have always been astounded by all the appearances
that I was able to record.  To ensure the highest quality possible, I use a "dual deck"
vcr when I'm sharing any of these moments from my collection.
I look forward to hearing from you!





Live from Radio City Music Hall
1. Love can move mountains
2.  Love you more, That's the way it is ( with N-Sync )
3.  All the way
4.  The first time I ever saw your face
Music of my heart ~ Gloria Estefan and N-Sync
5.  Here we are, Because you loved me,
Conga ( Celine and Gloria perform together )
"Live in concert"
1.  Falling into you, All by myself
2.  Seduces me, Declaration of love
3.  Call the man, Because you loved me
4.  It's all coming back to me now