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"Believe" Collection #1

1.)  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Cher on the set of her music video
"Believe."  During this exceptional moment, she talks about many things!
And she's never looked better!
2.)  Shifting to another aspect of the "world related to Cher"
"Entertainment Tonight" spotlights the two singers, that lend their
voices to the upcoming movie "The Beat Goes On."  As you listen to the
young lady singing like Cher, you'll be truly amazed!  11/6/98
3.)  As her new single "Believe" heads up the charts, "Entertainment Tonight"
continues their conversation with Cher, on the set of her new video.
She talks about being told by the producer of the record, that she needed to
sing better . . . which garners quite the response!  In closing, she mentioned
her new book "The First Time."  11/10/98
4.)  With the release of her new book "The First Time" Cher attends a
book signing in New York City, where she talks about her latest effort.

5.)  While in the "Big Apple" Cher stops by the "Rosie O'Donnell Show" for a
spectacular appearance!  Performing "Believe" from her new album, Cher simply
commands your attention!  After the break, she returns for a delightful interview
that is essentially centered around her new book, and some of those "First Times."
Which is "really cute!"  Exceptional interview!  11/16/98
6.)  "Cher is back in a big way" reports "Entertainment Tonight" as they cover
some of the events currently happening in her life!  Mainly, the interview
is centered around the new book, but towards the end she talks about Sonny,
and finds fault with those who say her appearance at his funeral,
was just an "act."  11/17/98

7.)  David Lettermen always knows how to get Cher started!  And this moment
from his late night show, is no exception.  Making the rounds, to promote her new
book, Cher finally gives into Dave's constant questions about her "first time!"
As they continue to visit, things really get wild!   She comments on the first time
they met, when she called him a "name."  From there, they really start having a
good time!  On a more serious note, Cher shares several stories from her past,
which shows us the depth of her relationship with Sonny.  In closing, she
performs "Believe."  11/18/98
8.)  With the upcoming movie about Sonny and Cher in the works,
"Entertainment Tonight" catches up with the two actors, picked to play
the talented stars.  As they are filming the movie, we are treated to a wonderful 
glimpse into the mansion where Sonny and Cher used to live, 
in Beverly Hills.  11/18/98
9.)  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Cher at another stop on her
promotional tour, in support for her new book and cd.  She looks simply
marvelous!  11/25/98
10.)  Stopping by "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno, Cher shares many stories
from her past, all related to her new book "The First Time."  She looks wonderful!
Very nice interview!  This particular appearance is highlighted by Wil Smith, who's
quite enchanted by "Cher!"  12/98

11.)  Returning to New York City, Cher stops by "The View" for another great interview
with Barbara Walters.  Cher starts out by talking about the upcoming new movie, which will
be released in the spring.  Afterwards, Barbara asks her about how she feels about Sonny,
now that he is gone, which she has talked about in great detail in her new book.  Returning
from the break, the ladies play a game of "Real or Rumour" with Cher, as she discusses
some of the things that have been mentioned about her.  Great interview! 
12.)  In a new book called "Havens" we are treated to an exceptional tour of Cher's
home, which is spotlighted during this particular moment from "Entertainment Tonight." 
13.) Receiving a standing ovation, Cher makes a special appearance at the
"Billboard Music Awards."  Looking radiant, as always!   The crowd just loves her!
14.)  "Entertainment Tonight" catches up with all the excitement backstage at
the "Billboard Music Awards."  Cher looks gorgeous!  12/08/98

15.)  Appearing on "Good Morning America" Cher shows a more serious side of herself,
during this very indepth interview.  Their conversation starts out with a few comments
about the book, and her relationship with Sonny.  After the break, she is asked how she
feels about her recent success on the pop charts with "Believe."  Very nice interview!
16.)  Once again, "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with the talented superstar!
This time from an appearance in New York City, for a benefit for "Miracle on 34th Street."
Looking radiant as always, Cher simply shines!  As the moment draws to a close, Cher has
just learned that someone has found her long lost wedding ring, that Sonny gave her,
many years ago.  As she considers the possibility, she talks about him for a little bit.
17.)  While in New York City, Cher stops by the set of "Regis and Kathie Lee" for a
great interview!  They start out by talking about her upcoming appearance at the
"Super Bowl" where she will sing the National Anthem.  After the break, she mentions
several things from her book "The First Time" which is quite cute!  
18.)  After twenty-six years, Cher's long lost wedding ring is returned to her,
during this particular moment from "Entertainment Tonight."  12/18/98
19.)  As the year draws to a close, "Entertainment Tonight" highlights Cher as one of the
"Tops Stars" of the Year!  12/21/98
20.)  "Entertainment Tonight" returns, with another Cher exclusive!  As she makes a guest
appearance at "Harrod's" in London.  While at the famed department store,
she does some shopping, and at the press conference honoring her
appearance, she receives a "record award" for her "Believe" album.
It's a delight seeing her enjoying herself!  1/6/99

21.)  With the success of her song "Believe" reaching every corner of the world,
Cher makes a stop, a little closer to home, at the "American Music Awards."
During this "staged" musical number, Cher absolutely shines!
She looks gorgeous!  1/11/99
22.)  During this short clip from "Entertainment Tonight" Cher talks briefly about
her upcoming appearance at the "Super Bowl."  1/27/99
23.)  "Cher" arrived in style, during a "parade" given in her honor,
for her appearance in Florida, during this splendid moment from "Entertainment Tonight."
Looking wonderful, as always, she is definitely enjoying the spotlight, in spite of
the challenge before her.  1/29/99
24.)  Stepping to the stage, Cher performed a rousing rendition of our National
Anthem, at the "Super Bowl."  Truly not to be missed!  1/27/99
25.)  Catching up with "Cher" after her performance, proved to be a challenge! 
As you will see during this followup moment from "Entertainment Tonight."
She mentions that her mother just called, exclaiming that she was brought to
tears after watching her daughter's performance.  After a few minutes with
Mark Steines, Cher was off to perform at one of the more trendy nightclubs
in South Beach, called "Liquid."
"Believe" Collection #2
1.)  Mark Steines, from "Entertainment Tonight" sits down with Cher, for
another delightful interview!  They both seem to be quite taken with each other,
always having a good time, whenever they get together.  During this particular
moment, they talk about several things.  On the serious side, however, Cher talks
about the time she came face to face with a fan that was stalking her, which proves
that she has be very careful.  2/2/99
2.)  Cher makes a special appearance at the "Britt Awards" in London!
Performing "Believe" she looks absolutely fabulous!
Words can not describe this incredible moment!
Truly remarkable!
3.)  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Cher, after her performance
at the "Britt Awards" in London.  As always, Cher simply sparkles!
4.)  Earlier when Cher talked about someone following her, and the threat that some
of these people pose, she goes on to talk about the famed Hollywood "Maps to the Stars."
 Along with Cher, several other entertainers voice their concern, as well.
5.)  With the release of Cher's next project, a short time away, "Entertainment Tonight"
previews the entire movie trailer for the feature film "Tea with Mussolini." 
And it looks wonderful!  Towards the end of their coverage, they speak with
Cher, from the set.  2/26/99
6.)  Mark Steines from "Entertainment Tonight" visits with Cher, by telephone,
about her song "Believe" reaching the number one position on the charts.
Even though Cher is in Germany, on her promotional tour, for the album, just
listening to her voice is exciting.  You know, she must be so thrilled!

7.)  Unsure of the exact moment, in which this interview was given, Cher sits
down for an EXCEPTIONAL interview with the Canadian Music Channel "Much Music."
Over the course of this hour long interview, she talks about many things!  From her
music, to her faith in God, the success of her current album, the fans, and everything
else!  A very indepth interview!  From beginning to end!  Due to the large number of
fans that showed up at the studio, Cher steps outside to visit with some of them and
sign autographs!  And it's a bit wild!  Throughout the hour, they show both of her
videos "Believe" and "Strong Enough." 
This program was recorded via satellite, and so the quality is striking!
8.)  At the London premiere of "Tea with Mussolini" the cameras can't seem to leave Cher
alone, and for good reason too!  She looks gorgeous!  This particular moment was
taken from "Entertainment Tonight."  Wonderful "full" screen closeup!  3/18/99
9.)  With Cher's incredible success ever present, at every turn, the producers at
VH1 present an excellent "Behind the Music" with the talented superstar.  This particular
moment from "Entertainment Tonight" gives us an advance notice of it's premiere.
10.)  "Entertainment Tonight" presents a glimpse of Cher's new video "Strong Enough"
during this particular segment.  In addition, to the dazzling video, Cher gives us her
personal thoughts on what she wanted to convey with her latest endeavor.
11.)  The always "surprising Cher" announces her upcoming tour, during this particular
appearance from "Entertainment Tonight."  4/12/99
12.)   VH1 provides their own coverage of Cher during her press conference, however,
they spend a little bit more time with her, so she is able to mention, her plans
as to what is going to be in the show.
13.)  As the cameras prepare to roll on VH1's Diva's Live, "Entertainment Tonight" spends a
few minutes with some of the individuals on hand, during the rehearsal.  
14.)  With only hours, until the big event, VH1 presented a short interview with Cher,
recorded earlier in the day.  She looks absolutely fabulous!   Afterwards, they
showcase a special "Mixology" video of all the "Diva's" who are going to be
performing during the show.

15.)  Who else to start the show, but the legendary "Tina Turner!"  As she whips
through her trademark signature tune "Proud Mary" the crowd gets an added
"surprise" as Cher joins her for the chorus!  It's truly extraordinary!

16.)  Taking to the stage for her own set, Cher simply dazzles the audience with
several of her own selections:   "Believe" and "If I could turn back time."
Without a doubt, she is absolutely gorgeous!
Truly a remarkable moment!
17.)  "Access Hollywood" profiled the night's activities, catching up with both
Tina Turner and Cher backstage.

18.)  With her performance at Diva's Live, still fresh on everyone's mind, Cher
stops by the "Rosie O'Donnell Show" for a delightful interview!  At times, their
conversation is full of laughs and smiles, other times a bit more serious, and insightful.
Overall, a truly wonderful interview from beginning to end.  After the break, Cher returns
to perform her latest single "Strong Enough."  Which is exceptional!
19.)  "Entertainment Tonight" presented their own particular blend of "Diva's Live!"
Showcasing all the individuals on hand for the event.  In a delightful, and funny moment,
we are treated to the latest "Diva accessory!"  DIVA IN A CAN!  With just one or two
sprays, anyone can become a "Diva!"
Very cute!  4/14/99

"Believe" Collection #3


1.)  Returning to "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" Cher exhibits a delightful
sense of playfulness, as she visits with the late night host.  She is having a wonderful
time, talking about many things!  4/15/99

2.)  Stopping by the "Larry King" show, Cher simply shines, during another great
moment.  Larry starts out by asking her about her "Believe" album, and what
has made this particular project so successful.  She talks very indepth about
the album, and many other things!  Her musical career, working on her own
away from Sonny, the upcoming tour, and her latest feature film
"Tea with Mussolini."  Plus so many more subjects!  Overall, an
exceptional interview from beginning to end!

3.)  "Entertainment Tonight" takes us to Monaco for the "World Music Awards"
where Cher is one of the guests of honor.  As always, she looks marvelous!

4.)  Stepping to the stage, for the "World Music Awards" Cher performs two
selections:  "Believe" and "Strong Enough."  As always, its a treat watching her
perform!  You can see the "excitement in her face!  She is clearly enjoying all of her
current success!  Unfortunately, during her acceptance speech we were experiencing
some severe weather in our area, and so the first 30 seconds is missing.
5.)  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with all of the celebrities backstage from the
"World Music Awards."  5/6/99
6.)  While getting ready for her upcoming tour, Bob Mackie accepts Cher's honor
at the "Fashion Awards" hosted by "Entertainment Television."  6/99
7.)  While taking a break from the rehearsals for her upcoming concert tour, Cher
visited one of the newest casinos in Las Vegas.  6/14/99

8.)  "Entertainment Tonight" presented a wonderful interview with Cher, backstage
after the opening night of her concert tour.  These upclose moments are excellent!
She is simply gorgeous!  6/17/99
9.)  While in Florida, Cher attended a fund raiser for her charity, that she has
supported throughout the years.

10.)  During a special presentation of CNN's "Newstand" Cher is profiled in an
exceptional hour-long interview!  Throughout the program, we are treated to so many
images!  So many stories!  It's an amazing ride!  From the beginning of her life to the
present.  Complete with very insightful comments from her mother, sister, Chastity, Elijah,
plus some of her closest friends.  The closeups of her are remarkable!  Some of things that
come to light, we have heard before, but yet there are quite a few things, which hardly
ever get mentioned.  So it's an exceptional interview!
11.)  During this particular segment from "Entertainment Tonight" they featured all
the assorted entertainers currently on tour for the summer.
12.)  "Entertainment Tonight" previewed the upcoming "American Film Institute" special,
with highlights from the show.  Where all of the stars today, salute those of yesterday!
13.)  Appearing in short clips throughout the "American Film Institute's Salute to Hollywood"
Cher shares her thoughts on some of the greats!   Cher looks incredible!
14.)  After learning of her Grammy nomination, "Entertainment Tonight" phoned Cher,
in her Malibu home, to get her thoughts on the honor.
15.)  Somehow or other, this next moment got lost in the shuffle!
"Entertainment Tonight" caught up with all the stars "backstage" at the
"American Music Awards."  Looking radiant as always, Cher simply shines!  During
almost all of these moments from "Entertainment Tonight" you'd begin to think there
was something between Cher and Mark Steines, as many times, as he has had
the honor of being at her side.  Well, it seems Cher's mother even
thinks so too!  1/12/99

16.)  On a final note, the last two moments on this particular collection, feature Cher
performing her hit song "Believe" for "Tops of the Pops" in London, not once!
But twice!  Unfortunately, these performances were given to me, and so
the quality is not as clear as I would have liked.
"Thank you"
for taking the time to read through these rather lengthy descriptions!  

I know it seems rather "incredible" to believe!  
All these moments from the past.
Moments that you might have missed recording.
And those that you have only heard about!

Throughout the years, I've
shared many of these clips from my collection
with my friends, and they have always been astounded by all the appearances
that I was able to record.  To ensure the highest quality possible, I use a "dual deck"
vcr when I'm sharing any of these moments from my collection.
I look forward to hearing from you!

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