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1.  Making a delightful appearance on the "Regis Philbin" show, Connie looks
absolutely radiant!  After sharing a couple wonderful stories about our host, 
Connie goes on to talk fondly about her father, and how he convinced her
to record "Who's sorry now."  Which is also the title of her book.  As they
continue to visit, Connie touches upon many of her upcoming projects, some
of which, never came to pass unfortunately.  Interestingly, Regis presents
a few minutes of Connie's return to the stage on "Dick Clark's Wednesday
Night Live" program, which is exceptional!  When they return from the break,
Connie talks about her recent marriage, which unfortunately ended shortly
thereafter.  As the show draws to a close, Connie mentions that most of the
problems that she has encountered in her life, can be attributed to a lack of
self esteem, and she vows to help others by sharing what she has learned.


2.  While in Florida, Connie makes a surprise guest appearance on the 
game show "Win Lose or Draw."  2/89


3.  "Entertainment Tonight" spotlighted Connie's return to the stage, with
an indepth interview, which provided her with an opportunity to present
her side of the story.  Throughout the years, many things had been written
about her, some with great speculation.  Stepping forth, Connie addresses
the rumors surrounding her mental state, by explaining how she found
herself there in the first place: a dependency on diet pills.  4/89


4.  Everyone loves a "survivor" and no one personifies this greater than the
legendary "Connie Francis!"  Making a delightful and rare appearance on television,
in an extended talk show setting, Connie is greeted with a standing ovation, on the 
"Sally Jesse Raphael" show.  Her fans love her greatly, and they are thrilled to see 
her in the spotlight again!  And she looks wonderful!  As she visits with Sally, it's 
interesting listening to her talk about her troubled and stormy past, the failed
marriage attempts, thoughts of suicide, bouts of depression, addiction to 
amphetamines, the loss of her ability to sing, the murder of her brother, and
so much more!  She touches upon every aspect of her life and career!  As she
talks about her dear friend, Dick Clark, he appears via satellite, which is really
touching, because he truly cares about Connie!  The two stars visit about many
things!  When the show returns from a short break, Connie is joined by her
parents, Ida and George Franconero.  Which adds an even greater depth to
our understanding of the events surrounding Connie's life and career.  On a
final note, Connie talks about her upcoming plans!  4/89


5.  Making a delightful appearance on the "Regis and Kathie Lee" show, Connie
proves once again, in spite of a recent injury to her ankle, that "The show 
must go on!"  Throughout their visit, she touches upon many things!  Mainly
her return to the stage, after a "four year absence!"  It's so good to have
her back!  5/89


6.  Looking and sounding better than ever!  Connie performs a stirring rendition of
her signature song, "Where the boys are" on the Statler Brothers Show.  It's
wonderful to see her again!  After a short visit with the Statler Brothers, 
Connie joins them for a rousing version of "The Walbash Cannonball."  
Returning later in the program, Connie sings "Poor Lonesome me."  2/98


7.  With her 60th Birthday only days away, A&E devoted an entire hour to the
talented singer, with her very own "Biography."  Throughout the program, they
present a detailed review of her life and career, through countless photos,
interviews with her family and friends, and so much more!  And when Connie
graces us with her presence, she looks simply "beautiful!"  It's always a
pleasure seeing her radiant smile!  This is an exceptional profile of
the talented superstar!  10/98


8.  While I was assembling all of these moments on Connie Francis, I knew
there was "one" moment missing:  an exceptional interview with her from the
Arts and Entertainment network.  Throughout this interview from the "Signature"
series, Connie speaks openly about her life and career, with an extremely candid
review of the night she was "raped."  After being shown a newspaper article, 
reporting that the laws are too severe for rapists, Connie's expression changes
dramatically.  During the moments that follow, the camera focuses in on her with
such detail, that you can feel the change in her emotions, as she holds back
the tears, while drifting off into a rather numb state of mind.  Slowly she returns
to express her thoughts on the article, and how the events of that night changed
her life forever.  After a short break, her mood shifts to much happier thoughts:
her son, Joey, and returing to the stage again, after being away for so many
years.  The full screen moments in this interview are exceptional!  
This is an excellent candid profile of her!  1/87
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