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"Video Collection #1"

1.) “Come on! Quick!” Bette replies, to the next adoring fan, as she
reaches for the record album they are holding. Her faithful followers have
lined up outside Tower Records, in Los Angeles, to get an autographed copy
of “Miss Bette Davis Sings.” Even though the recording was released many
years earlier, the attention it received during this clip from “Entertainment
Tonight” would make you believe that it was “brand new!” As she talks
about one of the songs on the album, she confides that she wants a
particular song played at her funeral, and she hopes all the “children
are left crying.” In true, Bette Davis fashion, she is full of spirit! 

2.) With scenes from their film “Right of Way” as a backdrop, Bette
Davis and Jimmy Stewart talk about the parts they played in this
landmark film. Besides the two main stars, Melinda Dillon discusses
what she picked up from working with them; and the director 
also shares his thoughts on the project. When the camera finally shows, 
the two legendary stars, during a press conference type setting, Bette
looks wonderful! Joking with Jimmy she says that they should have found
a project way before this, because she was just “mad”
about working with him. 


3.) Several years passed by before her next appearance, and 
during this wonderful interview on “Good Morning America” we learn
the reason why. Joining David Hartman, she discusses her recovery from
cancer, followed by a stroke, and then a broken hip. Which truly is
unbelievable. When you consider all that she has been through, you look at 
her during this appearance, and you’re absolutely amazed with her presence! 
She looks simply wonderful! Brilliant! As the camera settles on her, she
fills the screen! Super closeups! She confides that loosing one of her breasts
to cancer, was “nothing” compared to the “stroke” she suffered. When she
talks about being in the hospital, you can actually see the fire in her
eyes as she expresses her distain for the doctors and the nurses, that 
looked after her. From there, the conversation turns briefly to her current
plans. “Welcome back Miss Davis!” 


4.) “Entertainment Tonight” also spotlighted Bette’s return, 
following her recent bout with cancer and a stroke. Shown in this “upclose”
interview, she talks about regaining her health. Hinting that some of her
strength was passed along from her mother and grandmother,
she confides “that you just have to deal with it, and do the best you can.” 

5.) All of Hollywood was in attendance, or so it would seem, during
this particular clip from “Entertainment Tonight” when Shirley MacLaine
and Charlton Heston received the International “Valentino” Award. When
it came time for Mr. Heston to accept his award from Miss Davis, he 
promptly removed her shoe, and suggested that he had always wanted to
drink from a “lovely ladies’ slipper.” Filling her shoe with some wine, he
paid her the incredible honor, which she absolutely loved! 


6.) Stepping from behind the curtain on the “The Tonight Show 
with Johnny Carson” Bette appeared somewhat frail and unsteady, as she
greeted the late night host. But once she took her place, she absolutely
commands your attention! Looking radiant in her Nolan Miller
evening gown, she is every bit the “Star!” As she “gets wound up” Johnny
has a hard time even getting a word in, as she takes over the show! “I suppose
by now, you’re probably wondering if you’re going to get a chance to say
anything” she replies! Which receives an instant round of applause! She
continues by proclaiming that she is auditioning for Joan Rivers’ job!
Another instant hit! Throughout the evening, she shares many 
wonderful moments from her life, sprinkled with her infectious laugh! You
can’t help being swept along with her incredible personality. Absolutely
charming! As interviews go, this is one of the best! I have to say, in these
early days, that an “interview” was more than a few soundbytes, Bette receives
an incredible amount of time and she comments on so many things, that I
can’t even begin to mention them all. This appearance is not to be missed! 



7.) Returning to “Entertainment Tonight” Miss Davis sits down with Leeza
Gibbons, for a two part interview. After a chance meeting with Tom Selleck,
Bette talks about the possibility of making a guest appearance on his
television show. The next segment centers on her latest release “The Whales
of August” and how this particular picture is departure from the type
of movies we have been treated to lately. She compares her character in the 
film, to that of her own, and how “each of them” have had to overcome a certain
set of obstacles. 


8.) Appearing on “CBS This Morning” Bette talks at length about her
stay in the hospital, and what it was like being a “star” in that particular
situation. Which brings to light an interesting story about one of her doctors,
“who went running in the other direction!” From there the conversation
shifts to her career and the choice that she made, in following her
desire to be an “actress” as opposed to being a “housewife.” She confides
that she always knew that she was going to do something! Even
if it meant being recognized by the public, wherever she went. 


9.) Looking wonderful! Miss Davis visits with Barbara Walters, during
an exceptional interview given on the eve of “Oscar” night. This particular
clip, joined in progress, finds her exclaiming “What a dump!” from one
of her famous movie roles. From there, the two ladies discuss many things. 
Most notable, her exceptional film career and how this related to her own life, 
through the choices that she made. As you listen to Bette, it’s clear that she 
wasn’t feeling well, because her words are slightly slurred on account 
of the stroke. Throughout the interview, Barbara mentions several things
from Bette’s book, including her thoughts on her daughter, which prompts
an interesting, but sad discussion of their strained relationship. Ending the 
interview, Bette is asked what she would like printed on her tombstone, and how
she would describe herself in five words: “I am just too much!” Great interview! 


10. ) During an interesting two part interview on “The Today Show” 
Miss Davis continues to talk about her recent recovery and how she 
hopes her new book will encourage others in finding their own way back 
from a stroke. Facing the possibility of not being able to work again, she 
describes finding the strength within herself, in spite of what the doctors
had to say; essentially proving all of them wrong. In the second half of the
interview, when she is asked how others see her, in typical fashion she 
replies: “It’s being a bitch, is why people think of me!” Which leads her
to discuss the reason behind such a observation, and how the roles that
she has played over the years have given the audience the wrong impression 
of her. She goes on to say, when “your name is above the title” you may have
to stand up for whatever you believe in, even if that means being a called
“difficult.” Ending on a personal note, she mentions helping others,
and following her heart, even if others wouldn’t understand. Always
very outspoken, this is another wonderful moment! 

11.) Dressed very elegantly, adorned with an absolutely “smashing hat”
and wonderful jewelry, Bette accepts Gary Collin’s hand, as he helps her
onto the set of “Hour Magazine.” Receiving an standing ovation! She is every
bit the “Star!” In talking about her fame, she starts out by discussing her image, 
and how she got her start in Hollywood. From the early days of being called
“The Little Brown Wren” to the success that followed her from there on. 
Interestingly she mentions her “plan” to meet Greta Garbo, which 
would have proved successful had her driver not noticed they were being
followed. Well Greta put a stop to that! Over the course of her five day 
appearance, they cover many different things! Far too many too mention here!
Returning to the reason behind her appearance, Bette exclaims: “Oh, you must
mention the book!” Which prompts a “priceless!” discussion of Faye Dunaway!
From there, Bette talks about her films, and how she was able to make it in
Hollywood for so many years! Throughout her “lengthy” visit with Gary, Bette
is top form, as she talks about “EVERYTHING!” Truly, a wonderful
week long visit! On a final note, she confides that she “could die at
any minute!” Which prompts Gary to exclaim: “I hope not, until next 
monday!” Which really sends Bette into a state of laughter! 


12. ) On this particular “Entertainment Tonight” segment, Bette is
shown attending an off Broadway Play in New York City. 


13.) Looking absolutely radiant, “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” 
catches up with Bette, who is shown in France, receiving an award. She 
confides that she would “never like to go home!” 

14.) After this collection was assembled, I came across a few minutes
of Bette’s return in the movie “Mirror with Mirrors.” Although this clip is
relatively short, I thought it was necessary to include, even if it’s out line, 
of when the moment actually happened.

"Video Collection #2"

1.) Considering it an honor, “Phil Donahue” welcomes Miss Davis
to his popular day time program! But really, it’s an honor for us! Bette is
absolutely wonderful! She shines with such incredible depth and insight 
during her visit with Phil. This interview is truly one of her best! And Phil has 
done his homework! Reading from her book, they start out by discussing 
the men in her life; those that she married and the ones that slipped away; 
ending with the idea, that we should be more accepting of those wanting to 
live together before walking down the aisle. Sharp as ever, Bette catches
Phil off guard with her incredible wit and delivery, which brings several
rounds of applause from the audience. “If I didn’t smoke a cigarette on
these talk shows, that I’ve been appearing on, people wouldn’t know who
I was!” Putting Phil in his place, after he mentions one of her most 
famous lines, Bette exclaims: “Now, you have robbed me of my first laugh!
I was going to say that to the audience. I will right now: “WHAT A DUMP!”
Which receives a thunderous round of applause! As they continue to
visit, Bette take a moment out to talk about her wonderful assistant, Kathryn,
which is very touching. When you consider everything that Bette has
had to endure with her health, it’s nice to see she had such a wonderful
friend to lean on. The whole hour is a wonderful tribute to Bette’s great spirit!
And Strength! One of her very best interviews! 

2.) Throughout the interviews brought together in this collection, 
Bette had often dreamed of receiving a “Kennedy Center Honor.” 
Well, her wish did come true! Viewing all of her incredible appearances, 
shown in this retrospective, it’s only fitting that she should be honored, after
giving us so much! With her “medal of honor” resting on her chest, she 
graciously accepts the standing ovation from those in
attendance. She looks wonderful! 

3.) Always looking “fashionable and exquisite” Bette stops by “The
Tonight Show” for another exceptional interview with Mr. Carson. 
Once again, they prove to have such wonderful chemistry together! Bette
always makes him smile! As they visit, Johnny mentions her recent “Kennedy 
Center Honor” which brings forth a delightful response from Miss Davis! 
Afterwards, she talks about her latest movie, “The Whales of August”
and in mentioning her friendship with Miss Gish, the audience 
mistakes her candor to mean something else. Which puts the legendary
star on the defense! “I don’t quite know why you’re laughing, I’m being
sincere. I don’t understand the laughter at all. No I don’t.” In just
those few seconds, the room became very, very quiet. You’ve 
heard the expression: “If looks could kill” ..... well, her expression
changed to one of a “blank cold stare!” She definitely put the audience
in their place, and they knew she meant business! Johnny tried to 
amend the situation, by asking her if there was anyone in Hollywood, 
that she wouldn’t work with again, and naturally, if you know anything
about Bette, she always takes Faye Dunaway to the cleaners! Which is hoot! 
“I don’t think we have the time to go into all the reasons” she confesses.
In talking about Faye’s reputation, Johnny asks Bette about her own .... 
which comes back around to Faye! For another jab! Showing some pictures
from her past, Johnny gets Bette to share even more moments from her
incredible life! Overall, a wonderful moment! Not to be missed! 

4.) With the release of her book “This and That” in paperback form, 
Bette stops by the set of “Hour Magazine” for another delightful interview
with Gary Collins. In this extended interview, she is in top form! Just being 
herself! As always, Bette is dressed wonderfully! And Gary extends 
his compliments on her exceptional outfit! Touching upon a previous
question that he proposed to her, from her last visit, Gary wonders if she
has come up a response to his question: “Is there a question she has
never been asked before?” To which she chuckles, “You have just asked it!”
After a moment of hesitation, Gary understands the play in words. In 
preparing to light up her cigarette, Gary reaches across to her, pointing
out that she is about to light the “wrong end.” Which is really quite 
funny! “You see how I need a man to care about me.” she replies. As he
faces the camera getting ready to go to a commercial, Bette misses the cue,
and TAKES OVER THE SHOW! She reaches for her book, fanning the
pages, talking about it’s release ..... with her cigarette dangling from her lips, 
smoke filling the air! The whole scene is so funny! That you can’t help but
laugh! Returning from the commercial, Bette stands as the audience gives 
her a second round of applause. Speaking her mind, whenever necessary, 
Bette corrects Mr. Collins when he gets something wrong ..... pointing out
that this book is not an “autobiography” but a collection of stories ..... “This 
and That.” As they talk about some of the things in the book, Bette’s 
assistant, Kathryn, joins them, which is very refreshing! Hardly seen on camera,
her appearance is quite striking. She is a very lovely lady; and it’s nice to 
hear her talk about “Miss D” with such admiration. Returning from 
the break, you’re in for another surprise! Because Bette seems to have 
acquired a pair of glasses from Elton John’s closet! Or so it would seem! They 
almost cover her entire face! Which is absolutely hilarious! As they continue
to visit, they are joined by another one of Bette’s close friends’ Jose Eber, who
is on hand to perform one of his famous make-overs! Which is truly 
quite dramatic! Expressing her thoughts on the change, Bette compliments 
the young lady on her new appearance! Another genuine moment of 
admiration came later in the show, when Ron Perlman joins the guests
on the show. When being asked if there was something that he would like to
ask Miss Davis, he replied: “being rather tongue-tied in situations like this
. . .” Bette extended her hand, proving that she is always a “professional.”
On a final note, Kathryn is asked what she feels is the biggest misconception
about Miss Davis, which brings forth a very honest and loving response.
A wonderful hour! Not to be missed! 

5.) “Entertainment Tonight” discusses Bette’s recent departure from 
the set of her newest movie “The Wicked Stepmother.” Speculating as to
the reasons behind the “walk-off” they present their thoughts on why she left. 

6.) At the “American Cinema Awards” Bette looks absolutely radiant! 
Dressed an outfit befitting the legendary “Star” complete with a white
fur cap, she accepts their honor. 

7.) Wanting to put to rest the rumors surrounding her departure
from “The Wicked Stepmother” Bette returns to “Entertainment Tonight”
to set the record straight! Her answers will surprise you! 

8.) Words don’t describe, Bette’s “magnificent outfit” on this 
particular interview with David Lettermen, for “The Late Show.” Sprinkled
across her dress, were three question marks, that allowed her to be the 
one asking the questions for a change! Which is delightful! 
While preparing for the second question, she accidently knocks over a 
goblet of water, which is truly a classic moment! “I thought so, she’s full of 
beer Paul! I told you she’d be trouble!” replies Dave. At this point, Bette falls
back into her chair, filled with laughter! Handing the show back to Dave, 
they continue to visit joyfully back and forth! “If this were a prize fight, it 
would be over by now!” exclaims Dave; and so you know Bette was in top
form! Truly not to be missed! Wonderful Closeups! Full Screen! 
She is absolutely gorgeous! 

9.) Receiving another award, we are treated to another glimpse
of Miss Davis, during this short clip from CNN. 

10.) In her final interview, for “The Today” show, it was easy to
believe that she will simply go on forever! Once again, Bette is fitted
in an absolutely exquisite outfit! Another “Brilliant!” moment from the
legendary actress! Even though the questions are relatively the same, 
centered around her career, it’s always a treat hearing them 
again. Actually what sets this interview apart from all the rest, is when
she mentions several of her signature lines: “Fasten your seat belts, it’s 
going to be bumpy night” and “I’d love to kiss you but I just washed my hair.”
Which seems rather fitting since this was the interview she gave. 

11.) Upon learning of her death, “Entertainment Tonight” provided
a wonderful retrospective of her incredible career! Complete with her 
“LAST PUBLIC APPEARANCE!” She was in Spain accepting
another honor, when she suddenly took ill, and was transported 
to France, where she passed away. These last images of her came
from a press conference held on behalf of her appearance. Even at the
very end, she looks every bit the “STAR.” 

12.) In this particular clip “Good Morning America” also put forth
their own retrospective, detailing her incredible career. 

13.) Recently, CBS aired a program titled: “AFI’s 100 Years / 100 Stars”
and throughout that show, some of today’s well known celebrities offered
their own thoughts on some of the legends of our time. Interestingly, when
“Entertainment Tonight” provided the coverage for this event, Sharon Stone
referred to Bette Davis as the “Cat’s Ass!” What’s remarkable about that
comment, was the fact it never showed up in the actual program. The last two
appearances on this tape present the “other side” ...... a conversation that
Connie Chung had with Bette’s daughter, B.D. .......... and
then an “Entertainment Tonight” moment with her as well. In honor of 
Bette’s memory, I won’t waste the time to describe these two appearance in 
any sort of detail. Yes, it’s nice to see her daughter and hear her particular
side of things, but then I don’t know any family that hasn’t had
some sort of conflict in the past.

"Thank you"
for taking the time to read through these rather lengthy descriptions!  

I know it seems rather "incredible" to believe!  
All these moments from the past.
Moments that you might have missed recording.
And those that you have only heard about!

Throughout the years, I've
shared many of these clips from my collection
with my friends, and they have always been astounded by all the appearances
that I was able to record.  To ensure the highest quality possible, I use a "dual deck"
vcr when I'm sharing any of these moments from my collection.
I look forward to hearing from you!


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