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Collection #1

1.  While rehearsing for an upcoming tour of Canada, Dionne is visited by 
Anne Murray, as part of her holiday special, "Winter Carnival from Quebec."
As the two ladies express their admiration for one another, they perform
a "medley" of hits, some of them recorded by themselves, and then others
that they wished they had recorded.  The set includes, "Deja Vu, Everything's
going to be alright, Islands in the stream, Twist of fate, She works hard for the
money, Up where we belong, and How do you keep the music playing."  Both of
these ladies have such incredible voices!

2.  Appearing on the 27th Annual "Grammy Awards" Dionne is accompanied by 
Joni Mitchell, as they present the honor for "Album of the Year."

3.  Recently VH1 presented several "shortened" versions of the hit television
series, "Solid Gold."  During this particular moment, Dionne sings the sensational 
hit, "Against all odds."  She looks absolutely gorgeous!

4.  Returning to the set of "Solid Gold" and the year in which this next appearance
original aired, Dionne joins "Boy George" on stage, for a wonderful rendition of her
classic hit, "I Say a little prayer."  They truly sound great together!

5.  Appearing on the 28th Annual "Grammy Awards" Dionne joins Julian Lennon,
as they present the award for "Best Performance Pop, Female."  Which ironically,
ends up going to Whitney Houston!

6.  Looking simply radiant, Dionne joins her dear friends, Gladys Knight and Patti LaBelle 
for an incredible special, "Sisters:  In the name of love."  Truly a remarkable evening
from all three of these talented ladies!  They look absolutely exquisite in their
evening gowns!  Throughout the show, they perform many of their favorites!
Such incredible voices!  And so much energy too!  After a rousing rendition of
the hit single, "Living in America" each of the ladies take a turn in the spotlight.
Gladys sings the classic anthem of the 70's, "I will survive" adding her own touch
to the timeless hit.  When Dionne takes to the stage, she sings "I will never love
this way again."  Which is truly fantastic!  Picking up the pace, Patti takes her
moment in the spotlight to perform her signature tune, "New Attitude."  Which
is simply "delightful!"  During the break between each of these individual numbers,
the ladies share a little bit of "girl talk" around the kitchen table, talking about
many things!  Returning to the stage together, they perform a stirring version 
of "Somewhere."  Which perfectly blends their incredible voices!  Afterwards,
they share some of the songs from the past, which is equally enjoyable, "My Guy"
"Money Money" "The Ten Commandments of Love" "I only have eyes for you" and
"Sugar Pie Honey Bunch" ~ to name but a few!  Ending the program, they sing
"That's what friends are for."  Truly a wonderful special!

7.  As the 1987 "American Music Awards" drew to a close, Diana Ross invited
Dionne Warwick and Gladys Knight to the stage, as they closed the program,
with the hit song, "That's what friends are for."

8.  Opening the concert, with the sensational hit, "All night long" Dionne presents
her first special, "Dionne Warwick in London."  Along with her, the hour long concert
features performances by "Gregory Hines, Diahann Caroll, and Vic Damone."  Honestly,
I have to admit, it's been years since I watched this particular program and so I was
a bit surprised that after her opening number, Dionne didn't reappeared until almost
the very end.  I was tempted to only include those moments, when she was on stage,
but after seeing the individual performances by Diahann Carroll and Vic Damone, I 
immediately changed my mind!  I had forgotten the depth and vocal range of Diahann,
and when you see her perform "Come rain or come shine" "Give my regards to
Broadway" and "New York, New York" you'll be as captivated as I was!  After a very
short introduction by Dionne, Vic Damone settles in for his set, which is equally
remarkable!  Among his selections, you'll immediately recognize, "In the still of the
night" "That old black magic" and here's the one that had me doing a double take,
"Wind beneath my wings."  Which was a real surprise!  Returning to the stage,
Dionne dips into the past, with a "medley" that features such favorites, as "Yesterday
once more" "I will survive" "Walk on by" "I say a little prayer" and "Do you know the
way to San Jose."  As the show draws to a close, Dionne performs a stirring rendition
of her hit song, "I will never love this way again."  Which is absolutely astounding!

9.  Throughout this wonderful segment from "CBS This Morning" we are
treated to an "excellent" interview with Dionne, along with a tour of her 
home, in Beverly Hills.  As you might imagine, the hour is very early for 
those in California, and so it's not much of a surprise to learn that Dionne 
enjoys a good cup of coffee each morning, along with her cigarette.  With 
all of the information available, concerning one's health, when it comes to
smoking, it's kind of a surprise, that she has made the decision to continue.
But she explains why.  Because the interview is basically "two" individual
segments, Dionne has the rare opportunity to talk about her life and career
in great detail.  She touches upon many things, including, her concern for
those afflicted with AIDS, the friends she has lost, her children, and her
hopes for the future.  Plus much more!

10.  On the 1988 "People's Choice Awards" Dionne joins "Andy Williams" and her dear
friend, "Gladys Knight" as they present the award for "All Time Favorite Song."  Before
they announce the winner, they perform a "medley" of all the songs nominated.  Which
includes, "The way we were" "Yesterday" "Always" "Amazing Grace" "Somewhere my 
love" "How great thou art" "Love me tender" "Stardust" and "White Christmas."

11.  Appearing on the 3rd Annual "Soul Train Music Awards" Dionne joins
Patti LaBelle, as they step into the role of hostess, for the evening.  As always, 
Dionne looks wonderful!  Later in the program, in honor of Michael Jackson receiving 
an award, Dionne performs his hit song, "Man in the mirror."

12.  While in Washington D.C., Dionne receives the "Humanitarian" award from 
the Human Rights Campaign Fund.

13.  "Entertainment Tonight" previewed Dionne Warwick's upcoming AIDS Special,
"That's what friends are for."

Collection #2

1.  "Dionne Warwick and Friends" spotlights the entertainers and guests, who later
appear during her AIDS Special, "That's what friends are for."  Throughout this particular
program, we hear from each of the guests, as they share their thoughts on those they
have lost to the disease, and their commitment to finding a cure.  We are also given a
special, "Behind the Scenes" glimpse into the rehearsal, with many of the entertainers,
as they prepare for the concert.  In addition to all of these moments, we are also on hand
for several of the other fund raising activities, that occurred along with the concert.

2.  With a roster that reads like a "Who's Who" of the music and television industry,
Dionne Warwick assembled an impressive list of "guests" for her AIDS concert, 
"That's what friends are for."  Encouraging everyone to make a change, Dionne
performed an amazing rendition of the Michael Jackson hit, "Man in the mirror."
Throughout the program, Lena Horne and Blair Underwood provide the introductions
for many of the guests.  Returning to the stage, Dionne joins Burt Bacharach for a
wonderful medley of the songs they recorded together.  "A house is not a home"
"What the world needs now" "Alfie" and "I will never love this way again."  In
addition to Dionne performing, many of her guests also stepped into the spotlight.
Among them, "Expose, Howard Hewitt, Luther Vandross, Leslie Uggams, Mary
Wilson, Barry Manilow, and Gladys Knight."  All of these performances are
exceptional!  Especially "The way we were" by Gladys!  Which is remarkable!
As the show draws to a close, Dionne is joined by the original artists, who recorded
the song, "That's what friends are for."  I don't think anyone was even aware that 
Elton John had just arrived, and so when he suddenly appeared from the wings of
the stage, the room erupted in applause!  As they perform the song, all of the guests
on hand for the concert, join them on stage.  Overcome with emotion, Dionne is 
touched by their support!

Collection #3

1.  During the "Arista Celebration:  That's what friends are for" Dionne is joined on stage
by her close friend, "Barry Manilow."  Seated at the piano, he provides the musical 
foundation for her "exceptional" ballad, "I will never love this way again."  As the
show draws to a close, Dionne welcomes all of the "guests" and "entertainers" on
stage, for the grand finale, "That's what friends are for."

2.  During a salute to the legendary Sammy Davis Jr., Dionne performs 
a special song, in his honor.

3.  Speaking from the heart, Stevie Wonder honors Dionne with the "Key of Life" award,
on the 23rd Annual "NAACP Image Awards."

4.  Along with her close friends, Patti LaBelle and Luther Vandross, Dionne joins them,
as they host the 5th Annual "Soul Train Music Awards."  Later in the program, she
returns to perform a "jazz" version of the timeless classic, "Night and Day."
Dionne looks absolutely radiant!

5.  On the 24th Annual "NAACP Image Awards" Gladys Knight and Dionne host a tribute to
their dear friend, Patti LaBelle, who is honored as "Entertainer of the Year."

6.  On the 1992 "Grammy Awards" Johnny Mathis is joined by Dionne Warwick,
as they present "Record of the Year."

7. Stepping in as a special correspondent for "Entertainment Tonight" Dionne covers 
the inauguration of President Bill Clinton.  Throughout the segment she visits with 
many of the the entertainers on hand for the celebration, among them:  
"Diana Ross, Jack Nicholson, and Sidney Poitier."  

8.  During a special celebration honoring the 35th year of the "Grammy Awards"
Dionne reflects upon the honor of winning a Grammy for her song, "I will
never love this way again."  In addition, to the interview they present
a few minutes of her performing the song on stage, from the original
show, along with her receiving the award.

9.  Stepping into the spotlight, Dionne comes to the defense of her friend,
O.J. Simpson, as those in the media question his innocence.  This particular moment
appeared on "Entertainment Tonight."

10.  Presenting a special "hour" titled, "Divas of Soul" the Gordon Elliot Show,
presented a full hour with some of the best!  "Dionne Warwick" "Mary Wilson" and
"Martha Wash."  As always, Dionne looks wonderful!  During the interview portion of
the program, she discusses her life and career, in depth.  Even touching upon her
recent association with the "Physic Network."  Later in the program, she sings 
her latest release, "So far away."  Wonderful "full" screen moment!    

11.  Performing several of her classic hits, Dionne joins Burt Bacharach for
"One Amazing Night."  Among her selections, "Walk on by" "I say a little prayer"
and "Do you know the way to San Jose."  As always, Dionne looks radiant!

12.  Making a surprise visit on the daytime serial, "The Bold and the Beautiful"
Dionne looks absolutely beautiful!  On the second day of her appearance, she 
performs a song, especially written for the show.

13.  Unfortunately, this next appearance is "joined in progress" due to the weekly
test of our local civil defense system.  Even though, I would have liked to have been
able to present, the complete appearance of Dionne singing her classic hit, "What
the world needs now" from the daytime talk show, "The View," I must admit, hearing
the song, performed in a "hip hop" setting, with a group of "rap artists" filling in the
song, didn't exactly win me over.  In previous interviews, Dionne has been an avid
spokesperson against "rap music" and the "images and messages" contained therein. 
So seeing her in this particular light, seemed to go against the stance that she has
taken in the past.  During the interview portion of the program, she mentions why
she changed her view, but honestly, for me on a personal note, I'm not convinced.

14.  Making a delightful appearance on the "Howie Mandel Show" Dionne returns
to the spotlight, with a brand new album, titled "Dionne Sings Dionne."  Truthfully, it's
wonderful seeing her again!  Throughout the interview, she talks about many things!
Including the controversy surrounding the "Physic Network."  Hearing her talk about
her experience with the show, wasn't nearly as surprising, as when she mentioned
that she no longer lives in the United States . . . that was a "surprise!"  Stepping to
the stage, she performs the classic, "Always something there to remind me."
Seated by her side, is her son and grand-daughter.
Collection #4

1.  On the 72nd annual "Academy Awards" Burt Bacharach treats the audience to
some of the most beloved songs of all time.  Among those who take to the stage to
perform is Dionne Warwick, who sings a sensational version of "Alfie."


2.  "Entertainment Tonight" spotlighted the recent disagreement between "The Today Show"
and "Good Morning America" which unfortunately affected an outdoor concert
that Dionne was giving for her fans.

3.  Entertainment Tonight spotlighted Whitney's surprise appearance at the
annual "Song Writer's Hall of Fame" celebration, which was honoring Dionne!

4.  During A&E's salute to "Pop Music" week, Dionne was featured with her very own "Biography."
Throughout the hour long profile we are given a rare glimpse into Dionne's life and career, from
the early days to the present.  There are so many photos and images presented, moment after
moment, that you really get an impression of what it must have been like for her.  They have
also included a lot of vintage performances from her past, which are astounding!  Many of her
friends also share their thoughts on her and how her music touched their lives.  From "Stevie
Wonder" "Burt Bacharach" "Hal David" "Isaac Hayes" "Elton John" and many more!
It's an exceptional tribute to one of the finest voices of our time!


5.  Making a special holiday appearance at the Vatican, Dionne sings "The Voice of Maria."


6.  During a special "Entertainment Tonight" segment titled, "Whatever happened to . . . " 
they profile Mary Wells struggle with throat cancer.  Many of her long time friends speak
fondly of her, including Dionne Warwick.

7.  "Entertainment Tonight" was on hand for all the festivities of Liza Minnelli's marriage
to David Gest.  And there was a lot happening!  Shortly after the service they visited with
Dionne Warwick, who shared her thoughts on the celebration.


8.  Always a natural in front of the camera, Dionne makes a special appearance on "Walker
Texas Ranger."  She plays the grandmother of a young girl who needs a liver transplant.  As the
storyline unfolds, the two of them sing a song together which just happens to be one of 
Dionne's biggest hits, "Say a little prayer."  I hardly ever watched the program when it
originally aired and so it was interesting to see how Dionne figured into the show.  She did
a really good job!

Collection #5

1.  "Entertainment Tonight" spotlighted the news that Dionne had been arrested, after
authorities had found marijuana in her luggage, upon re-entering the United States. 

2.  Leave it to "Entertainment Tonight" to keep us up to date on the latest details 
following Dionne's arrest. 


3.  If you want to be seen in Los Angeles, you only have to attend an L.A. Lakers
basketball game!  "Entertainment Tonight" visited with all the celebrities as they 
gathered together for the latest must see event.  Dionne was spotted with her son, 
standing outside the arena.


4.  As the "Kennedy Center" honored Elizabeth Taylor for all of her work on behalf of 
those affected with AIDS, it seemed only fitting that Dionne should perform the song, 
which became the anthem for their fight.  With Burt Bacharach at the piano, Dionne sings
a heartfelt version of "That's what friends are for."


5.  During an "exceptional" Lifetime "Intimate Portrait" we are given a glimpse into
Dionne's life and career, from her early days to the present.  Throughout the 
program we are treated to so many photos and images of her, which really
give us a feel for all of her achievements.  We also hear from some of her
closest friends.  "Elton John" "Gladys Knight" "Burt Bacharach" and many more!
It's a wonderful retrospective that will leave you wanting to hear all those
old songs again!  As her story unfolds, we also hear from her children, who
speak lovingly of their famous mother.  Scattered throughout the program,
they also feature countless "vintage" film clips from the past!  Which are
priceless!  They have really captured the essense which made Dionne 
so loved by everyone!

6.  During the "American Film Institute's" 100 Greatest Songs of all time, 
Dionne shares her thoughts on several of the songs which have become the
tapestry of our lives.  Among them one of the greatest songs of all time, "I will 
always love you" by Whitney Houston!

7.  Appearing on "The Wayne Brady Show" Dionne looks sensational!  It's so nice to
see her!  This particular interview is really quite interesting because when Wayne asks
her about being in the music business for nearly forty years, Dionne becomes kind of
philosophical about it all.  As she speaks from the heart, it really means a lot to her.
After they return from the break, the two of them perform a wonderful version of
"Say a little prayer."  Wayne has such a great voice, and to have him singing 
along with Dionne is truly "exceptional!" 


8.  While attending the "Song Writer's Hall of Fame" Dionne honors her dear friends
Burt Bacharach and Hal David, who wrote so many of her hits!  As the show draws 
to a close, Dionne performs a wonderful version of "What the world needs now."

9.  Looking absolutely sensational, Dionne makes a special holiday appearance 
on "The View."  It's hard to believe but she has never released a Christmas album,
until now.  Stepping to the stage she performs a wonderful version of the timeless
classic, "White Christmas."  When I first heard this, I was simply enchanted with it!
While other singers allow themselves to be overshadowed by the arrangement of
the music, Dionne has allowed the beauty of her voice to come through, with just
the slightest music accompanying her.  Absolutely beautiful!
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