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Video Collection #1

1.  "Live" from London, Dolly is simply incredible as she delights those
in attendance during this exceptional 80 minute concert.  After being
welcomed to the stage, Dolly starts things off with a rousing rendition
of "Baby I'm burning."  Dressed in one of her trademark outfits, she
simply "sparkles!"  Slowing things down a bit, she tells the story of
"Joleen" which is always a favorite.  Between each musical number
she shares with us some of the colorful stories from her and career.
Performing many of her favorites, Dolly treats us to:  "Two doors
down" "The coat of many colors" "Appalachian memories" "Apple
Jack" "Do I ever cross your mind" and "Brother Loves Traveling
Salvation Show."  Returning from a short break, Dolly performs a
wonderful rendition of Elvis' "All shook up" ~ complete with all of
his trademarks movements!  From there she sings an old sad song
"Me and Little Andy" which lends itself to the next selection "Down
from Dover" which is exceptional!  Very stirring!  Picking things up
a bit, she performs "Here you come again" "9 to 5" and "Great balls
of fire."  After a short encore, Dolly returns to sing her signature
song "I will always love you."



2.  With Dolly's popularity on the rise, she visits with a group
of youngsters, during an exceptional special titled "Dolly Meets
The Kids."  As she talks about her life and career, it's interesting
because she hasn't changed all that much, over the years.  She
has such a "deep" faith in herself and her ability.  This is an
exceptional interview!  She talks about everything!   The success
that she has achieved in her life, the fame and the money that
comes along with it, learning about sex when she was younger,
how she feels about drugs, which are everywhere in the
entertainment industry.  Plus so much more!

3.  Upon viewing this next moment, I was surprised to learn of all the troubles
surrounding the movie "Rhinestone."  Which might have added to it's failure
at the box office.  During this "behind the scenes" visit we see firsthand how
well, the two stars worked together.  It's an wonderful interview!

4.  Appearing on "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" Dolly performs two
selections from the movie "Rhinestone."  One of them, in fact, was sung by Sly
in the movie, so it's interesting hearing Dolly perform the song.  As always, she
looks sensational!  When she sits down for her visit with Johnny, they talk about
many things:  her new movie and how it was working with Syl; her relationship
with Carl, and the type of man that catches her eye!  Several times, she gets
the best of Johnny!  Which is really cute!   She also relates an interesting
story about the "bomb" threat that she received only minutes before her
taping of the "London Concert."  Which caused her a great deal of concern.
In closing, Johnny mentions that she had just received her "Star" on Hollywood
Boulevard, and Dolly comments on what that whole experience meant to her.
Overall, a very nice interview.

5.  "Entertainment Tonight" catches up with the talented superstar for an interesting
interview, shortly after the release of the not so successful movie "Rhinestone."
Because it didn't do very well at the box office, Dolly has decided to return her
focus to the music aspect of her career.  As the interview draws to a close, she
mentions the possibility of changing record labels, which was really interesting.

6.  "Good Morning America" finds Dolly in a delightful mood, during this exceptional
interview, centered around the upcoming opening of "Dollywood."  As we are treated
to a tour of the grounds, Dolly talks about the Park, and how it came into being.  It's
really quite interesting.  Plus we get to hear in her own words, her thought on wanting
to give something back to the people of that area.  Dolly looks wonderful!   In closing,
she talks about the upcoming "Trio" album.

7.  During this particular episode of "Fame, Fortune, and Romance" the cameras
catch up with Dolly at the opening of her theme park, "Dollywood."  As they follow her
around the grounds, they present an interesting "retrospective" of her life and
career.  We see the two room "shack" that she grew up in, and the original "coat"
of many colors, which inspired the song.  Plus so many more images.

8.  On the heels of the previous interview, this particular "Coverstory" expands upon
many of the same themes, but in greater detail.  We are there for the "Official" opening
of "Dollywood" which sets the stage for her "rags to riches" story.  Throughout the
program she talks about many things!  Plus we hear from some of her friends, and
co-workers.  It's an interesting "coverstory" on the popular entertainer!
Wonderful "full" screen closeups!
"Video Collection #1"  is 2 hours and 40 minutes in length!

"Video Collection #2"

1.  Even though we have probably seen "A Christmas to Remember" with Kenny
Rogers and Dolly, a dozen times or more, it's always a treat watching this
holiday favorite.  The two talented stars lend their incredible voices to many
of the time honored classics, as well as some very special songs, that Dolly
wrote herself.  Among them:  "A Christmas to remember" "I believe in Santa
Claus" "I'll be home with bells on" "Once upon a Christmas" and "Christmas
without you."  It's a delightful special!  One of the best!

2.  During the "Making of . . . A Christmas to Remember" we are treated
to a "behind the scenes" look at the Holiday favorite!  In addition to many
of the familiar scenes from the show, we see how many of them were staged
and then "filmed."  Which is quite interesting.  On camera, they both talk about
the experience of working with one another. 

3.  While appearing on the "Phil Donahue" program, Dolly is simply delightful!  As always,
she looks wonderful!  But essentially, the hour is devoted to the stories of her life
and career.  Which are simply fascinating!  She talks about so many things!  Far
too many to mention, individually.  She is so charming!  And heartwarming!  She
touches upon her family, the music business, her relationship with Carl, her love
of songwriting, and her future plans!  It's an exceptional hour!

4.  During this particular moment from the "Crook and Chase" show, 
they spend a few minutes with the talented superstar, at the opening
 of "Dollywood."  As she walks among the many fans who are in 
attendance, it's clear, that Dolly is having the time of her life!

5.  Dressed as one of Santa's elves, Dolly stops by "The Tonight Show
with Johnny Carson"  for another delightful moment, with the late
night host.  As usual they touch upon many of the same things they
have discussed before, but this time Dolly talks about what she is doing
for the "Holidays."  She also mentions her latest project "A Smokey
Mountain Christmas" which prompts her to pick up her guitar, and sing
the title song.  As always, Dolly is delightful and she looks fabulous!

6.  Upon the release of the "Trio" album, Dolly starts to make the rounds.  This
particular appearance came about on David Brenner's "Nightlife" program.  As they
sit down to visit, she talks about the new album, and being able to work with Linda
and Emmylou.  From there, she goes on to talk about her early days in the business, and
how she felt the first time she stepped onto the stage at the Grand Ole Opry.  Even
though "Rhinestone" didn't do very well at the box office, she mentions it briefly, while
talking about her love for country music.

7.  Although this next moment is more than "slightly" out of place, I felt it still needed
to be included!  Teaming up with her co-stars from "9 to 5" Dolly makes a delightful
appearance on Lily Tomlin's prime time special.  This is  a real treat seeing them
together again!

"Video Collection #3"

1.  Teaming up with Kenny Rogers for the "Real Love" tour, provided us with
another wonderful "moment" with the talented superstars!  During this exceptional
special, Dolly simply shines!  She looks gorgeous!  Taking the stage by storm!  Dolly
starts off with a ROUSING rendition of "Baby I'm burning."  Which brings everyone
to their feet!  Without missing a beat, she continues with "Two doors down."
Another favorite!  Slowing things down a bit, she sings a heartfelt rendition of
"Appalachian Memories" which she dedicates to the all the father's in the
audience.  Continuing along the same theme, she includes everyone on the
next selection:  "9 to 5."  While Dolly takes a short break, Kenny takes to the
stage to perform some of his greatest hits.  Later in the program, Dolly returns
and they share the stage for several more favorites, among them:  "We've got 
tonight" "Islands in the stream."  It's a wonderful concert, from beginning to end!

2.  Making a special appearance on the "Oprah Winfrey" show, Dolly looks simply
sensational!  She just RADIATES!  After a short introduction, Oprah asks Dolly
how she lost all the weight.  Which is interesting, because we know how much
of a struggle it has been for her.  As they continue, Dolly shares many of her
personal thoughts.  Far too many things, to mention individually.  
This is a very special interview!  One of the best!

3.  Stopping by the set of "Hour Magazine" Dolly simply shines, during yet another
special interview.  Gary Collins starts off by showing a clip of her latest video for
the "Trio" album, which is doing quite well.  From there, Dolly talks about her
theme park "Dollywood" and how much it means to her.

4.  With the arrival of her television show "Dolly" to the ABC Network, the talented
superstar makes the rounds to promote her latest endeavor.  After showing a couple
clips, Dolly is asked about her "weight" which always seems to be a topic for discussion.
She then tells us how her family views her slim figure!  Which means, she's either "picking
up" or "falling off" according to her daddy.  In closing, this interview from "Good Morning
America" comes back around to her new television series, and the amount of work
that is involved.


5.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Dolly at the opening of her very own restaurant 
in Hawaii.  Dressed in her floral print, she looks absolutely gorgeous!  Even though she is every
bit the star, the camera spends a minute or two talking to Tom Selleck, who is one of her 
guests for the evening.  He speaks fondly of the talented superstar, and that her last
endeavor is going to be a success!


6.  So much has been made about Dolly's return to television with her variety
series, that it would seem that everyone is looking for some reason to find
fault with the program.  During this "live ~ via satellite" interview for "Good
Morning America" the topic of discussion is naturally her new show.  Dolly
talks candidly about it's future, and how she views the program.

7.  During this very special interview from the weekend edition of "Entertainment
Tonight" the topic of discussion is still centered around the new show.  
She looks great!  

8.  After a brief overview of her latest projects, "Entertainment Tonight" asks Dolly how
she manages to be a "tough" business woman, in spite of the image that she portrays.
This interview from Hawaii is the second part of an earlier one, in which they spend a
bit more time talking to her about her return to television every week.  It's interesting
listening to her mention how some celebrities view their fame, and how they have
no business being in the spotlight.

9.  Ironically, with all of the concern  expressed over her new show, Dolly accepts the
honor of being our "Favorite Female Performer in a New Television Program" during these
moments from the "People's Choice Awards."  As always she speaks from the heart!
Later in the show, she wins again!  This time for "Favorite All Around Female Entertainer."

"Video Collection #4"

1.  On the 22nd Annual Country Music Awards, Dolly opens the show with a delightful
country favorite "If it's from the country, it's coming from the heart."  As always, she 
looks simply radiant!  In addition to the wonderful opening number, Dolly plays host for
the evening; and then as the show draws to a close, she welcomes everyone on stage.

2.  During a special tribute to Roger Miller, on the "Country Music Awards" Dolly 
shares a few of her thoughts on the popular entertainer.

3.  Although slightly out of place on the time line, "Entertainment Tonight" spotlights
an upcoming episode of "Dolly" with her guests:  Barbara Mandrell and Tom Selleck.

4.  Some time  later, the "full" video for "Those memories of you"  appeared on TNN's 
Video Morning.  Taken from the "Trio" album, the appearance of Dolly, Emmylou, and Linda,
together, makes for an interesting video!  Not to mention their incredible voices!

5.  Joined in progress, this next moment taken from the Arsenio Hall show,
finds Dolly looking simply RADIANT!  She sparkles!  As they visit, she speaks from
the heart about many things:  her age and how this relates to her career; the weight
that she has lost, and how she maintains her slim figure; plus an interesting story
about Elvis wanting to record several of her songs.  From there they continue to 
discuss many more things:  her relationship with her husband, Carl; and her future 
plans in the music business.  Afterwards she performs a stirring rendition of her
latest hit "White Limozeen."

6.  During a special tribute to Ralph Emery, Dolly and Kenny speak fondly of their friend.

7.  Paying her respects to Merle Haggard, Dolly shares her thoughts on the
popular entertainer.

8.  With the grand opening of "Dollywood" for it's fifth season, "Good Morning America"
brings us Dolly "via-satellite" from the popular theme park.  In addition to her thoughts
on "Dollywood" she also mentions the educational fund that she has established to
help the less fortunate, from the surrounding area.  As always, Dolly looks wonderful!


9.  "Entertainment Tonight" spotlighted the 5th Grand opening of "Dollywood" with a special
segment from the popular theme park.  Shown riding the "latest" addition, Dolly takes a spin on
the carousel.  Afterwards, she is joined by Kenny Rogers, as she visits on camera.  Ironically, if
you look at this particular appearance and the one before, you'll notice that Dolly changed
outfits . . . at least "three times!" throughout the day!

10.  Making a special appearance on Bob Hope's annual Christmas program, no one
brightens a holiday, like "Dolly!"  After being welcomed to the show, she performs
a delightful rendition of "Hard Candy Christmas" which is simply wonderful!
Slipping into her reindeer costume, she displays her talents as one of Santa's
helpers!  Another wonderful moment!  As the show draws to a close, she joins
Bob for a stroll through the park, as they sing "Silver Bells."  Very nice!



11.  Returning to the set of "Nashville Now" Dolly makes a GRAND entrance
from the backseat of the "white limozeen" which prompts her to sing
the title track from her new album.  Dressed in a fantastic outfit, Dolly
simply shines!  She looks RADIANT!  As the song draws to a close, she
slips in a little story of the "lady" who rides around in the "white
limozeen" which is really cute!  After a delightful moment with Ralph
she returns to the stage to perform a rousing rendition of "Why'd
you come in here lookin' like that."  Another classic!

12.  While appearing on "The Today Show" Dolly talks about many things:
her new album "White Limozeen" and her current hit single; her upcoming
tour; and of course, "Dollywood."  Wonderful "full" screen moment!

13.  Making another appearance, while in New York City, Dolly stops by the
set of "Regis and Kathie Lee."  After her microphone slipped out of her
boot, while walking across the set, Dolly doesn't miss a beat!  She keeps
right on going!  Laughing all the way!  As she visits with the popular daytime
hosts, she talks about many things!  They present a clip of her in the
recording studio, singing "Time for me to fly."
As always, Dolly looks wonderful!



14.  Performing her current hit single "Why'd you come in here lookin' like
that?" Dolly makes a guest appearance on the "Pat Sajak Show."  Dressed in a
rhinestone jump suit, she looks absolutely fabulous!  Clearly having a good time
with her latest hit single, Dolly is full of energy!  Both on the stage, and also
during the interview segment of the show.  She mentions MANY THINGS!
Far too many to list them individually.  Later in the program, Dolly
returns to perform "Back to the country" ~ another selection
from her "White Limozeen" album.  Dolly is having a
fantastic time!


15.  By the time, Dolly appeared on "Saturday Night Live" she was clearly enjoying
herself!  During the opening monologue, as Dolly is talking about "something" that seems
relatively un-important, the camera slips down a bit and focuses right in on her chest! 
Which is simply hilarious!  Then as if that wasn't enough, they lower a boom camera from
the ceiling and it does the same!   Which adds even more humor to whole episode!
Throughout the show, she is featured in several "sketches" which gives her a chance
to display her "natural charm" and "ability as an actress."  In addition, she performs
a rousing rendition of "Why'd you come in here lookin' like that" and a spirited version
of "White Limozeen" ~ both musical numbers are amazing!  She looks absolutely
radiant!  Clearly she is having a very good time!
16.  Although slightly out of place, in terms of it's appearance, this particular moment
from the "Larry King" show is very interesting!  In several of the previous interviews, she
touched upon many of the things in her life, but "here" she talks about them in much
greater detail.  Not only are we given an "answer" but also the "reason" behind some
of the things that have happened.  She talks at length about her career, which naturally
brings the conversation around to her ill-fated television show.  She spares nothing, as
she explains what went wrong, in front of the camera and "behind the scenes."  As they
continue, she talks about her new album, the video they just finished shooting, and
her upcoming tour.


"Video Collection #5"

1.  Teaming up with her close friends, Kenny Rogers and Willie Nelsen, Dolly joins them
for a very special hour of music, titled:  "Something Inside So Strong."  As the three
entertainers take to the stage, they perform an old favorite "Lean on me."  As always,
Dolly looks wonderful!  From there, each of them takes a turn performing some of their
favorite selections.  During her moment on stage, Dolly sings a rousing rendition of her
latest hit "Why'd you come in here lookin' like that," which is simply fantastic!  She looks
exceptional in her outfit, dancing around the stage!  In a delightful turn about, each of
them selects one or two of their favorite songs, recorded by other, and we are treated
to how the song would have sounded, had they sung it originally.  Overall, a very
nice special, highlighted by the three of them!


2.  With the upcoming release of "Steel Magnolias" Phil Donahue welcomes four members
of the cast, to his popular daytime talk show.  It's a wonderful hour!  Full of laughs and 
merriment!  Listening to Olympia, Sally, Shirley, Julia and Dolly is very, very interesting!
They share so many stories about one another from the set, which really gives us an
 idea of how well they worked together!  Sprinkled throughout the interview, they candidly
talk about their lives and careers, answering questions from both Phil and the audience.
It's a very enlightening hour!


3.  "Entertainment Tonight" featured a segment with all the stars that attended
the premiere of "Steel Magnolias."

4.  While promoting her latest set of projects, Dolly stops by "The Late Show
with David Lettermen."  In typical fashion, Dave is off and running with his usual
blend of offbeat questions.  This time is no exception!  Because he asks Dolly about
the first time she ever came to New York City, which turns out be quite colorful!  Let's
just say she was carrying a gun!  As she mentions her best friend, Judy, the spotlight
places her on camera!  Which is kind of remarkable!  As always, Dolly is like a breath
of fresh air, in so many ways!


5.  On the 23rd Annual Country Music Awards, Dolly introduces one of her friends, 
Patty Loveless, to those in attendance.  Later in the program, Dolly returns to 
perform a stirring version of her gospel number "He's Alive."  Which brings
everyone to their feet!  She looks so beautiful!


6.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with all the stars of "Steel Magnolias" during 
it's New York premiere.  Although, this looks very similar to one of the previous
entries, the interviews seems to be shot from a different angle, and the interview
segments are different as well.


7.  Looking absolutely RADIANT!  Dolly stops by "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson"
for a delightful interview and performance!  She is always a treat to watch!  While talking
to Mr. Carson, she "Thanks" him for being so nice to her over the years!  Surprisingly, she
actually wrote a song about her association with the "Tonight Show."  Taking her guitar 
in hand, she performs the song!   Which is really, really cute!   After they return from the
break, she talks about her latest project, "Steel Magnolias" and the experience of working
with her co-stars.  As the show draws to a close, Dolly performs "He's Alive."  
Which is simply amazing!  

Video Collection # 6

1.  Video with Kenny Rogers and Dolly for the hit song, "Love is Strange."

2.  "Entertainment Tonight" spotlights the ever changing face of "gospel"
music, from the traditional form that we all are familiar with, to a sound that 
seems to be more heavy metal.  Dolly is one of the entertainers they
visit with, during this insightful profile. 

3.  Spotlighting the business side of her career, Dolly is interviewed at "Dollywood" 
where she is on hand to open a brand new thrill ride!  She comments that
she is involved in every aspect of her career, during this segment from
"Entertainment Tonight."

4.  Returning to the "Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson, Dolly absolutely sparkles
during the holiday season by performing several timeless classics!  "Joy to the
world" and "Go tell it on the mountain"  Dolly always looks exceptional, but
she looks absolutely "gorgeous" in her red beaded gown.  During the interview 
portion of the program, Johnny asks her about her early childhood, and what 
Christmas meant to her and her family.  Truly a splendid evening!

5.  Celebrating the holiday season, Dolly invites us along, as she returns to
home to celebrate Christmas with her family.  Throughout this delightful hour
long special, Dolly shares with us many stories from her childhood.  We are
treated to many holiday favorites!  Among them "I'll be home for Christmas" 
"Jingle Bells" "Deck the halls" "We three kings" "Santa Claus is coming to town"
"Rudolph the red nose reindeer" "Little Drummer Boy" "Joy to the world"
As you can see, Dolly changes outfits many times throughout the special!
There's a wonderful sense of family interwoven throughout each of the 
individual segments, that features not only Dolly but members of her family.
This is truly a "holiday" favorite!

6.  Dressed in her "reindeer" costume, Dolly stops by the "Late Show with David
Lettermen" for a delightful holiday appearance!  As always she is wonderful!  
Singing the timeless classic "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" Dolly is having
a great time, not only with the band, but when she slips into the audience!

7.  Appearing as herself on the Fox series, "Babes" Dolly playfully puts her
"goody goody image" aside, when it's learned that someone leaked a rumor
to the tabloids.  Suspecting the "new girl" Dolly calls in the expert, and they
hook her new assistant up to the "Dolly-graph!"  Because this is the Fox
channel, they are able to get away with several one liners, that seem to
have a certain edge.  As the show draws to a close, it gets even better as
Dolly performs "Why'd you come in here lookin' like that."  Dressed in a
very sharp 'jacket and pants' suit, Dolly looks SENSATIONAL!

8. "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Dolly on the set of her brand
new television movie, "Wild Texas Wind."  For as long as we can remember
there has always been a certain degree of speculation about Dolly's marriage.
And so during the interview, she is asked whether the movie is based upon her 
own experiences.  Which is totally absurd.  In closing, they touch upon her 
next project, the movie "Straight Talk" in which she stars with James Woods.

9.  Appearing on the 25th Country Music Awards, Dolly performs a spirited
version of her hit song, "Eagle when she flies."

10.  Spoofing her glamorous image, Dolly is waiting to get her hair done during
this very cute moment from the 20th Anniversary of Walt Disney World.  When it's
finally time, "three" wigs are brought over to her for her approval.  And it gets
more comical when she replies that she is having her eye lashes done, which is
why she is wearing the "dark shades!"  

11.  Appearing on TNN's Music City Awards, Dolly honors "Kitty Wells" with the "Living
Legends" award.  As always, Dolly looks sensational!
Video Collection # 7

1.  Dressed a patriotic looking outfit, Dolly stops by the set of the
Oprah Winfrey Show, for a "delightful" visit!  Oprah always brings out the
best in Dolly!  She talks about "many" things!  From her humble beginnings,
to the success that she has achieved throughout her life.  After the break,
she sings a spirited version of "Eagle when she flies."  Which is really good!
As they visit, Dolly puts to rest all the rumors and shares her insight into
dealing with the press, which can be rather difficult at times.  Performing
the song, "Silver and Gold" Dolly treats us to another selection, from her
new release.  During the rest of the program, Dolly answers many of the
same questions that we have heard before.  Returning from one of the
breaks, Dolly's brother Randy performs, "From where I stand."
It's a wonderful hour!   

2.  Making a splendid appearance on the 26th Country Music Awards, Dolly
performs the classic, "Put a little love in your heart."  Dressed an elegant
evening gown, Dolly looks sensational!

3.  During a "Conversation with Burt Reynolds" Dolly touches upon the role
that she played opposite Burt in the "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas."  Interestingly,
she mentions several things that I had never heard before, relating to the problems 
that they experienced on the set.  On a more light hearted note, she talks about
the tabloids and some of the more "outrageous" things they have printed.  Which
is simply hilarious!  As her segment draws to a close, she sings "I will always love you."

4.  Making a splendid appearance on the "Academy Awards" Dolly joins
James Ingram on the song, "The day I fall in love." 

5.  With the release of her book, Dolly shares with us the many sides of herself, during 
an exceptional "On the record with Ralph Emery."  As she mentions during the opening,
she wrote the book because there were many stories that she has never been able to
tell before.  Several of them she touches upon during their interview.  Because Ralph
has known Dolly for many many years, he is able to bring out the best in Dolly, resulting
in some of the more interesting aspects of her life and career.  As the show draws to
a close, Dolly sings "Longer than always."  Which is absolutely wonderful!
Video Collection # 8

1.  Looking absolutely gorgeous, Dolly makes a splendid return to the Oprah
Winfrey Show!  She looks "fresh!" and full of "energy!"  With the release of her
new movie, "Straight Talk" Dolly talks at length about her latest project!  Even
confessing that she often gives others advice!  After the break, Dolly performs
the title song from the movie, "Straight Talk."  During one of the more lighthearted
moments of the program, Dolly teaches Oprah how to play the guitar.  Which is
really cute!  Speaking from the heart, Dolly shares her inner most thoughts when
it comes to dealing with the pressures of being in the public eye.  After the break,
Dolly sings another selection from the movie, titled "Living a lie."  Returning to 
the subject of the movie, Dolly answers several questions about working with 
James Woods, and their on screen chemistry together.  Closing the show,
Dolly performs "Light of a clear blue morning" which is always a favorite!
It's a great hour!

2.  On the 35th annual Country Music Awards, Dolly is honored by Kenny Rogers
and many of her friends, during an exceptional tribute!  Accepting the honor, she
speaks from the heart, which is very touching.  In closing she sings the song,
"Full Circle."

3.  Making a delightful appearance on the Bob Hope Special, Dolly plays
an individual who dispenses advice to others, similar to her character in
"Straight Talk."  Which is really cute!  Later in the program, she sings, 
"Light of a clear blue morning."

4.  With the launch of her own cosmetic line, "Entertainment Tonight"
caught up with Dolly!

5.  Dressed in an exquisite tuxedo outfit, Dolly graces the set of the
Tonight Show with Jay Leno.  She looks absolutely SENSATIONAL!  After talking
about the book for a few minutes, she talks about many other things!  But perhaps
the funniest moment occurs when they turn the cameras around and there are
several members of the staff dressed as Dolly Parton!  Which Dolly gets a big kick
out of!  Singing a selection from "Heartsongs" Dolly performs "True Blue."

6.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Dolly as she returned to the
Grand Old Opry after a seven year absence.  After stepping from her bus,
 they feature her during rehearsals for the evening, which includes her
duet with Vince Gill on the classic, "I will always love you."

7.  Singing "Jingle Bells" on "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee" Dolly is having
a wonderful time! 

8.  Returning to the Country Music Awards, Dolly is joined by Loretta Lynn and Tammy
Wynette on the classic, "Silver threads and golden needles."  Which is truly country
music at it's finest!  They look sensational!

9.  Dolly makes a special appearance on the PBS animated series, "The Magic School Bus"
which also stars the voice of Lily Tomlin.  It's been seventeen years since the two
last worked together!

10.  During the special, "The Women of Country Music" they feature a wonderful
tribute to Dolly.

11.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Dolly Parton on the set of her next movie
project, in which she was more than willing to talk about her "current" project!
Which was the musical special titled, "Treasures."

12.  Appearing on the Rosie O'Donnel Show, Dolly talks about the "Thanksgiving"
holiday, and her plans for the rest of the year.  After the break, she relates a
hilarious story of the first time she came to New York City.  Which involved her
having to "pull her gun!" out of her purse, to defend herself.  After the break 
she sings a rousing rendition of the hit song, "Walking on Sunshine."
Video Collection # 9

1.  Looking absolutely gorgeous, Dolly returns to network television with
an "exceptional" musical special, devoted to her new release "Treasures."
Throughout the hour long show, she sings all of the songs that we have
come to love over the years!
"For the good times" "Before the next teardrops falls" "Walking on sunshine"
"Something's burning"  Plus many more!


2.  Stopping by the "Late Show" with Tom Snyder, Dolly makes a wonderful
appearance on the late night program.  With the holidays upon us, she talks
at length about how she will celebrate the season, on her own and with her
family back in Tennessee.  It's hard not to be humbled by the stories that she
relates, about her early years.  She touches upon many things!  Including those
who impersonate her, which gets a big laugh!  Turning fifty and taking care of
herself.  Her plans for the future and some of her upcoming projects.  Plus so
much more!  It's an exceptional interview with Dolly!  They also take several
phone calls from those watching the program.  Interestingly, she talks about
her variety series, and those projects which haven't been successful, no matter
how much attention and promotion she poured into them.

3.  Looking "gorgeous" as always, Dolly makes an exceptional appearance on
the Phil Donahue program.  Opening the show with "More where that came from"
she simply sparkles!  During the interview portion of the program, she touches
upon many things.  Some of which we have heard before, and some things which
shed even more light on the talented performer that we have come to love and
admire.  The crowd absolutely loves her!  She returns to the stage and performs
"What will the baby be" which is wonderful!  While Phil holds up several of the
tabloids, Dolly screams with LAUGHTER!  Which is really cute!  And then she seems
taken back, when an audience member asks her if she's had any plastic surgery.
Phil apologizes, "Dolly we try and screen them but sometimes they get through."
Of course, Dolly is having fun with the audience.  Always speaking from the heart
with honesty, Dolly tackles each question with her homespun sense of humor.
Surprisingly the audience is relatively young and so it's great seeing them enjoying
Dolly's presence so much!  Changing her jacket, Dolly graces us with another 
selection from her new cd.  This time she sings "Full Circle."  Add this to the other
selections that we have already heard, and it's an exceptional hour!  Closing the
show, she sings "I will always love you."

"Thank you"
for taking the time to read through these rather lengthy descriptions!  

I know it seems rather "incredible" to believe!  
All these moments from the past.
Moments that you might have missed recording.
And those that you have only heard about!

Throughout the years, I've
shared many of these clips from my
with my friends, and they have always been astounded by all the appearances
that I was able to record.  To ensure the highest quality possible, I use a "dual deck"
vcr when I'm sharing any of these moments from my collection.
I look forward to hearing from you!



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