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"Video Collection # 1"

1.) Appearing on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” Donna
serves up her latest release “She works hard for the money.” Dressed in
her waitress outfit, she delivers her signature song, with incredible ease! 
Sitting down with Mr. Carson, he pays her a wonderful compliment, clearly
taken with her presence. From there, they discuss several things. 
Among them, the idea of where the song came from, and what she has been
doing the last couple years, following an extended absence from the public eye. 
Truly a delightful moment. 

2.) “Entertainment Tonight” catches up with Donna in this particular
installment, where she talks about her hit “Love to love you baby” and how
she really didn’t fit the image, put forth in the song. As the interview moves
along, they talk about her new album “All systems go” complete with short 
segments of her appearance from “Solid Gold” and her video 
“Dinner with Gershwin.” 

3.) Returning to “The Tonight Show,” guest host, Jay Leno, welcomes
Donna after nearly a three year absence! Performing “Dinner with Gershwin”
Donna looks wonderful, as always! Not to mention that incredible voice!
Picking up the pace, Donna goes right into her next selection; a rousing 
rendition of “She works hard for the money.” Clearly a favorite, Donna is having
a wonderful time! Afterwards, Donna and Jay visit for a few minutes. Upon sitting
down, her dress seems to overwhelm her, as she fights to keep it down. 
Which is quite cute! 

4.) The years seem to be “just slipping by!” For it was another 
length of time before Donna would step from the shadows! Appearing on the
“Regis and Kathie Lee Show” Donna previews not only her next album, but 
also her incredible artwork! Dressed in a wonderful outfit, she unveils 
two of her paintings: “Chairman of the Board” and “The Jazz Man.” In talking 
about her latest talent, she discusses her technique. Moving to the
piano, she sings a few of her most requested songs: “She works hard for the
money” and “Enough is Enough.” Even though each of these songs are 
relatively short, she still displays her incredible voice! 


5.) Joining the set of “Good Morning America” Donna stops by to
visit about her art exhibit that is currently on display in New York City.
As she talks about her current passion, they display several of her works 
of art. From there, she is asked about her absence from the music scene, and 
what she has been up to. Getting around to the music on her 
new album “Another Place And Time” she talks about the feel of this new album. 

6.) Performing “This time I know it’s for real” Donna makes a 
SPECTACULAR appearance on the “Arsenio Hall” show. Looking 
wonderful, she just bounces along with the song, clearly pleased with her 
new sound! Sitting down with the late night host, Donna’s
true beauty comes through! She is absolutely GORGEOUS! They
talk about the new album, and the process of getting to this 
“Place and Time.” On an interesting note, she talks about her family, and 
the unique living relationship she shares with them. Touching upon the 
“rumours” that have been printed about her, Donna discusses the
difficulty of dealing with them. As Arsenio defends her honor, 
she seems to blush: “Causes a girl to rock, honey!” she exclaims. 
Returning from the break, she performs “Love’s about to change my heart.”
Proving once again, that she is Number One! 

7.) If her appearance on the “Arsenio Hall” show hinted at the 
rumors, by the time “Entertainment Tonight” caught up with Donna, the
subject had reached an all time high. Confronting the issue head on, Donna
flatly addresses the subject, leaving no doubt that she has had enough! Even
though the misunderstanding happened at least ten years ago, it 
still comes back to haunt her. Listening to her side of the story, it’s clear that
she is being treated unfairly. As the interview continues, Nancy Collins
brings up another demon from her past: her addiction to prescription drugs.
Touching upon another area that seems to draw an equal amount of 
criticism, she talks about being a “born-again Christian.” 

8.) In this next segment from “Entertainment Tonight” Donna
goes on the defensive. Setting up a “press conference” to address the issue,
she makes it clear, that the rumor attributed to her, has to end. 

9.) After a brief overview of her career, ending with her
recent problems in the press, Donna sits down for a very insightful 
interview on John Tesh’s “One on One” series. Having just 
released her “Mistaken Identity” album, they present a portion of her
first video from that album, which was probably never seen here 
in the United States. She is also shown receiving her “Star” on
Hollywood Blvd., looking absolutely beautiful! During the
interview portion of the program, she talks about the time, 
when she knew that God had given her an incredible gift. From there
she discusses the image that everyone has of her, and how that isn’t 
necessarily who she is in real life. Naturally, the conversation turns
to her recent troubles in the press, in which Donna replies: “I just
won’t stand for it anymore.” She talks about how this rumor has 
affected her life. In closing, she talks about the recent death of her 
sister, and how this made her realize that she needed to re-establish
her values and sense of who she is spiritually. 

10.) On a lighter note, Donna makes a guest appearance on
“Family Matters” playing Urkel’s Aunt. Which is really cute! Seeing her
in front of the camera, in this setting, you’d swear she was born to
be an actress! She is such a natural! And her incredible talent shines
through! After a minor make-over, Donna stuns everyone with a rousing
rendition of “Last Dance.” 

11.) Appearing on the “Maury Povich” show, Donna joins
the popular day time host, for an exceptional interview! She looks absolutely
radiant! After a standing ovation, Donna is asked about her absence in the
80’s, from the professional side of things, to her personal life. Returning
from the break, she is surrounded by five of her paintings, which
leads the conversation in a different direction. She talks about each of them, 
in terms of her “vision” and what they mean. Which is very interesting.
Returning to the music, Donna performs a piano version of “Last Dance.” 
Which is delightful! After the break, Maury steps into the audience 
to see if they have any questions they’d like to ask. Unfortunately, they
all just seem to skim the surface, covering the same old ground. 
Luckily, the last person who is given the chance, asks her about 
her upcoming plans. Truly a wonderful interview, from 
beginning to end. Very relaxed. 

12.) Joined in progress, Donna follows through on the 
“Anthology Boxed Set” intention, by appearing on “The Tonight
Show with Jay Leno.” Unfortunately, her performance of “Last Dance” 
is not complete. Looking radiant, as always, Donna visits
with Jay for a few seconds. Notice I said “a few seconds!” 
Shame on you Jay! 

13.) Performing “On the Radio” Donna is welcomed by Merv Griffin,
during his annual “New Year’s Eve” Celebration. Dressed in a 
very simple evening gown, Donna looks radiant! Returning later in the show,
she treats the audience to a rousing rendition of “Last Dance.” 
Clearly a favorite! The crowd just loves her! Please note: for some
reason, the “picture” on the video tape went blank, when she was singing 
“On the radio.” I’m not sure what happened during the original recording
of this appearance, because I’ve never had a situation where the “audio” 
continued to play, while there was no picture on the screen. I apologize for this. 

14.) Appearing on the NBC Special “Celebration of the 70’s”
Donna performed a SPECTACULAR version of “Hot Stuff.” 
Full of energy, she is definitely the Star! Truly a wonderful
moment! Slowing things down later in the show, she returns to
sing her mega-hit “Last Dance.” No celebration would be complete
without this particular number! Donna looks great! 

15.) Previewing her latest release, Donna performs “Melody of Love”
on the “Late Show with David Lettermen.” After being away from the 
music scene for awhile, it’s nice to see her back again! She is
absolutely gorgeous! Truly a wonderful appearance! 

After this collection was assembled, I came across the following appearance,
that definitely needed to be added!

16.) Presenting her artwork at the New York City “Art Expo” Donna
treats us to several more of the images she has painted over the years,
on this edition of “LifeStyles of the Rich and Famous.” Looking wonderful
as always, she talks about finding herself through her work, 
even if, it’s unaccepted by others. One of the more interesting moments
of this particular interview, takes place inside her New York City apartment, 
where her husband is trying to hang one of her paintings. As you will notice,
she lives very well, indeed. 
Truly a wonderful moment, that I'm pleased to have found!
"Video Collection #2"

1.  During an exceptional "A&E Biography" we are given a glimpse into Donna's
extraordinary life and career.  In addition to hearing from Donna herself, many of
her family and friends share their thoughts.  It's an insightful hour with the
talented entertainer!

2. Appearing on "Diva's Live, A Tribute to Diana Ross" Donna honors the legendary
singer with a rousing version of the classic hit, "Reflections."  Later in the
program, Donna performs "Bad Girls" and a brand new selection, "Love is
the healer."  She looks absolutely gorgeous!

3.  Making a sensation appearance on "The View" Donna touches upon many
things during this delightful interview.  With the success of her new special, 
"Live and More" Donna is once again in the spotlight.  When asked about how
she keeps herself in such great shape, Donna shares her secrets with us!
Later in the program she performs her classic hit, "On the Radio" which is
just the "warm up!"  Because she also sings, "I will go with you."

4.  During an exceptional "Behind the music" from VH1, we follow Donna from her
early childhood, clear through to the present.  Throughout the hour long interview, 
Donna talks about many things.  Along with hearing from Donna herself, many of her
family and friends also share their thoughts.  There are so many clips and photos
scattered throughout the program!  They touch upon every aspect of her life
and career.  As Donna reflects upon the passing of her mother, we are there
with her, as she walks around the grounds of her spacious estate.  On a final
note, we catch up with Donna in the recording studio, as she sings a few bars
of the song that represents her life, "Ordinary girl."

"Video Collection #3"

1. Appearing on the "Today Show during their "Friday Concert Series"
Donna dips into the past to perform one of her classic hits, "MacArthur Park."
She sounds wonderful!  Returning from the break, Donna sings her latest hit
"I will go with you."  Which is remarkable!  Closing the show, she returns with
another favorite, "Last dance."

2. Looking absolutely beautiful, Donna makes a splendid return to the set of 
"The View."  With the holidays approaching, Donna shares her plans with us!
Along with many other things!  Later in the program, she sings an
exceptional version of "Love is the healer."
Wonderful "full" screen moment!

3.  Performing a medley of her hits, Donna dips into the past for a very special
appearance on the "Oprah Winfrey Show."  Among her selections, "On the radio"
"She works hard for the money" and "Last dance."  During the interview portion
of the program, Oprah touches upon Donna's life and career in a slightly different
way, than what we have come to expect, because she has never meet Donna
before.  There is a certain "freshness" to her questions, which draws out the best
in Donna!  Truly a wonderful interview!  Closing the show, Donna performs her
latest single, "I will go with you."  Which is EXCEPTIONAL!

4.  When it comes to performing "LIVE" no one does it better, than Donna!  
Appearing on the "Rosie O'Donnell" Show, Donna sings a rousing version of her
new hit single, "I will go with you."  After the break, Rosie immediately jumps
right into the success of Donna's latest project, "Live and More!"  Which is
sensational!  As we all know Rosie admires Barbra Streisand greatly, and so
she asked Donna what it was like working with the legendary singer.  Contrary
to public belief, they had a great time in the recording studio and Donna relates
a very funny story about what "really" happened!  Drawing the show to a close,
Donna convinces Rosie to join her on the hit song, "Enough is enough." 

5.  Dipping into the past, VH1 presented a special devoted to the 70's, titled: 
"Disco Explosion."  Throughout their expose, they feature nearly all of the artists
from that particular era, including "Donna!"

6.  During an close up moment from "8 Track Flashback" Donna reflects upon
her signature hit, "Last Dance."  She looks great!  
Afterwards, they play the "music video."

7.  The celebration continues as Donna performs a spirited version of "Could it be
magic" on Dick Clark's "Rockin' New Years' Eve."

8.  During an exceptional "up close" moment from another popular musical program
from the 70's, we are to treated to a wonderful performance of Donna's signature
tune, "Last Dance."  She looks absolutely sensatioinal!

9.  During a special "American Bandstand" devoted to "Disco," Donna steps 
into the role of "guest host" as she introduces some of the top songs, of the
day.  Including some of her own!  Later in the program she performs "Once in
a lifetime" and "    

10.  Dipping further into the past, Donna performs a sultry version of the song that
started it all, "Love to love you baby" during a special airing of the "Best of American
Bandstand."  After a brief visit with Dick Clark, Donna returns to the stage to perform
"Try me, Try me."

11.  Dressed in her trademark "waitress" uniform, Donna performs a
stunning version of her hit song, "She works hard for the money" on
the Grammy Awards.  What a performance!!!

12.  Entertainment Tonight caught up with Donna, after the awards
ceremony to hear her thoughts on the evening.

"Thank you"
for taking the time to read through these rather lengthy descriptions!  

I know it seems rather "incredible" to believe!  
All these moments from the past.
Moments that you might have missed recording.
And those that you have only heard about!

Throughout the years, I've
shared many of these clips from my collection
with my friends, and they have always been astounded by all the appearances
that I was able to record.  To ensure the highest quality possible, I use a "dual deck"
vcr when I'm sharing any of these moments from my collection.




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