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1.)  Dipping into the past is such a treat, especially when you consider
the first moment in this collection:  Anne Murray's 1985 Special, highlighting
some of the "Sights and Sounds of London."  When asked who she wanted to
perform with on her special, Anne only has to think about it for a second:  "Dusty!"
Looking simply radiant, Dusty simply commands your attention!  During this
relaxed moment, the two stars perform a medley of their "greatest hits!"  Which is
nothing short of fantastic!  "Wishin' and Hopin' " "I only wanna be with you" "The two of us" 
"There's a kind of hush" "Downtown" As they finish, Anne mentions that it has been five
years since Dusty has been on the stage, and so we're in for a real treat, as
she performs "You don't have to say you love me."  Dressed in a sequined green
outfit, she takes "center stage" and the crowd absolutely loves her!

2.)  In a special segment from "Entertainment Tonight" entitled "The Making of a
Hit" Dusty talks about one of her biggest records:  "Wishin' and Hopin' "  During
this "rare" interview, Dusty looks simply gorgeous!  It's such a treat seeing her!

3.)  Appearing on "CBS This Morning" Dusty sits down for another "rare"
interview.  Given the early morning hour, she still looks "radiant!"  Simply
wonderful!  After talking about her latest release, with the Pet Shop Boys, called
"Scandal" she goes on to talk about her collaboration with them, resulting in her
album "Reputation."  As they visit, she talks about her "comeback" with her return
to the music scene.

4.)  Looking simply gorgeous!  Dusty highlights this exceptional video for the
song "Nothing has been proved" from the movie "Scandal."

5.)  The hits keep coming as "Dusty" steps forth as the real "star" of this
exceptional video from "The Pet Shop Boys" titled:  "What have I done to
deserve this."  As the camera focuses in on her, you can't help but notice her
incredible beauty!  Those eyes!   And that remarkable voice!

6.)  Even though this next moment was given to me, the quality is still pretty good
and considering this is a "rare live" performance of Dusty with The Pet Shop Boys
makes it all the more exciting!  Dressed in a simple black flowing gown, accented by
a pair of high heels, she dresses up the stage, as only a "diva" could!
Truly wonderful!

7.)  After the release of her "Reputation" album, Dusty makes another "rare"
appearance, this time on the "Dame Edna" show!  Dusty simply sparkles!
As the two ladies visit, it's quite the exchange!  And Dusty is having such a good time!
After a bit, Dusty takes to the stage to perform "In Private" which is nothing short of 
delightful!  Dressed in a simple but elegant black pants-suit, Dusty exhibits her
 trademark gestures, while treating us to another exceptional performance!
Not to be missed!  As the show draws to a close, Dusty and Dame Edna share
the stage for a duet of "Sisters" which is really cute!  As they break into the chorus,
the song suddenly shifts into one of the trademark signature tunes from the
musical "Gypsy" which is purely delightful.


8.)  In a way, it seems almost too much really to comprehend, but by the time
Dusty's name returned to the spotlight, it was after she lost her battle with
breast cancer.  After a wonderful introduction by Elton John, Dusty is awarded
the honor of being inducted into the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame."  The
ceremony held, only days after her death, makes this honor, "so bitter-sweet."
She wanted to be there more than anything.  In a musical tribute to her, Melissa
Etheridge performs "Son of a Preacher Man."

9.)  With the advent of "satellite" and the prospect of having hundreds of
channels to choose from, and the idea of filling all those channels, imagine
if you will "The Game Show Network."  And who should be on the
"Dating Game" but our very own "Dusty Springfield."  This particular moment
taped some time in the 70's is "timeless."
After this collection on Dusty was completed, I happened to come
across another appearance with her, which definitely needed to be included!

10.)  During an exceptional "Coverstory" on Anne Murray, 
Dusty makes a delightful appearance, as she talks about her friend!  
Dusty looks radiant!  Wonderful full screen moment! 

11.) Appearing at the "Royal Albert Hall" Dusty looks absolutely gorgeous!
Normally I don't include things that were given to me, but this full length concert
presents Dusty at her very best!  She performs all her hits!  I wish the quality was
a little better on this remarkable concert. 

"Thank you"
for taking the time to read through these rather lengthy descriptions!
I know it seems rather "incredible" to believe!
All these moments from the past!
Moments that you might have missed recording!
And those that you have only heard about!
Throughout the years, I've shared many of these clips from my collection
with my friends, and they have always been astounded by all the appearances
that I was able to record.  To ensure the highest quality possible, I use a
"dual deck vcr" when I'm sharing any of these moments from my collection.
I look forward to hearing from you!

In addition, I have just assembled a very special "remix" project!
If you'd like a copy of this unique compact disc, please drop me a note!
"Dusty Springfield"
"Remixed ~ Remastered ~ Remembered"
1. Occupy your mind ( "Razormaid!" Remix Service )
2. Born this way ( "Razormaid!" Remix Service )
3. In Private ( "Razormaid!" Remix Service )
4. What have I done to deserve this ( "Remix!"
Remix Service "Classic Series" )
5. Reputation ( "Hot Tracks" Remix Service )
6. Something in your eyes ( with Richard Carpenter )
7. I just donít know what to do with myself ~ Linda Ronstadt
8. Daydreaming ( Extended Remix )
9. Arrested by you ( Extended Remix )
10. Born this way ( 12" Version )
11. What have I done to deserve this
( Disco Mix ) Pet Shop Boys with Dusty
12. Getting it right


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