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"Video Collection #1"


1.) On a special edition of “60 Minutes” Eartha is profiled in an
“exceptional” interview! Complete with all the “highs and lows” of her
incredible life! In addition to the “upclose full screen moments” where she
shares her thoughts, we are treated to some absolutely “fantastic” footage of
her performing in London, during her one woman show. She looks fabulous! 
In addition to those moments on the stage, Eartha is shown backstage getting
ready for her show, and also in a later clip she is shown visiting with her
daughter, Kitt. As they present her performance, she steps away from the
stage, amid a standing ovation, with her arms filled with flowers, breaking
down in the wings, your heart really goes out to her. As the interview draws
to a close, she is shown jogging in the park, while the song “All by myself”
plays in the background. Which is really touching, because her daughter has
just gotten married, and Eartha feels as if she is on her own. 


2.) In an exceptional interview, on the “Sally Jesse Raphael” show, Eartha
gives probably one of her greatest “indepth” interviews ever! As the hour
unfolds, the memories that she shares, will truly amaze you! From her
earliest memories as a child, walking from house to house, hoping to find a
place to rest, and a bit of food. To the rejection that she encountered along
the way. You hear the pain in her voice. She is nearly in tears as she relates
many of these early moments of her life. In a totally shocking moment,
Eartha relates how her mother was murdered. As Eartha tells this story,
you’ll be absolutely mesmerized as you listen to her voice. She simply
captivates your attention. When she talks about going to stay with her Aunt,
her mood lightens considerably. Full of laughs and smiles, she relates her
experiences upon reaching the “big city.” Moving ahead, she talks about her
romance with Sammy Davis Jr., and the other men in her life. Clearly her
name, to some degree, she talks about the time she spoke out against the
Vietnam war; and what was needed to help the under-privileged, individuals
here in the United States. In talking about her celebrated life, she mentions
her connection to James Dean. After the break, she is joined by her
daughter, Kitt, who is just as beautiful as her mother! She shares some
wonderful stories about her mother, which adds to our understanding of the
talented superstar. As the show draws to a close, Eartha performs two
selections: “Old Fashioned Girl” and “C’est Si Bon.” Which is nothing short
of remarkable! Truly a wonderful interview! One of her finest moments! 
Not to be missed!


3.) “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” caught up with the talented
superstar, at her home in Connecticut, for a wonderful “overview” of her
incredible life and career. Truly remarkable! Between relaxing on the couch,
doing her needlepoint; or in the kitchen, with her daughter, preparing supper;
or walking along the pond next to her house, Eartha looks absolutely radiant! 
As we are treated to these special glimpses into her life, it’s clear that her
beauty comes from within, and shines so brightly through her incredible
personality. She is truly a remarkable individual!

4.) Making a special appearance on “Jake’s Place” Eartha plays a reclusive
singer, who has taken great care to ensure her privacy. The storyline of this
particular episode, is centered around a possible love interest for one of the
main characters, that is shattered when the guy snaps a few pictures of
Eartha, that he plans to sell to the tabloids. With the press nipping at her
heels, she disappears into the night; only to return later in the program. 
Eartha looks wonderful!

5.) After a delightful rendition of “Here’s to life” Eartha, sits down for a
“wonderful” interview with Whoopi Goldberg. Eartha looks absolutely
fabulous! Full of energy, she pops up and down from her seat, expressing
herself so vividly! Laughing at times, smiling with delight, she is truly
marvelous! You’ll be amazed by her stories! Once again, speaking the truth,
she talks about the Johnson incident and the troubles facing our society. 
Returning from the break, Eartha continues her story of how she was “black
listed” for many years following that situation. Truly a wonderful interview! 
One of her best!

6.) With the release of “Batman ~ The Movie” all of the entertainment
news programs, rushed to capitalize on the current craze with any sort of
related “Batman” storyline. On “The Maury Povich” show they rounded up
Julie Newmar and Lee Meriwether, both of which had played the role of
“Catwoman” in the television series. Unfortunately, Eartha wasn’t able to be
there, but they were able to get her on the phone from Australia, where she
was currently on tour. Of the three, of course, there is only one individual
that could have ever played the part! From the moment, she came on the
“air” the feeling in the room, lightened up tremendously. Naturally, Eartha
gave her signature “growl” which delighted everyone! Afterwards, she talked
about the role, and how much fun it was working on the series.

7.) On the “weekend” edition of “Larry King Live” Eartha made a special
appearance, on behalf of her new release “Back in Business.” Sounding
wonderful, as always! She was a delight to watch! She sang several musical
numbers, including one of her favorites: “Here’s to Life.” Watching her
perform is always a treat! During the interview portion of the evening, Larry
touched upon many of the important moments in her life. In this “upclose
and personal” setting she shared so many things. Far too many to even
mention! Truly a wonderful interview. Not to mention the “exceptional music!” 



8.) Appearing on the “Rosie O’Donnell” Show, Eartha starts out by
singing a rousing rendition of her international hit song: “C’est Si Bon.” 
After the break, she returns for a delightful visit, with Rosie. Briefly she
touches upon her past, as their conversation slips to the present, in which
Eartha talks about accepting the role in the stage production of the “Wizard
of Oz.” Delightful interview!

"Video Collection #2"

1.  Video:  "Where is my man"  Wonderful Quality!

2.  Video:  "I love men"  Wonderful!  Timeless!

3.  Entertainment Tonight covers Eartha's upcoming appearance on
the television show, "New York Undercover."

4.  Far from being glamorous, Eartha plays a high school principal on
this particular episode of "New York Undercover."

5.  Looking simply elegant, Eartha makes an "exceptional" appearance on 
the "RuPaul" Show!

6.  Expressing her thoughts, on matters of the day, Eartha
appears on the night time talk show, "Politically Incorrect."

7.  Making a delightful appearance on "Living Single" Eartha looks
fabulous!  She even sings a few bars of the classic "Someone
to watch over me."  Very nice!

8.  Looking simply sensational, Eartha makes a splendid appearance
on "The Nanny" as herself; singing in a Paris nightclub.

9.  Looking absolutely wonderful, Eartha appears in one of the many
"Old Navy" commercials.

10.  Flying in on her broom, Eartha gives us a glimpse of her character
in the "Wizard of Oz" while appearing the Roseanne Show.  After the break,
the two talented ladies sit down for a wonderful visit!  One of the best!
In closing the show, they perform the "Monster Mash!"  Which is one of
those rare moments!

11.  During this "exceptional" interview from "48 Hours" we are treated
to an upclose profile of the talented superstar.  Perhaps the most interesting
aspect of the program, is a simple walk through the woods, on Eartha's
estate.  It's nice to see her in such a natural state, without any makeup
at all!  It's hard to take your eyes away from her!

12.  Entertainment Tonight spotlights Eartha's return to Broadway in
"The Wild Party."

13.  Making a splendid return to the Great White Way, Eartha performs
with the rest of the cast of "The Wild Party" during "The Tony Awards."

14.  Spotlighting "Heros and Villians" VH1 presented a wonderful
profile of Eartha Kitt, in the role she played on Batman.  The best
part of this exceptional interview is the fact, they catch up with
her "today!"  And she looks remarkable!
"Thank you"
for taking the time to read through these rather lengthy descriptions!  

I know it seems rather "incredible" to believe!  
All these moments from the past.
Moments that you might have missed recording.
And those that you have only heard about!

Throughout the years, I've
shared many of these clips from my collection
with my friends.  They have always been astounded by all the appearances
that I was able to record.  To ensure the highest quality possible, I use a 
dual deck, which retains the quality.  I'm also able to place these moments 
onto DVD, as well.
I look forward to hearing from you!





About 10 years ago, I purchased a two cd set from Europe, titled 
"Eartha Kitt ~ Live in London."   Interestingly, the "photosnaps" that 
I presented from the "60 Minutes" interview listed first on this tape, are 
more than likely from that very show!  Normally, I wouldn't make such 
an offer but this particular cd set is exceptional!  And also I'm quite sure, 
it's out of print by now.  Here's the track listing: "Old fashioned girl" "I want 
to be evil" "Guess who I saw today" "Could I leave you" "The Blues" "St. 
Louis Blues" "Where is my man" "Ne Me Quitte Pas" "C'est Si Bon"
"Charleston" "Here's to love" "An englishman needs time" "All by myself / 
Beautiful at forty" "Uska Dara" "My discarded men" "The day the circus 
left town" "When the world was young" "Hymn to love" "I will survive" 
and "I'm still here."
As you can see, it's an exceptional set!  If anyone would like a copy, 
please let me know!



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