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Video Collection #1

1.  "Live from Central Park" Elton performs a rousing mixture 
of old and new favorites!  "Saturday Nights' Alright for fighting"
"Bennie and The Jets" "Someone saved my life tonight" 
"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" "Sorry seems to be the hardest word" 
"Your song" and "Bite your lip (Get up and Dance)" 
When he comes out in the "Donald Duck" outfit, it's hard not to
laugh, because it's so funny!

2.  Appearing on MTV, Elton talks about his upcoming role in Liza Minnelli's next
movie, which I believe never happened.  Looking wonderful as always, Elton is simply 
charming in his straw hat, and glasses!

3.  During this two part interview from "The Today Show" Elton mentions his new album, which
includes his latest single "I'm still standing."  Candidly he talks about his highly successful career, 
and being able to choose the right type of songs that seem to strike a cord with everyone.  
As he continues, he is asked about John Lennon, which draws several interesting comments.  
In the second part of the interview he talks about his soccer club "Watford" and how much it 
means to him.  You can tell he's extremely proud of them.  As their conversation touches
upon the upcoming movie with Liza, Elton mentions that he was originally offered the role
in "Harold and Maude" which he wasn't able to accept, because he was concentrating on 
his career as a musician.  Overall, a very interesting interview!

4.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with all the celebrities on hand, as London's very own
"Queen Elizabeth" visited the United States.  Elton was one of those attending an honor given
on her behalf.

5.  On Elton's wedding day to Renate, the world seemed to be watching as the two exchanged 
their vows, during this particular moment from "Entertainment Tonight."

6.  With the release of his "Breaking Hearts" album, Cinemax presented an
exclusive half hour special intitled "Album Flash."  In addition to some wonderful
interview segments with Elton, Bernie, and all the band members, we also
are treated a preview of his "Day into Night" concert, with the song "Restless."
When talking about the music contained on this new album, he talks at
great length about how much he enjoyed this particular song, and how easy it 
was to record this album.  They also present his first video from the album "Sad 
songs say so much."  As the program draws to a close, they show another video,
"Passengers" which is really nice, because it shows Elton on the playing field where
Watford won their championship.

7.  Making a grand appearance at "Live Aid" ~ the benefit for World Hunger ~ Elton sings several
of his classics:  "I'm still standing" "Bennie and The Jets" and "Rocket Man."  As his set continues
he is joined by Kikki Dee on "Don't go breaking my heart" and in an exceptional performance of
the classic "Don't let the sun go down on me" George Michael, joins the line-up.  Truly a
remarkable performance!  One of his best!
8.  Although not on camera for his next video, "In Neon"
Elton's presence is undeniable.

10.  During this next interview segment, I really didn't think Elton looked very well, but
none the less this exceptional moment from "Entertainment This Week" spotlighted
the talented superstar.  The cameras caught up with him on his current world tour,
where he talks about performing again, after being away for several years; he also
mentions his new album; and how his life has changed after getting married 
to Renate.  

11.  Although slightly out of place, the video for "Hey Hey Johnny" returned Elton
to the spotlight once again, while paying a loving tribute to his dear friend, John Lennon.

12.  In a daring attempt to shift some of the focus away from the popularity of
"MTV" one of the major networks presented a program titled "The Rock and Roll Evening News."
Although the show didn't last very long, it did feature a wonderful two part interview with Elton,
complete with some really great concert footage.  As he begins, Elton talks about the famous
interview that he gave to Rolling Stone magazine, where he confessed to being "bi-sexual" and
how this affected his career.  Jumping to the present they feature him on stage, during his
current world tour, which finds him in top form, once again.
13.  For some reason, in the late 80's I taped a few episodes of the daytime soap
opera "Days of Our Lives."  And surprisingly, this particular moment features Gloria
Loring and Al Jarreau singing one of Elton's most famous songs:
"Take me to the Pilot."
Video Collection #2

1.  Elton's fascination with Hollywood, is clearly present during this exceptional
video of "Wrap her up!"  Which features Elton   Which also features George Michael.

2. With the released of Elton's followup video "Nikita" both him and Bernie
spend a few minutes on camera, talking about their working relationship, and how
they wrote the songs for their new album "Ice on Fire."

3.  At a later date, "Entertainment Tonight" presented another portion of an earlier
interview that they taped.  During this particular moment, Elton a little bit more about
his current tour.

4.   With the release of "Leather Jackets" right around the corner, Elton unveils his 
latest video "Heartache all over the world."  
Looking wonderful, as always, Elton simply commands your attention!

5.  Presenting his incredible talent along side the likes of Tina Turner, Phil Collins, Rod Stewart,
and Eric Clapton, to name just a few of the entertainers on hand for the "Prince's Trust All Star Rock
Concert" Elton proves that he is simply the best showman around!  After providing the piano for
Tina Turner, on one of her signature tunes, Elton takes the spotlight for an exceptional rendition
of "Your Song."  After a short break, he returns to lend his talent on several other favorites.
It's great seeing Elton having such a wonderful time!  As the show moves along, Elton kicks
things into high gear, with a rousing rendition of "I'm still standing." 
6.  This particular interview originally appeared on London television, shown via the
CBS This Morning Show, here in the United States.  Reflecting upon the state of things, Elton
talks lovingly about his mother, who has just moved to Spain.  He also mentions wanting to
take the next year off to concentrate on his relationship with Renate.
7.  Lending his incredible voice to the timeless classic "Will you still love me tomorrow"
Elton makes a striking appearance at the "Stand By Me" benefit concert.
8.  After a brief retrospective of his incredible career, Elton receives the "Merit Award"
on the 1987 MTV Music Awards.
9.  Although not entirely complete, Bernie's video for "Citizen Jane" bears all the trademark
sounds of an definite smash!
10.  Appearing on the ever popular "Top of the Pops" Elton performs a stirring rendition
of "Candle in the Wind."  Dressed in a simple suit and tie, he still commands your attention.
11.  With his love for Disney, clearly present throughout the years, Elton lends his presence
to a very special project, where he sings "Don't go breaking my heart" with Minnie Mouse.
Dressed in a striking "pink" suit, Elton looks absolutely wonderful.
12.  "A Royal Gala to Celebrate the Prince's Trust" finds Elton in top form.  Performing
a rousing "Saturday Nights' Alright For Fighting" Elton simply commands your attention.
One of his best performances!  Returning later in the show, he performs a stirring
rendition of "Candle in the wind."

13.  "Live" from Miami Beach, Elton greets "The Today Show" with a wonderful smile, and
sense of humor!   He looks absolutely wonderful!  During this particular moment he talks
about the current sale going on at Sotherby's, where he is selling all of his stage costumes,
and a tremendous amount of other things. 
14.  Continuing along the same line, Elton starts this additional interview from "The Today Show"
talking about the "sale" and then he shifts to his private life.   Very revealing interview!
15.  Returning to the music, Elton unveils his latest video "I don't wanna go on with you like that."
Sounding better than ever, Elton is back on top!
16.  It seemed that everyone wanted to talk to the talented superstar, when he decided
to sell a good share of his possessions at Sotherby's.  This particular "live" interview from
London, appeared on "Good Morning America."  Looking wonderful, dressed in his suit and tie,
Elton shares his many of his thoughts.
17.  Previewing another selection from his "Reg Strikes Back" album, Elton treats us to his
newest video "Japanese Hands." 
18.  Sitting in his lush garden, on his estate, Elton gives one of his best interviews!  Looking
simply remarkable, it's interesting listening to the talented superstar.  He talks about many
things:  his new album "Reg Strikes Back" and his marriage to Renate, and the upcoming sale,
in which he will sell many of his prized possessions.
19.  "Hollywood Insider" presented their very own "retrospective" of the talented
superstar, using vintage concert footage, with his current appearances in support of the
upcoming sale at Sotherby's.

Video Collection #3

1.  Returning to the spotlight, Elton performs his classic hit "Your song" for the
second annual celebration of the Prince's Trust.  This particular performance is
quite stirring.

2.  After a brief absence from the stage, Elton returns to lend his support for one of
the various charities helping those with Aids.  At this particular event, Ryan White is
seated by Elton's side.
3.  With so many individual tapes and moments scattered throughout my collection,
these next few moments are slightly out of place:  "Live" from Miami, Elton performs
his hit "I don't wanna go on with you like that" for the 1988 MTV Music Awards.
Seated at this electric piano, he is clearly enjoying himself!
4.  Returning to the "Sale" of the century, Sotherby's in London is overwhelmed by
the sale of Elton's most prized possessions.

5.  Looking absolutely wonderful, dressed in his "lime green" suit, and exceptional accessories
Elton unveils his latest video "A Word in Spanish."
6.  During a "Special Conversation with Elton John" VH1 presents a very indepth interview
with the talented superstar.  He talks about many things:  his early influences, the current
tour in support of "Reg Strikes Back" and the sale of all his things.  As he continues, he is
asked about his "Live Album" recorded in Australia, which leads into his performance of
"Your Song" from the concert.  After the break, Elton talks about the process that happens
when he and Bernie write a song, which brings them to discuss his latest project.

7.  "Entertainment Tonight" spotlighted the upcoming special "That's what friends are for"
with this short clip of Elton talking about wanting to do his part to help.
8.  As the special airs, Elton talks once again about his involvement in the special.
Here for the first time, all the vocalists of the hit song "That's what friends are for"
join one another on stage, for a stirring rendition of the timeless classic.
9.  During USA's "Nightflight" profile of the talented superstar, we are treated an
assortment of images from Elton's past!  Among the videos that they present, you'll
find "I guess that's why they call it the blues" "A word in spanish" "I don't wanna go
on with you like that" "Sad songs say so much" "Candle in the wind"
10.  Saddly as Ryan White started to loose his battle with Aids, CNN presented a few minutes with
the courageous lad, in which he mentions what he felt that Elton had learned from
knowing him.  Also on camera, Elton talks about Ryan as well.
11.  During this particular clip from "Entertainment Tonight" Elton talks about the
British tabloids and when he was forced to take them to court.

12.  Returning to the music, "Night Tracks" presented Elton's video "Healing Hands."
Truly one of his best!

13.  With a new album to promote, Elton is once again in the spotlight.  "Hollywood Insider"
presents a different side to the talented individual, during this particular interview.
He looks absolutely wonderful!  As they progress along, Bernie joins them for a few
minutes.  In conclusion, Elton talks about his current world tour, where we see Elton
front and center!
14.  Joining an All-Star line-up at the concert to celebrate the rock opera "Tommy"
Elton performs his classic hit "Pinball Wizard."  He looks great!!!
15.  Saddly during this particular moment from "Entertainment Tonight" they cover
the death of Ryan White. 
16.  As CNN presented their own coverage of his death, Elton is shown singing
"Skyline Pigeon" at his funeral, where some of the biggest names in show business
were in attendance.

17.  Performing a stirring rendition of "Sacrifice" Elton stops by the set of the
"Arsenio Hall" show for a delightful interview, in support of his new album.
As always, it's a pleasure seeing him!  When they sit down to visit, Elton talks about
many things:  his new album, the songs contained therein, the sale of all his things,
to name but a few.  Returning from the break, he performs a "piano-version-only" of
his hit song:  "Sad songs say so much."  Which is exceptional!
18.  After the incident at the 2nd Annual International Music Awards, "Entertainment
Tonight" covered the situation, that found Elton coming out against Sam Kinison.
19.  Lending his presence for the favorite soft drink "Diet Coke" Elton films his first
commerical, with Paula Abdul.

20.  Returning to his latest album, we are treated to the exceptional video
21.  Although only slightly different, this second commerical for "Diet Coke" finds
Elton and Paula trading vocal duties.  Very nice!
Video Collection #4
1.  Lending his support once again for the "Prince's Trust" Elton looks simply smashing!
Dressed in his fashionable suit and tie, Elton performs an extended version of
"I don't wanna go on with you like that" which has a decidedly different feel to it.
2.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with the talented superstar at a fund
raiser in California; as always, Elton looks fabulous!
3.  Appearing before a packed house at "MTV's Unplugged" setting, Elton performs
a delightful mixture of old and new favorites with "just his piano."  Songs include:
"Sad songs say so much" "Sacrifice" "Tiny Dancer" "Daniel" "Don't let the sun go
down on me" "Bennie and The Jets" "Candle in the wind"
On all of these selections, Elton provides a
different spin on them, from different keyboard riffs, to extended sets.
4.  During this special on VH1, we are given even more glimpses into the life
of Elton John.  As the program begins, Elton talks about his childhood, and his early
years trying to make a living from his music.  Interestingly, they have rounded up
some "vintage" footage of both Elton and Bernie in the early, early days.  Jumping
to the present, they talk fondly of the past.  As they move through the years, we
see all the changes!  Really remarkable!  I don't know where they pulled some of
interviews and musical moments from the past, but they really outdone themselves!
Actually, towards the middle of the program Elton is seen holding the booklet from
the "To Be Continued . . . . " boxed set, and so I believe this entire retrospective
is in celebration of that particular release.
5.  Returning to the spotlight in another "Diet Coke" commercial, Elton is
simply fabulous!

6.  Although this next moment, is incomplete by perhaps a minute, at the most, the essence
of Elton can be felt just the same, as he performs a stirring rendition of "The One"
on this particular airing of the MTV Music Awards.
7.  It must have been the moment, because the following item is not quite complete
either:  the video "Runaway Train" with Eric Clapton.  Even though that may be true,
the video is really quite visual!
8.  With the release of his latest album, "Entertainment Tonight" catches up with
the talented superstar for a wonderful interview, centered around "The One."
Elton looks great!   And he is full of smiles!
9.  Treating us to a true "visual experience" Elton unveils his newest video "The One."
As always, his videos are exceptional!
Video Collection #5
1.  Although these next two moments are slightly out of place, on account of the
length of them, and where they fell in the "timeline" they are still very important
in the career of Elton John.  The first is a re-cap by "Entertainment Tonight" of
an upcoming "David Frost" interview.
2.  The second, is the actual interview with David.  Which is truly exceptional!
One of his very best!  He talks about so many things!  Seated at the piano, he
treats us to some of the "older" songs he used to play in his younger days,
which is really cute!  Throughout the interview so many things are discussed in
such depth, it's truly amazing.
I can't even begin to describe how "poignant" this interview is!
3.  Appearing on the "Whoopi Goldberg Show" Elton really opens up, as they
quiet visit with one another.  As always, Elton is a pleasure to watch, and
he is very "reflective" about his life, and the things that have happened to
him throughout the years.

4.  During this particular interview from "Good Morning America" Elton John and
Elizabeth Taylor speak on behalf of the concert they gave the night before to
benefit her Aids Foundation.  In addition to the "studio" setting, they also show
several moments from the concert, that also featured George Michael, Lionel Richie,
among others.

5.  "The Making of the Lion King ~ A musical journey" treats us to one of Elton's finest
moments in his long career.  Seated at his piano, he performs several of the main selections,
as he talks about the picture, in great detail.  As always, he looks simply wonderful!
Throughout the show, they visit with all the "voices" behind the characters from the
film, which is nice.

6.  On a lighter note, Elton stops by "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno, for an
exceptional interview.  After a rousing round of applause, Elton sits down and
talks about his latest project, the "Duets" album.  From there, they discuss many
things!  A very light hearted moment!  In a moment of sheer excitement, Elton
performs a "STANDOUT" rendition of his hit song:  "Philadelphia Freedom"
in honor of Billie Jean King, who is also present at the show.
"Thank you"
for taking the time to read through these rather lengthy descriptions!
I know it seems rather "incredible" to believe!
All these moments from the past.
Moments that you might have missed recording.
And those that you have only heard about!
Throughout the years, I've shared many of these clips from my collection
with my friends, and they have always been amazed by all the appearances
that I managed to record.  To ensure the highest quality possible, I use a
"dual deck vcr" when I'm sharing any of these moments from my collection.
I look forward to hearing from you!




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