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"Elvira ~ Mistress of the Dark ~ Collection"

1.)  Taking a cue from the hit show "Cheers," this particular moment from one of
Bob Hope's many specials, casts all of his guest stars in a "new light."  As Donna Mills,
Morgan Fairchild, and Hal Linden joke with Bob, Elvira enters the room, looking drop dead
gorgeous, as always! 

2.)  Appearing on "The Tonight Show" with guest host, Joan Rivers, no one dresses
up the evening greater than "Elvira!"  She is such a delight!  Of course Joan plays up
Elvira's rather low cut dress, and so the questions center around the type of man that
Elvira might be looking for.  Without missing a beat, Elvira goes right along with it, on this
evening devoted to "Halloween."
3.)  Stepping onto the stage of the MTV Music Awards, Elvira introduces the world
premiere of Don Johnson's new video "Heartbeat."

4.)  After a wonderful introduction by Dick Clark and Ed McMannon, Elvira joins them
on one of their many specials together.  This time around, they feature "Return
of the Horror Hosts" which presents individuals from all around the country, who
specialize in their own "Horror Show."  Throughout the taped segment, Elvira
pops up many times, eventually, showcasing a portion of her music video
"Trick or Treat, I want something good to eat."  Which is REALLY CUTE!
5.)  Making another appearance on the "MTV Music Awards" Elvira joins Magic Johnson as
they present one of the awards for the evening.

6.)  Returning to "The Tonight Show" Elvira makes another delightful appearance!  She looks gorgeous!
With Jay Leno as the guest host, their conversation touches upon many things.  During the show
they present a clip from her "new" movie "Mistress of the Dark" which is really cute!  Since her
appearance is "timed" for Halloween, she talks about some of her latest projects.

7.)  During this particular special devoted to California's "Disneyland" Elvira can be found
giving us a guided tour through the "Haunted Mansion."  I thought it was interesting
 that because this show was geared more towards a younger audience that her
outfit, and the placement of her hair upon her chest, downplayed her
trademark "sex symbol" image.

8.)  Playing "Hostess," Elvira stops by the set of NBC's "Friday Night Videos" for a delightful
appearance, which features some of the more popular songs of the day, with comments from our
very own "Mistress of the Dark."  As always, her incredible personality shines through!

9.)  Joining the cast of "Totally Hidden Video" Elvira plays a practical joke on one of their
unsuspecting guests, which is really cute!  As you can see from the above photo, she totally
surprised the guy.  After he leaves the room, to tell everyone what just happened, Elvira suddenly
disappears, only to re-appear on the television.  So the guy is viewed as being kind of crazy!
Which is funny!

10.)  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with the talented star, on several different fronts:  during the
filming of her commercial for Coors Lite; an autograph signing; and at a press conference centered
around her video collection.  She is "busy!"
11.)  During another moment from "Entertainment Tonight" Elvira is shown attending the
opening of the "Graveyard Review" in Orlando, Florida.

12.)  Looking absolutely glamorous!  Elvira stops by the Arsenio Hall Show, for a delightful
interview, with the late night host.  Several times throughout their time together, he mentions
not being able to take his eyes off her incredible chest.  Which allows Elvira to playfully respond
back in return.  Because it's "Halloween" he asks her several questions related to the popular
"holiday" and how her "image" fits into her life away from the camera.

13.)  Taking her "playful, sexy image" to the next level, Elvira's role on this particular episode
of CBS's "Nash Bridges" allows us to see another side of the talented actress.

14.) During this very brief moment, from the "Gail King Show" in which she is presenting a segment
on dogs, and their owners, the viewing audience might for the first time, have their first
glimpse of the real "Elvira" ~ "Cassandra Petersen."

15.)  In a delightful and rather unexpected moment, the cable channel "House and Garden" presented
their parade of "Halloween Homes" with an extended tour of Cassandra's hideaway in the
California hills.  When one thinks of "Elvria" they tend to have a certain image in mind,
well, her home is nothing like that at all.  Each room is lovely.  Decorated quite nicely.
Without even a hint to the character that she portrays on screen.
Which is definitely quite the contrast!
Throughout this interview we are treated to not only an indepth interview with the
talented star, in her own words, but also a nice tour of the yard and garden
surrounding her home.  It's nice to see the "real" Elvira!

16.)  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Elvira on the set of her next feature film
"Encounter in the Third Dimension."


17.)  Taking part in a sketch on "The Martin Short Show" centered around his Ed Grimley
character, "Elvira" adds a certain "depth" to his Halloween show.
And she has brought along a whole bunch of Halloween treats!

18.)  Appearing as herself, "Cassandra" and her dog "Bram" stop by "The Pet Shop" on
the Animal Planet, for a very lighthearted moment.  As she talks about her beloved pet, it's clear that
there is side of "Elvira" that very few people get the chance to see!
After the collection on "Elvira" was completed, I happened to come across
one more really short moment with her!


19.  "Entertainment Tonight" spotlighted Cassandra's "Thanksgiving" celebration,
where the menu, consists of everything you can imagine, but guess what!  There is
one notable exception!  The turkey!  He's very much alive!  Running around in a
small pen in her backyard!


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