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"Video Collection #1"

1.  With her highly successful role on "Flamingo Road" causing quite a stir,
Morgan makes a stunning appearance on the "Tonight Show" with 
Johnny Carson.  Throughout the interview she mentions many things
things about her life and career, always highlighted by her incredible
laugh and delightful personality.


2.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Morgan on the set of her next project,
"The Adventures of Robin Hood."  In an effort to step away from the type of
roles that she is best known for, this particular one is an interesting choice.

3.  While on vacation in the quiet countryside of Great Britain, "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" 
featured a wonderful segment with the talented actress.  

4.  Joining this next moment in progress, Morgan returns to the "Tonight Show" with 
guest host, Joan Rivers.  Even though this particular moment is rather short, Morgan
relates the story of when she meet the legendary film actress, "Bette Davis."

5.  While appearing on the "Regis Philbin" show, Morgan slips into her leotard
to help demonstrate some common exercises, to help everyone 
tone and shape up!

6.  When deciding who should host the television special "Blondes and Brunettes"
they picked two of the hottest names in the business:  "Joan Collins" and 
"Morgan Fairchild."  Playing against their "images" on the screen, with a 
heavy dose of "Dynasty" thrown in, the two actresses light up the
screen with their presence!

7.  While appearing on the Bob Hope Special, Morgan plays several characters,
quite often even making fun of her own "image."

8.  Dressed in an elegant evening gown, Morgan makes an exceptional appearance
during the special, "Night of a 100 Stars."

9.  Making another splendid appearance on one of Bob Hope's Specials, Morgan
displays not only her comedic talents, but also a bit of her singing ability.  As 
always it's wonderful to see her smiling face!

10.  As the "Love Boat" set sail for it's "ABC Fall Preview" Party, all of the stars
of the new season are on board, talking about their new shows!  Among them,
Morgan Fairchild and the cast of "Paper Dolls."

11.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Morgan, upon her signing on with 
the television series, "Falcon Crest."  During this particular interview, she 
talks about attracted her to the role of Jordan Roberts.

12.  Just one of Morgan's many scenes from "Falcon Crest."

13.  Stepping in the role of guest host, Morgan makes a wonderful appearance on
"An Evening at the Improv."  Morgan is a natural on the stage, but it's the moment
with Pee Wee Herman that garners the most laughs!  Along with the segments, off
stage, which find Morgan autographing copies of her "pin-up poster!"

14.  After all of the previous moments with Morgan, in which she has been featured
in comedy sketches, and light hearted moments, her next appearance, on the Lifetime
program "Attitudes" brings into focus a different side to the talented star.  Speaking
from the heart, she talks about many things, taking a stand on several major issues.
It's interesting listening to her because the image that everyone has of her, isn't
necessarily correct, and when she talks about her involvement with AIDS and some
of the other things she is working on, she is very serious.  You can sense the
conviction in her voice.  This is probably one of her best interviews, because
we are able to see the real "Morgan Fairchild."

15.  In a smaller sense, Morgan's appearance on "Hour Magazine" carries over
some of the causes and concerns, that she expressed in the previous interview.

16.  While honoring the great "State of Texas" Morgan makes a brief appearance, 
having grown up in Dallas.

17.  During this interview from "CBS This Morning" the camera catches up with
Morgan as she heads across the country in support of "voter registration"
for the upcoming election.  She also talks about several other things, as well.

18.  While attending a benefit in Los Angeles for AIDS, Morgan lends her support
for the very worthy cause.

19.  Dressed in an elegant, form fitting evening gown, Morgan looks absolutely "gorgeous!"
as she presents one of the honors at the "People's Choice Awards.

20.  While appearing on the "Arsenio Hall Show" we are treated to the light hearted
side of Morgan, as she relates several stories from her life, which are really funny!
Morgan always a delight!  Very nice interview!

21.  "Entertainment Tonight" spotlighted Morgan's upcoming guest appearance
on the "Cybil" show.

After completing the collection on Morgan, I went back and dipped into the
vault and uncovered her starring role, opposite the legendary "Bette Davis"
during the premiere of "Hotel."

22.  Throughout Morgan's incredible career, she has mentioned on several occasions
what it was like working with the legendary "Bette Davis" in the premiere
episode of "Hotel."  It's interesting watching them on screen together, 
knowing how much she was touched by the situation.

Video Collection #2

1.  In an effort to distance herself from the "image" that she had created throughout
the years, Morgan slipped into numerous "guest starring roles" to present a different
side to herself.  While appearing on the television series, "Murphy Brown" she played
an "actress" who was researching her next role, as a news reporter, by working
alongside Murphy.

2.  "Entertainment Tonight" presented a short segment with Morgan, upon the
release of her latest movie, "Writer's Block."

3.  Joining the cast of "Empty Nest" Morgan falls in love with Richard Mulligan's
character, which upsets his daughter.

4.  Stepping into the role of a villain, Morgan makes a wonderful guest appearance
on the television series, "Superman."

5.  Whenever Morgan made a guest appearance on the television show, "Cybil"
sparks always seemed to fly! 

6.  While lending a supportive ear to Ross, as he laments the loss of his girlfriend Rachel,
Morgan's character suddenly finds herself embraced in a passionate kiss, with the
young man.  Much to the dismay of her son, Chandler, on the highly 
popular series, "Friends."

7.  With "Mother's Day" right around the corner, "Entertainment Tonight" focuses the
spotlight on all of the famous "moms" that have guest starred on "Friends."
Among them . . . Morgan Fairchild!

8.  Looking simply wonderful, Morgan stops by the set of the "Rosie O'Donnell" show for a
delightful interview.  As always, she shares with us many things, but her main purpose
for making this guest appearance, is in support of "World AIDS Day."

9.  With more and more information coming to us, from the West, associated with herbs 
and other remedies, "Entertainment Tonight" spotlighted the upcoming special, "The Healers."
Which featured a segment with Morgan, who suffered from chronic fatigue.

10.  "Entertainment Tonight" spotlighted Morgan's return to the set of Cybil,
with a wonderful interview.

11.  The girls are at it again!  As usual, whenever Morgan stepped into her recurring
role on "Cybil" the sparks always flew!

12.  Looking simply radiant, Morgan makes a guest appearance on the television show,
"Touched by an Angel."  Unfortunately, she is only featured at the beginning, and
quickly departs.

13.  With the success of the Old Navy commercials, "Entertainment Tonight" features
a "behind the scenes" glimpse into their next installment.

14.  After all of her "guest starring roles" and the small interviews, here and there,
clearly it was time for someone to devote more than a few minutes to the talented star!
Looking absolutely radiant, Morgan makes a wonderful appearance on "The View."
Throughout the interview she talks about many things!  Always tempered with her
remarkable laugh!

15.  When the person interviewing you happens to be Howie Mandel, and with the
backdrop of Hawaii as your stage, at least one of them makes for an wonderful
interview!  I'll let you be the judge!


16.  "Donny and Marie Show"

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