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"Collection #1"

1.  Performing many of her favorite selections, Crystal steps to the stage
for her very own musical special titled "Crystal Gayle In Concert."  Starting
out with a rousing rendition of "Gone at last" she looks simply beautiful. 
After performing a few of her "early, early" hits, she sings a wonderful
version of "Why have you leave the one that you left me for."  Which
has always been one of my favorites!  Slowing things down a bit, she
performs a wonderful rendition of "When I dream."  Jazzing things up
she steps into the roaring 20's with her exceptional version of "What
a little moonlight can do."  Continuing with songs from that particular
era, Crystal performs a delightful medley of favorites that we all know
"More than you'll ever know" "Lover man" "That man of mine" plus many
more!  Returning to her catalog, she sings a heartfelt version of "You
never gave on me."  Picking up the pace, she performs "Same old story
same old song."  Another favorite!   Then she sings two more!  "Talking
in your sleep" and "Ready for the times to get better."  Afterwards she
continues with a few of her newer releases "True Love" and "Our love is
on the fault line."  Returning to several of her biggest hits Crystal performs
"Don't it make my brown eyes blue" and "Half the way."  After receiving a
standing ovation, Crystal returns to the stage to perform "He is beautiful"
and in the closing the show "Rocky Top."  Throughout this delightful special
Crystal simply commands your attention, she is so beautiful!



2.  Appearing on the "Grammy Awards" Crystal performs a wonderful rendition
of "Don't it make my brown eyes blue."  She looks so beautiful!

3.  Making a special appearance on Nashville Now during the Holiday Season
Crystal sings "The Christmas Song" and "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas"
from her latest release "A Crystal Christmas."  Throughout the show, Crystal talks
about many things:  her trademark long hair, the upcoming opening of her shop
in Nashville, and her family.  Which by the way, join her later in the show.  She also 
sings "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" and "He is beautiful to me."

4.  Performing "Our love is on the fault line" Crystal is simply wonderful, during
this particular appearance on the Tommy Hunter Show.  In closing, she sings a
fantastic rendition of her hit "Don't it make my brown eyes blue."



5.  "Live via satellite" Crystal joins the celebration on the 1985 "American Music
Awards" as they pay tribute to her sister, Loretta.  It's a heartfelt moment!


6.  Looking simply "RADIANT" Crystal visits the set of "Solid Gold" as a guest host,
and  performer, singing "You were there for me."  She is simply wonderful!



7.  Appearing on the 37th annual "Emmy Awards" Crystal performs a few bars of 
the theme song from "Cheers."  As always, Crystal is simply beautiful!  Very nice!



8.  Speaking very softly, Crystal shares with us, her thoughts of entering into
the country music field, which meant developing her own particular style.  As she
finishes talking, they present her latest video "Nobody wants to be alone."



9.  Returning to "Solid Gold" Crystal performs her latest release "A long and lasting love."
As always, she looks simply wonderful!    Very nice!



10.  After a short interview segment, Crystal presents her newest video "Touch and Go."
Which finds her in a playful mood!   It goes without saying:  she looks fantastic!

11.  The last item on this tape is kind of different, because it's not everyday
that a "country artist" becomes the focus of a daytime soap opera, but that's
just what happened when Crystal made a guest appearance on "Another World."
The storyline of the show, itself, revolved around a "serial killer" and for some
reason "the individual" decided that Crystal was going to be the next target.
In all honestly, I haven't seen this in years, but as the story started to unfold,
I was glued to the screen! 

Crystal's first scene begins with her singing a piano version of "Don't it make
my brown eyes blue" which is simply fantastic!  From there she interacts with the
cast, leading up to her performance later that evening, where she sings "Deep Down"
and "Lonely Girl."  During both of these musical numbers, she looks absolutely RADIANT!

After her performance things start to shift, and the killer comes after her!
In typical fashion we never see who the real killer is, and perhaps that makes the
scenes with Crystal that much more believable!  Quite a bit of this is shot in slow
motion, and so it creates a kind of scary feeling, that she is being chased. 
And Crystal is in every scene!  It's her and not a double! 

She has such a presence on screen, and it translates so well.  Her acting seems very
natural.  As the show draws to a close, Gary Morris joins Crystal for their duet of the
theme from "Another World."  Which is truly fantastic!

This particular collection is 2 hours and 35 minutes in length!


"Collection #2"

1.  Appearing on "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson, Crystal performs a
rousing rendition of "After you're gone away" accompanied by the Tonight Show Band.
After the break, she returns to sing the classic hit song, "Cry."  Which is simply wonderful!


2.  Stopping by the set of "Good Morning America" Crystal spends a delightful
moment, with Joan Lunden.  Looking radiant as always, their conversation centers
around her children, as we prepare to celebrate the Holiday Season.  Which by the
way, Crystal has brought us a gift, "A Crystal Christmas."  After talking about the
new album, she spends a few minutes talking about her new shop, that is just 
about ready to open in Nashville.


3.  Making a "surprise" appearance on "Nashville Now" Crystal unveils her newest video
"Nobody's Angel."  Which is simply gorgeous!   Truly beautiful!  After they present the
video, Crystal talks about the breathtaking country in which it was filmed. 


4.  "Crook and Chase" spotlighted the special relationship between Crystal Gayle
and Gary Morris, with a short interview, on the set of "Nashville Now."


5.  Accepting the honor of "Grand Marshall" in the Nashville Christmas Parade, Crystal
makes a special appearance, in celebration of the holiday.  In addition to her appearance
on "music row" Crystal is also on hand for the grand opening of her new store, titled
"Crystal's."  After a short tour, we are treated to an exceptional "upclose" interview,
with the talented star!


6.  Making a wonderful appearance on "Crook and Chase" Crystal has brought along
some of the items from her brand new store, which are so beautiful!


7.  Presenting the "Album of the Year" on the 22nd Annual Music City News
Awards, Crystal is joined by Mel Tillis, as they announce the winner!



8.  When Crystal returned to her home town of "Wabash, Indiana" everyone turned
out, to honor the talented singer!  "I feel very comfortable here, I don't feel like I'm
on display, except when I'm riding in a parade."  Following the parade, she gave her
first performance in Wabash, in ten years.  And afterwards, she gave a reception
for close family and friends.  Very nice!


9.  Returning to the set of "Nashville Now" for their 5th Anniversary show, Crystal
joins Eddie Rabbit, for a wonderful rendition of their hit song, "Just you and I."
Afterwards, Crystal and her sister, Peggy Sue, perform an exception version of
the hit song "Cryin' in the rain."  Before they leave the stage, they slip right into
another favorite, "Bye bye love" which features Peggy Sue on lead vocals.
Crystal looks so beautiful!


10.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with all the stars on hand for the
"Inauguration Celebration" honoring George Bush.


11.  Returning to "The Tonight Show" Crystal steps into the past, with an
exceptional version of her hit, "Don't it make my brown eyes blue."
Her voice is so beautiful!


12.  On the 23rd Annual "Country Music Awards" Crystal introduces
"The Desert Rose Band."


13.  Appearing together on the "Boston Pops" Crystal and Loretta step to the
stage, individually, and then later with one another, performing many of their
favorites.  With a full orchestra behind her, Crystal shines on some of her
biggest hits.  "When I dream" "Lonesome me" and "Don't it make my brown
eyes blue."  For her set, Loretta has chosen "Always on my mind" "You're
lookin' at country" and a very special "Patsy Cline" medley.  Which is simply
wonderful!  As she performs "Coal Miner's Daughter" Crystal returns to
the stage, and then the two of them sing "We've come a long way baby"
"You ain't woman enough" "Here I go down that long road" and "Rocky Top."
It's an exceptional evening!


14.  "Crook and Chase" celebrated the 15th anniversary of Crystal's biggest hit,
"Don't it make my brown eyes blue" with a special interview with her,
and the songwriter.


15.  On a very special segment from "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" Crystal simply
shines!  Looking absolutely radiant, she talks about many things from her life and
career!  As the interview begins, we catch a glimpse of "Butchers Hollow" where
Crystal was born.  From there she speaks fondly of her sister, Loretta, who told her 
to not sing any of her songs, because then people would start to compare the two
of them.  But Crystal didn't feel that would be much of a problem, because she grew 
up singing all forms of music, not just "country."  As the interview continues, Crystal
strolls through the "Cheekwood Botanical Gardens" in the heart of Nashville, which
prompts her to confide why she loves the city so much!  Moving "inside" we are 
treated to a very special tour of her store, which finds Crystal sharing her thoughts
on what she would like to present, her role in the business, and her hopes for the
future!  Overall this is a very nice interview!



16.  Making a very special appearance on "Nashville Now" during the Holiday Season,
Crystal steps to the stage for a heartfelt version of her hit song, "Half the way."
Interestingly, when it comes time for the interview, Ralph Emery asks her if anyone
calls her by her real name, which is "Brenda."  From there, and throughout the rest
of the show, the subject of her "hair" and how she takes care of it, seems to fascinate
everyone.  Crystal also puts to rest those rumors about the headaches, and neck
pains, associated with her long hair, which was written about in the news.  Later in
the program, Crystal performs a new song, "Just an old love."  Then later, singing with
one of her band members, Crystal assures us that it will be a "Special Kind of
Christmas this Year."  Along with another holiday favorite, "I'll be
home for Christmas."  It's a wonderful evening!


"Collection #3"

1.  As VH1 started to shift their focus from music videos, to other programming, they
picked up on the idea of presenting some of the best moments from "American Bandstand."
Looking youthful and radiant, Crystal performs a heartfelt rendition of her hit song
"Talking in your sleep."  Afterwards, she visits with Dick Clark for a few minutes.


2.  No one brightens a room more than "Crystal Gayle!"  And so it goes without saying, 
that this appearance on "Nashville Now" was outstanding!  Looking simply radiant, Crystal
sparkles on several of her hits!  "Ready for the times to get better" "Everybody's reaching
out for someone."  And then a special rendition of "Help me make it through the night."
During the interview portion of the evening, Crystal talks about many things:  her family,
both at home and her upcoming appearances with Loretta and Peggy Sue; naturally she is
asked about her hair, which always comes up; and so much more!  It's a delightful evening!



3.  During a special salute to the "singer" and the "songwriter" Crystal sings a few bars of her
hit song, "Don't it make my brown eyes blue" on the wonderful "Night of a 100 Stars" Special.


4.  When "Entertainment Tonight" featured some of the additional investment opportunities
that some of the country stars, were getting involved in, naturally they spotlighted
Crystal's new store in Nashville.  Shown here, during it's grand opening, Crystal 
talks about wanting to present some of the finer things, from around the world.


5.  During an interesting segment from "Crook and Chase" we are given an "exclusive" view
into the world of "throat surgery."  Which features several of Nashville's biggest names,
who have underwent treatment for their vocal cords; one of them was Crystal!  Who
talks about not being able to perform on several occasions, and how she takes
care of her precious voice.


6.  Looking absolutely elegant in her long flowing evening gown, Crystal steps to the
stage and performs a stirring rendition of the timeless classic, "Moon River" on
the "Song Writers Hall of Fame" special.  This is truly an exceptional performance!


7.  During a very special "Celebrity Profile" from the "Crook and Chase" show, the cameras
catch up with Crystal as she prepares to blend her incredible voice, and some of her best
known favorite selections, with a full symphony orchestra.  As she visits with us, she 
explains that many of her songs are very well suited for just this type of setting!
From there, the conversation turns to her family, which is very nice!


8.  Returning to the "Crook and Chase" set, this time in person, Crystal pays Charlie
a special visit on the 25th Anniversary of his being involved in the entertainment business.


 9.  Making a special appearance on "Hot Country Nights" Crystal looks absolutely radiant!
When it's her turn to step into the spotlight, she performs a "medley" of some of her
biggest hits: "Half the way" "Waiting for the times to get better"  "Why have you
left the one you left me for" "Talking in your sleep" and "Don't it make my brown
eyes blue."  It's an exceptional performance!



10.  Along with the "Oak Ridge Boys" Cystral helps present one of the honors
for the evening, on the "Music City News Awards."


11.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Crystal in the studio recording her
new album "Three Good Reasons."  As she discusses why she selected this particular
song, we are treated to a portion of the video, which plays throughout the interview.
From there, she talks about many things!


12.  Ralph Emery welcomes Crystal and Eddie Rabbit to the set of "Music City Tonight"
for a wonderful rendition of their hit "You and I."  It doesn't get any better than
this!  Crystal looks absolutely gorgeous!


13.  Appearing on the Statler Brothers variety show, Crystal sings an old favorite, "Cry."
Looking simply beautiful, she hits all the right notes!


14.  From a slightly different setting, Crystal makes an exceptional appearance on the
"Winan's Christmas Special."  Singing the classic holiday favorite, "The First Noel," 
Crystal lends a certain brightness to the season, with her incredible voice.


15.  In celebration of all the great "Women of Country Music" Crystal talks about her own
career, and then also speaks fondly of her sister, Loretta.


16.  Returning to the Statler Brothers variety show, Crystal sings another holiday favorite,
"Have yourself a little Christmas"


17.  Louise Mandrell Celebrity Trap Shoot, Crystal provides the entertainment, with a
heartfelt version of her hit "Cry."


18.  Making another appearance on Statler Brothers Show, Crystal
performs one of her biggest hits, "Feels like we never said goodbye."


19.  During a very special "Conversation with Burt Reynolds" Crystal joins Tammy Wynette,
Sara Evans, and Jo Dee Messina for a delightful evening filled with memories, laughter, and
music!  After touching upon her life and career, Crystal sings one of her favorites:
"Don't it make my brown eyes blue."  Truly a wonderful evening!


20.  During an "upclose and personal" moment from the Nashville Network, we are
treated to an exceptional interview with Crystal, as she helps celebrate the
"Magic of Christmas."  With the holiday season all around us, naturally we
are welcomed into her store, decorated throughout with all the
finer things!  The one thing that I particularly noticed while
watching this interview is how Crystal has changed
over the years!
After the collection on Crystal was completed, I happened to uncover 
another appearance, that definitely needed to be included!


21.  Performing a delightful rendition of "A never ending love for you" Crystal
stops by the set of "Hee Haw."  As always, she looks simply wonderful!  Later in the
program, she joins Roy Clark for a rousing duet of "Oh lonesome me."  After appearing
in several comedy sketches, Crystal closes the program with her signature hit,
"Don't it make my brown eyes blue."


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