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1.  Making a brief appearance on the "Noel Edmonds" show,
Sam shows his lighter side!


2.  After his successful run on Star Search, "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"
caught up with Sam, relaxing on the beach!  During this very insightful interview
he talks about many things!  From his humble beginnings, to the point where
he finds himself today.


3.  This next moment, joined in progress finds Sam hitting all the right notes,
for his video "Sugar don't bite."  Unfortunately, it's missing a few seconds of
the beginning.


4.  Very seldom did they present any of Sam's videos, and so this next video is
also joined in progress, but it's more complete than the one before.  Standing before
the microphone, Sam belts out the timeless classic, "Over the rainbow."
Wonderful full screen moment!


5.  Spotlighting some of the current hit makers, a program titled "TV5" featured a
short interview with Sam, along with several of his greatest moments from
"Star Search."  


6.  Appearing during a Tribute to Motown, at the Apollo Theater, Sam performs
a stirring rendition of the song, that has long been a favorite of his to sing,
"Over the rainbow."


7.  With the revival of "Grease" on Broadway, Sam joins the all star cast for
a delightful performance on the 1994 Tony Awards.


8.  Looking sensational, Sam makes a wonderful appearance on the "Rosie
O'Donnell" show.  Because he doesn't appear very often on television, it's "great" 
to see him.  After the break he sings a rousing version of the song, "Red house blues."


9.  When Ed McManon appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, he brought along
his most famous "Star Search" winner, "Sam Harris."  Stepping to the stage, he
performs a spirited version of "Bridge over troubled waters." 


10.  Stepping to the stage at the 1997 Tony Awards, Sam introduces the "girls"
from the hit musical, "The Life."


"Thank you"
for taking the time to read through these rather lengthy descriptions!  

I know it seems rather "incredible" to believe!  
All these moments from the past.
Moments that you might have missed recording.
And those that you have only heard about!

Throughout the years, I've
shared many of these clips from my
with my friends, and they have always been astounded by all the appearances
that I was able to record.  To ensure the highest quality possible, I use a "dual deck"
vcr when I'm sharing any of these moments from my collection.
I look forward to hearing from you!


* * * Looking for Sam's appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show, from about 2 years ago. * * *