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Video Collection #1


1.  Throughout the early years of "Knots Landing" Lisa showcased her incredible talent
not only as an actress, but also as a "singer."  Stepping to the stage, on the show, 
she performs a heartfelt version of the hit song, "Sometimes when we touch."


2.  With the success of "Knots Landing" capturing the viewers each week,
in record numbers, Donna Mills, Constance McCashin, and Lisa Hartman,
make a delightful visit to the Phil Donahue show.  Throughout the hour
the three ladies discuss so many things!  They touch upon the popularity
of the show, upcoming changes for their characters, and what each of them 
are planning to do, during their time off.  Some of their responses are rather
interesting, considering how things have changed over the last 15 years, not
only for the medium, we call television, but also for each of the talented 
actresses, and where they are today.  Lisa mentions her upcoming role in
the television movie, "Where the boys are" and that she is going into the
studio, to record a new album.  All of them look simply beautiful!
Wonderful "full" screen moments!  4/84


3.  With the release of "Where the boys are" Lisa sits down for a
delightful interview, with "Entertainment Tonight."  As they reflect
upon the "original" version of the movie, Lisa comments on how the
two films are different.  5/84


4.  Looking absolutely radiant, Lisa makes a wonderful appearance on "Solid Gold"
performing the hit song, "Where the boys are."  Afterwards, she spends a few
minutes with Madame!  Which is really, really cute!  5/84


5.  Appearing on the daytime talk show, "Hour Magazine" Lisa is simply charming,
as she talks about her life and career.  Very much, still young at heart, her face
lights up as she mentions her latest passion: demolition derby!  It's interesting
listening to her describe the event, which seems to mystify Gary Collins.  From
there she touches upon her return to "Knots Landing" and how the fans, were
the ones who brought her back!  Rounding out their conversation together, she
discusses her present relationship with Barry Boswick, and how they have
managed to stay close to one another, in spite of their individual work
schedules.  Wonderful "candid" interview!  5/84


6.  Returning to "Knots Landing" for another season, this brief moment 
with Lisa, finds her singing a portion of the classic hit song, 
"Will you still love me tomorrow."  1/85 


7.  Looking absolutely SENSATIONAL! Lisa glides across the stage,
at the "People's Choice Awards" causing quite a stir, among the 
audience, as they catch a glimpse of her evening gown!
She looks gorgeous!  3/85


8.  Performing a rousing rendition of her hit song, "Hiding from love"
Lisa makes a "fantastic" return to the set of "Solid Gold."  This moment
is absolutely SENSATIONAL!  She looks and sounds wonderful!  5/85


9.  Throughout this special edition of "Coverstory" we are treated an 
up close profile of the talented superstar!  After spending only a year
in Hollywood, Lisa recorded her first album, befriended some of the
biggest names in the entertainment business, and was starring on
her own hit show!  Even to this day, she marvels at how everything
came together so quickly!  Sprinkled throughout the interview, we 
catch glimpses of Lisa on stage, performing several of her songs,
"If love must go" "Hiding from love" and "Don't let me go."  With
music being the foundation of her career, she expresses that she
has been fortunate to have played mostly "singers" when she has
 appeared in front of the camera.  And so she speaks fondly of her 
role on "Knots Landing."  Which by the way, we also hear from many 
of her co-stars!  This is an exceptional interview with Lisa!  
Filled with outstanding full screen "close ups!"  5/85


10.  Returning to the "People's Choice Awards" Lisa presents one of the 
honors for the evening.  3/86


11.  "Entertainment Tonight" spotlights Lisa's return to television, with her part
in the mini-series, "Roses are for the rich."  While expressing that this particular
role is a "wonderful part" to play, she wants us to know, that when it comes to
all those "love scenes" she does get a bit nervous!  She also confides it has
plenty of "love, sex, greed, power, and money!  ... it's a fun four hours!"  5/87


12.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Lisa and a whole bunch of stars, 
as they take a moment to honor Dick Clark, for all of his years as the
host of "American Bandstand."  9/87


13.  With the success of her new album, defying all the critics, Lisa
stops by the set of the "Today Show" for a delightful interview.  As she
talks about her new release, they present a few minutes of her video,
"I don't need love."  Which is simply exceptional!  Throughout their
conversation, she places quite a bit of emphasis on her musical career, 
claiming that one day she would like to earn a "Grammy" award.  And
now, here we are, years later, and you wonder what happened to
her dream.  Truly remarkable full screen moment with Lisa!!! 2/88


14.  Without a doubt, there is no illusion when it comes to Lisa's incredible
beauty!  As you can see by her appearance on the David Copperfield
special, she is simply gorgeous!  3/88


15.  Throughout the years, Lisa was a guest presenter on many of
the award shows, but her appearance on the "Soul Train Music Awards"
seemed a little odd.  4/88


16.  Stopping by the "Wil Shriner" show, Lisa makes a delightful appearance
to promote her new album, "Til my heart stops."  Looking radiant, as always,
Lisa simply commands your attention.  After they show a portion of her video
"I don't need love" Lisa talks about her image, both in front of the camera and
also in her personal life, touching upon the idea, she has always been a 
"trendstetter."  Returning to the musical side of her career, she mentions how
she started out in the music business, and her her hopes for the future.  4/88


17.  After a splendid introduction by Joan Van Ark, Lisa makes an appearance
on another awards show, the 9th annual "Emmy Awards for Sports."  8/88


18.  With her mother by her side, Lisa makes an exceptional appearance
on the program, "Mother's Day," hosted by Joan Lunden.  Throughout all
the previous interviews, Lisa commented on how she became interested
in the music business, but during this particular moment, her mother 
lets us in, on how it all started.  Lisa looks absolutely stunning, as you
will see, when the camera focuses in on her, for a "close up!"  As she
touches upon her life and career, she talks fondly of the role her
mother played in shaping her career.   The "full" screen moments
with Lisa are EXCEPTIONAL!  9/88


19.  "Entertainment Tonight" spotlighted the upcoming movie, "Full Exposure: 
The Sex Tapes Scandal" which stars Lisa and Vanessa Williams.  2/89


Video Collection #2


1.  Looking absolutely lovely, Lisa makes a delightful appearance on the
"Pat Sajak" show.  As she sits down for the interview, she relates an
interesting story, of when she had a . . . "rat!" . . . in the house!  Which
is really cute!  Afterwards, she mentions several other things, among
them, how she met her current boyfriend, Gary Davis.  5/89


2.  Appearing as a presenter on the 24th annual "Academy of Country
Music Awards" Lisa hands out one of the awards for the evening.  9/89


3.  With her boyfriend by her side, Lisa makes a wonderful appearance
on the Lifetime program, "Attitudes."  She looks absolutely sensational!
Essentially, their conversation centers around how she met Gary, and
their upcoming future plans, together.  It's interesting listening to the
two of them, and how close they were, and yet they ended up not
getting married.  In addition, Lisa also shares with us some of the
events from her long career, in much greater detail, than we may 
have heard in the past!  Which is really nice!


4.  Returning to the "Pat Sajak" show, Lisa stops by to promote her
latest movie, titled "The Operation."  Ironically, the first part of
her interview centers around another movie that she had made
earlier, in her career, where she was disguised as a "boy."  While
shooting the film on a local farm, Lisa relates a funny story
involving a group of "chickens!"  Let's see, this is the second
time she has talked about some sort of animal on the Pat Sajak
show, I see a "theme" here!  1/90


5.  In making the rounds to promote her latest project, Lisa stops by the
set of the "Arsenio Hall Show."  Looking absolutely radiant, as always,
the crowd simply goes wild, as Lisa sits down for the interview.  Ironically,
she starts out by describing a situation that she recently found herself in,
which happens all too often in Hollywood:  where her manager mishandled
her business affairs.  Moving on to more light hearted things, Lisa touches
upon her new movie.  1/90


6.  This must be the moment for "repeat shows!"  First Lisa appeared on 
the "Pat Sajak" show, with almost one appearance right after another; 
and now she returns to the Arsenion Hall show!  With "five" movies to her 
credit, in the past year, Lisa comments on the incredible string of luck she 
has had with her latest projects.  2/91  


7.  And here's another one!  Returning to the "Academy of Country Music
Awards" Lisa presents the award for the "Single Record of the Year."  4/91


8.  And she keeps handing them out!  Stepping to the stage again, Lisa 
presents the award for "Top Female Vocalist" during the following year at 
the "Academy of Country Music Awards."  5/92


9.  "Entertainment Tonight" spotlights the one year marriage of Clint and Lisa
with a special report on the state of their relationship together, while pursing
separate careers.


10.  In an upclose interview with "Entertainment Tonight" Lisa comes to the
defense of her husband, as he finds himself in the headlines, concerning an
earlier relationship, that resulted in him having a child.  2/97


11.  On the 32nd annual "Academy of Country Music Awards" Lisa looks 
simply radiant, as she presents one of the awards for the evening.  4/97


12.  Appearing on "The Late, Late Show with Tom Snyder" Lisa looks absolutely
radiant!  Throughout the program, she talks about many things:  her early days
in the entertainment industry, which includes her recording career and then her 
role on "Knots Landing."  From there she mentions how she met Clint and her first
impressions of him.  Which leads her to relate an interesting story of the time she
consulted a physic, who predicted that she would be getting married shortly.
Ironically, Lisa didn't realize the lady was referring to her relationship with Clint.
Sprinkled throughout the program, Lisa takes "calls" from the viewers, and as a
surprise, one of them is "Clint!"  Which is really cute!  As Lisa listens to him on the
phone, her face simply "lights up!"  They are very much in love, with one another.
One of the truly interesting stories that Lisa shares with us, is the time Clint
"snowed" their home in Los Angeles, to create a true "Christmas" setting for
the holiday.  In closing, she talks about her latest television movie.  
Truly splendid "up close" moments!  8/97


13.  Stopping by the set of "Good Morning America" Lisa talks about her latest
television movie, along with a few stories from her personal life.  As always, it's
a pleasure seeing her beautiful face!  


14.  Appearing together, Clint and Lisa present one of the honors at the 25th
annual "American Music Awards."  1/98


15.  While in Texas, Oprah Winfrey invited some of the biggest names in the
entertainment industry to visit her show.  Since Clint and Lisa are from the
'great state of Texas' they stop by for a delightful moment!  Clearly they are
devoted to one another, as they touch upon their five year marriage together.
Later in the program, Clint sings a heartfelt version of "Love is something that
we do" which doesn't leave a dry eye in the in the house!  1/98


16.  On the TNN program, "Straight from the heart" with Leeza Gibbons,
we are given a "behind the scenes" glimpse into the real life of Clint and
Lisa, at their home.  Throughout the program, they feature so many images
of the two of them, touching upon their separate careers and then as a
married couple.  One of the more interesting aspects of the show, features
Clint actually "writing" a new song, in his recording studio, and Lisa pops
in to help on the background vocals.  With an incredible amount of love in
his heart, Clint shares with us, his feelings for Lisa, and how much she
means to him.  And in turn, Lisa does the same, during her moments on
screen.  Clearly they love one another.  It's a special interview with the
two of them!  2/98


"Thank you"
for taking the time to read through these rather lengthy descriptions!  

I know it seems rather "incredible" to believe!  
All these moments from the past.
Moments that you might have missed recording.
And those that you have only heard about!

Throughout the years, I've
shared many of these clips from my
with my friends, and they have always been astounded by all the appearances
that I was able to record.  To ensure the highest quality possible, I use a "dual deck"
vcr when I'm sharing any of these moments from my collection.
I would like to trade for shows that I don't have and a few other things.
I look forward to hearing from you!



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