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Moments you thought lost forever!
1.  Appearing on "Church Street Station" Jeannie performs a rousing rendition
of her hit single, "Total Woman."  As always, it's wonderful seeing her!
Returning to another favorite, Jeannie sings a wonderful version of
the classic hit song, "Harper Valley P.T.A."

2.  Appearing on "Nashville Now" Jeannie sings a wonderful rendition of
"You've got to go get it."  During the interview portion of the show, she
talks lovingly of her many fans.  After the break, she performs "Have you
ever wished."  ( You'll have to excuse me, but I'm not exactly sure of the
title of these two songs.)  It's great seeing Jeannie perform!  Later in the
program, she sings a Holiday favorite, "Away in the manager."

3.  Returning to "Nashville Now" Jeannie sings a spirited version of
"Perpetual Care" which is very nice.  After her performance, she
visits with Ralph for a few minutes.

4.  Performing her signature song, "Harper Valley P.T.A." Jeannie returns
to "Nashville Now" for a delightful rendition of the popular song!  It's always
a treat hearing this old favorite!  And the crowd just loves her!  She looks
wonderful!  During the interview portion of the program, she talks fondly of
how that particular song was recorded and how it became an instant hit.
After the break she performs, "Stand up and testify."


5. "Entertainment Tonight" spotlighted the "success" of Harper Valley P.T.A. with a
special segment, where they visited with Jeannie.  As a treat for us, they present
an early performance of the hit song, from a show called "Upbeat."  It's really amazing
seeing Jeannie in that early clip.  From there, they catch up with her in the recording
studio, where she talks about the hit song.


6.  Looking simply radiant, Jeannie returns to the set of "Nashville Now" for
another appearance.  She starts out by singing one of her favorite selections,
"Empty handed."  As always, she is wonderful!  Afterwards, she mentions
several things.

7.  There seems to be a theme here!  Making another appearance on "Nashville Now"
Jeannie performs "Tennessee Me."  Which is really nice!  During the interview portion
of the program, she talks about the "Holidays" and where she will be spending them.
Getting around to her biggest hit, "Harper Valley P.T.A." she is asked about a lady that
was going around the country impersonating her.  Which is interesting.  From there, she
talks about her latest release.  As the show draws to a close, she performs the holiday
classic "Away in a manager."

8.  "Live" from Nashville, Jeannie joins Ralph at a different setting other than the studio.
Singing her signature anthem, "Harper Valley P.T.A" she looks and sounds wonderful, as
always!  As they visit, she talks at length about that song, and what it has meant to
her throughout the years. 
9.  Celebrating Charlie Chase's 25th Anniversary in the music business, Jeannie stops
by the set of "Crook and Chase" for a delightful moment, with the daytime host.

10.  Later that evening, Jeannie makes another appearance on "Nashville Now."  Touching
everyone's heart, she sings "Give me wings."  As always, she is delightful!  After a brief
visit, she performs another selection.
11.  During the television special "The Women of Country Music" Jeannie appears several times, 
throughout the program.  Besides offering her thoughts on the business, she mentions a very
funny story concerning her release "Harper Valley P.T.A."


12.  Appearing on "Crook and Chase" Jeannie starts out by singing a rousing rendition of 
"Rock n' Roll Pneumonia, Boogie Woogie Flu."  Which is simply delightful!  She has never
sounded better!  And she looks wonderful, dressed in her colorful outfit!  Very, very
pretty!  Later in the program, she performs her signature tune "Harper Valley P.T.A."
After the collection on Jeannie was completed, I uncovered several other 
moments with her that definitely needed to be added!


13.  During a special tribute to Ralph Emery, the ladies of country music surprise
him with a wonderful collection of their greatest hits.  Among the entertainers
you'll find "Anne Murray" "Jeannie C. Riley" "Kitty Wells" "Barbara Fairchild"
and "Lynn Anderson" . . . . plus many more!  Jeannie sings "Harper Valley P.T.A."


14.  "Harper Valley P.T.A." is one of the few country songs, that I could hear time
and time again, and never grow tired of!  But then again, maybe it's Jeannie's
delightful personality which adds a certain "freshness" to the song!  During this
exceptional moment from "Music City Tonight" Jeannie is having a delightful time,
performing her signature hit, and then also as she visits with Crook and Chase.
As the program draws to a close, Jeannie performs a selection from her
past, "Oh Singer."


15.  Celebrating the release of her new album, Jeannie returns to the stage for a
wonderful appearance on TNN's very own, "New Country."
"The Diamond" "Singer" "Goin' Home"

"Thank you"
for taking the time to read through these rather lengthy descriptions!  

I know it seems rather "incredible" to believe!  
All these moments from the past.
Moments that you might have missed recording.
And those that you have only heard about!

Throughout the years, I've
shared many of these clips from my collection
with my friends, and they have always been astounded by all the appearances
that I was able to record.  To ensure the highest quality possible, I use a "dual deck"
vcr when I'm sharing any of these moments from my collection.
I look forward to hearing from you!



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