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Video Collection #1

1.  Throughout the years, Bob Hope visited the troops overseas many times, and one
of his favorite guests was "Ann Jillian!"  As you will see later on!  Looking simply wonderful
Ann playfully spends a few minutes with Bob, before the two of them perform a duet
together, titled:  "The Two of Us."


2.  With words of advice, Ann touches upon her recent operation for breast
cancer, during this particular segment from "Entertainment Tonight."


3.  Fighting back the tears, Ann details the events surrounding her recent operation
for breast cancer, during an "extended" interview from "Entertainment Tonight."  Long
before the "two minute" soundbytes, that we are accustom to seeing today, there was
a time when an "interview" meant just that!  And this particular one is exceptional!
While visiting with Rona Barrett, Ann mentions how her battle with breast cancer has
changed her "life" and . . . . to a much smaller degree, her "career."  She is truly an
inspirational lady!


4.  Returning to the stage, Ann makes an "exceptional" appearance on behalf of "Lou 
Rawls Parade of Stars" performing a rousing version of the song, "I am singing."
Ann simply commands your attention!  She looks absolutely wonderful!


5.  Making the first appearance of many on the daytime talk show, "Hour Magazine"
Ann discusses her cancer surgery, and how it has changed her life.  As the interview
shifts to her husband, Andy, he shares with us how this ordeal has strengthened their
relationship.  As a special request, Ann has asked if she may perform a song and
dedicate it to him, for all the love and support that he has shown during her illness.
Believe me, there's not a dry eye in the house as she sings a stirring rendition of the
"Wind beneath my wings."


6.  Looking absolutely radiant, Ann makes a wonderful appearance on "The Today Show"
as she talks about her latest television movie, "Killer in the mirror."  The balance of the
interview is focused upon her return to acting, "full time" after her recent illness.


7.  During an "exceptional" "Coverstory" we are treated to an overview of Ann's 
incredible "life and career!"  Throughout the program they present so many images
of Ann, that it was hard to feature just a few of them!  Because she looks simply
radiant, in all of the segments!  She is so beautiful!  A portion of the program is
filmed in the studio, at her home, and so we are treated to an "excellent rehearsal"
of her new show!  Complete with some fancy dance steps, and a few bars of two
of the songs, that she plans to feature in her act, "If that isn't love" and "Wind
beneath my wings."  In addition to Andy, several of Ann's friends speak fondly of
her, which truly is a testament to her warm and caring personality.  Interestingly,
she touches upon the return of "It's a living" to the television line up, and even
shows off some of her skills as a "waitress!" at one of her favorite restaurants.
Which is really cute!  As I mentioned earlier, this is an "exceptional" profile of
Ann!  With "wonderful" full screen closeups!  ( I'd like to mention, that due the
fact that Ann's hair is so incredibly "white" it was hard to get a picture, where
she didn't BLEND into the background!  So these photos don't reflect how
beautiful she looks!  I wonder how the producer was able to even photograph
her in some of these scenes, because they placed her in a room that was 
completely white, and then during the moment with Andy, they are seated by 
the pool, in direct sunlight!  So please keep this in mind, as you look at these
photosnaps!  Thank you! )



8.  During this particular moment from "The Today Show" Ann visits with Jane Pauley, via
satellite, about her upcoming television movie, "The Ann Jillian Story."  Which gives Ann
an opportunity to reach more individuals about the awareness of early detection, in the
battle against breast cancer.


9.  Ironically, this next interview, taken from the "Phil Donahue Show" presents the
talented singer and actress on a completely different level, than the one that we have
seen in all of the previous interviews.  Instead of reflecting upon her battle with breast
cancer, this particular appearance is mainly centered around the concept of "successful"
women, who are involved with "blue collar" workers.  With Andy by her side, they discuss
how the two of them met, and what attracted them to each other.  From there, they 
touch upon the many aspects of their relationship, personally and professionally.



10.  Looking simply radiant, and full of life!  Ann stops by the set of "Hour Magazine" for
another delightful interview, with the popular daytime host, Gary Collins.  As they visit,
Ann mentions several of her "upcoming projects!"   One of which is a brand new album!
Stepping to the stage, she performs one of the selections that she has recorded, "I love
you, says it very well."  Wonderful "full" screen moments throughout!  Very "upclose!"


11.  Although this particular moment is slightly out of place, it's still interesting watching
Ann on the set, as she films several scenes for the "Ann Jillian Story."  
As she explains, during this moment from "Entertainment Tonight" 
"this is a movie for women, and the men that love them."


12.  Throughout the years, Ann has appeared on "Hour Magazine" many times, but this 
latest appearance is devoted to her television movie, "The Ann Jillian Story."  As she 
visits with Gary Collins, she expresses the need for early detection, in the battle
against any form of cancer.  As always, Ann looks splendid!

13.  Making a wonderful appearance at the "Country Music Awards" Ann
presents one of the honors for the evening.


14.  On a lighter note, Ann steps into the role of the "Red Queen" in the mini-series,
"Alice in Wonderland."  

15.  Returning to the set of "Hour Magazine" Ann simply shines, as the "woman of the hour."
Not only during this particular episode, but for the "entire week!"  Throughout her stay, she
displays her incredible warmth and personality!  Completely at home in any setting!  When
discussing one of the charities that she is personally involved with, Ann is clearly moved to
tears.  Later in the program, she sings a song, dedicated in part to those less fortunate.
The selection is titled, "Little things mean alot."  After listening to her sing this song,
there isn't a dry eye in the house; it's exceptional!


Video Collection #2

1.  Looking simply radiant, performing a spirited rendition of the song, "Winner in you"
Ann makes a splendid appearance on the "Pat Sajak Show."  Afterwards, the crowd
goes wild!  They absolutely love her!  During the interview portion of the program,
she relates several interesting stories about the many times she has performed
on stage; which is really cute.  Wonderful "full" screen moment!


2.  During an "excellent" interview on "Public People Private Lives" Ann touches upon
her incredible life and career.  From the early days to the present!  It's always
refreshing listening to her!  And especially during this interview, because she
confesses that she will probably "never grow up, always remaining child like
in the way she views the world, full of wonder and looking at the positive side
of everything."  She shares with us, how fortunate she has been throughout 
her life, always surrounded by people that love and care for her.  When asked
if there is one song, in particular, that is perhaps a "favorite" she doesn't 
hesitate for a minute, she mentions the "Wind beneath my wings."  As she
performs a few bars of the song "accappella" a tear comes to her eye, as
she thinks of her parents and her husband, Andy.  



3.  At the 46th Annual "Golden Globe Awards" Ann was honored as the
"Best Actress in a Mini-Series or Television Motion Picture."  Clearly surprised
when they announced her name, this moment is absolutely wonderful!


4.  Returning to the "Pat Sajak Show" for a delightful visit, Ann simply lights up the room,
with her radiant personality!  She looks absolutely gorgeous!  As she sits down for the
interview, Pat congratulates her, on her recent win at the "Golden Globes."  It's interesting
listening to her, as she relates the events of the evening, and how she felt when they
announced her name.  While visiting with Pat, he asks her how Andy is feeling because
his name has been in the press quite a bit lately, as he battles his own illness.  Ann
mentions that he is doing much better, thanks to all the letters and "get well" wishes
that he has received from the fans.  Throughout the rest of the program, 
Ann touches upon many things!


5.  Upon the release of his book, "Man to man" Andy presents his own account of
the circumstances surrounding Ann's battle with cancer, during this moment, taken
from the "Geraldo Show."  After several interviews and personal appearances
where the subject hasn't been mentioned at all, it seems as if Andy's book is
bringing it all back into the spotlight again.  Even though she is always "upbeat"
and "full of life" you can sense that Ann is a little uncomfortable, revisiting the
events of what happened.  Allowing Andy, for the most part, to share his 
side of the story.  One of the more interesting aspects of their conversation
is how "Hollywood" has reacted to Ann's illness, throughout the years.
This is a wonderful interview, from beginning to end!


6.  With the release of Ann's latest television movie, "Original Sin" there is a certain
determination on her part, to place the events of her battle with breast cancer, 
in the past, as you will hear, during this interview from "Hollywood Insider."


7.  Lending her incredible presence to a special titled, "Freedom Festival '89 " 
Ann treats us to an "EXCEPTIONAL" selection!  The song that she has chosen begins 
with several bars of "America the Beautiful" but then shifts into another selection
altogether, where "the dream goes on . . . . in America!"  During her performance
Ann displays her incredible vocal range and talent, 
which is nothing short of "AMAZING!"


8.  "Entertainment Tonight" stopped by the set of Ann's next project, "Little White Lies"
for a short visit, with the talented actress.


9.  Spotlighting an upcoming special, devoted to "SeaWorld"
"Entertainment Tonight" visits with it's host, "Ann Jillian" for a few minutes!


10.  With Andy by her side, Ann makes an exceptional appearance on the
Lifetime program, "Attitudes."  Throughout the show, they talk many things.
Including her current television series, "The Ann Jillian Show" which was taken
off the air for a short time, so some changes could be made to the storyline.
As the show draws to a close, Ann confesses that without Andy's love and
support, she wouldn't be where she is at today.


11.  Looking simply fabulous, Ann makes a splendid appearance at the
"Golden Globes" presenting one of the awards, for the evening.


12.  While in Washington, D.C. Ann was honored by the American Cancer Society,
on behalf of her efforts to raise more awareness about the disease.


13.  Returning to nearly the point, from where our collection began, it's almost
as if we have come "full circle."  As you will see during this moment from another
"Bob Hope Special."  If there ever was a song more fitting, to describe Ann Jillian's
life and the incredible journey, that we have followed her on . . . this would be her
song, "Let the good times roll."  Watching her perform this selection is like a
breath of fresh air!  She looks absolutely wonderful!  So full of life!


14.  On a final note, Ann stops by the set of "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee" 
to discuss her latest television movie, that will be shown later that evening.
Unfortunately, this particular interview is typical of the "two minute soundbyte"
where the guest is allowed very little time, and the overall interview contains
very little substance.  If I'm not mistaken, they didn't even mention the
name of the movie.

"Thank you"
for taking the time to read through these rather lengthy descriptions!
I know it seems rather "incredible" to believe!
All these moments from the past.
Moments that you might have missed recording.
And those that you have only heard about!
Throughout the years, I've shared many of these clips from my collection
with my friends, and they have always been amazed by all the appearances
that I managed to record.  To ensure the highest quality possible, I use a
"dual deck vcr" when I'm sharing any of these moments from my collection.
I look forward to hearing from you!





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