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"Video Collection #1"

1.  With "Dynasty" a ratings winner, ABC's "20/20" caught up with Joan Collins,
for an exceptional "up close" interview, in which she talks at length about her character on 
the show, and how it reflects her own personality.  Interestingly, they also interview Susan 
Lucci, and it's funny listening to Joan's thoughts on the popular day time star. "Who?"  
It's clear there is only one 'bitch.' 

2.  Appearing on "Good Morning America" Joan shares with us, her thoughts on her 
recent pictorial in "Playboy" magazine.  While I applaud her decision, I find it interesting 
all these years later, that the reasons haven't changed.  If you were to ask any of the
 "playmates" today, the answer would be the same.

3.  Appearing on the Emmy awards, Joan is on hand with Linda and John as they
present one of the awards of the evening.  They all look "great!"

4.  Looking "sensational" Joan stops by the set of "Hour Magazine" for a delightful visit! 
 With thirty years of the business under her belt, Joan talks about the things she is able 
to do now, that she never would have dreamed of doing when she first started.  On a
lighthearted note, Joan talks about her recent pictorial in "Playboy."  She also goes on 
to talk about her autobiography, "Past Imperfect" and Gary gets himself into a spot of 
trouble, when it comes to talking about the men in Joan's life.  She confronts the 
"headlines" as Gary brings to her attention all the things they have been writing about 
her in the tabloids.  Joan's reaction is priceless, as she discounts more than a few of
them!  She's full of spirit, smiling and having a wonderful time!

5.  Joined in progress, Joan stops by the "Tonight Show" for a spirited visit with guest
host, "Joan Rivers."  As you might imagine, the two ladies are more than "chatty" with one 
another!  Always lead by Ms. Rivers fascination with the topic of "sex" the interview becomes 
a "tell - all!" in which Joan spills more than a few secrets!  She's more than willing to share 
with us, her feelings on "everything!"  Her "pictorial in Playboy" "younger men" "all those 
sex scenes on Dynasty" and so much more!  Candid and upfront, Joan doesn't miss a beat, 
as she talks about everything!

6.  During a special "Dean Martin Celebrity Roast, Honoring Joan Collins" we are treated an 
exceptional star studded evening honoring the talented actress.  Joan looks gorgeous!  
Throughout the program, her friends speak fondly of her, while giving us more than a 
few laughs!  It's a great evening!  With some of the best!

7.  Looking absolutely "radiant" Joan makes a splendid return to the set of "Hour
Magazine."  With "Dynasty" becoming such a success, she talks about what it has done
for her, not only in terms of her career, but also in her personal life.  She's thrilled with the
success of show!  During the show, they present a few minutes of Joan receiving her 
"Star" on Hollywood Blvd., from earlier in the day.  Speaking candidly about the show, Joan
talks about her inspiration for Alexis!  On a personal note, she discusses her family, including
the accident which involved her daughter.  Great interview!  Wonderful "up close" moment!

8.  With the release of her book, "Past Imperfect" here in the States, Joan stops by the
set of the "Today Show" for an interesting interview.  She looks sensational!  Touching
upon the men that she has been involved with, she discusses the qualities that she looks
for in a man.  She also mentions many other things.  Wonderful "full" screen moment!
During the second part of her interview the conversation returns to her book, and the
reason for writing it, which is a direct reflection of Joan's image, and being a woman in
the business.  "I don't do things the easy way" she confides.  Great interview!

9.  Looking absolutely "beautiful" Joan gives an insightful and interesting interview to
Helen Gurley Brown, of "Cosmopolitan" magazine.  The conversation centers around Joan's
life and career, touching upon a variety of things.  Joan seems very open and willing to 
share her thoughts on her "past" no matter how "imperfect" it may have seemed to others.
Romance has always played a part in her life, and matters of the heart!  Which discusses in
great detail!  This is a very nice interview!

10.  Following the success of "Dynasty" Joan stepped into a variety of roles, that seemed
to be tailor made for the talented star!  On the set of the "Cartier Affair" she talks about
her character in the movie, during this interview from "Entertainment Tonight."

11.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Joan Collins for an interesting interview, 
where she talks about her role on "Dynasty."  Which has afforded her an opportunity to
be one of the most successful women in Hollywood.
"Video Collection #2"

1.  When it comes to "vixens" the 80's firmly established "Joan Collins" as one of the best,
along with the delightful "Morgan Fairchild!"  So it seemed only fitting that two ladies would
host a special together, titled:  "Blondes vs. Brunettes!"  Throughout the program it's hard to
say who looked more "gorgeous!"  Both of them look stunning!  Playing upon the roles that each
of them have created, Joan steps into the role of "Krystal Carrington" while Morgan plays the
devilish "Alexis!"  It doesn't get any better than this!  Several other skits find the two talented 
actresses exploring the age old question, do blondes have more fun?  Or brunettes?  
Morgan and Joan are having a great time!

2.  Looking absolutely stunning, Joan makes a wonderful appearance on the "Phil Donahue"
show.  Many of the things she mentioned earlier in some of the previous interviews, are 
touched upon again, but in greater detail.  It's an exceptional hour with the talented star!

3.  "Entertainment Tonight" spotlighted the latest "Dynasty" collectible available to those
who are looking for the ultimate treasure!  "Dolls" created in the likeness of Krystal and
Alexis, complete with all the diamonds!

4.  "Dynasty" gave Joan Collins a second chance at stardom, and the means by which to live the
life she always wanted, which we learn from this interview from "The Start of Something Big."
( full write up to follow )

5. During the first of many segments from "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"
we are treated to an exceptional "up close" moment with Joan!
Wonderful "full" screen moment! 
( full write up to follow )

6. "Good Morning America" took us "Behind the Scenes" of "Dynasty" with a glimpse of how 
some of the fabulous evening gowns are created by Nolan Miller.

7.  "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" spotlighted a special segment with Joan,
as she talks about her autobiography, "Past Imperfect."  For the first time, she touches
upon the accident that nearly took her daughter's life.  Which changed her perspective
on "everything" completely!

8.  "Entertainment Tonight" was on deck as "The Love Boat" announced who would set sail, 
as it's 1000th guest!  Many of those who had appeared on the show, we also on hand
for the celebration!  When asked about the long running show, Joan commented
that it was written into her contract that she had to appear on "The Love Boat."

9.  Speaking of the "Love Boat" the cast of the popular night time program, 
hosted ABC's "All Star Fall Party."  Looking splendid as always, Joan was on hand 
for the celebration!

10.  During a special weekend edition of "Entertainment Tonight" Barbara Howar
interviews the stunning, "Joan Collins!"  After talking about the role which turned her
career around, Joan touches upon many things.  Including spending time with her family, 
staying out of the spotlight, the men in her life, her parents and so much more!  With Paris
France as a backdrop, Joan takes us to the set of her upcoming mini-series, "Sins."  As
the interview continues, Peter joins us and shares his thoughts on their relationship.
This is truly a wonderful in depth interview!  Quite "long" too!
11. Speaking from the heart, Joan shares her feelings about her relationship with
Peter, as we "Runaway with the Rich and Famous."  Although a portion of this interview 
was shown earlier on "Lifestyles" they have expanded upon it, with some additional
footage of Joan!

12.  This next moment from "The Today Show" literally jumps out at you!  Joan looks
absolutely "radiant" as she gives us a preview of her latest endeavor, "ladies hats!"
When asked about her upcoming mini-series, Joan explains that an actor generally
has the ability to play many roles, on screen and off!


13.  Winning "Favorite Dramatic Series" the cast of Dynasty accepts the honor on the
11th Annual "People's Choice Awards."  Later in the program, Joan receives the honor
of "Favorite Female Television Performer."  Joan simply sparkles!


14.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Joan after winning her honor on
the "People's Choice Awards."
"Video Collection #3"

1.  "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" caught up with Joan in Paris, France
where she was filming her upcoming mini-series.  We are treated to an exceptional
interview, sprinkled with moments from the set.  She looks absolutely "gorgeous!"

2. Appearing on the 37th annual "Emmy Awards" Joan looks simply smashing, as
she presents one of the honors for the evening.

3.  Looking "beautiful" as always, Joan makes a special appearance on ABC's annual
"Fall Party" which spotlights some our favorite programs, that will be returning 
for another season!

4.  During a special segment from "Good Morning America" we are treated to an
exceptional interview with the entire cast of "Dynasty" as they return for another season.

5.  Speaking on behalf of her fellow cast members, Joan accepts the honor of "Favorite
Dramatic Television Series" during this exceptional moment from the "People's Choice Awards."
Joan looks stunning!

6. "Entertainment Tonight" attended a party thrown for Joan, celebrating the
success of her mini-series!  She looks "gorgeous!"

7.  During this short segment from "Entertainment Tonight" Joan talks about her
mini-series, "Sins."  If there seems to be a similarity between her character in the series
and Alexis, it's because Joan didn't want to totally step away from the type of individual
that her fans have come to expect from her.  Which often leads many to describe a woman
with that much strength and conviction, as being "bitchy."  A quality that Joan quickly
defends.  Wonderful "full" screen moment.  She looks fantastic!

8.  With millions of viewers watching the "Carringtons" week after week, "Lifestyles of
the Rich and Famous" spotlighted the jet set life of it's most famous star!  Even though it
may seem very glamorous working on one of the highest rated television series ever,
Joan assures us that it requires a great deal of work.  Whether she is in front of the
camera, or making an appearance in London to promote her perfume line, Joan is always
giving a hundred and ten percent.  While in London Joan takes a moment to visit with her 
father, before returning to the States.

9.  Returning to Paris, "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Joan on the set of her next project, 
"Monte Carlo."  Filming the series brought back memories of her parents and friends, who were
directly affected by the events of World War I, and the hardships they suffered.



10.  While on the set of "Dynasty" "Entertainment Tonight" spoke to each of the cast members
as the show celebrated it's 150th episode.  All three of it's main principal stars, expressed their
concern over a decline in ratings, and what we could expect for the new fall season.

11.  With "Monte Carlo" finished and ready to premiere, Joan visits with "Entertainment
Tonight" about the mini-series.  Plus many other things, including her thoughts on
leaving "Dynasty."

12.  Looking absolutely "radiant" Joan takes us "behind the scenes" as she films
her latest project, "Monte Carlo."  It's interesting watching her on the set, during this
exceptional moment from "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous."  When not in front of the
camera, Joan can be seen enjoying the nightlife of the city!  EXCEPTIONAL full screen
moments with Joan!  She looks absolutely FABULOUS!  They really spent some quality
time with her during this particular interview!

13.  Appearing on the 39th annual Emmy Awards, Joan presents the award for "Best
Television Comedy."  She looks wonderful!

14.  Looking beautiful as always, Joan makes a special appearance on "Hour Magazine."
The main focus of her interview with Gary Collins centered around the moment in which 
she decided to take her acting seriously, which ultimately shaped her destiny.  Very
insightful interview!

15.  "Entertainment Tonight" was on hand, along with nearly every other news reporter
in Hollywood, as Joan stepped into the court room to end her marriage to Peter Holm.
As they are preparing to leave she exclaims, "He's a bit of a loser!"

16.  Even CNN reported on the trial, catching up with Joan as she was leaving the
court room, after the verdict was announced.

17.  Slightly out of place, this next moment from "Entertainment Tonight" spotlights
all the assorted areas that Joan is involved in, from jewelry, perfume, eyeglasses, and
so much more!  She looks wonderful!  There are so many different images!

18.  "Entertainment Tonight" spotlighted Joan latest endeavor, a line of "woman's lingerie."
She looks wonderful! 

19.  During a special "All Star Party for Joan Collins" many of her long time friends gather
together to pay tribute to the talented actress.  Among them, "Rich Little" "Bea Arthur"
"Michelle Lee" "Jimmy Stewart" and many many more!  It's an exceptional evening,
honoring a dear lady!  Joan simply "sparkles!"  Speaking from the heart, she 
"thanks" everyone for the honor!

20. Upon returning to her home in London, "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" caught up with Joan,
for a wonderful "up close" interview!  She looks sensational!  Speaking from the heart, she talks
about her family, and why England will always be her home!  Throughout the rest of the interview,
they touch upon her various projects, which keeps her incredibly busy.  They present so many
images and moments with Joan, it's hard to describe all of them!  
She is truly living a spectacular life! 

21. "Hollywood Insider" presented a few minutes with Joan, as she considers leaving
"Dynasty" when her contract ends, and what she plans to do in the future!  She 
also discusses where she found the inspiration for her novel, "Prime Time."

22.  During an "up close" moment from "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" we are treated to
another great interview with Joan!  She touches upon her reason for leaving "Dynasty" and
her plans for the future.  Which include a variety of things!

23.  With the release of her new book, Joan stops by the set of "CBS This Morning" for 
an interesting visit.  She looks fabulous as always!  For years there was always a great deal
of speculation on whether Joan was like her character on "Dynasty."  The same thought comes
to mind again as she talks about her new book, which places her in the position of defending 
herself across the board.  


24. Looking sensational as always, Joan returns to the set of "Hour Magazine" for a delightful
visit.  She touches upon the rumor that she is leaving "Dynasty" by discussing her plans for
the future, which may or may not lead her back to the drama series.  Gary always treats her
with so much respect.  It's a wonderful interview!

"Video Collection #4"

1.  Joan always looks "sensational" but there's a certain sparkle in her eyes, as she makes an
"exceptional" appearance on the "Arsenio Hall Show."  Dressed in a "beautiful" sequined top, 
she looks absolutely gorgeous!  Joan is always working on some sort of project, this time around
she's promoting her brand new book.  Which dominates the first part of the interview.  After the
break, she explains the difference between talk shows in England, and those that we see here in
the States.  Which leads her talk about other differences.  Great interview!

2.  Returning to the "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" we are treated to a "Dynasty"
fashion show, compliments of Nolan Miller.  Among his special guests, "Joan Collins" "Linda
Evans" "Stephanie Beacham" and many others!

3.  Dressed in a STUNNING! evening gown, Joan welcomes us to the 46th annual "Golden 
Globe Awards."  She looks absolutely gorgeous!

4.  While appearing on "Entertainment Tonight" Joan talks about her latest project, 
a brand new perfume!  Which is part of her plan to shift the public's perception of her, away
from the image that they know her most by, "Alexis."

5. What could be better than one "Joan" but "two!"  As you will see, when Joan Collins
stops by the set of Joan Lunden's series, "Everyday."  Both of them look great!
After the break, Ms. Collins interviews her dear friend, "Vanessa Redgrave!"  Who
rarely allows herself to be interviewed.  This is an exceptional moment!

6.  Stepping to the stage on the 47th annual "Golden Globe Awards" Joan presents two of the 
honors for the evening.  As always, she looks great!

7.  If there is one individual that brings out the best in all of her guests, it would have
to "Oprah!"  Making a special appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Joan looks radiant!
And the crowd is "thrilled" to see her!  As we learn during their conversation, Joan has
experienced her share of "ups and downs" throughout the years, but she picks herself up
and carries on!  She talks about her brand new book, and many other things!  Far too things
to mention!  It's a delightful hour!

8. Although joined in progress, this next moment from the "Arsenio Hall Show" provides
us with a wonderful glimpse of Joan!  After talking about her current project, she is asked
about her children, and how they are doing.  Following that, she puts to rest the notion that
she is like her character on "Dynasty."  Which she finds funny, because she has left the show
and yet, they still want to make the comparison between them.  She goes on to talk about
many things!  Very nice interview!

9.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Joan, as she lashes out at one of the tabloids after
they printed semi-nude photos of her, from the south of France.

10.  With "Private Lives" opening in Los Angeles, Joan makes a "splendid" appearance on the
"Tonight Show."  She looks "smashing!"  Very very glamorous!  She shares with us several
stories centered around the play, and so much more!  It's an exceptional interview!

11.  After a splendid introduction by Greg Kinear, Joan makes a "great" appearance on NBC's 
late night talk show, "Later."  When asked whether the British would appreciate some of the
more 'popular' programs here, like "Talk Soup!" Joan touches upon the differences between
the two cultures.  The fun doesn't stop there!  They present a scene from "Dynasty" dubbed
in French!  And it's hilarious!  After which, Joan points out that we need to replay the tape,
because it's her "stand in" that Blake is choking!  Which is so funny!  And there's more!
Greg slips and says something that is unintentionally taken wrong, and Joan exclaims, "I
didn't know you were 'that way!'" After which she quickly apologizes because she knows
that he isn't gay, but it played right along with all the fun they were having together!  After
the break the fun continues, as Joan demonstrates one of her exercises from her brand
new video, and so the two of them are doing the "hula!"  This was one of those "rare" 
moments, which allowed us to see the "playful" side of Joan!  And there's much more,
than what I've mentioned here!  She was laughing and having fun the whole show!
Truly not to be missed!

12.  "Entertainment Tonight" spotlighted Joan's return to the big screen in "Decadence" where 
she plays two characters:  one of them a rich socialite and the other, a woman down on her luck!

13.  Returning to the "Golden Globe Awards" Joan is always a favorite!  She looks radiant!

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