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"Video Collection #1"

1.) Appearing on the “Phil Donahue” show, Naomi and Wynonna perform one of their earliest
hits “Cry myself to sleep.” Afterwards, Phil begins to ask them about the lean times before they
reached their current “success.” In talking to them, he draws the connection of what it must 
be like for a “mother and daughter” to be working so closely together. Carrying this topic a
bit further, Phil welcomes his other guests: “The McQuire Sisters” to the stage. Who
provide some advice to Naomi and Wynonna, on how to continue working together. 
After the break they perform a rousing rendition of “Have mercy.” Throughout the show,
The Judds comment on many things. Naomi presents some really interesting stories 
about the two of them. In closing the show, they perform “Grandpa.” 


2.) While appearing on the “American Music Awards” Naomi and Wynonna present 
the award for “Favorite Country Video.” 


3.) Presenting on the 27th Annual “Grammy Awards” The Judds step to the stage, 
to offer the award for “Best Country Male Performance.” 


4.) In making the rounds, The Judds stop by the “Sally Jesse Raphael” show. Opening with a
delightful rendition of their latest release “Have Mercy,” they sound absolutely wonderful!
Afterwards, they share the spotlight, commenting on many things. Very interesting! During
this particular appearance, they look wonderful! Naomi is especially beautiful in the closeups! 
In a DELIGHTFUL, SURPRISING MOMENT, Ashley pops up in the audience! Unbeknownest
to either Naomi or Wynonna. Very nice! Providing additional insight into the “mother / daughter”
duo, Ashley has brought along some photos from home, which is puts them on the spot! 
The surprises keep coming, as Naomi’s mom joins them on stage too! Wynonna comments: 
“This feels like ‘This is your life.’ “ In closing the show, they perform “Grandpa.” 
Unfortunately, the show ends before they can finish. 


5.) Accepting the honor of being able to perform for the Troops overseas, “Entertainment 
Tonight” catches up with The Judds, as they prepare for their “USO Tour.” 


6.) Appearing on the “Country Music Awards” The Judds perform “Turn it loose.” Clearly 
having a great time, they look and sound wonderful! Unfortunately, for some reason during 
this particular clip the reception blinks out for a second. Afterwards, they take home the 
award for “Favorite Duo or Group.” 

7.) At a later date, this additional segment from “Entertainment Tonight” aired, providing a
delightful exchange between Naomi and Wynonna. Who are clearly enjoying their success. 


8.) Accepting the honor for “Favorite Country Video” The Judds appear on this particular
installment of the “American Music Awards.” Afterwards, they perform a wonderful rendition 
of their hit song: “Don’t be cruel” during a Tribute to Elvis Presley. In closing, they accept
another honor: “Favorite Country Single.” 


9.) Appearing on “The Tonight Show” the two ladies sing a spirited version of “Maybe
your baby’s got the blues.” They look wonderful! With very little accompaniment from 
the band, their voices blend perfectly. Afterwards, Jay welcomes them for a few minutes 
of conversation. Which proves interesting. Returning from the break, they step to the stage
again for another selection “I know where I’m going.” Truly a classic moment, filled with
exceptional closeups! 


10.) In the 80’s there was a program on the U.S.A. Network, called “Coverstory.” Which featured
some of the entertainers of that particular time period. This is their “Story.” Shown in the studio,
they are recording their third album. After a brief overview of their career, we are treated to an
exceptional interview. Both Naomi and Wynonna appear very relaxed on camera, sharing some
very insightful memories from their past. In celebrating the Christmas Season, Naomi presents
the first gift that Wynonna ever gave her. Which brings tears to the both of them. Very touching.
Also during this particular episode of “Coverstory” they show several scenes of them singing in 
Nashville, as the “Soap Sisters.” Which is truly amazing! Later in the show, they are seen signing
autographs at a music store in New York City; which presents them in a new light. This is a very
insightful “Coverstory” with them! Not to be missed! 


11.) On a lighter note, Naomi and Wynonna visit with Lorraine Crook and Charlie Chase on
their popular Nashville program. During this wonderful interview, they talk about many things!
Especially, how lucky they have been with their career. They both look wonderful! 


12.) Stepping to the stage, on the 30th Celebration, honoring the “Country Music Awards” 
The Judds perform a rousing rendition of “Rockin’ to the Rhythm of the Rain.” Naomi looks
absolutely beautiful in her elegant evening gown! While Wynonna is dressed in a very stylish
outfit, herself. Exceptional closeups! 


13.) In celebrating the Christmas Holiday Season, The Judds appear on a special edition of 
“New Country” from the Nashville Network. They Naomi and Wynonna look wonderful! 
They perform several selections. 


14.) Accepting another award on the 23rd “Academy of Country Music” Awards, The Judds
clearly are thrilled with their win! As always they graciously accept the honor. Later in the show, 
they perform a wonderful rendition of “Old Pictures.” Truly a classic moment!


"Video Collection #2"

1.) Visiting the troops overseas, “The Judds” take us along on their special tour of 
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, on a special “USO Celebrity Tour.” Shown in concert, they perform 
“Rockin’ to the Rhythm of the Rain” “Maybe your baby’s got the blues” “Rock it up!”
“I know where I’m going.” “Don’t be cruel” “The Sweetest Gift” and “Grandpa.” In between 
the musical numbers, they tour the island and provide an interesting glimpse into the life of the
troops stationed there. Overall, it’s the concert footage that is so striking! Exceptional! Of
the two, Naomi looks the best, while Wynonna has more of a “natural” look! 
Wonderful performance! 

2.) On the 22nd Annual “Country Music Awards” The Judds win for “Vocal Duo the Year.”
In accepting their award, they joke around with each other just a little bit before turning serious. 
After a short introduction by Naomi, Wynonna joins her on stage for a stirring rendition of
“Change of Heart.” Truly a classic moment. 


3.) Appearing on the “Pat Sajak” show, The Judds perform another rendition of their latest 
release: “Change of Heart.” As always, they look wonderful! Wynonna sounds great! During the
interview portion of the show, they talk about their upcoming special: “Judds Across the 
Heartland.” In addition, they also discuss a recent concern, which involved Ashley.
Which will surprise you. 


4.) “Crook and Chase” provide a short but interesting interview with “The Judds” on the
evening of their upcoming special. During this particular segment they talk about their fans, 
who’s devotion and admiration runs deep. 


5.) While traveling with “The Judds Across the Heartland” we catch a glimpse into their
lives, both professionally and privately. Truly a wonderful special! Not to be missed! Throughout
the show they sing a variety of their hits! In addition to their selections, Gary Morris stops by
to perform as well. As we travel along with them, they share so many special moments with us!


"Video Collection #3"

1.) Appearing on this particular installment of the “American Music Awards” Naomi and 
Wynonna present the award, for “Favorite Country Male” to Randy Travis. 


2.) In an “upclose” interview with Naomi, “Entertainment Tonight” finds her talking about 
getting married to Larry. She says, the time is finally right! 


3.) Performing their latest release “True Love” Naomi and Wynonna appear on the “
TNN Viewer’s Choice Awards.” They both look great! Wonderful Full Screen Closeups! 


4.) In handing the microphone to The Judds, “Entertainment Tonight” gets a backstage 
glimpse into the 23rd Annual “Country Music Awards.” While attending the rehearsals,
they catch up with many of the stars that will be performing when the show airs. 


5.) Stepping to the stage, “The Judds” perform a rousing rendition of “Let me tell you about
love” on the 23rd “Country Music Awards.” Wynonna looks especially stylish! While Naomi 
is dressed in a very elegant evening gown! They both expresses themselves so confidently. 
Afterwards, they present the award for “Favorite Country Male” performer. 


6.) Appearing on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” Naomi and Wynonna perform
a wonderful selection from their latest album. Afterwards, during the interview portion of the
evening, the conversation turns to their current “relationships.” Once again, they look 
exceptional. Please note: unfortunately, their opening number was joined in progress, and
so it’s missing a few seconds. AND, unfortunately their next musical number was 
accidently clipped at the end. Normally I wouldn’t have included this particular appearance,
but their presence on the screen is so striking that I couldn’t resist. 
Their final selection is “River of Time.” 


7.) Perhaps with this next appearance I can redeem myself! Performing on the 24th 
Annual “Academy of Country Music Awards” The Judds sing a spirited rendition of “Let me 
tell you about love.” As always, they both exceptional! Later in the show, they graciously
accept the award for “Favorite Duo.” 


8.) After a wonderful introduction by Ralph Emery, “The Judds” perform a stirring rendition 
of “River of Time” on this particular installment of “Nashville Now.” They look and sound
wonderful! Afterwards, they have a delightful visit with Ralph. Later in the show, they return
to the stage, to perform a rousing version of “Let me tell you about love.” Which is fantastic!
Wonderful Full Screen Closeups! 


9.) On Bob Hope’s annual Christmas program, “The Judds” treat us to two Holiday selections. 
As always, they look and sound wonderful! In between the musical numbers, they spoof
the popular movie “Steel Magnolias” with Naomi and Wynonna in the lead roles. Which 
is really cute! 


10.) Stepping to the stage, “The Judds” look stylish in their outfits, on this particular 
installment of the “American Music Awards.” Both of them look radiant! Returning later in 
the show, they perform a selection from their latest album: “Love’s calling in the wind.” 
You’ll have to excuse me, if I don’t have the title correct. 


11.) Returning to Nashville, Naomi and Wynonna make a special appearance on the popular 
country favorite: “Hee Haw.” Looking and sounding wonderful as always, they perform 
“Young Love” and “River of Time.” Very nice! 


12.) “Live from the stage of the Grand Ole’ Opry House in Nashville” The Judds welcomed 
those in attendance at the 24th Annual “Country Music Awards” with a rousing rendition of 
“This country’s rockin’.” Later in the program, they return to pick up an award for 
“Vocal Duo of the Year.” 


13.) Appearing on the 25th “Academy of Country Music Awards” The Judds open the show,
by introducing “Alabama.” 


14.) On this particular installment of the “Oprah Winfrey” show, she welcomes some of the 
biggest names in country music: “The Judds” “Clint Black” “K.T. Oslin” and “Kathy Mattea.” 
Performing “Born to be blue” Naomi and Wynonna step to the stage, looking wonderful as 
always! Full of energy and spirit, they clearly are enjoying themselves! “This is just one of
my favorite shows!” exclaims Oprah. After each of them has performed, they all sit down
for a delightful interview! Having the added guests there, with Naomi and Wynonna adds 
a certain depth to the meaning of country music in our lives. After the break, they perform
“Grandpa.” Truly wonderful hour with all of them! 


15.) On the 5th Anniversary of the Nashville Network, they presented a wonderful overview of
“The Judds” incredible career. From their early days, to the present. In an interesting moment, 
they are interviewed from inside their tour bus, while on the road! And it’s moving! Very nice! 
Throughout this delightful moment with them, they share many special memories! Relaxing 
on her bed in the tour bus, Naomi visits with Lorriane Crook, talking about those “magic” 
hours on stage.

"Video Collection #4"

1.) In an exceptional interview with “Barbara Walters” Naomi and Wynonna reflect upon
their recent announcement that they are going to have to break up, on account of Naomi’s illness. 
After an overview of their incredible career, they sit down for a very emotional interview. They 
discuss many things, from their early days, to the present, which brings forth the tears, for
the both of them. Words can’t express the depth of this particular interview. 


2.) Featured on “Good Morning America” the focus of this particular interview begins with the 
release of their new album: “Love can build a bridge.” Naturally, the conversation turns to 
their recent announcement of them breaking up. They both look wonderful considering the early
morning hour! Exceptional! 


3.) “Crook and Chase” also had the chance to visit “The Judds” as well, following the
announcement. “The Lord is my doctor, and the fans are the medicine” Naomi exclaims. 
During this heartwarming interview, they talk about how this has brought them closer 
together. In a lighter moment, they are shown attending the “parade” in their hometown of
Ashlin Kentucky. 


4.) On this particular installment of the “American Music Awards” The Judds present the
award for “Favorite R&B Group.” 


5.) After a rousing rendition of “Born to be blue” Naomi and Wynonna step into the role of
“Host” on this particular installment of “Nashville Now.” It’s nice to see them having such
a good time, as they welcome some of their good friends, namely “Tammy Wynette” to the 
show. “We’re having entirely too much fun!” exclaims Naomi. On a final note, they perform 
a Holiday favorite, from their Christmas album. 

6.) Sharing their talents, one more time, “The Judds” appear on the “Phil Donahue” show. After
a spirited version of “Born to be blue” the ladies sit down for an exceptional hour, of music and
memories! They are clearly enjoying the spotlight! in spite of the circumstances surrounding 
their appearances during this last year together. On camera, during the interview portion of 
the show, they look gorgeous! Wonderful upclose moments with them! After the break, they 
return to perform “Grandpa.” In a light hearted moment, the audience is given “three-D-glasses” 
so they can view “The Judds” latest video “Love can build a bridge.” The members of the studio
audience, share their thoughts on how much they would like them to continue, which touches
their hearts. 


7.) On the 26th Annual “Academy of Country Music Awards” The Judds are honored
with “Top Vocal Duet.” After a heartfelt and tearful acceptance speech, they perform “Love can 
build a bridge” in their last Academy appearance. Truly a classic moment! 


8.) Returning to “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” The Judds make another final appearance,
on the late night program, performing a selection from their Greatest Hits Collection. Wynonna 
looks EXCEPTIONAL in these upclose full screen moments! Naomi looks “GREAT” too! After 
the break, they perform another number. Truly a wonderful moment! 


9.) Joining those assembled on “Hot Country Nights” Naomi and Wynonna kick things into high
gear, with a rousing rendition of “Born to be blue.” It’s hard to believe that the “end” is nearly at 
hand, with their final concert, only days away. They look and sound WONDERFUL! Slowing
things down, they perform a heartfelt rendition of “River of time.” Exceptional closeups! 


10.) The “American Music Awards” honored “The Judds” with a wonderful retrospective of
their moments on the popular award show. All of which, leads to Wynonna’s first musical 
appearance on her own: “She is his only need.” From the audience, Naomi looks on with 
tears in her eyes. 


11.) On this particular clip from “Entertainment Tonight” Wynonna receives a record
industry award for her first single. 


12.) Appearing via satellite, Naomi is welcomed to the set of “Good Morning America” 
during this interview given only days before the final concert. She confides that maybe the 
“goodbye tour” might have saved her life; she talks about the fans and the strength they 
have given her. 


13.) “Entertainment Tonight” is also on hand, during Naomi’s final interview before the 
“goodbye concert.” She looks wonderful considering the early hour! 


14.) Calling it the “Biggest Night of our Lives” Naomi and Wynonna perform their final 
concert together. Afterwards, many of their friends in the country business offer their thoughts. 


15.) In this final clip, from “Crook and Chase” The Judds are seen lending a hand to those
less fortunate during the Holiday Season.

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