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Moments from the Past!
Video Collection #1

1.) In the mid 80’s the “USA Network” presented a weekly 
program called: “Coverstory.” Where they devoted a half hour to 
some of the popular entertainers of that particular time; well this
is her “story.” Shown relaxing at her home in Philadelphia, Patti
confides that she always knew that one day she’d be a “Star!” 
Throughout the show, they present so many different images of her
that it’s hard to list them all! From her early days with “LaBelle” 
performing in concert; to her current solo material: “Stir it up!” and 
“New Attitude.” In a wonderful “upclose” moment, they also show Patti in
the recording studio working on her new album, singing a portion
of “On my own.” Which is truly wonderful! Returning to her home, 
Patti is shown walking with her husband around the grounds of their
spacious home. Even though she is definitely a “superstar” she proclaims
“that she will always be that little girl from Philadelphia.” 

2.) In this particular installment of the “American Music Awards” Patti
presents an award to the “Pointer Sisters” for “Favorite Black Group.” 

3.) Lending her incredible voice in support of “Live Aid” Patti helps out
this wonderful cause, to end world hunger. Unfortunately, her solo 
performance isn’t complete, but later when she joins the entire 
group for the “Finale” she takes the microphone, and sings a few bars
of the popular song “We are the World.” As the song goes from one
individual to the next, you can still hear Patti in the background. 

4.) Appearing in her first network television special, Patti starts
the evening off, by performing “Over the Rainbow.” Which is nothing
short of fantastic! After her spectacular opening number, during
a fashion show segment, Patti presents all of the outfits that she wish
she had the chance to wear. While these ladies appear, Patti struts her own
stuff while singing a highly charged version of her hit song: “New Attitude.”
Dipping into the past she performs “Lady Marmalade “ which soars into
the heavens, as Cyndi Lauper joins her on stage, for a rousing exchange! It’s
truly exceptional watching these two ladies go back and forth! Slowing things
down a bit, the two stars blend their incredible voices on an acappella 
version of “Time after time.” Returning from the break, Patti sings the opening
bars of “You are my friend” which leads her to share a few of her own
thoughts on “being there for someone else.” In welcoming Amy Grant to the
stage we are treated to another exceptional moment! After a short break,
Patti changes into an exquisite evening gown, ready to whip things up again!
This time she sings a rousing rendition of “Born in the U.S.A.” which must have
been one of the more popular tunes of the time. In an interesting change of pace,
she then sings John Lennon’s “Imagine.” This particular moment is
full of wonderful “full screen closeups!” Afterwards, Luther Vandross joins
her on stage for an exceptional duet of “Just one night.” Which perfectly 
blends their incredible voices. Dressed in a spectacular revealing evening
gown Patti closes the show with an encore of “Over the Rainbow.” 

5.) Sharing vocals with Michael McDonald, Patti presents their
video “On my own.” 

6.) In the 80’s it was all about the “big show!” Well, nothing compares
to this next particular moment! In 1986, on the “Fourth of July” a celebration
was put together, honoring our Great Nation; and what sets this particular 
event apart from all the rest, is the fact it was held in a “stadium” setting.
Appearing in the middle of the playing field, on a movable platform, Patti
begins her tribute! As she starts to sing, the platform swiftly moves to the
end of the field, connecting perfectly with the stage that is already set
up there. Joining the incredible choir already assembled, their
voices fill the stadium. 

7.) Appearing at the Apollo Theater, Patti helps celebrate some of 
the songs from “Motown. ” In an exceptional moment of sheer vocal talent,
Patti shares the stage with Joe Cocker, on a spirited version of “You are so
beautiful.” Which is absolutely fantastic! During moments like this, Patti just
lets the music take over! Truly a remarkable moment! Returning later
in the show, she has changed into a gorgeous evening gown, that flows with
her, at every turn. She absolutely fills the auditorium with her presence 
during this rousing gospel number! As the show draws to a close, Patti 
returns to the stage for the “Encore” and believe it or not, she has
changed into another elegant evening gown! Which is exceptional! 

8.) Dressed in an exquisite evening gown, Patti helps celebrate the
birth of our “great nation” during a wonderful “Liberty Special.” While
singing the praises of this great Nation, she is simply wonderful! 

9.) Singing “When you wish upon a star” Patti treats the audience
to another delightful time honored classic! This particular appearance
from the “Night of a 100 Stars” is truly wonderful! 
No one shines brighter than Miss LaBelle! 

10.) Returning with a touch of “gospel” Patti performs one of her 
favorites on the 2nd Annual “Soul Train” Awards. Her performance is 
highlighted by a series of brilliant camera angles and split scenes, that 
bring her “up close and personal.” She looks fantastic! 

Video Collection #2

1.) Looking radiant, Patti joins Gladys Knight and Dionne Warick for
an incredible special titled: “Sisters: In the name of love.” Truly a
remarkable evening from all three of these talented ladies!
They all look absolutely exquisite in their evening gowns! Throughout
the show, they perform many of their favorites! Such incredible voices! And
so much energy too! While performing “Living in America” Patti displays
her ability to do the “slide!” shuffling across the stage, with such ease! 
Slowing things down, they each take a turn in the spotlight. Gladys sings
the classic anthem from the 70’s: “I will survive” adding her own touch to
this particular song. When Dionne takes to the stage, she sings “I will never
love this way again.” Which is truly fantastic! Picking up the pace, Patti takes
her moment in the spotlight to perform her signature tune “New Attitude.”
Simply ~ Delightful! During the break between each of these individual 
numbers, the ladies share a little bit of “girl talk” around the kitchen table,
talking about many things! Returning to the stage together, the ladies perform
a stirring version of “Somewhere.” Which perfectly blends their incredible
voices! Afterwards, they share some of the songs from the past, which is equally
enjoyable: “My Guy” “Money, Money” “The ten commandments of love”
“I only have eyes for you” and “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch” ~ to name but
a few! Ending the program, they perform “That’s what friends are for.” 
Having not seen this particular special in years, it was simply delightful!
Not to be missed! 

2.) On a lighter note, no wears more sequins than Patti LaBelle, 
unless you’re name is “Dolly Parton!” Appearing on her variety show, Patti
delivers an exceptional performance of “I loved you a little bit too long” which
has her hitting all those high notes! When she joins Dolly for a moment of 
“girl talk” the two of them discuss many things, before going into an 
acappella version of “Mama loves short bread.” Which is cute. Closing
the show, they join together for a rousing “gospel” number! “Up above I 
hear music.” Which is wonderful! Both of them look exceptional! 

3.) Making an appearance on the “Oprah Winfrey” show, Patti is truly
unbelievable! Stepping from behind the curtain, she performs a stirring
rendition of “Somewhere over the rainbow.” Adding her own touch to
this time honored classic, she proves that no one else can deliver this
song, with as much intensity! Interestingly, their conversation begins 
with Patti talking about the generosity of her fans and how much they mean
to her. She talks about her “gift” and when she knew that she could reach
others through her music. Returning from the commercial they show a 
portion of her video “On my own,” which sparks an interesting story, about
that song. As they visit, their conversation touches upon many things!
Afterwards, she displays her “New Attitude” in a delightful performance
of the her hit song. As the show progresses, the two ladies discuss the 
“emotional” side of her personality and how this relates to her music. She
talks about her family and how they keep her grounded, in light
of her tremendous success. In an unexpected moment of inspiration, she
performs “The Lord’s Prayer” acappella, after talking about her
faith. Closing the show, she performs “You are my friend.” This particular
hour with Patti is exceptional! Not to be missed! 


4.) Looking “ABSOLUTELY” radiant in her exquisite evening gown,
Patti lifts the roof off “Radio City Music Hall” during a tribute to some of the
song writers of our time. Singing “Look to the Rainbow” she is clearly every
bit the “Star!” I can’t even begin to describe how incredible she looks! 

Video Collection #3

1.) Appearing on the 3rd Annual “Soul Train” Awards, Patti honors us 
with her presence, as a co-host for the evening. As always she looks 
wonderful! Returning later she sings a Michael Jackson selection: 
“I just can’t stop loving you.” Dressed in an exquisite evening
gown, she looks every bit the “Star!” Truly an exceptional moment!
Filled with Patti’s expressive voice and personality! 

2.) Performing the first song selection from her new album, Patti 
returns to “Soul Train” for a wonderful rendition of “Yo Mister.” 
Unfortunately, this particular performance is not complete
... one of the few moments in my collection, where I wasn’t 
completely ready to capture her on screen. Afterwards, she accepts
a few questions from the audience, who are just as taken
with her delightful personality, as we are, watching this
wonderful moment! In closing, she sings a spirited rendition
of “If you asked me to.” 

3.) In an “ELECTRIFIYING” moment of sheer musical perfection!
Patti takes on the role of the “Acid Queen” in the rock opera “Tommy.”
When she whips off her cloak, she unveils an “exotic, out-of-this world” 
presence that literally transcends anything you have ever seen before! 
Absolutely Brilliant! 

4.) Performing an emotional rendition of her ballad: “If you asked
me to” Patti stops by the Pat Sajak show, for a delightful interview, 
intermixed with several musical selections. In a touching moment, she
talks about the death of her sister, and how she feel that the energy 
of those that have passed on, come through her when she performs. Always
known for her incredible sense of “fashion” she talks about her 
clothes and how she might not have told the truth when asked about how
many shoes she has in her closet at home. In discussing her role in the
rock opera “Tommy” she shares an interesting story about “Elton John” and
they came to know one another. Returning to the stage, she sings another
selection from her new album: “I got it like that.” After the break, she has
changed into an elegant outfit, ready to perform her signature tune: “New
Attitude” which closes the show. Truly a wonderful appearance, 
from beginning to end. 

5.) “Entertainment Tonight” catches up with the talented Superstar!
In this delightful interview, she talks about her upcoming movie: “Sing.”
Shown performing in the recording studio, we witness, once again,
her incredible energy! 

6.) Appearing on the “Arsenio Hall” show, Patti performs “
I can’t complain” from her new album “Be yourself.” Looking wonderful
as always, she simply commands your attention! As the song draws to a
close, she explains to the audience, “this was something we decided
to sing at the last minute” before she breaks into a ROUSING version
of “Over the Rainbow.” Her level of intensity is unmatched by anyone! 

7.) During a “Night of a 100 Stars” no one shines brighter than Miss 
LaBelle! Setting the stage for some of the most beloved songs of all time, Patti
sings a few bars of the Carpenter’s tune “Sing.” Which leads to an introduction,
where some of our most celebrated entertainers perform. After each
of the individual guests have taken their turn, the spotlight returns to Patti, who
performs “If you asked me to.” 

8.) Appearing on “A Different World” Patti stops by to “stir things up!”
Sprinkled throughout the program, she displays her talent for acting,
while taking center stage! 

9.) In this short clip from “Entertainment Tonight” Patti comments on 
her appearance at an outdoor concert in Pasadena California, where 
she exclaims: “So they can see this old diva up there doing her stuff!” 

10.) High atop one of the floats in the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving
Day Parade, this short appearance finds Patti performing “Wouldn’t it be
beautiful.” Unfortunately, she is unable to perform for very long, 
as she moves along. 

11.) During “Motown’s 30th Celebration” Patti shares the stage
with Michael Bolton, for a fantastic medley of “Ain’t nothing like the real
thing.” “Heaven must have sent you” and “You’re all I need.” In closing,
they receive a standing ovation from the audience. 

12.) Performing “If you asked me to” Patti makes a guest 
appearance on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.” As always, 
she is simply marvelous! Sitting down with Mr. Carson, they 
talk about many things! Afterwards, she returns to the stage to
perform another selection from her album: “Yo Mister.” Truly
another great appearance! 

13.) In this short clip from “Entertainment Tonight” Patti is
shown attending a fund raiser in New York City. As always, she
looks absolutely radiant! 

14.) While honoring our troops overseas, Bob Hope welcomes 
Patti to his annual “Special” for a delightful musical moment! 
Performing a spirited medley of “From a distance” and 
“There’s a winner in you” the words expressed in these two
selections, take on a deeper meaning. It goes without saying, Patti
looks exceptional! Another wonderful moment! 

15.) Returning to “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” this
particular appearance is joined in progress, as Patti helps celebrate the
“Holiday Season.” After a short break, she returns to 
perform one of the selections from her new Christmas album.
Dressed for the “Season” she looks radiant! 

16.) On the 5th Annual “Soul Train” Music Awards, Patti joins
Dionne Warick and Luther Vandross, as they host the event. Looking
“fine” in her sequined jacket, Patti simply sparkles! Later
in a tribute to Smokey Robinson, Patti joins Luther on 
stage for a show stopping rendition of “Baby, Ooh Baby.” As the
tribute continues, Gladys joins them on stage, to 
perform another one of his many hits! Fabulous! 

17.) Appearing on the “Arsenio Hall” show, this exceptional
hour with Patti, begins with another performance of “Over the Rainbow”
that shifts into another song, only to return to the original frame work of 
the movie classic, as it draws to a close. The words of the two songs
fit together so well, that you would believe they were one! Truly 
wonderful! Sitting down with the popular late night host, they talk about
many things. Because they have known each other for a very long time,
Arsenio provides us with a greater depth and insight into the person, rather 
than the entertainer. The hour is filled with so many great moments 
from Patti’s life and career. Complete with wonderful closeup shots of her!
Returning from the break, Patti is joined by Michael McDonald, who shares
the honor with Patti on their hit song: “On my own.” 
Which is absolutely wonderful! As if that wasn’t enough, in closing the
show, Patti offers up another selection: “Feels like another one.” What a night! 

The following items were added, afterwards to fill up the 
remaining time on the tape.

18.) After filming the commercial for “McDonalds” Patti encountered
some criticism concerning her endorsement of the popular fast 
food chain, after reportedly being a vegetarian. In this
installment of “Entertainment Tonight” she sets the record straight! 

19.) Appearing again on “Entertainment Tonight” from the same
setting, Patti reflects upon her fans, and wanting to give them 110%
of herself whenever she takes to the stage!

20.) Returning to the “Soul Train” Music Awards, Patti takes on
the role of co-host for the evening. Later in the show, she performs 
“Yo Mister” in a Tribute to “Prince.” During both 
of these clips from the show, Patti looks exceptional! 

21.) Joining Arsenio Hall, on his popular late night program, 
Patti helps welcome “Prince” to the show. Although he doesn’t visit 
with them, Patti provides several stories of what he is really like, 
having worked with him before. Even though Patti doesn’t honor us,
with her incredible vocal talent, she is just as delightful visiting with
Arsenio. Throughout their interview, she talks about many different things,
both personal and professional. Overall, a very relaxed moment.
This particular tape runs 2 hours and 35 minutes in length.  

Video Collection #4

1. Returning to the benefit for "Live Aid" we are treated to an exceptional performance 
from Patti, as she sings the John Lennon classic, "Imagine."  Truly a remarkable 
performance!  Wonderful "full" screen - upclose moments with her!

2.  Dipping even further into the past, Patti sings a heartfelt version of the song, 
"Wind beneath my wings" on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.  It's interesting 
seeing this particular moment, because she hasn't quite adapted the "look" which 
later becomes her trademark.  As we all know, this particular song has been 
performed many times throughout the years, but I have to say Patti's version 
is definitely one of the best!

3.  Attending the third "Commitment to Life" benefit, Patti performs a selection 
on behalf of this worthy cause.  She looks wonderful, during this moment 
from "Entertainment Tonight."

4.  Gladys Knight and Dionne Warwick introduce a special tribute to Patti on the 
24th annual "NAACP Image Awards."  Several of Patti's friends take to the stage to 
perform her signature tunes, including "New Attitude" by Shanice, "Lady Marmalade" 
by the beautiful Sheryl Lee Ralph, "You are my friend" by Peabo Bryson, and many 
others.  It's a fantastic tribute to Patti!  Later she speaks from the heart, as she 
accepts "Entertainer of the Year."

5.  Raising the roof off the place, Patti sings a ROUSING rendition of the song, 
"You don't have to" with Ronnie Milsap on the special, honoring the 35th 
Anniversary of the "Country Music Awards."  Patti rocks the house!  
This is an "exceptional" performance!

6. While visiting with Robert Klein on his program for the A&E Network, Patti 
touches upon many things, including her new cd, "Burnin'" which has been just 
been released.  Robert compliments Patti on the way she approaches everything
that she does, and Patti says that carries over into her personal life.  She always
gives a hundred and ten percent.  Interestingly, Patti shares a really cute story
from her childhood.  Stepping to the stage, she performs "Twas love."

7.  Stepping into the role of hostess for the evening, Patti lends her presence to the 
7th annual Soul Train Music Awards.  She looks gorgeous!  

8.  Returning to the Arsenio Hall Show, Patti looks absolutely radiant 
as she performs a selection, titled "When you love somebody."  There is 
clearly something different about Patti, and when she visits with Arsenio 
she mentions that she has lost twenty pounds, and it's really made 
a difference!  She also talks about her new series, "Out all night" which 
is really good!  Patti has so many projects going, that she says "I sound 
like a crazy woman!"

9.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up Patti as she was getting ready for her 
appearance at the Superbowl, during Disney's half time celebration.  They present 
several minutes of her performance, along with her thoughts as she leaves 
the stage.  She looks sensational in her "red" dress!

10.  Appearing on the 9th annual "Soul Train Awards" Patti joins her co-hosts, 
Anita Baker and Baby Face, for the special evening.  Patti  looks "BEAUTIFUL!" 
Later in the program, during a very special tribute to Diana Ross, Patti selects 
several of her songs to perform.  It's "great" hearing her singing the classics 
"Ain't no mountain high enough" "It's my turn" "Someday we'll be together "  
As the tribute to Diana Ross continues, Patti returns to the stage to join 
several other performers on the classic, "Endless love."  Which is wonderful!

11.  Entertainment Tonight spotlighted the Soul Train Music Awards, 
with a very special "backstage" view, both "during - and - after the show!"  
Patti looks sensational!

12.  Looking absolutely radiant, Patti makes a special appearance on the 
Tony Bennett special "A Salute to the Ladies."  Singing the classic, "I've got rhythm" 
Patti raises the roof off the place with her incredible voice!

13.  Saluting another talented entertainer, Patti makes a special appearance 
celebrating Elizabeth Taylor's 65th Birthday.  Performing the classic song, 
"You are so beautiful" Patti makes the song her own!  Hitting all the high notes!  
She looks so gorgeous in her beautiful evening gown!


14.  Performing "I never stopped loving you" Patti makes a special appearance on 
the night time program, "Later with Greg Kinnear."  As always, Patti looks sensational!  
She has never looked or sounded better! 

15.  With the release of her book, "Don't block the blessings" Patti visits with Regis
and Kathie Lee, on their popular daytime show.  During this "insightful" interview, she 
touches upon many things that she wrote about, even the "unpleasant moments."  
Through which she gained a greater understanding of herself, and therefore the 
"blessing."  After the break, they continue to talk about the book, but they 
shift their focus to happier times.

16.  Performing "I never stopped loving you" Patti unveils her brand new video, 
for the hit song.  She looks simply absolutely gorgeous, as always!  Patti continues 
to shine, as she performs "The right kind of lover."  There are so many beautiful 
images of her, scattered throughout this exceptional music video collection.

17.  On the 10th annual "Soul Train Music Awards" Patti is honored with a 
very special tribute.  After a wonderful retrospective of her life and career, 
Peabo Bryson and several other very well known entertainers, perform one 
of Patti's greatest hits.  In accepting her honor, she looks absolutely beautiful!  
Later in the program, Patti returns with one of our favorites, "Somewhere over
the rainbow" which proves why she is one of the most beloved entertainers in 
the music industry.  She literally lifts the roof off the place, with 
her incredible voice!  


Video Collection # 5

1.  When you talk about the best in daytime, the Oprah Winfrey Show is in a 
class all it's own.  So when Patti makes an appearance on the show, it's always 
"the best!"  Performing "When you talk about love" Patti looks absolutely 
gorgeous!  As they go break, Oprah recalls when Patti recorded the theme 
song for her show, and so they present a few minutes of when she was in 
the studio.  Because Oprah has known Patti for a very long time, she is able 
to touch upon those things in Patti's life, in which she is able to share the 
blessing with all of us.

2.  Looking beautiful as ever, Patti joins Arsenio Hall, as they host the 28th 
annual NAACP Image Awards.  Speaking from the heart, Patti encourages 
everyone that we need to treat each other as a member of our "family."  
Later in the program, Patti is truly taken by "surprise" when she is honored 
for her book, "Don't block the blessings."  She's absolutely astonished!

3.  After a dazzling retrospective of her career, Patti is inducted into the 
"Soul Train Hall of Fame."  Performing a "spirited" version of the song, "Forever 
Young" Patti simply commands your attention!  Dressed in a beautiful floor 
length jacket, designed with just the right amount of coverage, Patti works 
the stage, leaving behind her microphone, relying on her own vocal strength 
to bring the audience to their feet!  This is one of her best performances!

4.  "Entertainment Tonight" spotlighted those in attendance for the 1998 "Essence Awards" 
during which the audience made Patti feel, as if "she was someone important."

5.  During the 1998 Essence Awards, Patti is honored with the "Lifetime Spirit 
Award."  Speaking from the heart, she accepts the honor. The celebration 
continues, as we are treated to an exceptional "LaBelle" moment, from three 
young ladies performing "Lady Marmalade" which originally propelled Patti 
and the Bluebells to stardom.

6.  Donating one of her outfits to the "Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood" Patti is honored 
that they would think enough of her, to accept.  As she visits with "E" television 
she mentions several things.

7.  Looking absolutely "radiant!" Patti makes a special appearance on the 
highly popular "Evening at the Pops."  Backed by a full choir and an orchestra, 
she sings the gospel inspired, "I need to pray."  She sounds wonderful!  Lending 
her voice to one of the classic songs of American theater, Patti performs 
a stirring version of the song, "Somewhere."  Which is nothing short of 
"extraordinary!"  This is one of her finest performances!

 8.  Joined in progress, Patti stops by the Arsenio Hall Show for a remarkable 
performance of "Natural Woman."  What makes this moment so spectacular is that 
it was completely "unscripted!"  The look on Patti's face, as the band starts to 
play is priceless!

9.  During RuPaul's "Best of the Divas" Patti sings a wonderful version of 
her hit song, "When you talk about love."  As always, Patti looks gorgeous!

10.  Appearing on the night time variety show, "The Vibe" Patti rocks the place, 
as she steps to the stage to perform the hit song, "Lady Marmalade" with Sinbad.  
Looking ABSOLUTELY gorgeous, Patti is in the house!  Within minutes, she has the 
audience on their feet!  Returning to the stage after the break, she performs a 
medley of her hits, and just so happens to forget the words one of them!  She sings
a stirring version of "Over the rainbow" which is nothing short of remarkable!  During 
the interview portion of the program she talks about the many "blessings" she has 
received throughout her life.  Including, as she confesses "going through the 
change" which is REALLY funny!  As they go to the break, Patti sings a few bars 
of her next single, "Does he love you."  When we rejoin the show, the audience 
is shouting "Go Patti!" "Go Patti!"  The place is wild!  And Patti absolutely loves it!  
As always, there is so much happening with Patti, that it's one project after another!  
As a "surprise" she is reunited with her "Out all night" co-star, Vivica A. Fox and the 
rest of the cast!  Returning to the stage, Patti sings a rousing version of her hit song, 
"Someone like you."  Wonderful "full" screen moment!


11.  Appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Patti sings a spirited version 
of her new single, "Someone like you."  Patti is absolutely remarkable!  Originally, 
she wasn't going to perform, but "thankfully" she felt better enough to 
share with us, her incredible voice!

12.  Looking absolutely "stunning" Patti joins Andy Williams, as they introduce a very
special segment on the 40th annual "Grammy Awards." 

13.  After a splendid introduction by Star Jones, Patti stops by the set of 
"The View" for an exceptional interview!  During her visit, she confides where 
she finds the confidence to be "wild and crazy" on stage.  When asked about her 
life today, she says "that she is just a basic girl."  And so she has remained in 
Philadelphia, for many many years.  Which leads Star to ask about her marriage, 
and what it's like having her husband, as her manager.  Patti also mentions that 
because of the challenges she has had to face, she has had to remain strong 
for everyone in her family.


Video Collection #6

1.  During an exceptional "Intimate Portrait" Patti's life and career is presented from 
the early days, to the present.  Throughout the program, Patti reflects upon her life 
and the experiences that has shaped her into the extraordinary entertainer, that 
she is today.  Patti looks sensational!  In addition, many of her friends speak fondly 
of her, throughout the program.  Among them, "Bette Midler" "Oprah Winfrey" and 
"Cyndi Lauper" to many but a few!  She has touched so many lives!  And she will 
touch your heart, as she encourages each of us to reach out to those that we 
love, because they may not be here tomorrow.  Fighting back the tears, she 
touches upon the moments that she lost, and it literally tugs at your heart!  
Truly an emotional moment.  The whole program is "excellent!"

2. Appearing on the Rosie O'Donnell Show, Patti performs a rousing rendition 
of her new hit single, "Does he love you."  After the break, she talks about several 
things, including a few of her experiences with the fans!  Which is really cute!  
Returning to the stage, Patti performs "Lady Marmalade" and "New Attitude."
It's an exceptional appearance!

3.  Returning to the set of "The View" Star Jones interviews the one and only 
"Patti LaBelle."  Ironically, the "actual" setting is not in the studio, which I 
remember being rather "surprised" by at the time.  Touching many of the 
same questions that Star presented during the previous interview, this one 
goes into a little more depth.  Patti simply sparkles as she talks about the 
love that she has for her family, and the inspiration that she draws 
from them.  She is so beautiful!

4.  Returning to the Lifetime network, we are treated to an exceptional profile 
of Gladys Knight, which features Patti LaBelle, talking about her dear friend.

5.  Making a special appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show, Patti looks 
absolutely "gorgeous!"  Singing a gospel inspired selection, she has the audience 
on their feet within minutes!  She truly knows how to raise the roof!  Whenever 
Patti comes to visit, she always has a splendid time with Oprah!  And we are 
"enlightened" by her presence!  She shares so many things!  Including what 
she has been doing all summer!  Along with her upcoming projects!  A brand 
new book, in which Patti will share some of her favorite recipes.  From there 
the two ladies talk about many things!  After the break, they step to the 
kitchen area to prepare several wonderful dishes, with Oprah's personal chef.  
After the break, the two ladies continue to visit with one another and it's 
wonderful!  As the show draws to a close, Patti helps Oprah bid goodbye to 
her old theme song, with a brand new one!


6.  Looking simply fabulous! Patti makes a special appearance on the 
"Roseanne Show."  As she relates some of her experiences to Roseanne, she 
touches upon the current situation with Bill Clinton, whom she has performed
for many times.  On a light hearted note, Roseanne takes Patti for a ride in 
her golf cart, to a vintage "shoe" store so they can do some shopping!  
Which is SIMPLY HILARIOUS!  Especially when you see Patti trying to slip on 
a pair of pumps that are just a little too tight!  And then Roseanne has 
to pull them off!  It's extremely funny!
"Thank You"
for taking the time to read through these rather lengthy descriptions.

I know it seems rather "incredible" to believe!

All these moments from the past.

Moments that you might have missed recording.
And those that you have only heard about!

Throughout the years, I've shared many of these clips from my collection
with my friends, and they have always been astounded by all the appearances
that I have recorded.  To ensure the highest quality possible, when sharing these
moments from my collection, I use a "dual deck vcr."

I look forward to hearing from you!



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