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1.  Upon the release of her pictorial in "Playboy" magazine, "Entertainment Tonight"
featured an interesting interview with Latoya.  Throughout the segment, they
present several of the "pictures" along with additional moments, not in front of
the camera, so to speak.  They highlight several of the charities that Latoya is
involved in, moments from her latest music video, and so forth.  Considering her
decision to appear in "Playboy" magazine, Latoya speaks for all of those
"women" who want us to believe that this is nothing more than a
"career move."


2.  Looking absolutely radiant, Latoya makes a striking appearance on the
"Phil Donahue Show."  Considering the events that would follow, this particular
interview is quite interesting, because you know how "surreal" things are going
to become.  Which allows you the ability to pick up on the things that don't exactly
ring true.  But at the time of this interview, we don't know that, and so we are
willing to accept "everything at face value."  Throughout the hour, Latoya seems
to captivate the audience with her presence, as she relates story after story,
about her famous family, and the extent of her involvement with each of them.
After discussing her Playboy pictorial, and the reason behind her decision,
Latoya shocks the audience by draping herself, with a "boa constrictor" for 
the remainder of the program.  She handles the reptile as if this is a common 
everyday household pet.  Am I the only one that finds this more than a bit 
odd?  How many other celebrities can you name off the top of your head 
that have brought along a "pet boa constrictor" to a interview?  The ironic
twist to this, is the fact that we all know the Jackson family is extremely 
eccentric but yet it doesn't diminish our fascination with them.


3.  After listening to Latoya talk about coming to New York and being among the
homeless individuals on the street, and those less fortunate, this next moment
from "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" seems like such an incredible contrast!
From lavish parties, to an opulent garden apartment in New Jersey, Latoya is
dressed in the finest furs and jewelry.  Hardly the sympathetic and caring image
she established during the previous interview.  


4.  Appearing on the Jerry Lewis Telethon, Latoya establishes herself as the "newest
pop sensation" as she performs a sizzling rendition of the hit song, "Play boy."  After
creating an incredible buzz among those present, she slows the pace down 
considerably by singing the ballad, "Somewhere."


5.  Making an EXCEPTIONAL appearance on Bob Hope's USO Tour, Latoya performs
another sizzling rendition of her hit song, "Play boy."  Latoya looks absolutely
sensational!  She is so beautiful!  And her performance is right on the mark!


6.  Returning to the "Phil Donahue" show, Latoya blows the lid off the Jackson dynasty
with the release of her book.  For those who are familiar with the story, relating moments
from this particular interview is very difficult.  Because on the one hand, the events 
mentioned in the book, sound so unbelievable.  But then as Latoya relates certain aspects
of what happened, it adds a greater depth to the story.  So you really begin to wonder if
what she is saying, is true.  If I remember correctly, she mentioned that she wasn't
sexually abused, but then in a much later interview, the story seemed to change slightly.
So who knows.  When I was viewing this particular moment, I couldn't help but notice 
that Latoya's expression was very cold, always the same.  She rarely smiled and when
the audience was allowed to ask her a question, her reply was very quick, and rather 
harsh.  Perhaps the most difficult aspect to understand was her "marriage" to Jack
Gordon, which seemed to garner the most criticism, not only from Phil, but also from the
audience.  During the show, no phone calls from outside the studio were allowed, but prior 
to the program, Phil had spoken to Latoya's parents and their conversation was recorded.
Afterwards, both Latoya and Jack commented on the conversation, but there wasn't much 
they could say, that would sway the audience in their favor.  Listening to Latoya's 
parents definitely instilled a certain image in the minds of everyone.  Like I mentioned
earlier, this particular interview is very hard to describe, because it's filled with such
different views, from everyone involved.


7.  During Entertainment Tonight's "Inside Story" Latoya sheds even more light
on the details contained within her book.  With tears streaming down her lovely
face, Latoya sincerely wants to reconnect with her estranged family.


8.  With Roseanne Barr's admission that she was sexually abused as a child,
Latoya suddenly finds herself back in the spotlight, during this particular
moment from "Entertainment Tonight."


9.  Putting the past behind her, Latoya returns to the stage, at the Moulin Rouge in Paris.
"Entertainment Tonight" caught up with the talented star, during rehearsals for the show,
in which she will perform nightly.


10.  With the release of her book in paperback, Latoya makes a dramatic return to the 
public eye, during this moment from the set of "Good Morning America."  As always, she
looks simply radiant!


11.  After being out of the spotlight for awhile, Latoya returns to the public eye . . . looking 
slightly different!  But underneath the blonde curls, the story is still the same.  During
Entertainment Tonight's report, we learn that Latoya has established a "900 Number"
that we can call to get the latest news on the Jackson family.


12.  With all of the sensationalism swirling around the Jackson dynasty, Latoya added
even more controversy to the upcoming "Jackson Family Honors" special by stating that
she wasn't allowed to attend the taping.  During this particular moment from the "E"
channel, she claims that her family is taking great steps to ensure that she isn't allowed
to be there.


13.  If the events of the past few years weren't strange enough, then
consider Latoya's next appearance, in the USA series "Counter Strike" where
she plays a voodoo priestess!  Stepping into the role of this particular
 character, Latoya simply captivates your attention.


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