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"Collection #1"
1.  It seems like such a long time ago, when Cyndi first appeared in her music
video "Girls just wanna have fun" dancing down the sidewalk, and into
our lives.
2.  Looking 'absolutely fabulous' Cyndi makes her grand appearance on
"American Bandstand" singing "Girls just wanna have fun."  After introducing
the members of her band, Cyndi spends a delightful moment visiting with
Dick Clark.  Slowing things down, Cyndi performs her beautiful
ballad, "Time after time."
3.  While appearing on the "American Music Awards" Cyndi comments to her
co-presenters that whoever is having the most fun, gets to start!
"I guess that's me!" she exclaims.
4.  The heartfelt touching video for "Time after time."
5.  Slipping into the role of Guest VJ, Cyndi stops by the set of MTV
to play some of her favorite music videos!  In between each of them
she shares her thoughts with us!
6.  Stepping to the stage, Cyndi performs several selections from her debut
album, during this particular installment of "Rock of the 80's."  Kicking things
off to a rousing start, Cyndi begins her five song set with "She Bop" which is
definitely a crowd pleaser!  It's amazing to consider that until just recently no
one had even heard of Cyndi before and here she is performing like a seasoned
professional!  After two upbeat musical numbers, she slows things down with
"Time after time."  Then shifting gears once again, she brings the level of
excitement back up with "Money changes everything."  One of the elements
that sets this 'mini-concert' apart from the rest is that the crowd is right at
her feet!  The stage is very small and she is constantly shaking hands with
the fans, or sitting right down in front of them, or as she does on "Girls just
wanna have fun" she bops out into the audience!  Truly a great concert!
Wonderful close ups!  Full screen!
7.  Making a special appearance on "Solid Gold" Cyndi performs a stirring
rendition of her number one hit, "Time after time."  Cyndi looks
absolutely wonderful!
8. Cyndi invites us along as she performs several selections at the "Montreux 
Golden Rose Pop Festival."  After a spirited version of "Money changes everything"
Cyndi slows things down with a sensational version of "Time after time."
Returning to the stage she finishes with "Girls just wanna have fun."
9.  Adding a bit of color to the festivities, Cyndi makes a special appearance on the
first annual MTV Music Awards.
10.  After four top ten singles, 'Entertainment Tonight' catches up with the
talented superstar.  Looking 'colorful' as always, Cyndi simply captures your
attention.  During this interesting moment, she is asked what she wants to
be remembered for which causes her to pause for a minute.  Even though
she has become quite popular, very little has changed for her.
11.  MTV caught up with Presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro as she
visited with Cyndi Lauper.
12.  In another area of "showmanship" Cyndi appears on camera to talk about
her new role as the manager for one of the female wrestlers of the "WWF."  
Ironically, this particular interview is mainly centered around her interest in 
that sport.  You'll absolutely love this "up close full screen moment!"
13.  Music video for "She Bop."
14.  Even though she was "so unusual" Cyndi managed to capture everyone's
attention during her first year on the music scene.  Which is quite clear by the
time she made this "exceptional" appearance on the "American Music Awards."
This is one of my all time favorite moments with the talented superstar!  Stepping
forth from a "wall of shoes" Cyndi is dressed in a wonderful outfit, topped off with
a beret.  What makes this moment so remarkable is the fact, all you see is the
"yellow" hair and then she whips her cap off and the rest of her hair is "RED!"
Simply marvelous!  She performs the song "When you were mine."  Afterwards,
she wins "Favorite Pop Video - Female" which is really, really cute!  Later in the
evening she wins the award for "Favorite Pop Female."
15.  Immediately following the "American Music Awards" nearly forty-five of the
biggest names in pop music got together in the studio that very evening to 
record "We are the World."  As they are recording the song, there's a really
cute moment when they stop the tape because they have picked up on a noise
of some kind in the background.  It turns out to be several of Cyndi's necklaces
and earrings rubbing together!
"Collection #2"
1.  Returning to the set of "Solid Gold" Cyndi performs a rousing rendition of "She Bop!"
Dressed all in white, with all sorts of "sparkles" and "jewelry" she once again sets the
stage for the "unusual."  Truly an exceptional performance!
2.  Winning the award for "Best New Artist" Cyndi is clearly everyone's favorite,
during this particular installment from the 27th annual Grammy Awards.  She looks
fabulous!  Afterwards she returns for a delightful rendition of her signature ballad
"Time after time."  Wonderful full screen moment!
3.  Performing her classic number "Girls just wanna have fun" Cyndi makes a
smashing appearance on the "Tonight Show with Johnny Carson."  After
picking up her jewelry and her shoes, she joins Johnny for a delightful
interview!  When asked about her appearance she jokes with Johnny that
"he" is the one who dresses "unusual."  Which is nothing short of hilarious!
As they continue to visit, Cyndi takes over the show, talking about all these
off the wall things, that seem to make sense!  Returning to the stage she
performs a touching version of "Time after time."
4.  This "Behind the Scenes" look into the making of the music video,
"Goonies" adds a greater depth to our understanding on how it was
all put together.  Cyndi looks absolutely sensational!
5.  True to her love for the "outrageous!" Cyndi's music video for
"Goonies R Enough" is filled with an assortment of wild characters!  Intermixed 
with over the top props, multi colored outfits, and Cyndi's quirky sense of
 humor sprinkled throughout.
6.  The international hit, "We are the world" is honored with a very special
award during this particular moment from the MTV Awards.
7.  Music video for "Change of Heart."
8.  Returning to "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" Cyndi dresses up the
moment like no one else!  After a touching rendition of her song, "True Colors"
she joins Mr. Carson for another delightful interview.  As always, Cyndi knows
how to steal the show!  After the break she performs an energetic "Change
of Heart."  Which is nothing short of fabulous!
9.  Cyndi treats us to a special "visionary" experience with her beautiful
music videos for "True Colors" and "What's going on."  Both of which are
"exceptional!" and "extraordinary!"
10.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with all the guests on hand to
pay their respects to Dick Clark and his long running musical program,
"American Bandstand."  Cyndi expresses her thoughts on the occasion.
11.  During a special two song set of "Change of Heart" and "True Colours"
Cyndi charges up the audience with her "exceptional" performance at the
1987 MTV Music Awards.  Cyndi is simply remarkable!
12.  Returning to the late night setting, Cyndi stops by "Late Night with
David Lettermen" for a spirited rendition of her hit song, "True Colors."
Afterwards she shares a delightful moment with the late night host, which
borders on the hilarious!
13.  Lending her presence to the "American Music Awards" via satellite
from Seattle, Cyndi comments on the role that Elvis played in the music business.
14.  Looking wonderful as always, Cyndi joins Rod Stewart as they present the
"Viewer's Choice Award" on the MTV Video Awards.
15.  Returning to the music scene, Cyndi unveils her latest video "I drove all night."
16.  With a new album to promote, Cyndi starts to make the rounds.  This time she
stops by the "Arsenio Hall Show" for a rather insightful interview.  Interestingly,
she talks about her recent breakup with her manager and how they are able to
continue working together.  As they continue to visit, they touch upon many
things, some of which will surprise you!
17.  Entertainment Tonight caught up with Cyndi on the set of "Moon over Miami"
where she talks about her acting ability this time around, and how she has 
developed since her first role in front of the camera in "Vibes."
18.  Striking a pose on the 1991 Grammy Awards, Cyndi confides to the audience
"It's not if you win or loose, it's what you wear!"  And it's quite clear from the
simple but elegant evening gown she has chosen for the evening.  She looks great!
19.  Time seems to be a factor in Cyndi's appearances as well, because it would be
quite awhile before she appeared in front of the camera again.  Joining Joey 
Lawrence on stage for the 21st "American Music Awards" Cyndi helps
present one of the awards for the evening.
20.  Lending her presence very briefly, Cyndi joins a host of other stars, as they
voice their concern about AIDS, during this particular airing of "In a New Light."
"Collection #3"
1.) "Entertainment Tonight" stops by the set of "Mad about you" as Cyndi
prepares to make a guest appearance on the highly popular television show.



2.  "Mad About You"


3.) Presenting taped moments from the past, along with "live performances"
in the studio, the producers of the "American Music Awards" highlight some of
 the greatest moments from their show. Lucky for us, Cyndi is on hand to perform
 an energetic version of her hit song: "When I think of you." The crowd
simply loves her!
4.) Returning to her musical roots, Cyndi reinvents her timeless classic
"Girls just wanna have fun." This time around, the song has more of a Caribbean
 flavor, as you will see from this "exceptional" appearance on the
"Late Show with David Lettermen." 10/96
5.) Making another guest appearance on "The Late Show" Cyndi previews her
new album "Sisters of Avalon" with an exceptional performance of
"You don’t know." As always, she looks great! Afterwards, she joins
Dave for a moment of conversation. 3/97

6.) Although this next clip is slightly out of place, in terms of her
"hair color!" and the fact Cyndi is promoting her "Greatest Hits" ... you’ll
immediately "love" this next appearance, taken from the Lifetime program
 "Biggers and Summers." Cyndi’s image, this time around, literally jumps
from the screen! Her hair is a bright "yellow" and her makeup is flawless! She
looks fabulous! As they visit with her, she talks about many things which
surprise you! Very indepth interview! Returning from the break, we are
treated to an acoustic ~ piano version of her highly popular song "She Bop."
Which is really quite different! "She Bop ~ The Ballad."
7.) Looking gorgeous as always, this short commerical which appeared on VH1,
 celebrates her "Greatest Hits" collection, quite nicely.

8.) Lifetime’s "Intimate Portrait" paints a colorful, but troubling picture
of the talented star. Throughout this exceptional hour, we are given glimpses into
 her life, rarely seen. And many of the stories will touch your heart. Lending their
support, we hear from all of her family members, including her husband, and also
many of her friends. As her story unfolds, we are treated to a wonderful moment
 from her wedding, which is just priceless! She looks so beautiful! As the hour
draws to a close, she talks about the birth of her baby, and her hopes for
the future. Truly a remarkable interview, from beginning to end!
9.) Appearing on "The View" Cyndi sets the stage, for a delightful interview
 that starts out with the birth of her baby, and how he has changed her life.
When they return from the break, the conversation continues with her views
 on raising children, which will surprise you. 11/98
10.) During this brief appearance on the "Rosie O’Donnell" show, Cyndi
stops by to give everyone in the audience a copy of her new Christmas CD,
which has just been released.
11.) Returning to "The Late Show with David Lettermen" Cyndi performs
 one of the selections from her new holiday offering. As always,
 she looks wonderful! 12/98
12. ) Promising earlier that she would return a little closer to the holidays,
Cyndi makes a delightful appearance on the "Rosie O’Donnell" show. Filled
with the holiday spirit, Cyndi performs a selection from her new
Christmas offering.

13. ) Stopping by the set of "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee" Cyndi
performs a different selection from her new album, which is quite
beautiful for the holiday season.
14. ) It’s hard to tell who has the strongest voice, as Cyndi joins Patti for
 a rousing duet of the hit song: "Lady Marmalade." Interestingly, the
two of them seem perfectly matched! Afterwards, they blend their
incredible voices on "Time after Time" which takes on a completely
 different meaning. Later in the program, Cyndi returns again,
 helping Patti display her "true colours."
"Collection #4"

1.  Dipping into the past, Cyndi performs a spirited version of "I drove all night" on the
Late Show with David Lettermen.


2.  "Before They Were Rock Stars" takes a trip down memory lane with several vintage
moments with Cyndi, back when she was a member of "Blue Angel."


3.  Performing "There's no business like show business" Cyndi opens the program for
some of "Broadway's Best" during this tribute to New York's Great White Way!  
During this exceptional performance, she proves that she is comfortable 
singing almost "anything!"


4.  Stepping to the stage, Cyndi Lauper and Alicia Keys present "Best New Artist" 
on the 45th annual Grammy Awards.  Cyndi looks "great!" as always!


5.  Joining a host of other entertainers and celebrities, Cyndi lends her presence to the
annual "Do you want some football" montage for the opening of the "Superbowl."


6.  During a very special tribute to Joni Mitchell, Cyndi performs one of her all time
greatest hits, "Carrie."  Absolutely wonderful!


7.  Looking simply "gorgeous" Cyndi performs the holiday classic, "Winter Wonderland" on
Martha Stewart's annual Christmas Special.


8.  Looking absolutely radiant and a little bit on the "wild" side, Cyndi lends her
presence to the annual "Pops Goes the Fourth" Celebration.  True to her individual style
of expression, she bounces all around the stage causing quite a commotion with the
camera crew.  During the program, she performs "Shine" "True Colors" and 
"Money changes everything."


9.  While on the red carpet for MTV's 20th Anniversary Celebration, "Entertainment 
Tonight" visits with Cyndi Lauper and Boy George on the pressures of fame.


10.  "Entertainment Tonight" spotlighted the John Lennon special, "Come Together" which 
featured a host of entertainers devoted help New York, after September 11th.


11.  During an "exceptional" profile presented on the Bravo channel, we are given a
glimpse into Cyndi's life, both on stage and off.  This particular program really gets to the
heart of what has made her so endearing all these years.  We hear from many of her
friends during the program, who talk about her incredible talent.  There are several
moments with her family as well.  When she calls home and visits with her son, you can
sense the heartache in her voice.  The moments off stage capture Cyndi at her best!
There are so many different images and looks, that you really get a feeling for what
she is like, away from the spotlight.  This is truly an "exceptional" hour!


12.  Looking absolutely "radiant!" Cyndi makes a delightful appearance on "Good Morning
America."  After visiting for a few minutes with the Diane Sawyer, Cyndi performs a 
rousing version of her classic hit, "Girls just wanna have fun."  In spite of a light rain
falling on the crowd, Cyndi leaps from the stage and shakes hands with many of those
in the front row.  After the break, she joins Emeril for a cooking segment which is
quite cute!  Returning to the stage, Cyndi performs a spirited version of "It's hard
to be me."  The crowd absolutely loves her!


13.  While visiting with Monica Kaufman, Cyndi looks sensational!  She talks about what
it's like performing on stage and touching people's lives with her music.


14.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Cyndi Lauper, while on tour with Cher.
Speaking from the heart, Cyndi talks about the talented lady who she has the honor of
working with each night.


15.  Proving that the two of them fit so well together, Cyndi joins Cher during her
classic hit, "If I could turn back time" from VH1's "Diva's Live."  Truly EXCEPTIONAL!

"Collection #5"

1.  Performing her brand new single, "At last" Cyndi makes a sensational appearance
on Barry Manilow's Christmas Special.  She looks absolutely RADIANT!  Joining Barry, the
two of them perform a spirited version of "Santa Claus is coming to town."


2.  Always a favorite of the "Late Show with David Lettermen" Cyndi stops by
to perform, "That's what I'm gonna do."  Looking stylish and sharp with her straight
blonde hair and tight outfit Cyndi simply commands your attention.  Wonderful!


3.  Stopping by the Craig Kilborn Show, Cyndi slows things down with a truly "exceptional"
rendition of her new hit single, "At last."  She looks so beautiful!


4.  Returning to the set of "The View" Cyndi visits with the ladies about her new release, 
and how the project came about.  Stepping to the stage, she sings a rousing version
of "Stay."  Which is wonderful!  Even in high heels, she leaps upon the piano!  And then
she skips out into the audience!


5.  On a special episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show, Cyndi Lauper is one of the guest
judges for "Oprah's Pop Star Challenge."  After each of the performances, Cyndi shares
her thoughts on how well the contestants performed.  As she speaks from the heart, 
you really gain a sense of where she comes from as a performer and how it can 
relate to others.


6.  "Access Hollywood" spotlighted a few seconds of Cyndi's appearance at the
Detroit Auto Show, where she performed "At last." 


7.  Looking radiant as always, Cyndi makes a delightful appearance on the "Ellen DeGeneres
Show."  She performs a rousing rendition of her hit single, "Stay."  Casting her high heels
aside, she steps upon the piano for a portion of the song.  Then she leaps into the audience
for the finale!  After the break, she visits with Ellen about many things!  Truly a
wonderful performance and interview!


8.  Stopping by the "Wayne Brady Show" Cyndi performs a spirited version of her hit
single, "Stay."  It's always a treat seeing her perform, and this one is no exception!
While atop the piano, she hits all the right notes!  And she even dances a little bit!
Slipping into the audience for the final few bars of the song, she has everyone on
their feet!  It's truly a remarkable performance!

9.  Teaming up with Anastacia, the two ladies hit the bowling lanes for 
commercial for "Dr. Pepper."


10.  While flipping through the channels who should suddenly appear on "Last Call with
Carson Daly" but "Cyndi Lauper!" - as the "house band!"  During each of the breaks, she
sings one of her hit songs!  Later in the program, she performs "Sunny side of the street."
Which is "great!"


11.  Returning to the stage, Cyndi performs a variety of her greatest hits during a very special
edition of "Soundstage."  Looking absolutely "radiant" Cyndi simply commands your attention, as
she moves around the stage!  She performs "Walk on by" "Stay" "Till you come back to me" 
"Sunny Side of the Street" "Don't let me be misunderstood" "True Colors" "Girls just wanna
have fun" "Money changes everything" and "Time after time."  Truly an "outstanding"
concert performance!
Thank you"
for taking the time to read through these rather lengthy descriptions!  

I know it seems rather "incredible" to believe!  
All these moments from the past.
Moments that you might have missed recording.
And those that you have only heard about!

Throughout the years, I've
shared many of these clips from my collection
with my friends.  They have always been astounded by all the appearances
that I was able to record.  To ensure the highest quality possible, I use a 
"dual deck"
vcr when I'm sharing any of these moments from my collection
onto video tape. 
I'm also able to place these moments onto DVD, as well.
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