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"Video Collection #1
1.) On a special “60 Minutes” program titled “The Entertainers,” 
Liza and Lorna talk of their mother, who’s life is presented 
through a variety of clips and appearances. The most notable, is a 
performance of “Hello Liza” sung by her mother, which
welcomes Liza to the stage, where they perform together. 

2.) “Entertainment Tonight” presents all the highlights 
from the 1985 “Golden Globe” Awards, where Liza arrives on the 
arm of Rock Hudson. After the show, “Entertainment Tonight” 
catches up with Elizabeth Taylor and Liza, as they share their
thoughts on this special evening.  They "look absolutely gorgeous!"
They must have both went to the same designer,
because their gowns are exquisite!

3.) Celebrating the “Fourth of July” holiday, Liza performs 
an exceptional rendition of “New York, New York” during a “Liberty 
Weekend Special.” Truly a fantastic moment! I’ve never seen
her exhibit so much energy and enthusiasm! If I may comment, her dress 
is so “low cut” that I’m surprised, everything stayed in place! 

4.) Presenting on the “Grammy Awards” Liza looks radiant! Shown here
with her co-presenter, Patrick Swayze, they hand off the award for 
“Best Musical Cast Show Album.” I can’t say 
enough about her appearance! She is simply gorgeous! 

5.) Appearing with Dudley Moore, Liza introduces “musically” 
all of the nominees at the 1988 Academy Awards. She looks 
wonderful! A great musical moment, that just keeps
going and going! After each individual performance from
each of the nominees, Liza and Dudley return. Very nice! 

6.) When this next moment appears, the first thing you’ll 
notice is, how beautiful Liza looks! Dressed in a simple but 
stunning black evening gown, Liza stops by the “Late Show with 
David Lettermen.” Full of smiles, she lightheartedly jokes with David, 
before performing a rousing rendition of “God Bless The Child.” 
Exceptional moment! Wonderful 
full screen closeups! 

7.) With the release of Liza’s new album “Results” 
Entertainment Tonight sits down to talk with her about the type 
of music on her new album. She talks fondly of working
with the Pet Shop Boys, and what her old pals, Frank Sinatra and 
Sammy Davis Jr. had to say, about her new musical adventure. 
From there, unfortunately, their conversation, shifts to the
time she spent in the Betty Ford Center, and how she is 
dealing with her drug addiction. However, all things aside, 
you’ll absolutely love her new look! Wonderful Closeups! 

8.) Receiving a “Living Legend Award” from the Grammy Association, 
Liza steps to the stage, to perform two special selections; the 
first an old standard, AND the second one, a “FANTASTIC” performance
of her smash hit “Losing my mind.” This is “An Exceptional
Moment!” She looks wonderful! It goes beyond words, seeing 
her performing her latest release! 

9.) Sharing her thoughts on her mother’s performance in the 
“Wizard of Oz,” Liza speaks fondly of the classic film, and how the 
stories that her mother told, weren’t sometimes ‘exactly the truth.’ 
To prove her point, they present a very interesting interview 
with her mother, who passes along one of ‘those stories.’ 

10.) Appearing on the “Arsenio Hall” show, Liza performs 
“So Sorry I Said,” one of the songs, from her exceptional “Results” album. 
During her performance you can’t help but notice the how wonderfully she
fills the entire screen! Her face is absolutely flawless! Returning from the 
break, she talks about working with Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. and then
hurrying across town, to put the finishing touches on her new album, 
with the Pet Shop Boys. Listening to her talking about her collaboration 
with them, is quite interesting. She talks about the change of direction, with her 
new release, in the sense that this is basically a “dance album.” Wonderful 
Full Screen Moment! She looks fantastic! Returning later
in the program, she performs a spirited version of “Losing my mind.” Which 
is wonderful to watch! She is so full of energy! Truly one of her
best appearances! Not to be missed! 

11.) In honor of John Kanter and Fred Ebb, Liza lends her 
voice to the “Song Writers Hall of Fame” Celebration. Performing one of their
famous muscial numbers, “A New Life” she displays her incredible talent. 
After her two friends have received their award, Liza returns to sing a 
rousing version of “New York, New York.” Which brings the house down! 
She sounds wonderful! Truly a classic moment! 

12.) On this particular segment from “Entertainment Tonight” 
Liza talks about her father, as his memory is being honored, in Hollywood, 
as one of the greatest “directors” of all time! Liza is so proud of her father. 

13.) Speaking from the heart, Liza presents Sammy Davis Jr. 
with a “Lifetime Achievement Award” for his contribution to the field 
of “Dance.” Liza looks radiant in her strapless red gown! Absolutely beautiful! 

14.) “Entertainment Tonight” catches up with Liza backstage at the 
“Dance Special,” where she mentions her thoughts on giving 
Sammy Davis Jr. his ‘achievement award.’ 

15.) On this next installment of “Entertainment Tonight” Liza talks
about her latest project, a new movie called “Stepping Out.” She definitely 
looks like she is having a good time both in front of the camera, 
and in her personal life. 

16.) At the premiere of her new stage show, Liza greets 
“Entertainment Tonight” and expresses her hopes that everyone
will enjoy her latest offering. 

17.) In talking about the type of songs that she is best known for, 
Liza makes a reference to John Kanter and Fred Ebb, during another 
clip from “Entertainment Tonight.” 

18.) Appearing “Live” on the “Regis and Kathie Lee” show, Liza talks 
about her new ‘stage show’ and her thoughts on “Stepping Out” again, 
after being away for awhile. She looks wonderful! The interview portion 
of the show is filled with lots of “upclose moments!” With pictures in 
hand, Regis asks her thoughts on a variety of photos from her past. 
Which brings forth a lot of great memories! 

19.) “Entertainment Tonight” catches up with Liza for the 
premiere of her new movie, “Stepping Out.” Shown at the event with her
sister, Lorna, everyone is thrilled with her latest project. Earlier in the day, 
Liza receives her “STAR” on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. During
an upclose interview moment, Liza talks about her mother and puts to rest
some of the misconceptions that have been written about her. 
Which is very nice! 

20.) Returning to the Academy Awards, Liza is joined by Shirley 
MacLaine, as they present the award for “Best Original Song.” They both
wonderful! Another Great Moment! They both look wonderful! Another 
Great Moment! During their presentation, they honor Barbra Streisand
with their own thoughts, of wanting to work with her some day, which
Barbra acknowledges from her seat in the audience. 


21.) Appearing on the “Stephen Sondiem Musical Tribute” Liza 
sings a heartfelt rendition of “Back in Business.” In a bit of real 
showmanship, Liza performs a wonderful dance number
with the rest of the dancers, before placing herself atop the piano, 
where she continues to strut her stuff! Very spirited! Full of energy! 
Later in the program she returns to sing a portion of “Old Friend” which
welcomes Stephen to the stage. 

22.) “Entertaiment Tonight” presents their own coverage of the “
Tribute to Stephen Sondiem.” Complete with a backstage moment, 
where Liza talks fondly of her dear friend. 

23.) Returning to the “Tony Awards” Liza graces the stage, looking
radiant in this particular appearance. “I’m a director’s daughter” she exclaims,
before presenting the award for “Best Direction of a Musical.” 

24.) Exclaiming that “Bad publicity is good publicity. I don’t have to 
defend myself.” Liza appears in a special report for “Entertainment Tonight.”
Countering all the rumors about her health, Liza comes out swinging! 
Shown during a rehearsal segment, Liza is getting ready for a new tour. She 
also talks about her new album “Gently” which was just released. 

25.) Looking better than ever! Liza takes time out for a wonderful 
moment on the “Regis and Kathie Lee Show.” Starting with the new album,
Liza talks about the special guest stars that she had the chance to sing 
with, on her latest project. While they visit, Liza laughs and jokes
with Kathie Lee, and you really get the feeling, she is having a wonderful
time, both professionally and privately. Returning from the break,
Liza performs a heartfelt rendition of “It had to be you.” 


"Video Collection #2"

1.) On a very special tribute to Jerry Herman, Liza introduces
the evening! Talking fondly of her dear friend! 

2.) Traveling to London for the Freddie Mercury Benefit Tribute
“A Concert for Life” Liza takes to the stage to sing a rousing rendition
of “We are the champions!” Truly a remarkable moment! “Freddie, we 
just wanted to let you know that we were thinking about you!”
she exclaims! She looks absolutely stunning in her black outfit!

3.) Returning to the United States, Liza appears on the Rosie 
O’Donnell show. Their conversation begins with an overview of her
various Broadway appearances, throughout the years. In a touching moment, 
she talks about her mother, with great love. As she shares her thoughts, she 
talks about performing one of the songs that her mother made famous, which 
she feels is the greatest honor that she could ever return. After the break, she
dedicates a very special rendition of “The Day After That” to all those
we have lost to Aids. As always it’s wonderful hearing Liza’s incredible 
voice! A very touching moment! 

4.) Opening the show with Bernadette Peters, the two ladies 
present a musical number to celebrate the 50th Annual “Tony Awards.” 
Later in the broadcast, they reappear to present one of the
awards, for the evening. 

5.) Appearing on the 65th Academy Awards, Liza takes to 
the stage for a spirited “song and dance” number! She still has what it
takes! Just full of energy! And she looks great! Not to be missed! 

6.) “Entertainment Tonight” catches up with Liza and Dudley Moore, 
as they prepare for a short tour, that they have put together. The clip opens
with Liza singing “Arthur” with Dudley at the piano. 

7.) “CBS This Morning” presents the premiere of Liza’s 
return to Broadway in “Victor Victoria.” Complete with clips from the
show, we are treated to several moments from her exceptional
performance! Liza looks dazzling!

8.) Appearing on the “Grammy Awards” Liza looks radiant, 
presenting one of the awards, for the evening. 

9.) Tom Synder welcomes Liza to his special “Late Night” setting!
Since he has known her for many, many years he has the background 
to indulge us with some very insightful moments from her life, 
that the average interviewer has no knowledge of! It’s a great hour!
With an exceptional entertainer! Early on, during their visit, Tom asks 
her about her voice, and the recent surgery that she had performed on 
her vocal cords. From there, the two of them discuss many things: how 
she got her start, and what her mother thought of her going into
show business. There is a saying “Never Say Never” and Liza has
always commented that she would never sing one of her mother’s songs, 
until the right moment. Well, it finally arrived! 'Listen to her thoughts
on what made her change her mind. Expressing her thoughts on
the “tabloids” she discusses her feelings on being the focus of their efforts
for so many years. After they visit a bit more about her mother, the 
conversation turns to another individual close to her heart, 
“Peter Allen.” Even after all these years, it’s nice to hear that he will
always be remembered so fondly. As the show draws to a close, 
Liza performs “It had to be you.” 

10.) Never far from the spotlight, “Entertainment Tonight” catches 
up with Liza, as she prepares for her upcoming tour. Shown during rehearsal,
she performs a few bars of one of her favorite songs, that she will be singing in 
her show. During the interview portion, she puts to rest those “unfounded
rumors” surrounding her performance in “Victor Victoria.” On a personal note, 
she speaks of her famous parents: “My mother gave me my talent, and my
father gave me my dreams.” Which is rather interesting. 

11.) Returning to the “Tony Awards” Liza once again, presents one of 
the awards, during the evenings telecast. She looks wonderful in
her evening gown! 

12.) Sadly the news of Frank Sinatra’s death, finds “Entertainment 
Tonight” turning to all his assorted friends over the years, for their 
thoughts. And of course, they found Liza! 

13.) “Entertainment Tonight” returns several months later for a
“Tribute” in honor of Frank, where Liza presents his widow, Barbara, with
a special award. As the clip draws to a close, Liza puts to rest those rumours
about her health, that just won’t go away. 

14.) Honoring her dear friends, John Kanter and Fred Ebb, Liza 
performs her signature tune “New York, New York” at the Kennedy 
Center Honors. Full of spirit and energy, she charms
the audience! She is “Absolutely wonderful!” 

15.) Cheers erupted as Liza arrived to accept her award 
from New York’s Cabaret Society, on this particular installment of 
“Entertainment Tonight.” She is deeply touched
by the reception she has received. 

16.) “Life was a Cabaret” as the stars in Hollywood, came out 
to honor Liza! Shown here, in this clip from “Entertainment Tonight”
Liza is overwhelmed by all the attention.
Truly an emotional evening for her! She simply touches your heart! 

17.) Adding her incredible charm to a show on the Lifetime channel,
called “Jackie’s Back” Liza talks about the fictional character and how she
might have walked off with her “Oscar” from Cabaret! Which is quite funny!
Exceptional upclose photos of her!

After this collection was assembled, I happened to find some 
additional material on “Liza!” that needed to be included in this collection. 
Due to the short amount of time left on the first two tapes, these additional 
appearances were placed here on the third. So they may be out 
of place, in terms of when the moment actually happened. But I felt
it was necessary to include these items!

18.) During Frank Sinatra’s Birthday Special from Las Vegas, he
welcomed Liza to the stage for a spirited rendition of their classic: “New 
York, New York.” Liza looks wonderful! 

19.) In a recent A&E Biography devoted to Bob Fosse, members of his
family and close friends, share their thoughts on the Broadway legend.
Throughout the hour, Liza appears many times! 

20.) Appearing on “60 Minutes II” Liza looks absolutely wonderful! 
Overall, this is an exceptional interview, welcoming her return to the 
public eye, after being away for quite some time. In an attempt to garner 
some sort of reaction from her, the producers have decided to show
a “wonderful” appearance of her and Lorna singing together, after which they
make a point to say, that the two of them haven’t spoken to one another in
almost three years. Without a doubt, your heart goes out to Liza, and you
know that it hurt her feelings very much, to see that clip. I know a lot of the 
fans were outraged at the staging of this little episode. 

21.) “The Ladies from Broadway.” Stepping to the stage, Liza 
makes a grand appearance, on this wonderful evening! 

"Video Collection #3"

1.) Radio City Music Hall ~ Grand Re-opening!

2.) “Entertainment Tonight” ~ preview of an upcoming interview on ABC’s 20/20 program.

3.) ABC’s 20/20 Interview Program ( please note! the interview was broken 
down into two segments, this is only the first part ~ unfortunately! )

4.) “Entertainment Tonight” ~ opening night of “Minnelli on Minnelli" on Broadway.

5.) Previewing her return to Broadway, with "Minnelli on Minnelli" Liza 
stops by the Rosie O'Donnell Show.

6.) Liza's appearance on "The View" in support of her Broadway show.

7.) “Entertainment Tonight” ~ another interview, given after the success of 
“Minnelli on Minnelli”

8.) A portion of the “Time and Again” program, where they feature interviews with
Liza and Lorna, along with footage of their mother, Judy.  As the show draws
to a close, they present some very interesting insights into "The Wizard of Oz."

9.) Lorna on “Entertainment Tonight” talking about her book.

10.) Lorna on “Dateline” 
11.) Lorna on Access Hollywood

12.) Lorna on the Donny & Marie Show

13.) A portion of a Tribute Show devoted to Judy, with Lorna as host. 

"Thank you"
for taking the time to read through these rather lengthy descriptions!  

I know it seems rather "incredible" to believe!  
All these moments from the past.
Moments that you might have missed recording.
And those that you have only heard about!

Throughout the years, I've
shared many of these clips from my collection
with my friends, and they have always been astounded by all the appearances
that I was able to record.  To ensure the highest quality possible, I use a "dual deck"
vcr when I'm sharing any of these moments from my collection.
I look forward to hearing from you!

In addition to the "video collection" on Liza, I have also assembled a
very special compact disc, which contains some of the "remixes" 
from the "Results" album.  

"Liza Minnelli" ~ "Results" ~ "Remixed!"  
1.  Love Pains ( Hurley's Remix ) 5.34  
2.  Don't drop bombs ( Razormaid! Remix ) 7.39  
3.  Losing my mind ( "Hot Tracks" Remix ) Pet Shop Boys 6.34  
4.  Love Pains ( Razormaid! Remix ) 6.51  
5.  Losing my mind ( Ultimix Edit ) 7.29  
6.  Love Pains ( Deep House Pains )  5.03  
7.  Twist in my sobriety ( Razormaid! Remix )  7.07  
8.  Love Pains ( Definitive Mix ) Obsession 7.46  

If you'd like a copy of this "exceptional" compact disc, please drop me a note!





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