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Video Collection #1

1.  In previewing all the upcoming "new" fall shows for ABC, Alan Thicke
visits with Lucille Ball for a few minutes, about her return to television.  As
she talks about her new series, "Life with Lucy" we are treated to a 
wonderful moment with the talented star.  It's great seeing her again!
She looks exceptional!  In a "upclose" moment, she confesses how
thrilled she is to be "back!"

2.  After a wonderful response from the studio audience, Lucy makes a
glorious return to network television in her new series, "Life with Lucy."
During the pilot episode, Lucy proves that she still has that remarkable
charm!  She is a delight to watch!  As the show gets underway, Gale
Gordon, also makes his return!  Seeing the two of them together again,
is such a treat!  After moving in with her son-in-law, Lucy takes things
a step further, by becoming Gale's partner at the hardware store.
Which is "pure comedy!"

3.  Upon her return to television, Gary Collins from "Hour Magazine" stopped
by the set of "Life with Lucy" for a delightful three part interview!  Over the
course of this particular interview, Lucy talks about many things:  her new
series, and she knew that she always wanted to do "comedy."  In the second
part, Gale Gordon joins Lucy and they share their thoughts on one another,
which is really touching.  With tears in her eyes, Lucy talks about her
friendship with Vivian, and you can tell how much she cared for her.  As
their interview continues, she mentions her children, and they are now
asking her for her advice.  In closing, she mentions how much it means
to her, to be back on television! 

4.  During this short moment from "Entertainment Tonight" Lucy is shown
attending a "Tribute to Jackie Gleason."  Although this appearance is very
short, it's still nice to see her!

5.  While honoring Sammy Davis Jr., Lucy talks fondly of the talented star,
as he is being honored by the "Kennedy Center."  Being old veteran herself,
Lucy shares a few of her own stories, centered around her friendship with
Mr. Davis.  Which is really nice!

6.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Lucy, as she receives the
"Woman of the Year Hasty Pudding Award."  She is clearly touched
by their admiration.

7.  While attending an evening devoted to Jerry Herman, Lucy is
equally thrilled to be on hand, as her daughter, performs several
musical selections.

8.  During this particular tribute to Frank Sinatra, "Entertainment
Tonight" catches up with some of his dearest friends, as they
share their thoughts.  Lucy looks wonderful!

9.  Upon learning of her death, all of the assorted "news programs" devoted
a good share of time to her incredible life.  This particular moment from "The
Today Show" contains old interview footage, and a delightful musical moment
from the talented star.  As the tribute continues, they show several more
"interview" segments, and quite a few moments from the past.
All of which are priceless!

10.  Switching to "CBS This Morning" they present a much shorter
"Tribute" to the talented star.  But their coverage is based more upon
her recent appearances, which is really nice!  They allow you to see the
"Star" upclose and personal!  Always smiling! And having a wonderful time!
In closing, the network catches up with some of her dearest friends, as
they share their thoughts on her passing.  Wonderful upclose moment!

11.  During this particular episode of "Entertainment Tonight" they devote
an entire half hour to the talented star!  Which is "wonderful retrospective!"
So many memories!  That I can't even begin to list them all!  Beginning with
her early days in show business, clear up to the present.  Because they
decided to devoted an entire half hour to her, the coverage is very "indepth."
With lots of interview segments, old film clips, moments with her family, and
some "exceptional moments" from the later part of her life!

12.  In a followup, to their previous coverage of Lucy, "Entertainment Tonight"
spotlights the services held on her behalf around the country.  They even take
a moment to visit with her daughter.  Which is very nice.

13.  Looking back upon her incredible life, one of her last appearances was at
the 61st "Academy Awards" with her long time friend, Bob Hope.  During this
wonderful moment from the show, Lucy looks absolutely radiant!  She is truly
a delight!  The two of them share a "great monologue" together, which is
outstanding!  As she laughs, you know, that she is having a great time!  And
the crowd simply "loves" her!

14.  On this particular installment of the "Comedy Awards" Lilly Tomlin talks
about the day, that her and Bette Midler had the chance to meet with Lucy.
During this lighthearted moment, they show a collection of "snapshots" of
their dinner together.  Which clearly presents how warm and loving Lucy
really was!

15.  During this short tribute to Lucy, from one of Bob Hope's many specials,
he presents several of her "musical" numbers from the past.  She looks absolutely
radiant!  As she dances around the stage, she simply commands your attention!
In the second moment, that they present, Lucy steps into the role of Sophie
Tucker, which is a real "treat."  In closing, she performs a nice "duet" with Mr.
Hope, which is really nice.

16.    On this particular appearance, Barbara Walters highlighted two of the
biggest names in television: Lucy and Roseanne Barr, during one of her
many specials.  You would think that the two actresses share very little
in common, but as Barbara explains, they are very much alike.  Especially,
when you hear their final words, on how they feel about life.  I have to say,
it's lucky for us, that Barbara dipped into the past, in presenting her interview
with Lucy.  This particular moment takes us into her lovely home, where we
find Lucy playing backgammon with her husband; and then later watching
footage of her children on a big projection screen in her living room.  As they
sit down on the patio for the "interview" it's interesting listening to Lucy
talk about Desi, and how their marriage ended, and who was really to
blame.  Overall, an exceptional interview!

17.  Ending where we started, here's another episode of "Life with Lucy."
This particular one showcases the talents of several guest stars: "John
Ritter" and "Ruth Buzzi."  Both of which, raise the level of comedy to a
new level!  Seeing John and Lucy working together is absolutely hilarious!
Neither one of them means for these little "accidents" to happen, but they
do!  The show is filled with plenty of laughs, pratfalls, and good
natured fun!
Video Collection #2
"Stone Pillow"
Lucy's Last Feature Film
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