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1.  To celebrate the 35th Annual Presentation of the Grammy Awards,
the producers assembled some of their "Greatest Moments" in a two hour
special.  Dipping into the past, they presented a few minutes of Patti's
spectacular performance of "Don't cry for me Argentina."
This particular moment originally aired in 1981.

2.  Gracing the stage on the 1988 "Tony Awards" Patti performs a
wonderful rendition of "Anything Goes" from the Broadway play.

3.  Stepping from the footlights, into the role of "Libby Thatcher"
on the weekly series "Life Goes On" was more than likely quite a
change for her, but you won't know it, from this particular moment.
Auditioning for the lead in the local play, Patti returns to the stage
with a delightful rendition of "Broadway Baby."  Realizing that her
family means more to her, the real "musical" moment happens
closer to home, as she performs a stirring rendition of
"Wind beneath my wings."
I have always felt that no one could come close to Bette Midler's
stirring performance of this "classic song" but as you will see, Patti
simply tugs at your heart, with a degree of depth and emotion
rarely seen on the small screen.  Truly a classic moment!

4.  During this exceptional performance hosted at the White House, Patti
sings two selections:  "Anything goes" and "Blow Gabriel Blow."
As always she is simply wonderful!

5.  Honoring several of the greatest "Living Legends" of our time,
The Grammy Awards, salute Andrew Lloyd Webber with several of
his remarkable musical numbers.  Patti performs an exceptional
version of "Don't Cry for me Argentina."  Simply fantastic!

6.  Presenting an award on this particular airing of the Golden Globes, Patti
looks fabulous!

7.  Appearing at the "Kennedy Center Honors" Patti simply commands
your attention, as she sings one of the songs written by one of those
being honored.  She looks wonderful!

8.  Lending her support, on behalf of the Aids Crisis, Patti talks briefly
about the friends she has lost, and how she felt the need to become
involved in this particular special "In a New Light."  Honoring those we
have lost, she sings a wonderful song:  "At the same time."
9.  During this short clip from "Entertainment Tonight" the cameras
catch up with Patti, as she announces the nominees of the
upcoming "Tony Awards."

10.  Lending her incredible voice and presence to the 4th of July
Celebration of our Great Nation, Patti performs a spirited version of
the hit song "Anything Goes."  During an "EXCEPTIONAL" upclose
moment, she performs "Don't cry for me Argentina" which is
absolutely the best!  In closing, she returns with an upbeat
version of "Blow Gabriel Blow."

11.  "Entertainment Tonight" spotlighted the controversy surrounding the
opening of "Sunset Boulevard" on Broadway, which was suppose to
star Patti LuPone, but instead Glenn Close received the part.  Interestingly,
they show a few scenes of Patti singing, in the title role.

12.  During this spectacular special honoring Stephen Sondheim,
Patti performs a stirring rendition of "Being Alive."
As always, she simply commands your attention.

13.  Making the first of two appearances on the "Rosie O'Donnell" show,
Patti is absolutely wonderful!  After all of the previous musical moments,
it's refreshing listening to her, talk about life and career.  After the break,
she returns to perform:  "Dirty hands, dirty face."  Which is delightful!
Great "full" screen moment!

14.  Returning to the "Rosie O'Donnell" show, the two ladies discuss
many things!  And as always, Patti simply shines!  She is such a delight!

15.  Making a "grand" appearance at the White House, Patti performs
a delightful "Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered" "As long as he needs me"
and the wonderful song "Being Alive."
Looking absolutely radiant, Patti is gorgeous!

16.  Looking simply fabulous, Patti stops by the "Rosie O'Donnell Show"
for yet . . . another appearance!  This particular one, however, seems
more lighthearted, than those before . . . as they laugh and share
stories with one another.  After a short break, Patti returns to sing
a wonderful rendition of "I will."  Which is lovely! 
"Thank you"
for taking the time to read through these rather lengthy descriptions!
I know it seems rather "incredible" to believe!
All these moments from the past.
Moments that you might have missed recording.
And those that you have only heard about!
Throughout the years, I've shared many of these clips from my collection
with my friends, and they have always been amazed by all the appearances
that I managed to record.  To ensure the highest quality possible, I use a
"dual deck vcr" when I'm sharing any of these moments from my collection.
I look forward to hearing from you!



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