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"Video Collection #1"

1.) Stepping to the stage, on the 10th annual
“American Music Awards,” Barbara graciously
accepts the honor of “Favorite Country Female.”
As always, her incredible personality shines through!
Later in the program, Barbara welcomes Richard
Carpenter to the stage, in a loving tribute to Karen,
who had just passed away. During a moment that 
will warm your heart, Barbara performs of few bars 
of one of their greatest hits. 1/83 

2.) Appearing “via satellite” from her home in 
Nashville, Barbara accepts another “American Music
Award” on the 11th showing of the popular musical program. 
Clearly surprised, Barbara is delighted! She looks
wonderful! 1/85 

3.) Returning with her very own network celebration,
“Something Special,” Barbara showcases her 
incredible talent for show-stopping entertainment!
After a wonderful opening number, Barbara settles
into what she does best: which is “Everything!”
Starting out with an appearance at the Grand Old
Opry, Barbara is simply delightful, while singing
the “Walbash Cannonball.” Without missing a beat,
the setting changes and Barbara is back in the studio.
Looking absolutely “stunning” Barbara performs
rousing rendition of the classic song: “The heart
of rock n’ roll.” Complete with several costume changes,
and plenty of fancy foot work, Barbara is exceptional!
Afterwards, she joins Lee Greenwood for a heartfelt
ballad, which is only matched by her radiant beauty!
She looks exceptional! While performing with
her famed band, “The Do-Rites” Barbara serves up a
wonderful medley, of some of her “greatest hits.”
“If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right,”
“I was country, when country wasn’t cool” and
“Sleeping single, in a double bed” plus many
more! As the show continues, Barbara joins a 
gospel choir in her home town, for stirring musical
selection. Returning to the stage, she sings a 
special song for her father, who is shown with Barbara
on stage and off, in various settings. Scattered
throughout the show, we get to hear from many of her
fans, who express their admiration for the talented
star. Returning to a time gone by, Barbara dips into
the past once again! This time she sings and dances
her way through several musical numbers, stopping
along the way to play the steel guitar. Truly
a wonderful moment! As the show draws to a close,
she sings a heartfelt ballad for everyone in the audience. 
Afterwards, she greets and signs autographs for everyone
who has waited to express their love and admiration. 1/85 

4.) On the 11th annual “People’s Choice Awards” 
Barbara accepts the award for “Favorite All Round 
Entertainer.” Looking radiant as always, Barbara simply
commands your attention! In “thanking” her family, she
surprises everyone by announcing that she is 
currently pregnant. 3/85 

5.) During Barbara Walters ‘1985’ Oscar Special,
she spotlights the sensational “Barbara Mandrell.”
After a brief overview of her career, complete with
a tour of her lavish home “by the lake” just outside
of Nashville, we are treated to an exceptional
interview with the talented star! Their conversation
starts out with her recovery from the auto accident,
and how this has affected her life. As she talks about
what happened, it’s a message that rings “loud and clear”
.... “everyone needs to buckle up” because you never
know what might happen. With tears in her eyes, she
mentions the individual that died in the accident. 
She also talks about how this has touched their lives,
in every aspect. Naturally their conversation gets around
to whether or not, if she will ever perform “live” again,
which causes Barbara to share some of her insights into
her career. 3/85 

6.) Looking absolutely RADIANT! Barbara joins
Bob Hope on one of his many “Specials” for the 
troops overseas. Starting out with a rousing rendition
of her hit: “When you get to the heart” Barbara simply
commands your attention! She looks gorgeous, during
this “full screen moment!” 6/86 

7.) Stopping by to visit with Oprah Winfrey,
Barbara starts out by talking about the accident 
and how it changed her life. She also mentions the 
devotion of her fans, and how they kept her in 
their prayers, during this difficult time. Speaking 
“from the heart” she talks about many things!
And she looks fabulous! EXCEPTIONAL! Wonderful 
“full screen moment!” As the show continues, she talks
about her career, and her desire to be the best that
she can be. Naturally, she discusses her family, and
how she met her husband, which is really nice. After
the break, Ken shares his own thoughts on their 
marriage, which adds a certain depth and insight into
their relationship. As their moment on the “Oprah Show”
continues, Barbara talks about her career in great detail!
Touching upon many things! Truly a wonderful interview! 
Not to be missed! 12/86 

8.) Appearing on the “American Music Awards” Barbara
picks up another award, this time for “Favorite 
Country Female Artist.” She looks great! 1/87

9.) Returning to the “People’s Choice Awards” 
Barbara is clearly the favorite once again! 
Looking radiant, she graciously accepts the honor. 
Later in the show, she performs a spirited version 
of her hit song: “When you get to the heart.” 3/87 

"Video Collection #2"


1.) Barbara’s “Christmas ... A Family Reunion”
starts out with a delightful moment with her son, 
“on the bus.” When it breaks down, while on their way
home for the holiday, Barbara dreams of the perfect
“Christmas Special.” This particular outing is the
first time she has performed with her sisters, since
their weekly series left the air. It’s great seeing
them together again! Sprinkled throughout the show,
you will find a variety of Christmas favorites! Old
and new! If you liked “the opening number” then you
haven’t seen anything yet! exclaims Barbara. True to
their “special blend” of variety, the show travels 
along at a fairly steady pace, offering moments of
comedy, and many entertaining musical selections.
Very nice! 12/86

2.) On a “Country Music Celebration ... the 
30th Anniversary of the Country Music Association, 
Barbara spends a few minutes as “hostess,” before
performing one of her biggest hits: “I was country,
when country wasn’t cool.” As always, Barbara looks
wonderful! 1/88 

3.) Returning to the “American Music Awards”
Barbara slows things down, by performing a delightful
rendition of: “It sure feels good being with you.” 
She looks great!

4.) Accepting the honor of “host” for the 
14th annual “People’s Choice Awards” Barbara 
looks radiant! Throughout the show, she talks 
briefly from time to time, before performing a 
“heartfelt” ballad, “Because of you.” Dedicated 
to those who have supported her through the years,
the song carries a special meaning. 3/88 

5.) Stepping into the spotlight, on this particular
installment of “Nashville Now” Barbara performs 
a spirited version of: “In times like these.” 
Looking radiant, and full of energy, she simply 
commands your attention! One of her best moments
on camera! In sitting down with Ralph, she talks about
many things! Wonderful “full screen” moments with
her! After a really cute story about her early days,
Barbara sings a heartfelt ballad, entitled: 
“That’s what friends are for.” Towards the end of
the show, Barbara returns to the stage. This time she
displays her incredible talent, in which she plays 
several different musical instruments: the banjo,
steel guitar, and saxophone. 4/88

6.) While attending the 22nd annual “Music City
News Awards” Barbara plays both “host” and 
“musical performer.” After welcoming everyone
to the show, she sits down at the steel guitar, 
for a spirited version of her hit song: 
“Big, big love.” 6/88

7.) Being from the great state of “Texas” Barbara lends
her presence to this particular celebration, on behalf
of “SeaWorld.” 7/88

8.) During this particular appearance from the
Nashville Network’s “This week in Country Music,” we 
are treated to a preview of Barbara’s “new” show, 
titled “I’ll be your jukebox tonight.” As always 
Barbara looks wonderful. Afterwards, she sits
down for a few minutes, to discuss her thoughts on
why “she always has to be better than the 
last time.” 9/88

9.) Looking radiant, and sounding wonderful, as
always, Barbara makes a “guest” appearance on “Hee Haw.”
Starting out with her latest release, “Child Support”
it’s clear that Barbara has another hit on her hands!
Later in the program, Barbara and Roy perform 
“In my sweet baby’s arms” which is nice! 9/88

10.) During this next appearance, Barbara stops by 
the “Pat Sajak Show” for a delightful interview! 
Unfortunately, since this particular moment was joined in
progress, a portion of her musical number is missing, 
but the “interview” more than makes up for it! When 
asked to make herself at home, Barbara slips off her high
heels, and jumps up and down on the couch! Afterwards,
she talks about many things! Far too many to 
mention them all! She is bubbling with energy! 6/89

"Video Collection #3"

Not wanting to put two “specials” on the same tape, 
the first appearance on this collection is slightly
out of order, in terms of our “time line.” 

1.) Barbara celebrates her return to the stage, 
in a brand “new show” titled: “Get to the heart.” 
This is her first concert appearance since the accident.
Dressed in a blue sequin jacket, and a pair of 
matching slacks, Barbara starts out with “In times
like these” it’s clear that Barbara is back where she
belongs! Looking radiant as always, Barbara simply
commands your attention. Lots of “full screen moments!” 
After a short break, she returns with a delightful 
rendition of “I was country when country wasn’t cool.”
She has never sounded better! While singing “Fast lanes and
country roads” which is a relatively slower tempo song,
Barbara steps to the edge of the stage to accept a 
bouquet of flowers from someone in the audience; well, that
was all it took, because she is then flooded with a whole
bunch of flowers and baloons! With her arms full, 
she graciously accepts their gifts. Returning from
the break, she performs several more favorites: 
“One of a kind” and “If loving you is wrong, I
don’t want to be right.” After introducing the 
members of her band, Barbara performs “Show me a 
good woman” “You can eat crackers in my bed” and 
“Sleeping single in a double bed.” Taking her 
banjo in hand, she joins one of the members of her 
band for a rousing rendition of “Dueling Banjos” which
is cute! Picking up each of her favorite instruments,
Barbara performs several more selections! 
Proving how incredibly talented she is! 
Truly an “entertainer!” Ending the show on a “gospel”
note, Barbara brings everyone to their feet, 
with several well-known favorites! As some of the 
members of the audience rush to the stage,
Barbara shakes hands, and accepts more flowers, as 
she sings “Get to the heart.” Clearly everyone 
is pleased to have her back! Truly a wonderful concert
performance, from beginning to end! 5/87

2.) From the same “concert” setting, but at a 
different location, Barbara accepts another 
“People’s Choice Award” for “Favorite All Round
Female Entertainer.” Looking radiant and full
of energy, she graciously thanks the fans!
Afterwards, she sings a spirited version of her 
latest single: “Fast lanes and country roads.”
She looks great! Very nice! 

3.) Returning to the present, in terms of where
we left off on the second tape, Barbara makes a 
special appearance on TNN’s “Nashville Now.” 
Starting out with a spirited version of “My train 
of thought” Barbara simply commands your attention! 
She is full of spirit and energy! Great upclose
moment! Full screen! Afterwards, she joins Ralph 
for a delightful interview. During their conversation
she talks about her father, who later joins them, 
after the break. Which is nice. Performing 
later in the show, Barbara simply shines during 
a splendid version of her hit song: “Years.” 
In slowing things down, the camera really focuses
in on her, “full screen!” She looks gorgeous! 
In a delightful moment, her son Nathan joins
them on stage, for a great moment with “Shotgun Red.” 
Greeting several members of the audience, Barbara 
is absolutely heartwarming! In closing she sings a song
from her new “gospel” album, “Precious Memories” 
which is just being released. 6/89

4.) Making a special appearance on the “Arsenio Hall”
show, Barbara performs a delightful selection 
from her new album. The song is titled “My train of 
thoughts” and it doesn’t take much consideration to
realize that Barbara is truly a fabulous entertainer!
Looking radiant, she fills the “entire screen”
with her presence! During the interview portion of
the program, Arsenio lets Barbara talk about many
things. As always, she is delightful! One of her 
best interview moments. After the break, she returns
to perform a gospel number. ( Unfortunately, the last 
minute of the song was cut, when the next show was 
recorded on the original tape ) 10/89

5.) While appearing on the 23rd annual “Country 
Music Awards” Barbara presents the “Entertainer of 
the Year” award to George Strait. 10/89

6.) Looking wonderful wherever she goes, Barbara 
makes a special appearance on the 14th annual “Circus
of the Stars.” Playing “host” for the evening, she is a
natural under the “Big Top.” 11/89

7.) Appearing on the 17th annual “American Music
Awards” Barbara presents one of the awards for
the evening. 1/90 

8.) In an "Upclose" moment for the interview program,
"After Hours" Barbara spends a few minutes, talking about
her career, and another cause close to her heart.

"Video Collection # 4"

1.  During an "exceptional" Celebrity Outdoors, Barbara Mandrell visits the 
beautiful countryside of New Zealand.  With her family by her side, Barbara is 
having a wonderful time, experiencing the land "down under!"  From learning to 
shear sheep, trout fishing, boating on the crystal blue waters of their lakes and 
streams.  When asked about her career, Barbara touches upon the idea that her 
and her sisters are very supportive of one another, often giving advice to each 
other on their assorted projects.  During a lighthearted moment, Barbara and her 
son Matt, compare their "catch of the day!"  I won't tell you who hooked the 
bigger trout.


2.  Returning to the "People's Choice Awards" Barbara looks sensational, 
as host for the very special evening.

3.  Returning to the Oprah Winfrey Show, Barbara visits with the 
popular daytime host about her new book, "Get to the heart."  During this 
"exceptional" hour long interview, she talks at length about the accident 
which changed her life forever.  She mentions several things that I had 
never heard before.  After the break she performs a heartfelt rendition of 
"I'll leave something good behind." Which is wonderful.  Later in the 
program, Oprah introduces Barbara's sisters, which adds a greater 
depth to the show.  They share many stories relating to Barbara!

4.  During the previous appearance, Oprah touched upon Barbara's endorsement 
of "Lean Cuisine" and here's one of the many commercials that featured Barbara.

5.  Making the rounds to promote her new book, "Get to the Heart" 
Barbara stops by the Sally Jesse Raphael Show, for a wonderful visit.  
She looks beautiful!  Wonderful "full" screen moments! 
"Video Collection # 5" 

1.  During an "exceptional" Celebrities Offstage, we are treated to a 
wonderful interview from the Nashville Network.  Dipping into the past, they 
present several individual interviews that lead us up to this setting for this 
particular interview, which was Barbara's first, after the accident.

2.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Barbara on the set of her 
new video, "I'll leave something behind."  Which features Barbara's children, 
and she talks at length about what they mean to her.

3.  "There short but they are the cutest thing you've ever seen!" confides 
Barbara on the set of her "No Nonsense" pantyhose commercial.  

4.  Performing a spirited version of "This Rock" Barbara returns to the Arsenio 
Hall Show, for a "wonderful" appearance.  She looks absolutely "gorgeous" as she 
playfully interacts with the band!  During the interview portion of the show, she 
touches upon her upcoming 25th Anniversary to Ken, where they plan to renew 
their vows.  On a more light hearted note, Arsenio asks her about her commercial 
for "prunes!"  Which is quite funny!  After the break, she slows things down with 
a wonderful ballad, titled "To me."

5.  Stopping by the set of "Later with Bob Costas" Barbara talks at length 
about many things, upon the release of her new book, "Get to the heart."  
After the previous interviews, this particular appearance seems to cut 
right to chase, with the details of what happened on that fateful day in 
September.  There seems to be more of a personal feeling to the interview, 
as Barbara visits with the late night host.  When talking about the accident,
she mentions several things that hadn't came up before.  Including her decision 
to film the public service announcement that made her confront her fear of 
seeing the car that she was in.  They feature the commercial, and it's a 
somber reality of what could have been.

6.  Looking absolutely "beautiful" Barbara makes a special appearance on 
"Disney's Great American Celebration."  Singing "When you get to the heart" 
Barbara simply shines!  She has never sounded better!  After a short break, 
she returns to perform a rousing rendition of "Feed the fire."

7.  Performing "Pieces of my heart" Barbara makes a wonderful appearance 
on the country favorite "Hee Haw."  She looks great!  After the break, she 
sings a heartfelt version of "I'll leave something good behind."  Which is
really good.  Closing the show, she sings a "gospel" selection.

8.  "Good Morning America" spent a week in Nashville spotlighting all the 
events happening on music row.  Including a wonderful conversation with 
Barbara outside her museum.  Where she reflects upon her love of Nashville, 
and her upcoming tour, which will take her across this great Nation.

9.  Appearing on the 25th annual "Country Music Awards" Barbara introduces
the latest entry into the "Hall of Fame."

10.  Honoring Garth Brooks on the 18th annual "People's Choice Awards" 
Barbara personally gives Garth his awards, while on tour.  She looks great!

11.  Looking gorgeous, Barbara makes a wonderful appearance on the
Country Music Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary.  She performs a song that I'm not 
familiar with, and so I don't know the title.  

12. Returning to the "American Music Awards" Barbara presents one of the 
awards for the evening.  She looks sensational!  

13.  Singing a holiday inspired selection, Barbara asks "Santa to bring her baby home" 
during Opryland's Country Christmas.  She looks sensational!  As the show draws to 
a close , Barbara joins the rest of the guests as they sing the holiday favorite,
"Deck the halls." 

14.  Appearing on the 31st annual "Country Music Awards" Barbara is greeted by 
a thunderous round of applause from her fans, along the red carpet.  Later in the 
program she presents the "Entertainer of the Year" award. 

15.  Looking absolutely "beautiful" Barbara speaks fondly of her dear friend, 
Minnie Pearl during an evening honoring the country legend.  Following her kind 
words Barbara sings a "gospel" selection that raises the roof off the place!  
With a choir behind her, Barbara has never sounded better!!! 

16.  Without question, when the Statler Brothers presented their holiday 
Christmas program, Barbara was on their list of special guests!  Singing the 
holiday favorite, "Santa, bring my baby home" Barbara looks sensational!  
Following her musical number Barbara is joined by the Statler Brothers on the 
classic Christmas favorite, "There's no place like home for the holidays."  
Later in the program, Barbara performs "I'll be home for Christmas."

17.  Speaking from the heart, Barbara and her husband share their thoughts 
about each other, on the TNN program, titled "Soul Mates."  Interestingly, 
when it comes to the difficult time following the accident, Ken steps into 
the spotlight to share his thoughts on Barbara's mental state after her car 
accident.  He goes on to talk about what it's like being married to Barbara, 
which is very interesting!  Because he's more than confident letting Barbara 
shine!  This is really an interesting interview because it delves into their 
relationship in greater detail, than we have ever heard before.
"Video Collection # 6"

1.  During an "EXCEPTIONAL" Celebrities Offstage, we are treated to a wonderful 
tour of Barbara's home, nestled deep in the Tennessee woods.  As Barbara walks 
from room to room, she shares with us her thoughts on many of the things that 
surround her, and it's truly breathtaking!  For those who have always wondered 
what "Fontanel" looked like inside, this is absolutely "spectacular!"  She shares 
with us everything!  Each room, all the special features that relate to her family, a 
tour of the grounds outside, and SO MUCH MORE!  During the second half of the 
program she speaks from the heart, sharing some of her inner most thoughts and 
feelings when it comes to being an entertainer.  In the sense, that when she walks 
out that front door, she has a responsibility to the fans and so they will never see 
her upset.  It only happens in the Fontanel.  We truly see another side of Barbara
that we very seldom have a chance to see.  She answers all the difficult questions,
and it's very interesting!  On the second part of "Celebrities Offstage" we are
invited along, as Ken and Barbara renew their wedding vows in their home at
Fontanel.  It's a wonderful celebration!  Prior to the big event, we are on hand
in Los Angeles as Barbara receives the honor, as "Woman of the Year."  Along
with several other events that Barbara has attended recently.  She's always out
there for the fans!  During one of the more "lighthearted" moments, Barbara is 
adding some things to the display cases in her museum, that finds her crawling 
around on the floor!  With all of her accomplishments around her, Barbara shares
 her thoughts on being the entertainer that we have come to love and admire.  
Before Ken and Barbara walk down the aisle, we are treated to more of her 
previous interview with Lorianne, where Barbara talks at length about her family.  
When it's time for the wedding, Barbara looks beautiful!  We are present for the 
whole ceremony, and it's very touching!


2.  Several years later, "Celebrities Offstage" caught up with Barbara again,
as she prepares for her new stage show, titled "Steppin' Out."  Some of the 
moves that she does during the rehearsal are "remarkable!"  The way the guys 
seem to toss her from one individual to another.  It's going to be a good show!

3.  Looking absolutely beautiful, Barbara stops by the set of "Music City Tonight" 
for a wonderful visit, to promote her brand new speical.  After they show several 
minutes from her special, Barbara steps to the stage to perform a touching version 
of her classic hit, "Years."  Following the break, Barbara takes us aboard her custom 
designed tour bus, and it's spectacular!  It has everything!  Later as the show draws
to a close, Barbara performs one more selection; a gospel number.
"Thank you"
for taking the time to read through these rather lengthy descriptions!  

I know it seems rather "incredible" to believe!  
All these moments from the past.
Moments that you might have missed recording.
And those that you have only heard about!

Throughout the years, I've
shared many of these clips from my
with my friends, and they have always been astounded by all the appearances
that I was able to record.  To ensure the highest quality possible, I use a "dual deck"
vcr when I'm sharing any of these moments from my collection.
I would like to trade for shows that I don't have and a few other things.
I look forward to hearing from you!

"I just wanted to let you know that the three Barbara Mandrell tapes arrived in the mail today.
They are WONDERFUL!  I honestly can't even put into words what these precious memories
mean to me.  I will treasure these 'gifts' forever."  ~ Tamara

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