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Video Collection #1

1.  Moving away from the glamorous image, so often associated with herself, 
Ann steps into her first dramatic role for television, in the movie "Who will love
my children."  During this interview from "Entertainment Tonight" she touches
upon the movie, and the responsibility of playing such a strong character.


2.  Making a special appearance on the television show, "That's Incredible!"
Ann meets the real life children that she found homes for in the television
movie, "Who will love my children."  As she talks about their mother, she
is clearly moved by the experience.


3.  While appearing on "Hour Magazine" Ann visits with Gary Collins about many things,
her upcoming television movie, "Who will love my children" and also her marriage
to Roger, plus so much more!  Ann looks simply wonderful!


4.  With the release of her new movie, "Middle Aged Crazy" Ann stops by the set
of the "Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" for a delightful interview!  In keeping
with the theme of the movie, Ann and Johnny present various "middle-aged-items"
designed to enhance your life!  Ann always looks sensational!


5.  Stepping into the role of Blanche, in the movie "A Streetcar Named Desire"
Ann exclaims during this exceptional interview, from "Entertainment Tonight."
She explains why this role was so demanding.


6.  Taking risks is a part of Ann's life, both on the screen and off, as we learn from
this particular "taped" interview from "Hour Magazine."  She talks at length about her
role in "A Streetcar Named Desire" and how the experience changed her life.


7.  After a rousing reception from the audience, Ann returns to the set of the
"Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" for a delightful interview!  She touches upon
her latest role, in "A Streetcar Named Desire" and many other things!  Including
the night that Barbara Stanwyck, honored her at the Emmy Awards.
Ann looks absolutely beautiful!


8.  Looking absolutely wonderful, Ann stopped by the set of "Good Morning America"
to discuss her current role in the movie, "A Streetcar Named Desire."  She talks at
length about the project, and how it touched her.


9.  Throughout the years, Ann's endearing friendship with George Burns, always included
a special appearance on her part, whenever they honored the talented entertainer.
Sharing the stage with George during his Birthday Celebration, the two of them 
sing an old favorite!


10.  Stepping into the holiday season, Ann joins Perry Como for his "Christmas in London"
Holiday special.  After all these years, it was nice to see these particular moments again,
but they could have taken the "soft focus filter" off the camera lens!  Throughout the
show, Ann sings several selections, "We wish you a Merry Christmas" "Away in a manager"
"The Christmas Song" and many more!


11.  With the release of her next film, "Return of the Soldier" Ann attends the premiere
of her picture, and talks briefly to "Entertainment Tonight" about the role.


12.  While promoting her latest movie, "Twice in a lifetime" Ann stops by the set of the
"Today Show" for an interesting interview.  While discussing her role in the film, the
conversation shifts to her own successful marriage, and how her and Roger have
been together for over twenty years.  Wonderful full screen moment!


13.  Performing a heartfelt version of the classic song, "I've got a crush on you"
Ann serenades George Burns on his 90th Birthday!


14.  Returning to the "Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson, Ann makes another
delightful appearance.  On an interesting note, Johnny asks her about some of
her lesser known films, several of which, Ann has never seen!
Video Collection #2

1.  During a two part interview on "Hour Magazine" Ann talks fondly of several of her
co-stars and friends, among them "George Burns" "Elvis" and "Bette Davis."  As she
visits with Gary Collins, she touches upon many of the events throughout 
her life and career, in great detail.  Very interesting memories!
Very insightful interview!


2.  Appearing on the "Today Show" Ann talks about her latest project, "The Two Miss
Grendvilles" and what it was like stepping into that particular character.  When asked
how she views herself, Ann confided that she has always thought of herself as 
an "entertainer" foremost and not really an actress.


3.  During a very special tribute to "Barbara Stanwyck" Ann recalls the evening
when she was honored by Barbara wonderful mention of her performance
in "Who will love my children."


4.  Returning to the "Today Show" Ann talks about her latest movie, "A new life"
and how the storyline, reflects the lives of several of her friends, who find 
themselves in the dating world again.  Interestingly, when asked about whether 
she would consider returning to the concert stage, Ann is very positive about 
returning to her singing and dancing.  Wonderful full screen moment!


5.  Making a special appearance on the awards show, devoted to the field of "Dance"
Ann presents one of the honors for the evening.
6.  "Entertainment Tonight" was on hand as Ann was honored by her homeland,
for her work on behalf of Sweden.


7.  Unfortunately it seems the only time we get to see Ann sing, is when they
are celebrating another milestone Birthday for George Burns.  This time around
she performs "You do something to me."  


8.  Looking simply sensational, Ann makes a stunning appearance on the
"Tonight Show with Johnny Carson."  After being in the business for nearly 
thirty years, Ann has decided to perform at Radio City Music Hall, with a
brand new stage show.  As she talks about how this whole idea came about,
she relates a very touching story, about coming to America.


9.  Upon her arrival in New York City, as she prepares for her return to the stage 
at Radio City Music Hall, Ann stops by the Phil Donahue Show for an exceptional 
"hour" long interview!  Throughout the program she touches upon many things!
Far too many to even mention!  We even catch a glimpse of Roger, who steps
from the side of the stage, after someone asked if he'd be joining Ann.
This is a wonderful interview from beginning to end!


10.  Joined in progress, this next moment finds Ann singing a few bars of the
song, "This land is our land" on a special devoted to the environment. 


11.  Tom Snyder Show


12.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Ann as she prepares for her return
to the concert stage.  We are treated to a "behind the scenes" glimpse of Ann
during the rehearsal.


13.  "People's Choice Awards" 


14.  "Rosie O'Donnell Show"
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