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1.  With the success of "Everybody Everybody" riding high on the charts, along
with the pending legal action against the creators of "C & C Music Factory" it
was rather unfortunate, that it took the circumstances involved, to finally
bring Martha into the "spotlight!"  For those of us familiar with her incredible
talent, it was clear that she was the "voice!" behind the music, but for many
they had never even heard of her.  But soon, they wouldn't forget her!
Making a very special appearance on the "Arsenio Hall" show, Martha 
performed a rousing rendition of the hit, "Everybody Everybody" leaving
no doubt, as to who the "real" singer was!  And that's how her interview
with Arsenio began!  Speaking very softly, it was a pleasure listening to
Martha share her thoughts about what had happened, and heartbreaking
too, as she touched upon thought that it had taken her many years, 
to get to this point, only to have someone else receive the credit.  As she
visited with Arsenio, she mentioned many things, one of them being:
"I am the real thing, there is no imitation.  There are a lot of falsehoods
going on in the business, and people need to be aware of what's going on."
Throughout the interview she speaks frankly about the music business, 
sharing with us her incredible wisdom.


2.  While reporting on the controversy surrounding the situation in the music
business, where some of the entertainers are using "pre-recorded" tracks, Martha's
lovely personality suddenly came into focus!  Touching upon what had happened to
her with the "Blackbox" situation, she issued a word of caution:  "When the tape breaks,
and the music stops, and the microphones are turned on, you're going to have to
prove yourself."


3.  Making a special appearance at Sheryl Lee Ralph's annual benefit "Divas
Simply Singing" Martha looks absolutely wonderful!


4.  Returning to the "Arsenio Hall" Show, Martha is on board for the entire evening!  Singing
not only her newest hit, "Give it to you" but also smaller performances between the breaks and
the individual interview segments.  Beginning with her trademark vocal "Everybody Dance Now"
layered across a sizzling funky beat, Martha's voice is simply remarkable!  After a few minutes
with the talented singer, they begin to cut away for a commercial but before we've even left the
building, Martha delivers a rousing rendition of Aretha Franklin's "Freeway of love."  Which is
absolutely astounding! 



5.  With the release of her first solo album, Martha stops by the set of "BET" for a
wonderful interview!  For the most part, their conversation centers around the music
contained on the new album, which is a mixture of "ballads" "dance numbers" and "cover
versions."  Also during the interview, we are treated to her "brand new video" for the
song, "Give it to you."  Which is very erotic!  Returning to the set, Martha focuses on how
she selects her songs, and what she looks for.  It's very interesting listening to her!

6.  While making a guest appearance on the Ricki Lake show, Martha has the honor
of being one of the judges in the "Sexiest Man in America" contest!  Looking wonderful,
as always, it's great seeing her!  And she is clearly having a fabulous time!  With so
many beautiful men struting across the stage, it's only fitting that Martha should
be asked to perform the classic "Weather Girls" song, "It's raining men."
Which is simply fantastic!

7.  Looking simply radiant!  Martha makes a delightful visit to the "Gordon Elliot Show!"
When his show returned for a brand new season, Martha's instinctive voice could be heard
singing the opening theme song.  So it was only fitting, when he featured Dionne Warick
and Mary Wilson as his guests, that Martha should feel right at home, among the other divas!
After a short visit, she stepped to the stage and performed a stirring medley, devoted to
"The Great Ladies of Song."  Listening to her perform these classic songs was nothing short
of remarkable!  "Ain't nobody's business" "God bless the child" "A tisket a tasket" and
"Don't hang out with me."  As the show drew to a close Martha returned to the stage 
to perform the theme song of the show, which was heavenly!


8.  As VH1 started to shift their focus from music videos to more and more "theme"
oriented programs, RuPaul suddenly found himself with his very own show.  Thanks
to him, we had the chance to see Martha "one more time!"  As the two of them visited,
Martha was asked if she might sing a few bars of her hit song, "Carry On."  Well, it was
nothing short of incredible!  As the show drew to a close, Martha raised the roof off 
the place, with her timeless classic, "It's raining men!"


9.  When I first noticed this next moment from VH1, on their highly popular "Where
are they now?" series, I can't really understand how they can claim that Martha
is a "one hit wonder?"  Especially when she has been in the business for as long as
she has, and they have the background footage to support it.  Beginning with her
early days, as part of the "Weather Girls" we are treated to a wonderful overview
of her incredible career, clear up to the present!  They touch upon everything!  And
it's interesting seeing how she has changed throughout the years!
After the collection Martha was completed, I happened to come across
two more moments from the past, that needed to be included!
PLUS!  There is a "new" appearance as well!


10.  The "Holidays" wouldn't be the same without a visit from "The Weather Girls"
as they perform an exceptional rendition of the hit song,
"Dear Santa, Bring me a man for Christmas."


11.  Returning to the vault, I can't explain how I happened to overlook this 
"exceptional" interview from "Entertainment Tonight."  Looking "Absolutely
Fabulous!" Martha and Izora's personalities simply sparkle! as they touch
upon their current sucess!  It's so wonderful, just listening to Martha!


12.  Stepping into the present, this next moment from Canada's "Electric Circus"
finds Martha performing a ROUSING rendition of her hit song, "It's raining men."
Afterwards, she visits with the host of the program, for a few minutes, in which 
she talks about many things!  Truly a wonderful moment!  6/8/2001
"Thank you!"
for taking the time to read through these rather lengthy descriptions!
I know it seems rather "incredible" to believe!
All these moments from the past.
Moments that you might have missed recording.
And those you only heard about!
Throughout the years, I've shared many of these clips from my
collection with my friends, and they have always been astounded
by all the appearances that I was able to record.  To ensure the
highest quality possible, I use a "dual deck vcr" when I'm sharing
any of these moments from my collection.
I would like to trade for shows that I don't have and
a few other things.
I'm specifically looking for a copy of the video that Martha's Fan
Club presented, titled "A Tribute to the Great Ladies of Song."
For years, I tried to purchase this video tape, but was unable to
get a copy.  I would like to find someone that actually has the
ORIGINAL video tape, who would be willing to make me a
copy.  I'm also looking for any footage of "Sylvester!"  In my
collection, I only have "one" video, "Hard Up!" and his performance
in Bette Midler's movie, "The Rose."  Other than those two items,
that's all I have in my collection.  I know there are a few things
out there.
I look forward to hearing from you!




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