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Video Collection #1


1. From the beautiful city of Quebec, Anne treats us to the sights and sounds
of their annual "Winter Carnival." Besides giving us the grand tour, Anne
performs many of her favorites, including: "That's not the way it's suppose
to be" "Snowbird" "You needed me" "You won't see me" "A little good news"
Joining Anne on her special, is Glen Campbell, who sings "Faithless Love."
Afterwards, Anne joins him for a delightful duet of "Mama don't let your
kids play hockey." Later in the program, Anne visits with her other special
guest, Dionne Warick, and they perform a delightful medley of "their"
greatest hits, and a few of the songs that they had wished they had
recorded! Which will surprise you! Throughout the special, Anne looks
simply wonderful! 1984


2. On the 24th Annual Grammy Awards, Anne presents one of the awards
for the evening. Looking wonderful, as always, it's such a treat seeing her! 2/85


3. In presenting her latest video "Time don't run out on me"
Anne looks simply sensational!


4. During this exceptional "Coverstory" with Anne, we are treated to an indepth
interview with the talented superstar, rarely seen today. Throughout this half hour
program, she shares many of her thoughts on her career and personal life. Sprinkled
throughout, they present many images from her past: on stage, photos, videos, home
movies, and some of the award shows that she has guested on. We also hear from
some of her friends: Alan Thicke and Dusty Springfield; along with her husband.
It's interesting listening to Anne, as she presents "her" view of the "career" and
how it fits in with her personal life. 7/86


5. Not wanting to place two specials, back to back, this next moment is slightly
out of place, in terms of the timeline. Looking and sounding absolutely fantastic!
Anne returns with a delightful special titled "The Sounds of London." This particular
special is filled with so many of the sights and sounds of jolly old England, highlighted
by Anne's delightful personality and incredible voice. Interestingly, when she visits
one of the "hippest" clubs in London, she sings a medley, that you wouldn't normally
associate with her: "I'm still standing" "Karma Chameleon" "Start me up" "Modern Love"
"Sweet Dreams" and "Every breath you take." Anne presents her own spin on all of
these highly successful hits, which is really cute! Later in the program, she joins
Dusty Springfield for an exceptional medley! "Wishin' and Hopin'" "I only wanna be
with you" "A kind of a hush" "Downtown" "Just you and I" and "It's the two of us"
What makes this moment so unique is the fact, that Dusty is rarely seen in public,
which is evident when she agrees to perform later that evening at one of Anne's
concerts. It's been five years, since she last graced the stage. Singing "You don't
have to say you love me" Dusty simply commands your attention! When Anne returns
to the stage she performs "Another sleepless night" "Time don't run out on me"
"In my life" and "Nobody loves me like you do." Truly a wonderful special! 2/85

Video Collection #2

1. "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with the talented star, for an exceptional interview,
in which she talks about her latest project, and why her last album wasn't very
well received. From there she touches upon her style, and how she has remained
as popular through the years, as she has been.
2. Even though the album didn't do very well on the charts, the video for
"Who's leaving who" was sensational. Anne looks wonderful!
3. Elvis considered Anne Murray his all time favorite female vocalist, and in honor
of this memory, she accepts an award on his behalf, during this particular
installment of the "American Music Awards."
4. Appearing on the 21st Annual "Country Music Awards," Anne presents one
of the honors for the evening.
5. Looking radiant as always, Anne unveils her latest video "Flying on your own."
6. Appearing on the John Denver Christmas Special from Aspen Colorado, Anne
simply brightens the season! Singing two holiday favorites: "Winter Wonderland"
and "The Christmas Song" it's always a treat seeing her!
7. Singing "Now and forever" Anne stops by the Pat Sajak Show for a delightful
moment, with the late time host. During these "upclose" moments, she looks
wonderful! As always, Anne commands your attention, especially when she
shares a funny story about a guy who was giving her a hard time during one
of her concerts. From there, they talk about many things. After the break, she
returns to sing "Who but you."


8. "Entertainment Tonight" handed over the microphone to "The Judds" in honor
of the "Country Music Awards" so they could interview some of the
guests, during rehearsal.
9. While hosting the 23rd Annual "Country Music Awards" Anne appears many
times throughout the evening. As always, she looks wonderful. Later in the program
she performs a lovely duet with Kenny Rogers "If I ever fall in love again."
10. Taking her chances, Anne makes a delightful appearance on the Joan Rivers
Show, to celebrate the release of her 29th album. Ironically, this particular interview
offers us a different view of the talent singer, as she talks about her "family." Plus, she
shares her thoughts on her lengthy career, and how she approaches the music business.
Leave it to Joan, but she managed to ask Anne about the "rumors" that persisted early on
in her career. Overall, a really nice interview, inspite of Joan bringing up the past.
11. Singing "Could I have this dance" Anne sets the stage for some of the greatest
female singers of country music, on an "All Star Country Salute to Ralph Emery."
Anne looks wonderful!
12. Nashville Now's "StarCatcher" links up with Anne Murray "Live" from one of
her concert dates in Florida. As always, she is a delight to see! During this particular
segment, she talks about many things.
13. On the tenth annual "Christmas in Washington" Celebration, Anne simply sparkles,
as she joins the other guests. Singing a medley of "holiday favorites" Anne is wonderful!
Later in the program, she performs a lovely Christmas classic.
14. Appearing with the Boston Pops orchestra, Anne looks absolutely radiant! And she
sounds wonderful, as she performs many of her favorites! "Snowbird" "You needed me"
"I just fall in love again" "Shadows in the moonlight" "Time don't run out on me"
"You won't see me" "Could I have this dance"
15. Appearing on "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee" from Niagara Falls, Anne looks
simply wonderful! As always, she tells a delightful story, which has everyone laughing!
After the break, she performs a song from her album, titled "What would it take."
After the collection on Anne was completed, I happened to comes across the
following two moments, which definitely needed to be included!
16. Singing a few bars of her hit song, "Time don't run out on me" Anne
steps to the stage, during the "Night of a 100 Stars" celebration!
Wonderful full screen moment!
17. Upon the release of her latest "Greatest Hits" album, Anne stops by the
set of Nashville Now, for a wonderful interview! As always, it's nice to see her!
She talks about many things, including her recent duet with Kenny Rogers,
"If I ever fall in love again."
Video Collection #3
1. On TNN's "Monday Night Concerts" Anne joins Ricky Skaggs for a delightful rendition
of her signature hit song "You won't see me." After the break, she talks about her career,
even laughing about the fact, that she sounds better now, than she ever did, but people
don't want to listen to her. And with her next performance is rather hard to understand
"why" because she sings a lovely ballad, and her voice is incredible. Later in the program,
she performs a medley of "Shadows in the moonlight" "Somebody's always saying goodbye"
"Snowbird" and "Could I have this dance." Closing the show, she sings a duet with
Ricky, "What would it take" which is really nice.
2. "The Life and Times of Anne Murray" Hour long special from TNN, covering
Anne's incredible life and career.
3. Oprah Winfrey Show; Anne and her daughter make a special
appearance, and performance.
4. "The Donny and Marie Show" Anne and her daughter make a special appearance;
and perform together.
5. "Entertainment Tonight" footage from the upcoming "Dateline" interview.
6. "Dateline" interview with Anne and her daughter.