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1.  When Kim Novak broke away from Hollywood many many years ago, she slipped
away to the North and completely left everything behind.  When she accepted 
her role on the nighttime drama "Falcon Crest" she suddenly came back into view 
and it was wonderful to see her again!  During this exceptional interview from 
"Hour Magazine" she touches upon many things!

2.  Looking absolutely radiant, Kim joins Jimmy Stewart on the 61st "Academy Awards"
where they present one of the awards for the evening.  


3.  While attending the annual "Golden Globes" Kim and Tom Selleck present the award for 
"Best Actress in a Motion Picture."  As always, Kim looks absolutely stunning!


4.  "Entertainment Tonight" spotlighted Kim's first feature film in nearly nine
years, with her role in "The Children."  While on the set, she talks about the film 
and the scripts that she is being offered today.  Many of which tempt her with
the possibility of returning to Hollywood.  We also catch a glimpse of her with her
husband on their farm, looking after their animals.  Which really gives us a
glimpse into her life and how simple it is!


5.  With a renewed interest in the movie "Vertigo" Kim steps back into the spotlight 
once again.  During this exceptional interview from "Entertainment Tonight" she talks 
about Marilyn Monroe and how she was such a troubled soul.  Kim confesses the
same thing could have happened to her quite easily, if she wouldn't have left
Hollywood.  Kim looks simply radiant!


6.  With a restored version of "Vertigo" being released in the theaters, 
"Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Kim on the red carpet during it's premiere!
She looks gorgeous as always!


7.  During a special edition of "Larry King Weekend" we are treated to an "excellent"
interview with Kim.  Larry begins by asking her "Where have you been?"  During the
hour Kim explains her reason for leaving Hollywood and why she simply had to leave as
the system started to change her.  Which is what happened to a lot of the other
actresses at the time.  Because she essentially had it all and everything was working
for her, it wasn't hard to leave it all behind when she moved to Oregon.  While there
she discovered the things that would prove to be most important to her.  As they
talk about her assorted movie roles, she talks about filming the movie "Picnic" and 
that there was a tornado destroying a town nearby, which added a degree of energy 
and tension to their performance.  All of which was captured on film.  In talking about
Hollywood, she shares a lot of insight into the studio system itself.  We also learn a
great deal about how she felt about her movie roles, favorite parts, working with
the assorted directors, her co-stars and so much more!  Speaking from the heart she 
talks fondly of the time she spent working with Jimmy Stewart, and how they have
remained friends to this day.  Before the show draws to a close, Larry sort of starts
throwing out all these questions and he's all over the place, asking about everything!
So many things that I can't even begin to mention all of them.  It's an "exceptional"
hour!  Very in depth!  With wonderful "full" screen moments scattered throughout!


8.  "Entertainment Tonight" spotlighted the 30th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's
death and during their segment on her, they unearthed a rare interview with Kim, 
where she talks about Marilyn. 


9.  It would be years before Kim would reappear again.  Of course everything is
considered an "exclusive" and so when she appeared on "Larry King Live" the heading 
read "Kim Novak breaks her silence."  Throughout the program, she touches upon
many things!  Interestingly she talks about her relationship with Sammy Davis,
Jr., and the trouble that it caused.  One of the most surprisingly revelations which
comes to light is the idea that her house just burned down, and she lost everything!
Including the "biography" she had been writing!  At times the interview seems a
little rapid fire, just as soon as Kim provides the answer Larry is off in another
direction.  Some of the more interesting questions occur when the lines are
opened and we hear from the fans.  Which leads Kim to talk about her love for
animals, including a pet snake that she named "Sincere."  As she explains her
love for them, it seems a bit odd and yet, remarkable.  Honestly, so many things
are touched upon during the hour, it's hard to mention all of them.  Kim looks
absolutely gorgeous!  It's truly an exceptional interview!


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