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Video Collection #1

1.  During the late 1980's, country music really started to gain in popularity, and
part of the reason was due to "The Judds" and other well known country artists,
of the day.  Featured among them, was "K.T. Oslin!"  Performing a few bars of her
latest release, "Do ya" K.T. appears on the 30th annual celebration,
honoring "Country Music."

2.  After the success of her first album, "80's Ladies" K.T. was honored as
"Top New Female Vocalist" on the 23rd Annual "Country Music Awards."
Honesty,  has always been one of K.T.'s most refreshing qualities.  As she
accepted her award, she quickly replied, "We have to make this fast. 
I'm old.  I could thank everyone for a thousand years!"  Earlier in the
program, when they spotlighted the "up and coming, new talent" in
country music, she performed a few bars of the gospel hymn
"I saw the light."

3.  Returning to the stage, on the "TNN Viewers Choice Awards" K.T. looks
absolutely radiant!  As always, it's a delight to see her! 
She performs her latest hit single, "Do ya."

4.  By the time, K.T. was interviewed by "CBS This Morning," her life and
career had changed dramatically "within a relatively short period of time!" 
Touching upon the pressures of being in the spotlight, K.T. candidly talks
about the music business, being on the road, and how her life has changed.
With that thought in mind, she relates an interesting story about Loretta
Lynn, and the advice that she gave K.T. about the industry.


5.  Stepping in front of the camera, K.T. presents her latest music video,
"I'll always come back."  Although, not exactly the storyline that you may
pictured in your mind, it still touches the heart.


6.  In highlighting K.T.'s sensational year, the popular TNN program,
"This week in Country Music" featured a wonderful interview with the
talented singer.  In addition, they presented a "behind the scenes" look
at her new music video, "I'll always come back."

7.  Speaking from the heart, K.T. graciously accepts the honor of "Female Vocalist
of the Year" on the 22nd Annual "Country Music Awards."  Truly this is an 
exceptional moment!  Returning to the stage, she performs a wonderful
version of "Hold me."  Later in the program, she also wins the honor of
"Song of the Year."

8.  Looking ABSOLUTELY "radiant" K.T. makes a sensational appearance on the
"Tonight Show with Johnny Carson."  Dressed in an exquisitely colored pink-fuchsia
outfit, K.T. treats us to an exceptional performance of her hit single, "Hey Bobby." 
Later, as she visits with the popular late night host, it's clear that she is
enjoying her success!


9.  Returning to the stage, on the "American Music Awards," K.T. performs a stirring
rendition of her hit single, "Hold me."  As always, she looks simply sensational!

10.  Winning the honor of "Best Country Vocal, Female" K.T. performs her
hit single, "Hold me" on the 1989 "Grammy Awards."  As always, K.T. looks
absolutely wonderful!

11.  Returning to Nashville, K.T. performs a rousing version of her hit single,
"Hey Bobby" on the 1989 "TNN Viewers Choice Awards."  Dressed in her
designer suit, she looks absolutely gorgeous!

12.  Filling in as "Guest Host" K.T. stops by the set of "Crook and Chase" for
a delightful visit!  As always, K.T. is a natural in front of the camera, whether
it be singing one of her hits, or as in this case, asking the questions!

13.  With several top ten hits to her credit, it was only natural that
K.T. would suddenly find herself, the "center of attention."  During this
very insightful interview from the "USA Today" news program, it's easy
to see that they were more concerned with a type of "tabloid journalism"
than profiling the talented star, based upon her accomplishments.  The
reason, I mention this, is because they ask her about her recent 
cosmetic surgery, and why she decided to have it done.  During
the balance of the interview, she shares with us, her 
thoughts on the music business.

14.  Looking absolutely sensational, K.T. makes a splendid return to "The Tonight
Show with Johnny Carson."  After performing a wonderful rendition of her latest
hit single, "This Woman" K.T. joins the popular late night host, for an interesting
interview.  As always, Johnny truly knew how to treat his guests!

15.  While attending the 24th annual "Academy of Country Music Awards" K.T.
graciously accepts the honor of "Album of the Year" and "Top Female Vocalist
of the Year."  Later in the program, as she performs a spirited version of
her hit single, "Hey Bobby" it's clear, that she deserved to be honored
by the Academy.

16.  Long before she became overly abrasive, Joan Rivers hosted her very own 
"talk show" which featured some of the more popular artists of the day.  Taking
a cue from the eleven year struggle that it took, for her to reach the top, Joan
asked K.T. about the "lean years" which led to her success.  One of the more
interesting aspects of this particular interview is the idea that since it's drawn
from a woman's point of view, K.T. is able to express herself, in a way that she
has been unable to, in the past.  Which is very refreshing!

17.  Looking absolutely radiant!  K.T. returns to the set of "Nashville Now" for
another delightful appearance, complete with her "trademark" blend of music, topped
off by her incredible personality!  Opening the show, she sings a rousing rendition of her
hit, "Hey Bobby!"  Which is nothing short of "excellent!"  During the interview portion of
the program, as she visits with Ralph, it's clear that she is enjoying the success, that has
followed her, the past couple years.  After a short break, she returns to the stage to
 perform the touching ballad, "Hold me."  Which is always a favorite!  
Throughout many of the interviews that we have seen, K.T. mentions that in the early
days of her career, she was placed in many situations which toughened her resolve, 
while giving her "nerves of steel."  Handling the audience like an old "pro" K.T. slips into
the crowd, answering questions, while providing an insight into her past, present, and
future.  As she prances back and forth, it's clear to see, that is she is definitely a
"seasoned performer!"  Not very many entertainers are able to hold an audience in
the palm of their hand, while "landing quickly on their feet" fielding questions from the
youngest individual to the oldest.  Not to mention, extending compliments and words
of kindness to everyone around them, but K.T. does this with the greatest of ease.
Returning to the stage, K.T. brings the show to a close, performing her latest single, 
"Didn't expect it to go down this way."

Video Collection #2

1.  After releasing her debut album, nearly three years ago, K.T. makes her
first appearance on the "Arsenio Hall Show."  As always, it's a delight seeing
her!  And no matter how many times, you may hear her sing, "Hold me" it
always sounds fresh!  During the interview portion of the program, she
touches upon many things!  Including the experience surrounding her last
television commercial, where she rode a roller coaster 22 times!  Later in
the show, she previews another selection, "I ain't never gonna love nobody
but Cornell Crawford."  Which is the first song she ever wrote.

2.  It could only happen to our favorite singer, and as always she handled herself
gracefully!  After catching the heel of her shoe, in the metal part of her other high
heel, K.T. tripped and fell to the stage floor!  Unfortunately, we don't actually see
the incident happen, but we are treated to her explanation, as she tries to pick
herself up.  This particular moment appeared on "Charlie Chase's Funny Business."

3.  Returning to the "American Music Awards" K.T. simply sparkles, as she
presents two of the awards, during the evening.

4.  Although this next moment, is slightly out of place, in terms of K.T.'s incredible
career, it's truly an "exceptional moment!"  Stepping to the stage K.T. performs 
many of her hit songs.  Among them, "I'll always come back"
"Round o'clock lovin'" and the heartfelt, "Hold me."  Finishing up the set, she sings
a rousing rendition of the song, "Younger men."  Followed by "Do ya" and of course,
the song that started it all, "80's Ladies."

5.  Returning to the present, K.T. fills in as "guest host" on "Nashville Now" while
Ralph Emery is away.  Opening the show with a selection from her new album, K.T.
performs the ballad, "Two hearts."  Which is truly exceptional!  After taking her
place, K.T. visits with Minnie Pearl, which is particularly entertaining, as they
graciously share their admiration for one another.  As the program draws to a
close, K.T. performs a wonderful version of her hit single, "This woman."

6.  During the previous evening, when Reba filled in as "guest host" on Nashville Now, K.T.
quietly slipped behind the desk, while Reba was out in the audience answering questions.
Imagine her surprise when she turned around and found K.T. sitting in her place!  As the
two of them visit with one another, K.T. puts to rest the persistent rumor of their 
being a "feud" between the two of them.  

7.  "Entertainment Tonight" spotlighted the week long "Fan Fair" Celebration 
in Nashville, by visiting with a few of the entertainers on hand.  Unfortunately,
K.T. looks like she's ready to call it a day!


8.  While rehearsing for her upcoming tour, K.T. allowed the crew of "Entertainment
Tonight" to capture the moment on film.  When asked about her music, and how it
may inspire others, K.T. suddenly became very quiet, as tears filled her eyes.
I don't need to say anything more .  .  . 

9.  Dressed in a dark blue leather outfit, K.T. looks simply MARVELOUS!
as she returns to the set of "Nashville Now."  She opens the show with 
her brand new hit single, "Come next Monday."  The song still must have 
been relatively "new" because for a brief second she looses her place, 
along with the words to the song!  Which is really cute!  After visiting 
with Ralph about the new album, K.T. performs the exceptional ballad, 
"Still on my mind."  Earlier when K.T. was talking about some of the songs
on the album, she related an interesting story of when she returned
to New York City, this past spring to close up the apartment that she
had there.  While on her way to the airport, the cabdriver became very
nasty, and she told him, "Darling now that I've paid you, you have to do
what I say."  And he snapped back, "You call everyone Darling!"  The
whole incident troubled K.T. greatly.  Interestingly, when she returned
to Nashville, she happened to find a song with that very same title!
"You call everyone Darling"  And of course, she promptly recorded the
song and placed it on her new album!  As the show draws to a close,
K.T. performs the "famous" song, and has a bit of fun with Ralph!!!
Nestled on his lap, K.T. sings most of the song right there!  The two of
them smile and laugh with one another, as K.T. runs her fingers through
his hair and kisses him repeatedly!  She is having a blast!  Play the song
and the moment for all it's worth!  This is definitely a classic moment!

Video Collection #3

1.  By the early 90's, country music had gained world wide acceptance, and during
a special "Oprah Winfrey" program, she spotlighted some of the best!  Among them,
"The Judds" "Clint Black" "Kathy Mattea" and you guessed it!  "K.T. Oslin!"  Stepping to
the stage, she performs a stirring rendition of her hit song, "80's Ladies."  Throughout
the program, K.T. touches upon her life and career in great detail.

2.  Stepping in front of the camera, K.T. presents her latest music video, 
for the hit song, "Come next Monday."

3.  Appearing on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno, K.T. joins Barry Manilow as they
perform their holiday duet, "Baby it's cold outside."  Dressed in a simple black tailored
suit, K.T. looks absolutely radiant!  Clearly enjoying herself, it's easy to see that she 
has the ability to slip into any musical style!  This particular appearance is EXCEPTIONAL!

4.  Throughout all the moments that we have previously seen, none of them
come close to the "extraordinary" profile, that was presented on ABC's "20/20."
What makes this interview so "fascinating " is the fact that we are given a glimpse
into K.T.'s private life, off stage.  Which is something that has never been done 
before.  Intermixed between moments with her performing, where she is every bit
the star, we are treated to an exceptional interview, where she discusses her life
and career, in great detail.  But it's the moments, riding on her tour bus or walking
through the streets of New York City, that will literally capture your attention the
most!  Wearing very little makeup, you'd never guess that "This Woman" is really
"K.T. Oslin!"  Rarely does an entertainer allow themselves to be presented in such
a revealing light, but then again, K.T. isn't your typical superstar!  This interview
is so refreshing!  Insightful!  While brimming with an honesty, that has made K.T.
such an endearing presence in the field of popular music!

5.  Returning to the "Arsenio Hall Show" K.T. proves once again, that she has
crafted one of the finest melodies around, touched off by her amazing vocals,
on the delightful hit song, "Come next Monday."  During the interview portion
of the program, she talks about many things.

6.  After a splendid introduction by Reba McEntire, K.T. steps to the stage
on the 1995 "Country Music Awards" where she presents one of the
honors of the evening.  As you can see, she looks absolutely gorgeous!

7.  During a special segment from "Crook and Chase" the camera caught up
with K.T. during a party in honor of her song, "Come next Monday" reaching
the number #1 spot on the charts!  As they visit with the talented star, she
reflects upon the making of her latest music video, along with the amount of 
work involved, to bring the idea to life.  On a final note, she shares her
thoughts on the "holiday season."  Which is a real surprise!  
Her response is not what you would have expected! 

8.  During a moment, that I'm sure K.T. would rather forget, she appears
with the cartoon character, Bart Simpson, as they present an award
on the "American Music Awards."

9.  Throughout several of the previous interviews, K.T. has mentioned her feelings
on the Holiday season, lamenting the fact, that we really have gotten away from
the true meaning of "Christmas."  With this thought in mind, it seems a bit odd, that
she would appear on the TNN special, "Home for the Holidays."  Singing the time
honored classic, "Blue Christmas" perhaps her selection is more reflective of the
way she feels privately, than of the holiday in general.

10.  Looking absolutely "RADIANT!" K.T. makes a special appearance on
the "Song Writers Hall of Fame" singing the hit song, "Stand by me."  
As always, K.T. is simply remarkable!

11.  During "A Celebration of Country" at the famous "Ford Theater" in Washington, D.C.,
K.T. performs a delightful rendition of her next hit single, "You call everyone darling."

12.  During a special "StarCatcher" segment from "Nashville Now" many of 
Reba McEntire's friends, gather together for a concert, benefiting the band 
members that she lost in the plane accident.

13.  Returning to the set of "Crook and Chase" we are treated to
another exceptional moment, with the talented singer!  As they visit
with K.T., she touches upon many things!  Including, the one time that
she almost met the legendary "Cornell Crawford!"  When asked about
her recent absence from the public eye, K.T. explains that she is more
of an observer, rather than being one, who would draw attention to
herself.  Along this same line, she confesses what it's like being
famous, and how she has tried to remain true to herself, in
light of everything that has happened in her life.

14.  By the time you finish watching this next appearance from "Nashville Now" 
you'll truly believe that no one has as much fun performing, as K.T. does!  After
performing a stirring rendition of her hit single, "New way home" something
happened to K.T. which caused her to throw all caution to the wind, as she
returned to the stage for her next selection, "Cornell Crawford."  With a
sparkle in her eye, she invites Ralph to join her on stage, and then the fun
really begins!!!  Playfully, she pulls Ralph to her side, placing her arm tightly
 around him, as they embrace!  While K.T. continues with the song, they smile
at each other, barely containing their laughter!  This is truly a classic moment!

Video Collection #4

1.  Making a delightful appearance on the "Carol Burnett Show" K.T. steps to the
stage to perform a classy version of her hit song, "You call everybody Darling."
Another truly splendid performance!

2.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with K.T. as she performs for
our troops overseas, during her USO Tour.

3.  Returning to the states, K.T. makes a special appearance on "Hot Country
Nights" performing a stirring version of her hit single, "New way home."
Looking radiant as always, it's wonderful to see her!

4.  During a tribute to the "Women of Country Music" K.T. shares her thoughts
on many of the concerns, within the field of country music, as it relates to the ladies.

5.  Showcasing her incredible talent, as both a singer and songwriter, K.T. 
makes a wonderful appearance during this hour long concert.  Starting
with a heartfelt version of "I'll always come back" K.T. weaves her spell of broken 
relationships and heartache.  But like the lady herself, the human spirit does survive!  
Only to come back, stronger than before.  Sprinkled throughout her performance, K.T. 
charms the audience with her delightful personality.  Playful one minute, serious the next, 
K.T. proves why she is one of the most endearing performers, to come out of Nashville in 
a long time!  One of the things that I particularly noticed, as I was watching the program,
was how the "intimate setting" showcases K.T.'s incredible presence, often as soft as a
whisper, as she performs "This woman" "Mary and Willi" "New way home" "Get back in the
saddle" "Come next monday" and "Hold me."  While that may be true on the one hand, 
K.T. hits all the right notes as she performs rousing renditions of "Cornell Crawford" and
the playful "Younger men."  When it comes to communicating to her fans, K.T. is simply a
natural!  No where is this more true, than during the song, "Do ya" in which she 
repeatedly "thanks" the audience, because "this is all she has ever wanted to do!"

6.  Stepping in front of the camera, K.T. joins Tammy Wynette, as they make a guest
appearance on the television series, "Evening Shade."  As you watch them, it's easy to
see that they are clearly enjoying themselves!  Throughout the half hour program, the
"two ladies" appear frequently, together as part of the "Frasier Sisters" and then
separately at the end, as they each perform a selection on their own.  As the show
draws to a close, the two ladies are off to Nashville!

7.  After being away from the spotlight for several years, K.T. makes a surprising
appearance on the 30th annual "Country Music Awards."  After introducing the
winners in the "country radio field" K.T. slips into the audience, where she then
proceeds to pull each of the winners, up onto the stage . . . WHILE, performing her
latest single, titled "Cuba!"  The whole scene is really cute!  Only K.T. could pull off
such a delightful moment!  As she rushes them on stage, she exclaims, without
missing a beat, "Come on!  Hurry!  We're running out of music!"  

8.  One of the qualities that has always set K.T. apart from everyone else, has been
her unwavering "honesty."  During this particular moment, from the TNN special,
"Yesterday and Today:  The Women of Country Music" K.T. nails the critics, who fail
to understand why her songs, always seem to present the woman's point of view.
"If I knew how a guy felt, I'd have 18 husbands!  A stable of men.  I don't have a
clue, what they think.  So I write from my standpoint."  As always, K.T. speaks from
the heart, with a sensibility that alot of people don't want to hear.

9.  As the years drifted by, K.T. would appear from time to time, and with each
appearance, it was not uncommon to think to one's self, how much we treasured
this talented lady, and how we had missed her!  While honoring the memory of
"Roger Miller" K.T. made one of her "rare" appearances, singing "River in the rain."

10.  Making a splendid appearance on the 40th annual "Celebration of Country Music"
K.T. takes us back to the start of her career, as she sings a few bars of 
her incredible hit song, "80's Ladies."

11.  Slipping into the kitchen, for a bit of fun, K.T. prepares one of her favorite
dishes!  "One Pot Chicken!" along with a tasty "Ceasar's Salad" on the popular
TNN program, "Crook and Chase."  Even in the kitchen, K.T. seems to throw
caution to the wind, as she whips up these two delicious items, 
in a matter of minutes!

12.  Returning to the stage, for another "rare" appearance, K.T. performs
a delightful rendition of the holiday classic, "Winter Wonderland" on the TNN
special, "A Classic Christmas with Martina McBride."  Later in the program,
when Martina asks her to share a special "Holiday" moment from her past,
K.T. relates an interesting story that her Grandmother told her, many
years ago.   As the show draws to a close, Martina and K.T. perform
the holiday favorite, "Have yourself a Merry Christmas."
As always, K.T. is wonderful!
"Thank you"
for taking the time to read through these rather lengthy descriptions!
I know it seems rather "incredible" to believe!
All these moments from the past.
Moments that you might have missed recording.
And those that you have only heard about!
Throughout the years, I've shared many of these clips from my collection
with my friends, and they have always been amazed by all the appearances
that I managed to record.  To ensure the highest quality possible, I use a
"dual deck vcr" when I'm sharing any of these moments from my collection.
I would like to trade for shows that I don't have and a few other things.
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