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"Video Collection #1"

1. During this particular musical moment from "Entertainment Tonight" Bernadette
talks about her options as a "performer." Which have never been limited on account
of her vocal talent and acting ability, as you will see during a very special
rehearsal segment. Wonderful "full" screen moment! 2/83

2. Appearing on "The Tonight Show" with guest host, Joan Rivers, Bernadette
performs a rousing rendition of "Broadway Baby." Afterwards, Joan asks her
take off her "jacket to show her cleavage!" Leave it to Joan, she was even
tacky 17 years ago! As if that wasn't enough, she goes on to ask about her
recent break up with Steve Martin, and if she is dating anybody at the moment,
which kind of places Bernadette on the spot. Considering her incredible talent,
this line of questioning is best left for less distinquished individuals. 4/83

3. Stopping by the set of "Hour Magazine" Bernadette looks simply wonderful,
during this exceptional interview, with the popular daytime host. As they begin
to visit, she talks about her childhood, and growing up in the business. From there
she mentions her upcoming role in Stephen Sondheim's next Broadway production
"Sunday in the Park with George." She also talks about the other members of her
family, which include a brother and sister. As the interview draws to a close, Gary
asks her about her future plans. 3/84

4. Joining in the celebration, to honor George Burns on his birthday, Bernadette
performs a heartfelt version of "If you were the only boy." She is simply
gorgeous! 5/84

5. Even though she mentions how much of an honor it is to appear with the
Boston Pops Orchestra, it's more of a treat for us, as she performs many
of her favorite songs. Including "We're in the money" "Pennies from Heaven"
"If you were the only boy" "Other lady" "Broadway Baby" "Come on and get happy"
Plus a medley of other well known favorites! Including "Somewhere over
the Rainbow" "Come rain or come shine" "Stormy Weather" plus so many more!
During this exceptional musical moment, Bernadette is absolutely radiant!
Wonderful "full" screen moments! 10/83

6. Appearing during this particular moment from the Tony Awards, Bernadette
performs a delightful version of "An unexpected song." Dressed rather simple, it's
her wonderful smile and personality, and that "voice" which makes her so remarkable!
A truly wonderful moment! 5/86

7. Almost overlooked, Bernadette's next appearance occurred on the "Diana Ross"
Special "Red Hot!" 1987

8. Returning to the "Tony Awards" Bernadette looks simply marvelous! With Joel
Grey by her side, they present two of the evenings' awards. 5/88

9. Looking absolutely charming, Bernadette makes a delightful return to
"The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson. Performing a sizzling rendition of
"Broadway Baby" Bernadette is simply wonderful! As she visits with the
late night host, they talk about many things and at one point, Bernadette
turns the tables on Johnny, which is really quite cute! After the break,
we are treated to another exceptional musical performance
from Bernadette. 5/88

10. "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Bernadette at the premiere
of "Slaves of New York." 6/89

11. Stepping into the role of Tammy Faye Bakker for the television movie
"Fall from Grace" this particular moment from "Entertainment Tonight" visits
with both of the co-stars, Bernadette and Kevin Spacey. 5/90

12. Making one of her many guest appearances with Carol Burnett, on her
new show "Carol & Company" Bernadette is simply wonderful! After a real
quick question from the audience, the two ladies appear in a delightful sketch,
which finds Bernadette singing a heartfelt solo. 1/91

13. Appearing on the 1991 Grammy Awards, with Tommy Tune, Bernadette looks
breathtaking in her spectacular evening gown! They present one of the awards
for the evening. 3/91

14. Making a second appearance on the Carol Burnett Show, Bernadette performs
a heartfelt musical number, titled "I'm flying." She absolutely sparkles! 11/91

15. On the 66th Annual Academy Awards, Bernadette opens the show, with a
marvelous musical number that showcases her incredible vocal talent. 3/93

16. Returning to "The Tony Awards" this appearance in 1994, finds Bernadette
looking absolutely radiant, as she presents one of the awards for the evening.

17. Performing a marvelous rendition of "Not a day goes by" Bernadette joins
many of Stephen Sondheim's friends, as they pay tribute to the talented
composer, during this exceptional special. Wonderful "full" screen closeups
of Bernadette. 12/94

"Video Collection #2"

1. On the 50th Annual Tony Awards, Liza Minnelli and Bernadette open
the show with a wonderful musical number. 5/96

2. With the release of her "Live at Carnegie Hall" recording, Bernadette
stops by the "Rosie O'Donnell" show for a delightful rendition of "Being Alive."
Afterwards, she spends a few minutes with the popular daytime host, talking
about many things. 3/97

3. Appearing on the "Late Show" with Tom Synder, Bernadette is simply
captivating as she talks about many things: her recent marriage, and how
she met her husband, which is really cute; her new "live" recording from
Carnegie Hall; and many more things. After the break she performs a
stirring rendition of "No one is alone." 6/97

4. "E" Television caught up with the talented superstar during rehearsals
for her latest concert production. 6/97

5. Making a guest appearance on Tom Selleck's new series "The Closer"
brought the cameras from "Entertainment Tonight" to the set, for
this wonderful visit with the two talented stars. 4/98

6. Returning to the Rosie O'Donnell Show, Tom Wopat and Bernadette
perform a delightful number for "Annie get your gun." Afterwards, the
two stars spend a delightful moment with the popular daytime talk show
host, talking about many things. 2/99

7. Performing another selection from "Annie Get Your Gun" Bernadette stops
by "The View" for a delightful musical moment and interview. She talks about
many things, and as always she's simply wonderful! 4/99

8. On the 53rd Annual "Tony Awards" Tom Wopat and Bernadette open the
program with a delightful musical number "There's no business like showbusiness."
Later in the show, they both return to perform a selection from "Annie Get Your Gun"
which is great! Returning to the stage, an emotional Bernadette receives the
award for "Leading actress in a musical." 5/99

9. Looking radiant as always, Bernadette simply sparkles as she visits
the set of "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee." She is truly delightful!
During this particular moment, she talks about many things: her new
album, the success of "Annie get your gun" and many more things!
We also are treated to a touching moment, when she brings her two
pet dogs out, as she talks about a charity event that she is involved in.
Which is really cute! 6/99

10. Returning to the set of "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee" this particular
appearance finds Bernadette playing guest host. Which is wonderful! As she
jokes with Regis, she talks about many things. Later in the program, the two
perform one of the songs from "Annie get your gun."

11. And finally, during a special tribute to Peter Allen, Bernadette shares
a few of her thoughts on the talented performer.
The final item featured in the collection is:
"Bernadette Peters in Concert"
Wonderful "full" length concert, featuring the very best of Bernadette!

Performing some of her favorites, she simply commands your attention!

Some of the selections that she has chosen, include:
"Thank you for being a friend" "If you were the only boy" "Pearl's a singer"
"Broadway Baby" The boy that I love" "Other lady" "Come rain or come shine"
"Stormy Weather"  Plus "many more!"

"Video Collection # 3"


1.  Appearing on the 53rd annual "Tony Awards" Tom Wopat and Bernadette
open the show with a few bars of "There's no business like show business."
Which provides a perfect introduction for all of the guests appearing on the
show.  Later in the program, Bernadette is joined by the cast of "Annie Get
Your Gun" as they perform two selections from the musical.  Returning to
the stage, Bernadette is honored with the award for "Lead Actress in a
Musical."  Which is very touching!  Slipping into a beautiful evening gown,
Bernadette returns later in the program, to present the "Best New Musical."


2.  Bernadette joins Regis Philbin for the full hour, as "Guest Host" on his
popular daytime talk show.

3.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Bernadette as she prepares
for guest role on "Ally McBeal."


4.  Returning to the "Tony Awards" Bernadette introduces one of the
musical performances for the evening.


5.  Performing a selection from her new release, Bernadette sings the
classic, "You'll never walk alone."  She looks wonderful during this segment
from "Live with Regis and Kelly."  After the break, we are treated a "great"


6.  Always a popular guest of the "Regis" show, Bernadette returns as
"Guest Host" for the full hour.  It's always a pleasure seeing her!


7.  In New York, some of Broadway's biggest names gathered together
for a benefit supporting the families of those, who lost loved ones in the
attack of September 11th.


8.  Looking absolutely beautiful, Bernadette joins Regis for another hour,
as "Guest Host."


9.  Upon the release of her new cd, Bernadette stops by the "Regis and Kelly"
show to perform.  Later in the program, Bernadette brings her dog "Stella" onto
the set, for an interesting conversation with the Pet Psychic.  Which is really cute!


10.  Appearing on the "Larry Sanders" show, Bernadette puts the
popular host in his place!


11.  Performing another selection from her cd, Bernadette makes a splendid
appearance on the "Regis and Kelly" show.  After the break, she talks about
her upcoming appearance at Radio City Music Hall.  Plus many other things!


12.  Making a sensational appearance on the "Rosie O'Donnell" show,
Bernadette talks about many things!  She looks beautiful!  And this
is a great interview!  After the break she sings a rousing
rendition of "There's nothing like a dame!"
"Thank you"
for taking the time to read through these rather lengthy descriptions!  

I know it seems rather "incredible" to believe!  
All these moments from the past.
Moments that you might have missed recording.
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Throughout the years, I've
shared many of these clips from my collection
with my friends.  They have always been astounded by all the appearances
that I was able to record.  To ensure the highest quality possible, I use a "dual 
deck" vcr when I'm sharing any of these moments from my collection.  I'm also 
able to present these moments on DVD, as well.
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