r  e  c  r  e  a  t  i  o  n


Environmental activist and founder of the
New York Restoration Project
I founded the New York Restoration Project because when I moved
back to New York in 1994, the city was dirty and distressed.  I remember 
driving along the West Side Highway, and there was trash everywhere - 
everything was broken, and it seemed like it was broken out of rage.
The morale of Manhattan was so low.  So I called a friend in L.A.,
Scott Mathes, who had set up something similar there, and he helped 
me put the group together.
In six years we've removed more than 25,000 tons of debris and 
reopened Highbridge Park in northern Manhattan, which had 
become a dump.  We're building the first new boathouse on the 
Harlem River in more than 100 years, and we've started an after
school sailing program there.
Last year 114 public gardens were up for sale.  The Trust for Public 
Land Commission bought 63, and 51 were going to disappear; we 
bought them so they would remain public.  Everyone has a right 
to green space; nature is where we find peace of mind.  I did 
something because I could not stand idly by.  It's the best thing 
Iever did for my soul, because it kept me from thinking about 
myself.  In a way it's selfish, because it has given me 
such a great feeling.
"Bette Midler"
"InStyle" December 2000
"And now it's Spring!  Spring is here!  It might as well be Spring!  And all those other gorgeous song titles.  Yes, it's a time of growth and renewal, of flowers and sunshine.  Of hay fever and people in short sleeves with arms that jiggle.  Hey, you gotta take the good with the bad.  Do yourself a favor, go outside and enjoy!  Buy a frisbee.  Just remember to pick up after yourself.
May 16, 2000 

In the weeks to come as you can see, I plan to expand
upon our "Recreation" theme, with a whole host of areas!
All of them involve "Bette!" and her efforts on behalf
our our environment.  Each of the categories will
feature "lots" of pictures, small video files, and 
so much more!
"Preserving Nature takes Great Vision"
New York Restoration Project
Remembering "her" spirit
The "Divine Miss" Clean
Don't mess with Bette!
"Public Works"
Rollin' on the River
"Divine Intervention"
It all began with . . . 
"VH1 Honors"
Painting the town . . . 'green!'
Planting the future
Taking a tour ( the view )
"Queen of Composting"
Bette buys land in Hawaii
"In the garden"
Tropical gardening ~ Hawaiian Style!






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