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1.  Appearing on the 3rd annual "American Music Awards" Helen joins
Lou Rawls, as they present one of the awards for the evening.  2/83


2.  During this exceptional interview from "Hour Magazine" Helen reflects upon many
things in her life and career.  Even though Gary Collins, means well, his line of
questioning seems to be a bit frank and to the point.  Because her name has
been in the headlines for several months, he asks about her recent divorce and
and how Jeff is handling the circumstances, that led them to separate.  Gary
goes on to inquire about their son, touching upon the custody battle, and how
he is coping with the situation, both at home and in school.  Interestingly, Helen 
comments only briefly on some of the issues and completely side-steps how her 
ex-husband is doing.  Instead she prefers to take a "higher approach" by talking
about her recent marriage to Milton Ruth, who joins her during the last few minutes
of the interview.  Watching this moment, now after all these years, I couldn't 
help but wonder if they are still together.  At the beginning of the interview, 
they talked briefly about her hit song "I am woman" and how the success of 
that one song, changed her career.  Which lead them to discuss her current
album, and the video for "Imagination."  Lucky for us, they present a portion
of the video.  Overall, this was really a very good interview, with wonderful
full screen closeups!  5/84


3.  Returning to the set of "Hour Magazine" this next moment, seems like a breath of 
fresh air, compared to the previous appearance.  Stepping from the shadows, Helen
looks simply radiant, as she performs a stirring rendition of her signature song,
"I am woman."  It's hard not to notice the conviction in her voice; it seems as if the
lyrics have been applied directly to her life.  You can see the light in her eyes!  She
simply sparkles!  As she visits with the host, Gary Collins, she mentions the impact
this song had on her life and career.  She also talks about many of the other songs
that are associated with her, all of which, are her favorites!  2/87


4.  Upon the "Centennial Celebration of Australia" Helen makes
a special appearance, talking about her homeland. 


5.  Appearing on the late night program "My talk show" Helen seems a bit
out of place, among the cast of these "wacky off beat characters."  Even though she
has clearly stopped by to promote her new album "Feels so young" she happens to
get caught up in the storyline, where one of the ladies is having a baby.  Interestingly,
as Helen gets involved, you have to wonder if her lines are "scripted" or if she is just
reacting to the "craziness" around her!  5/90


6.  Making a delightful appearance on the "Vicki" show, Helen joins the rest of the
guests, as they discuss the interest surrounding "international women."  Throughout
 the hour, they talk about many things.  Later in the program, Helen steps to the 
stage to perform an updated version of her hit song, "I am woman." 9/94


7.  Lending her incredible voice, to a holiday favorite,
Helen makes a wonderful appearance on the television special
"Hollywood Fantasy Christmas."  10/94


8.  Taking a page from "People" magazine, "Entertainment Tonight" featured
a segment "Where are they now?"  Which included a delightful moment with
Helen!  She looks simply radiant!  It's so nice to see her again!  6/96
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