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Video Collection #1
1.) The first appearance of "Reba" that I can remember! Looking back to the early 
1980’s this particular clip shows her singing "The last one to know."

2.) Singing "Sweet Dreams" on the 30th Anniversary of The Country Music Awards,
 Reba creates a stillness in the auditorium like no one else can! After 
captivating everyone’s attention, she introduces Loretta Lynn, Roseanne Cash, 
and Holly Dunn. After they have finished performing Reba returns to sing: 
"Love will find it’s way to you!" Wonderful closeup performance!

3.) On the 23rd Anniversary of the Academy of Country Music Awards,
 Reba wins the Top Female Vocalist Award! Accepting her award she 
talks about her dream of performing! Returning to the stage later in the 
show she sings a heartfelt rendition of "Sunday kind of love." Towards the 
close of the show, she teams up with Hank Williams Jr. for a rousing 
duet of "Hey Good Lookin’."

4.) Singing "Respect" Reba showcases her incredible talent, on the 
22nd Annual Country Music Awards. Unfortunately, in the clip that follows, 
K.T. Oslin wins "Top Female Vocalist" for that year; on her way up to 
the stage she shakes Reba’s hand.

5.) Performing on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve ‘89’ Celebration, 
Reba welcomes in the New Year singing: "So so long" and "Do right."
6.) Sitting down with Sarah Purcell on her show: "People, Public, Private Lives"
 Reba talks about wanting to grow as an artist, by recording the song 
"Respect." The interview then shifts to her past, growing up on their ranch in 
Oklahoma. Reba talks at length about her rodeo days, and then getting 
interested in the music field. Interestingly, we learn that when Reba attended 
college she studied "theory" and had planned on being a teacher. During 
this interview she talks about the end of her 11 year marriage, and moving 
on with her career. Very insightful interview, covering several 
subjects not talked about before!

7.) Singing with Roy Clark, Reba stops by the "Hee Haw" set, proving 
there’s nothing like an "Invitation to the Blues." Returning after a brief 
comedy segment, Reba changes into an elegant evening gown to perform
 "Sunday kind of love." As always there’s plenty of comedy, sprinkled 
throughout the show which showcases Reba’s carefree spirit. In 
closing, Reba treats us to an up-close performance of "New fool 
at an old game." Very expressive!

8.) After a quick introduction from Johnny Carson, Reba appears on the
 "Tonight Show" singing two selections from her "Sweet Sixteen" album:
 "Cathy’s Clown" and "Little Girl." Reba looks absolutely gorgeous! Both 
of these songs, prove Reba’s incredible gift of taking a "song" 
and making it her own!

9.) Winning "Female Vocalist" of the Year on TNN’s Music City News Awards,
 Reba steps to the podium to "Thank" the fans! for all their support! 
Interestingly, this particular clip shows her dressed in the outfit 
from her "Sweet Sixteen" album cover.

10.) Catching up with Reba, via "TNN’s StarCatcher" this particular clip 
shows her attending an industry event in Nashville, honoring her career.
 She talks about her current "Live" album and the upcoming birth of her 
baby in March, which has caused her to do an incredible amount of
 planning. Wonderful Close-up shots of her!


11.) Joining Jane Pauley on "The Today Show" Reba talks about her new 
album "Sweet Sixteen." Which has proved to be the fastest selling 
album of her career; selling nearly 500,000 copies after just the 
first single. Reba shares her thoughts on her incredible success. Finishing 
up the interview, Reba slows things down a bit by singing: "Til’ you come again."


12.) Proving that she can "do it all!" Reba performs "Cathy’s Clown" 
on "The Arsenio Hall Show." Trading compliments with Arsenio, Reba
 mentions reading about "his" career, taking note that the "entertaiment field" 
will take care of you, if you treat it as "a business." From there the 
conversation centers around her days in high school, playing basketball 
and barrel racing. Returning from the break she sings: "Til’ love comes again" 
from her "Sweet Sixteen" album13.) Dressed in the costume showcased 
in the video, Reba treats us to another rendition of "Cathy’s Clown" 
on the 24th "Academy of Country Music Awards." "Fabulous Close-up shots!"

14.) While on tour, "Nashville Now" visits Reba through their "StarCatcher" 
segment. She talks about her "Live" album and the amount of energy 
involved in performing "live" before an audience. From there the 
conversation shifts to her upcoming movie "Tremors" and how the 
character she plays, is not that far from her own personality.

15.) Making an appearance on "Someone Special with Joan Lunden" Reba
 talks about the upcoming birth of her first child, and how her life is
 going to change with the advent of "motherhood." From there the 
conversation takes a step into Reba’s past, as they talk about her 
high school years playing basketball, and traveling around the country
 barrel-racing. Moving to the present, Joan thanks Reba for filling in for
her as "guest host" during her materity leave from "Good Morning America." 
After showing a clip from the show, Reba convinces Joan that it’s only 
fair, that she should sing something, in return. With a bit of 
encouragement, Reba and Joan sing a duet of "Lucille."


16.) "All Star Country Salute to Ralph Emery." Being unable to attend 
the celebration, Reba sends her greetings! She shares several of the 
experiences that she has had with Ralph over the years.


17.) On the 25th Academy of Country Music Awards, Reba extends her
 thoughts of appreciation and best wishes to everyone, through another
 taped message. Holding Shelby in her arms, the reason for her not 
being in attendance, is quite clear.
18.) Crook and Chase Preshow for the 24th Annual "TNN Music City 
News Awards show." Looking "radiant" Reba is breathtaking with her 
lovely curls and evening gown! She still has that certain "glow" after 
the birth of Shelby. Absolutely wonderful! During the interview, Kathy
 Mattea joins Reba in a lively discussion of presenting the 
"Hunk of the Year" award! ( Male Vocalist Award)


19.) "TNN Music City Awards." Introduced by Barbara Mandrell, 
Reba steps to the stage to perform an energetic version of "Walk On." 
A Classic Moment! ~ On a sad note, during this performance, you’ll see 
many of her former band members on stage with her, that later 
lost their lives in the plane crash. ~


20.) Returning to the "Arsenio Hall Show" Reba fullfills one of his
 greatest wishes: that she perform "Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect.’
 " Looking "fabulous!" this is another "classic moment!" The interview
 that follows, finds them talking about many things: the birth of her 
son, her natural beauty, and the why she has always wanted to record: 
"Respect" and "Fancy." Closing the show, she performs a rousing 
version of "Walk On." Full of Spirit!


21.) Stepping to the stage, Reba accepts another award! This
 time the "American Music Awards" has presented her with 
the honor of the "Best Country Album" of the year. Later she 
returns, dressed in an elegant evening gown, fit for "Reba" 
but designed for one of her favorite characters: "Fancy." Ending 
the show, Reba returns to pick up yet another award, this
 time for "Female Vocalist of the Year."
22.) With the popularity of Country Music growing so rapidly, Reba
 takes time out of her busy schedule to film a commerical 
for the "Nashville Network."

Video Collection #2
1.) Hosting "Nashville Now" Reba opens the show with a spirited 
rendition of "Walk On." During the evening she introduces and visits
 at length with Vince Gill, Garth Brooks, and Alan Jackson. The
 interesting aspect of this particular evening, is the fact that all of 
them are relatively new to the viewing audience. Reba jokes at 
length with them about being the "Hunks" of Country Music.
Later in the show, while Reba is out in the audience having fun and 
answering questions, K.T.Oslin sneaks onto the set, and takes her 
place behind the "hostess’ desk. K.T. addresses the "so-called-feud"
 between the two of them, which makes an interesting point about the
 music business. After they visit for a few minutes, K.T. provides a nice
 introduction for Reba, who performs "Til love comes again." Wonderful 
closeups! Vince and Reba close the show with their upbeat
 duet "Oklahoma Swing."
**Due to the length of this particular segment, it was placed on the second 
tape and so this item is slightly out of order, in terms of the material presented. **

2.) Appearing on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" Reba performs
 her latest hit "You Lie." Looking radiant, as always! Reba simply commands
 your attention! Wonderful Closeups! Full of Expression! Without missing 
a beat, she takes on the role of "Fancy" as she performs another musical 
number. Proving once again, why this particular song is one of her "Favorites!"


3.) On the "24th Country Music Awards" Reba and Randy Travis are 
host of the show. After several musical introductions, Reba performs, 
"You Lie." Dressed in a completely different sequined gown, Reba looks
 absolutely fantastic. In closing, the show takes on a "Salute to this Great 
Nation" with a medley, dedicated to this great nation, performed by those
 in attendance throughout the show: Reba, Vince Gill, Randy Travis,
 The Judds, and Lee Greenwood.


4.) Making a Guest Appearance on "TNN’s Video Morning" program, 
Reba picks the winner of the "Rumor Has It" contest, designed to 
promote her new album. Throughout the show she talks about her 
latest new release. From there she mentions the "runners-up!" in the contest.
** During the program they show several of Reba’s videos. I have omited these
 from the collection, because they are commerically available through her 
fan club, or other retailers. **

5.) TNN visits "Fan Fair" where everything is coming up "Reba!" For her 
annual "Beach Party" Reba struts her stuff on the volleyball court; and 
then later treats the fans to a special performance.

6.) Entertainment Tonight enlists the help of Barbara Mandrell, who
 reports from "Fan Fair." Highlights from the festival include: K.T. Oslin at 
her booth, and Reba, who is shown at her indoor Beach Party.


7.) Appearing on "Attitudes" ~ a "Lifetime" program, Reba talks about being a
 "new mom" and fitting Shelby into her busy schedule. Interestingly the main
 portion of the interview "starts out" and "keeps returning" to the subject of 
her first marriage and why it didn’t work out. She goes on to talk about Narvel 
and how having him around has helped her business. In closing they 
discuss, Reba’s rodeo days.


8.) On "Larry King Live" Reba sits down for an interesting and insightful
 interview! Wonderful! Starting things off, Larry asks Reba about her 
talent and what makes her so incredibly popular, to which she replies, that 
it all comes down to being "honest and true." She goes on to talk about her 
family and their rodeo days. Getting back to her music, Larry asks Reba about 
the themes behind country songs. She discusses the "business" and flying 
from city to city. They talk about "Fan Fair" and what it means to her. She talks
 about Narvel and their relationship and the birth of Shelby. Returning
 to the music field, she speculates on where "Patsy Cline" would be today.
 She goes on to talk about the idea of crossing over to the pop field. Without
 a doubt, this is one of her best interviews! Not to be missed! Throughout the
 program, Larry takes calls from the viewers, providing that sometimes the
 best questions come from the fans! Wonderful Closeups! Reba is a joy to watch!


9.) A missed moment, later touched upon! During one of Oprah Winfrey’s
 tribute shows, she presented short clips of all the musical entertainers 
that have stopped by. Singing a portion of "Fancy" we are treated to 
another moment from Reba’s career.


10.) No season would be complete without a traditional "Christmas Carol." 
During this particular moment from the Holiday Season, Reba lends her 
incredible voice and sparkling presence She performs "On this day." Later 
she joins John Denver and Aretha Franklin, for a medley of time honored 
favorites! Reba looks gorgeous!

11.) On the "Grand Old Opry’s 65th Anniversary Celebration" Reba opens the 
show with the entire group, singing "Turn your radio on." Later Reba joins 
Vince Gill for a rousing duet of the "Oklahoma Swing" complete with those fancy
 footsteps! Returning from the break, Reba performs a few bars of "Sweet Dreams" 
before introducing Loretta Lynn. Towards the end of the show, she returns amid 
a snow covered backdrop to sing her latest hit "Rumour Has It." In her blue 
evening gown, she looks absolutely radiant! Wonderful performance! 
Exceptional closeups!

Video Collection #3

1.) Returning to the "Arsenio Hall" show, Reba performs the title track
 from her latest album "Rumor has it." During the interview portion of 
the program, she touches upon the assorted "rumors" that have
 been mentioned about her. From there she discusses many different 
things: the music business, her New Year’s Resolution, the "social meaning"
 behind one of her more requested songs, and to have more children, and the
 prospect of recording a gospel album.

2.) During this segment from "The Crook and Chase Show" we are treated 
to an excellent "Celebrity Profile." Reba talks about playing "catch-up" after 
Shelby’s birth, by keeping busy! busy! with an assortment of projects. 
"Everything is right for Reba!" as she challenges herself with each new 
endeavor. Wonderful interview! Exceptional Closeup!


3.) Continuing with the "Celebrity" theme, Lorraine Crook sits down 
with Reba, for one of her most indepth interviews! Starting with some
 background on Reba’s early beginnings, it’s definately clear that she has
 changed over the years. By the time they sit down for the interview, the 
stage is already set! Reba starts out by talking about the "music business" 
and her approach to being the "entertainer." She touches upon her divorce
 from Charlie, and why she hasn’t really talked about it before. Even to the
 point, that she talks about those fans, that were upset with her when 
she left him. From there she speaks of Narvel, and the balance of "having it all." 
With tears in her eyes she relates a story that she received from one of her
 fans, reminding her of the incredible gift that God has given her. 
Wonderful! And very touching.


4.) Returning to the "Crook and Chase Show" Reba talks at length about 
the "Rumor Has It" album, in the sense that she approached this project
 from a more "professional aspect." She talks about her first movie "Tremors" 
which showcased her ability to ad-lib, and that the song "Climb that mountain high"
 was originally written for that movie. Interesting comments! As their 
conversation draws to a close, Reba talks about her family, and how
 they fit in with her busy schedule.


5.) "Live" from the Opryland Hotel, this particular segment of
 "Nashville Now’s ‘StarCatcher’ " presents Garth Brooks, Randy Travis, and
 Reba via satellite, from the "ASCAP Awards."
6.) This segment from the "Crook and Chase" show provides coverage
 of the funeral for Reba’s band members.


7.) Appearing on the "Academy Awards" Reba performs "I’m checking out."
 She looks gorgeous in her exceptional outfit. A very uplifting and touching moment!
8.) Lorraine and Charlie provide coverage of the "Oscars" from their set
 of "Crook and Chase." Showcasing Reba’s rousing performance!


9.) On the 26th "Academy of Country Music Awards" Reba accepts an 
award for "Top Female Vocalist of the Year." Tearfully, she speaks of her
 band members, and love she has received from those in the country music.
 As the show draws to a close, she sings "God Bless America." Looking 
absolutely gorgeous! Wonderful Upclose Moment!

10.) On this particular segment from "Entertainment Tonight" they present 
the benefit that was held in Nashville, for the members of her band. At 
the end of the clip, Reba makes an unannounced appearance.

11.) "Entertainment Tonight" provides a warm-up for the Country Music Awards,
 showing Reba during rehearsal. As this clip draws to a close, another 
segment follows. This time around they present a "more indepth interview"
 with her. Where she discusses how she is dealing with the tradegy of loosing 
her band. They also show her filming her latest video: "If I had only known."
 In talking about the new album, she discusses the songs and how they
 have helped her deal with the situation.


12.) Lorianne Crook and Charlie Chase host TNN"s CMA Pre-show. Featuring 
all the entertainers scheduled to appear at tonight’s CMA Awards. They present 
Reba behind the scenes taking her publicity photos for the show, which is cute! 
And then they visit with her, as they run through the other nominees in her catagory.


13.) On the 25th Annual "Country Music Awards" Reba plays host for the evening.
 Starting things out she welcomes President George Bush and his wife. During her 
part of the show, Reba sings "For my broken heart" dressed in an absolutely 
spectacular gown! One of her finest! She looks radiant! Towards the end of the 
song she starts to get teary eyed, remembering her fellow band mates. As
 the show draws to a close, Reba welcomes Mr. and Mrs. Bush to the stage.

14.) "Entertainment Tonight" stops by the set of Reba’s next
video "If I had only known" where she talks about the loss of her band. 
"If I had only known I would have hugged them more, but they were
 gone in an instant." Very reflective! The video moves to the children at
 St. Judes Hospital, where Reba visits and talks with the kids. She explains
 that the "Children are our future." Reba advises everyone to reach out to 
those you love . . . "don’t wait for that song to play." Very touching.
15.) Appearing on the Chuck Woolery Show, Reba stops by for an upbeat 
interview centered around many different things! They start out by talking 
about her latest movie: "The Gambler." From there they revisit her rodeo 
days, where she talks about having a horse around the farm, and how it helps
 to keep kids out of trouble. While on the subject of kids, she passes along 
some funny stories about Shelby. Chuck proceeds to ask Reba what was her 
first big break in the music business and the working relationship that she 
shares with Narvel. They talk about the phenomen of country music. Reba is also 
asked about what she listens to at home, as far as other entertainers. While on
 the subject of music, she talks about how she finds the material for her albums. 
A very lighthearted interview! Filled with lots of laughs and great stories!


16.) On this edition of "Hollywood Insider" Reba is "once again!" asked about 
her rodeo days, and how that lead to her singing career. Don’t these people
 do any research into their guests to come up with something different? As 
their conversation continues, she talks about the encouragement that she 
gained from her mother, to get into the music business. Wonderful closeup!

17.) Appearing on the "Statler Brothers Show" Reba graces the stage to
 perform "For my broken heart." Looking radiant as always, with exceptional 
closeups, we are reminded of her incredible voice! Not to mention her incredible
 beauty. After a short break, she returns with a classic: "The last one to know." 
What a wonderful moment!


18.) "Good Morning America" stops by the "Grand Old Opry" for a visit
 with Reba McEntire and Vince Gill. After several musical numbers, Joan Lunden 
sits down and talks with Reba and Kathy Forester, of "The Forester Sisters." 
Reba comes forth rather strongly, during this interview, in terms of the role that 
the women play in country music today.


19.) While attending the "50th Golden Globe Awards" Reba presents
 "Best Original Song in a Motion Picture." Dressed in an elegant evening gown,
 with her hair pulled back, she looks every bit the "star!"

20.) Reporting on "The Judds" final performance, "Entertainment Tonight" visits
 with all the individuals on hand who attened to wish them well. Reba seemed to 
be particularly touched by their farewell.


21.) "And your Favorite Female Vocalist is ....... Reba McEntire!" After stepping
 to the stage to accept her "People’s Choice" Award, Reba jokes with 
Kenny Rogers about starring in the next "Gambler" installment. While they 
are standing there, Reba receives another award. This time around she 
accepts this one on behalf of her band members. She looks wonderful!


Video Collection #4

1.) Finishing the year on a much happier note, Reba joins Bob Hope for
 his annual Christmas Special. She performs "For my broken heart." True
 to the season, Reba joins Bob and his other guests in a comedy 
sketch dedicated to "Scrooge."

2.) Promoting her upcoming "Christmas Card Special" Reba stops by the
 "Crook and Chase" set, for an interesting visit. They begin their conversation
 by talking about the healing aspects of her new album "For my broken heart." 
Jokingly they discuss her appearance in "The Gambler" and how much fun she
 had filming that movie. Returning to the album, they talk about her 
new video "Is there life out there."

3.) Commerical promoting her upcoming "Christmas Card" 
Special on The Nashville Network.


4.) Additional interview and footage, from the "Crook and Chase" program, 
this time from the set of Reba’s "Christmas Card" Special. A ‘behind-the-scenes’
 look, with Reba talking about the meaning of the season, and what 
she hopes to bring to her special.


5.) Stepping to the stage for her first "Christmas Special" Reba wishes 
everyone a "Happy Holiday!" She welcomes "Vince Gill, Trisha Yearwood, 
and Carmen" to share the stage with her. After individually introducing 
her guests, she shares the story of "The Christmas Guest" with a group 
of young children. With Vince at her side, they dream of a "White Christmas." 
Filling out the remainder of the program, she performs several selections, 
among them: "I’ll be home for Christmas."

Video Collection #5

1.) Appearing on NBC’s ~ "Later" ~ with Bob Costas, Reba talks about her 
album "For my broken heart." She talks about many things: the meaning
 behind the songs on the album, the plane crash, and the details of what 
happened. As the conversation continues, she is asked how this has changed her 
outlook on life. Returning to the music on the album, they discuss the country 
music field; touching upon the type of music that is sometimes categorized as 
"crossing over" and the "critizism" that she has received. Interestingly, the program
 has put together a great little collection of photos, and video clips, that is shown 
before the break. Through those moments, it’s amazing to see how she has changed
 over the years. Returning to the show, Reba talks at length about her high school 
years, singing and being on the rodeo circuit. As the interview draws to a close, 
they talk about her two movies "The Gambler" and "Tremors." Which 
definitely lightens up the mood!


2.) On a lighter note, Reba makes a "guest" appearance, "playing herself!" 
on the day time serial "One Life to Live." Over the course of her two days
 on the soap opera, she has several scenes, leading up to her performance 
of "Is there life out there." Seeing these particular moments, it becomes
 quite clear that she is "comfortable" wherever she goes!


3.) With only "one life to live" Reba joins an impressive list of celebrities 
as they lend their support for an Aids Awareness Program called: 
"In a New Light." Dedicated to those that we have lost, and to further 
the education needed to put a stop to this dreadful disease. Although 
originally written for her band members, Reba relates that her song 
"If I had only known" translates to this situation as well. Loosing 
someone is a loss, regardless of the circumstances.


4.) In an interview taped for "Crook and Chase" Reba addresses the media’s 
negative focus on the "release of her band" at the end of the year, a common
 practice in the music business. During this segment, she points out that this 
situation wouldn’t have even been an issue, had it not been for the plane crash.


5.) Stepping to the stage, Reba performs "The night the light went out in Georgia" 
on the 19th Annual "American Music Awards." Dressed in a gold lame’ jacket
 and hat, Reba adds a degree of depth to her already spirited version of this
 popular song. Later in the show, Reba returns to talk about "The Judds."
As the show winds down, Reba takes home the award for 
"Top Female Country Artist."


6.) While on tour in New York City, Reba takes a moment out of her busy 
schedule for this short, but insightful interview, where she talks about 
separating her "career" from what she calls: "family time." They show 
her backstage after the concert, signing autographs; and then back
 in Nashville accepting a record award.


7.) With the popularity of Country Music on the rise, "Hot Country Nights" 
provided another showcase for Reba to present her incredible talent. On
 this particular evening, she performs "Is there life out there." Sprinkled 
throughout the show are comedy segments, presenting Reba’s talent for
 "just being on camera" proving once again, that she is a "natural." One of 
the more cute moments happens when Reba sings the "Itsy Bitsy Spider." 
As the show draws to a close, she performs "For my broken heart." 
Wonderful closeups during her last musical number!


8.) Returning to "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" Reba performs 
"Is there life out there." Looking radiant as always! Spending a few 
minutes with Johnny, they cover many of the same questions that 
she has been asked before: the early start of her career, and her 
rodeo days. After the break, slowing things down just a 
bit, Reba sings "For my broken heart."


9.) Taken by surprise, Reba falls for a joke being played on her by Charlie 
Chase, for his "Funny Business" show. Reba looks wonderful! Wide eyed 
and full of expression! This is quite a fun moment!


10.) Stopping by the set of "Crook and Chase" Reba visits with Lorraine 
and Charlie about staying in touch with her fans. A good share of the 
conversation centers around her new video "The night the lights went out
 in Georgia." They also show some behind the scenes footage of Reba having 
her makeup applied, transforming her into the old lady. After the break, the 
audience is allowed to ask Reba some questions, which is always
 interesting. And she explains what "Rum-Dum" means!
A very interesting interview.


11.) Hosting a "Special Edition of Hot Country Nights" Reba presents 
all the entertainers that have appeared on the show, which have 
been nominated for the upcoming "Academy of Country Music Awards."
 They present a portion of her singing "For my broken heart."


12.) On the 27th Academy of Country Music Awards, the stage opens 
to find Reba dressed in a wonderful evening gown, with her hair pulled back, 
singing "The Greatest Man I Never Knew." Without a doubt, she surprised 
everyone with her new look! Later during the show she receives an 
award for both "Top Country Video" and "Top Female Vocalist." Clearly 
moved by the applause, Reba speaks from the heart! During both of her 
acceptance speeches. Not to be missed!


13.) Sporting her "Vivian Leigh" outfit from the "Academy of Country 
Music Awards" Reba is shown during the coverage of the awards on 
"Entertainment Tonight." This particular clip shows her backstage 
talking in the press room.


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