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Video Collection #1
1. Appearing on the highly popular "Solid Gold" program, Sheena performs a stirring
rendition of her classic hit "You could have been with me." Absolutely
the best! Wonderful "full" screen moment!
2. Lending her voice in the support to end world hunger, Sheena makes a brief
appearance during the final performance of "Live Aid."
3. Looking simply "radiant" Sheena simply commands your attention during
her video "Almost over you."
4. Appearing during this particular installment of the "Grammy Awards"
Sheena presents the honor for "Song of the Year."
5. During her very first television special, "Sheena Easton / Act One" the talented
superstar performs many of her favorites! As the program opens, Sheena performs
a wonderful rendition of the classic "Singing this song for you." While walking around
the "sound stage" she wanders onto the empty set of "The Tonight Show." Where she
pretends, that she is one of the guests. I have to admit, this particular segment
seemed to carry on a bit, but it did provide us with the opportunity of seeing a much
younger Sheena, during an audition session. Returning to the present, Sheena
performs a sensational version of her hit song "For your eyes only." As she talks
about being the youngest of six children, she mentions her sister, who grew up
in the timeless 50's, which includes a musical fantasy centered around the song
"He's a rebel." Flashing to the present, Sheena teams up with Al Jarreau on his
song "On the roof." Which is nice, but the real "duet" comes later, when Kenny
Rogers joins Sheena for their hit song "We've got tonight." I found it rather
interesting, as the special moved along that it seemed to finally focus in on
Sheena's personality, and her incredible voice. So by the time she reappears
and performs "I'm the entertainer" her outfits have become much more
sophisticated and the delivery of her songs, filled with more energy! Drawing
upon her incredible body of work, she sings "Money Madness and Music" and
the classic "Wind beneath my wings."
6. On the 14th Annual "American Music Awards" Sheena presents one of the
awards, for the evening.
7. With the release of her video "Eternity" Sheena definitely has made some changes
in her life. First off, in the direction of her music, and then also in her image! This particular
video is just the beginning!
8. Performing a sizzling rendition of the "Lover in me" Sheena makes a sensational
appearance on "Soul Train." She looks radiant! Returning later in the program, she
sings a rousing version of "No deposit, no return."
9. Dressed in her trademark silver tank top and mini-skirt, Sheena performs a
sizzling version of her hit song "Strut" on "The Tonight Show." As she sits down with
Mr. Carson, he starts out by mentioning her unique outfit, and from point on, Sheena is
off and running! She briefly mentions her "Nancy Sinatra" outfit, when asked about
her music, and the surprising change in her image. But the "real" surprise comes, when
she mentions her recent "marriage" and "divorce!" After mentioning the subject, it
basically allowed her to ask Johnny about his own marital status, which leaves the late
night host, at a loss for words! After a short break, Sheena returns to perform a
heartfelt version of her song "Still willing to try."
10. While appearing on "Good Morning America" Sheena reflects upon the change in her image,
and the new direction of her music. However, most of the interview is centered around her
personal life. Sheena talks at length about having reached a point where she is comfortable
with just being by "herself" and so she doesn't feel the need to be in a relationship, at the
moment. Which is kind of interesting, when you consider where she is at today.
11. After being welcomed back to "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" Sheena performs
a sensational version of "The Lover in Me." As always, she looks absolutely wonderful!
Slowing things, she then performs the lovely ballad "Someday" which is very nice!
12. Making a special appearance on Dick Clark's Rockin' "New Year's Eve" celebration,
Sheena performs a sizzling rendition of her hit song "The Lover in me." After the hour
of midnight, she returns to sing a rousing version of her followup hit smash "No deposit,
no return." She looks simply sensational!
Video Collection #2
1. Looking simply radiant! Sheena steps to the stage for an incredible performance
"Live from the Palace." Throughout the concert, she firmly establishes why she has
become one of the best female performers around! Singing some of her favorite
selections, she performs: "Prisoner" "I wouldn't beg for water" "Are you man enough"
"Fooled around and feel in love" "Help is on it's way" ( a hit for "Little River Band" ),
"Modern Girl" "Madness Money and Music" "Morning Train" "You could have been
with me" "For your eyes only" Plus many more! It's an exceptional concert! All
of her biggest hits!
2. Presenting another side of herself, Sheena makes a wonderful appearance
on MTV's "Mouth to Mouth" program, answering questions from the host, and also
from the viewers! In this particular interview, she talks about how she maintains
her slim figure, through proper nutrition and exercise; which has enhanced the
change in her "image" over the past ten years. She also touches upon the music
on her new album, working with Don Johnson and so much more!
3. Stepping to the stage, Sheena presents one of the awards for the
evening, on the "American Music Awards."
4. With the release of her new album, and making countless appearances EVERYWHERE!
Sheena took a moment out for this particular interview for "Hollywood Insider." Talking
about her music, working with Don Johnson, and her future plans!
5. Riding high with the success of her latest release, and the "image" contained therein,
Sheena surrounds herself with a club full of dancers, and pretty faces, to adorn her
video "The lover in me." Dressed in her trademark mini-skirt and top, she struts
across the screen, looking fabulous!
6. Images abound in Sheena's latest video "Days like this." However, the scene which
unfolds on the screen isn't exactly the way a love story is suppose to go. Or is it?
7. Looking and sounding better than ever! Sheena makes a rousing appearance on the
Arsenio Hall show, performing "The lover in me." Wonderful " LIVE " moment! Returning
later in the show, she sings a fantastic version of "Days like this." After a short break,
Sheena spends a delightful moment, with the late night host, talking about many things!
She touches upon her involvement with Prince; being between boyfriends at the moment,
which draws an interesting pause from Arsenio and his other guest, Eddie Murphy. It's
clear that she is having a wonderful time!
8. During an exceptional "Coverstory" with Sheena, we are treated to a delightful
interview, with the talented superstar. She talks about many things! The early days
of her career, making music videos and how some of them weren't very good; she
touches upon her particular blend of music, that she calls "funky-dance-pop." It's
interesting listening to her, as she talks about EVERY facet of her life. Wonderful
"full" screen moments! She looks absolutely beautiful!
9. Returning to "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson, this particular moment with
Sheena stands out as one of my favorites! Dressed in a very simple outfit, with her
hair falling naturally around her beautiful face, Sheena is absolutely incredible!
Even without her trademark mini-skirt and top, she rips through her smash hit,
"The lover in me" with the greatest of ease! After a wonderful visit with
Mr. Carson she returns to the stage, to sing a stirring rendition of the classic
"I wouldn't beg for water."
10. Although out of place, only slightly on the time-line, Sheena performs an
exceptional rendition of her hit song "The lover in me" on the 3rd Annual "Soul
Train Music Awards." She looks wonderful!
11. Returning to her smash album, Sheena pulls another selection from the line-up, by
presenting her next video "101."
Video Collection #3
1. Riding the wave of her success, Sheena performs a delightful rendition of the
"Lover in me" on the Bryon Allen show. Looking wonderful, as always, Sheena is
simply beautiful! After a brief visit with the late night host, she returns later in
the program to sing a stirring version of "Follow my rainbow."
Absolutely fantastic!
2. "Showbiz Today" from the highly popular cable channel CNN, caught up with the
talented superstar for an interesting moment, of conversation. Although the
main focus of the interview was centered around her successful album, Sheena
mentioned how the song "Follow my rainbow" reflected upon the relationships
in her life.
3. Returning to the "American Music Awards" Sheena joined Garth Brooks,
as they present the first honor for the evening. Sheena looks simply smashing!
4. After her sensational performance earlier on the "Soul Train Music Awards"
Sheena makes a return appearance, as a presenter on the 5th Annual
"Soul Train Music Awards."
5. Previewing her newest album, Sheena performs a sizzling rendition of "What
comes naturally" on the Arsenio Hall Show. Watching her perform is always a
treat, and this time is no "exception!" She simply commands your attention!
Later, as she visits with the late night host, she mentions the early days of
her career and the mistakes that she made along the way. Which is really
cute! When they return from the break, she is asked how the songs on the
new album are different, than the ones that appeared on the "Lover in me."
Because essentially they sound very similar. As she begins to reflect upon
them, you'll be surprised by what she has to say.
6. After her sensational performance on the Arsenio Hall show, it seemed only fitting
that she would visit the "ultra hip" "Party Machine" hosted by Nia Peebles. Singing
"What comes naturally" from her new album, Sheena is definitely on a roll!
7. Joining in the 4th of July Celebration from Disney World, Sheena steps to the
stage to perform a wonderful rendition of her upcoming single: "You can swing it."
Later in the program, she returns to perform "Anyone that has ever been in love"
which is truly wonderful!
8. "Entertainment Tonight" spotlighted Sheena's debut on the Broadway stage!
As they visit with her, they also present several scenes of her dressed as her
character, which is definitely not the Sheena we are used to seeing!
9. After a brief overview of her career, John Tesh sat down for an indepth interview
with the talented superstar, for his "One on One" program. As they begin to visit, she
mentions the hard times that she has endured, and how it has shaped her into the person
that she has become today. Interestingly, she touches upon the moments in her life that
she has failed, her relationships with men, and wanting children in her life, even if she
isn't involved with someone. Overall, a very interesting conversation.
10. Changing her image once again, "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with the talented
superstar as she released her latest project, titled "No Strings." Looking quite a bit
different than we have been used to seeing her, she talks about the songs on the new
album, referring to them as "feel good music."
11. A little bit of time passed by before Sheena would step back into the public eye, but with
the release of her new album "My Cherie" she stopped by the set of "Good Morning America"
for a wonderful visit! Looking absolutely "smashing!" It was a delight to see her again! As
she visited with Charles Gibson, it was clear to see that her life was filled with a new sense
of joy. In previous interviews she had always talked about wanting children some day, but
it didn't seem like the time was right. However, something "changed" while she was away
and with the role of "mother" now added to the list, a "new and sophisticated" Sheena
re-appeared! Throughout the interview they talk at length about her son, Jake, and
how he has changed her life! You can see the sparkle in her eyes as she talks about
him! When they return from the break, she performs the stirring ballad "Please don't
be scared" which is dedicated to him. Very nice!
12. If the previous appearance, wasn't enough for us to notice a more "confident and
self assured" Sheena, we were given another chance during an exceptional performance
from "The Tonight Show." Performing the title track from her new album, "My Cherie"
Sheena was definitely back! Dressed in a very simple black outfit, the music and her
sheer presence on the screen, took center stage! She was wonderful!
13. In the highly popular "Where are they now?" from the music channel VH1,
they caught up with the talented superstar, during a very brief overview of her career.
14. Following along the same line, they presented her video for "Strut" as a
reminder of one of her biggest hits!
15. Stepping in front of the television camera, Sheena made an interesting
appearance on the "Adventures of Brisco County Jr." A short lived series on the
Fox television channel. Honestly, I can't really say much about the show, because
I've never watched it! But knowing that Sheena was making a guest appearance,
was enough for me to make sure that I recorded it!
16. With Regis away from the set, Kathie accepted the honor of interviewing
Sheena during an exceptional appearance on the popular day time talk show. The entire
interviewed centered around the arrival of her son, and how he has changed her
life! Which is very nice! After the break, Sheena returns to perform
"Please don't be scared" from her new album, "My Cherie."
After the collection on Sheena was completed, I came across a couple
more appearances that needed to be included!
17. Performing her signature hit, "You could have been with me" Sheena
looks simply sensational during this exceptional performance!
18. While attending "Barbara Streisand's 'One Voice' " concert, Sheena shares
her thoughts on "big event."
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