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Video Collection #1

1.) In a "rare" performance from 1983, Tina returns to the stage on a very special
airing of Chicagoís "Soundstage" series. Starting with a rousing rendition of the theme
from "Cat People" Tina proves thereís nothing like "putting out fire with gasoline" as she
struts across the bare-simple stage. Dressed in the torn leather outfit from her video
"Letís Stay Together" she leaves little to your imagination, nearly busting forth from her
top, while she displays those incredible legs! As the music continues, without missing a
beat she rips through a spirited version of the "Acid Queen" which brings her to the next
selection: "River deep mountain high." After a brief moment of conversation she puts
those "Hot Legs" to good use, kicking them high in the air, while performing the popular
"ZZ Top" song. Keeping the energy level high, she performs a spirited version of the
Beatles classic: "Get Back." Itís clear no one entertains an audience like Tina! Making
the stage her own, she works every corner of that small stage! Thrilling those in
attendance. Slowing things down a bit, she performs a heartfelt version of "Where the
heart is." With a twirl on her high heels, itís back to "Nut Bush City Limits" for one of
her classic tunes! Complete with all the moves, youíd expect! In keeping the energy
level she steps her way through another familiar tune: "Giviní it up for your love."
While Kenny Moore takes over on the vocals, Tina slips away to change into her next
revealing outfit: a short-short leather mini-skirt, which allows her to continue to thrill the
packed house! She looks wonderful! Freshened up, she tears through several more
selections. On a slower note, she performs a wonderful rendition of the Beatles classic:
"Help" which is simply wonderful. That incredible voice! Returning to her roots, she
performs another one of her classic tunes: "Proud Mary" which sets the house packed
house on fire! Her energy level is high! And the movements on stage reflect her
intensity! "People ask me, Ďwhen are you going to slow down?í I say, ĎIím just getting
started!í " Slipping away for another costume change, she returns dressed in a black pair
of coveralls, with a silver top barely visible underneath. She performs a wonderful
rendition of "Hollywood Nights." During the break of the song, she tells the audience:
"If you canít sing, I want you to holler, if you canít holler, I want you to yell, if you canít
yell, then I want you to scream!" Which is all they need! Going around the stage, she
gets them to say "Hollywood!" Itís clear at this point, she could ask them to do anything!
This rare appearance from "Soundstage" is exceptional! Since the setting is very
intimate, the camera is continually focused on her. With plenty of full screen moments,
fantastic closeups, and a wonderful view of those incredible legs! She is so full of
energy! This is definitely a performance you wonít want to miss!



2.) "Entertainment Tonight" catches up with Tina, on the verge of her "comeback."
Starting with the release of her new single: "Letís Stay Together" she talks about the
video, and the visual image she wanted to put forth. When asked about Ike, she candidly
wishes him well, commenting that she was able to accomplish great deal during that
particular time of her life, but now itís time to move on. And she definitely does!


3.) Appearing on a special edition of the "Women in Rock" Tina is only one of many,
featured in this interesting program. After some brief footage from the past, she is shown
on camera talking about several things: her sex appeal, Marilyn Monroe, and what it
takes to present that image on stage, especially since itís not really a reflection of who
she is inside. "Iím not a lace kind of sexy, Iím a lust, kind of sexy" she confides. In
closing, Darlene Love talks respectfully of Tina, knowing all along that Tina was going
to be successful on her own one day.


4.) Appearing on "Good Morning America" via satellite from London, Tina shares her
insights into how she views her "sex appeal" especially since the release of her "Private
Dancer" album. As the interview goes along, David Hartman makes her laugh as he
explains that his son is a big fan of hers, and he is only 7 years old! The one
question that he wanted to know, was how she gets her hair to look that way. As she
explains the process, itís clear that she is enjoying her current success. On a serious
note, David asks about her upcoming autobiography, and what she plans to share
with us, that we donít already know about her. Very seriously she talks about
"clearing her name" because unfortunately her past, seems to be the way people
view her.


5.) After a delightful introduction by Bette Midler, Tina steps to the spotlight, on the
very first "MTV Music Awards." Performing her signature tune, "Whatís love got to do
with it" she looks absolutely gorgeous! Gracefully she moves around the stage, and the
camera follows her every move! Those incredible legs are adorned with a beautiful pair
of high heels, which bears mentioning because as she gracefully performs, the crowd is
enchanted with every step! And in response, they give her a heartfelt standing ovation.
Truly a Classic Moment!


6.) After her heartfelt reception at the MTV Music Awards, the stage was set for her
next appearance: the "American Music Awards." After winning her first award of the
evening, she returned later in the program to perform a wonderful rendition of her
signature tune: "Private Dancer." Dressed in a beautiful pink evening dress, she seemed
to have some trouble keeping the straps in place, which would have exposed more than
usual! She looks absolutely radiant! Towards the end of the evening, she wins another


7.) Making her guest appearance on "Saturday Night Live" Tina is simply delightful!
Surprisingly, she appears in a very funny sketch with Martin Short, as he plays one of his
famous characters: Ed Grimley. Watching Tina in her red sequined mini-dress, dancing
wildly around the apartment is sheer heaven! After the break, she returns to perform two
selections: "Whatís love got to do with it" and "Better be good to me." Outfitted in a
pair of leather pants, with a very simple top, and her trademark high heels, she looks
fabulous! In typical fashion, she simply commands your attention! as she struts around
the stage, with her remarkable energy and intensity! In a surprising move, she appears
AGAIN! later in the program, dressed in the flowery dress from the video, ready to
perform one of her best: "Private Dancer." Without a doubt, Tina is fabulous!

8.) From a different setting, Tina takes to the stage again! This time from the set of
"Solid Gold" where she treats us to another rendition of her song: "Private Dancer."
Changing the lyrics a bit, when it comes to the exchange, she commands your attention
like no other. The crowd absolutely loves her!


9.) Although slightly out of place, this particular moment from "Entertainment
Tonight" catches up with Tina backstage at the "American Music Awards." She is
simply beaming with her award in hand!


10.) Appearing on the "Grammy" Awards, Tina gracefully struts across the stage,
performing her number one song: "Whatís love got to do with it." Truly one of her
finest performances! She looks absolutely radiant in her red-sequined mini-dress. The
crowd simply loves her! They give her a standing ovation. Before she even has a
chance to change into something more comfortable, she wins another Grammy! Later in
the show, she wins the final award for the evening, "Record of the Year." Clearly no one
else deserves it more!


11.) Right after her fantastic evening at the Grammy Awards, "Good Morning
America" catches up with her in the press room. Clearly she is still quite surprised by her
overwhelming success! She talks about many different things: her current success; how
long she plans to keep performing; her upcoming projects; plus many more things!

Video Collection #2


1.) With her successful comeback firmly in place, the USA Network, profiled the
talented superstar on their "Nightflight" program ... beginning with her video: "Whatís
love got to do with it."


2.) "What makes her so HOT?" seems to be the question! put forth by the night time
news magazine, "20/20." In this particular profile, they present an indepth overview of
her incredible career, from the early days to the present. After the typical background
material, they catch up her overseas on her current "sold-out world tour." Unfortunately,
it seems that they want to provide all of the necessary information to bring us up to date
on her, rather than spending very much time with her, during each of these interview
segments. Interestingly, they tease us with parts of an earlier interview, taped in her
home, where she talks about her faith in Buddism. But as mentioned before, the
segments are rather short.


3.) Stopping by the set of "MTV" Tina puts in an appearance as "Guest VJ." Before
each of her selections, she shares a few of her own thoughts on the individual selected:
David Bowie, Prince, Rod Stewart, etc. etc. Several times throughout the hour, the
camera focuses in her lovely face, full screen, creating a rather intimate setting. In
closing the show, they present her video: "Private Dancer." She returns briefly, thanking
everyone for spending some time with her.


4.) In this second part, of an earlier interview given on "Good Morning America" ~
shown a week after the first one ~ Tina greets David Hartman, via satellite from London.
Their conversation is mainly centered around her overwhelming success, and being loved
by NEARLY EVERYONE! All around the world! Interestingly, she provides an insight
into what that feeling is like. Very nice interview!


5.) Appearing on the "Late Show with David Lettermen" Tina treats us to an
interesting interview, with the late night host. After talking about the early part of her
life, of where she is from; she goes on to talk about Phil Spector, Mick Jagger, and
David Bowie. As usual Dave pulls one of stunts, this time he presents her with a gift:
The Tuna Turner! In opening the box, she is surprised that there is actually anything
inside: "I thought it was a joke." After putting the tuna inside the container, Tina
cranks the handle and wildly shakes her great head of hair, while Paul plays "River Deep
Mountain High" with the band. Truly a Classic Moment!


6.) Previewing the next selection from her hit album, Tina stops by the set of "Solid
Gold" to perform "Better be good to me." As usual, the crowd just loves her!


7.) Prior to her performance later in the evening, "MTV" catches up with Tina
backstage, at "Live Aid." She is asked about her thoughts on the event, and why this
particular benefit is so important.


8.) After being welcomed to the stage by Mick Jagger, the two of them perform a
delightful rendition of "State of shock!" Tina looks absolutely gorgeous! Truly a Classic
Moment! The two of them work so well together! Breaking into the next selection: "Itís
only rock ní roll" Mick slips to the back of the stage to "Change Clothes!" of all things.
As Tina struts back across the stage, Mick reaches out and rips off a portion of her
leather skirt, which totally surprises everyone! Not to be missed! Wonderful Upclose


9.) Catching up with the two of them backstage at "Live Aid" ~ "Good Morning
America" treats us to an exceptional interview, with the two of them, in which they talk
about the importance of this cause. They both are clearly enjoying the event, with lots of
laughs, and smiles! Very nice! They talk about putting the "egos" aside for the benefit
of being there for the people that really need the assistance.


10.) Appearing on "Entertainment Tonight" in a slightly different setting, Tina is
shown with the designer of her stage outfits. In talking about them, she mentions having
to remain in shape!


11.) During this particular installment of the "MTV Music Awards" Tina picks up the
award for "Best Female Performer." Later in the show, she presents the "Best Video of
the Year" award.

12.) In a short segment from the set of "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome" Tina shares
some of her own thoughts on the making of the picture, and in wearing her heavy
costume. Even while just standing there, getting her makeup touched up, and her outfit
adjusted, she looks fantastic! As the camera shifts to Mel Gibson and the directors of the
film, they share their insights into what it was like working with Tina, and how she
proved to be such a quick study.


13.) With all of this talk about her movie debut, itís only fitting that the video should be
presented: "We donít need another hero."


14.) Following the success of "Mad Max" Tina treats us to an interesting interview, in
which she talks about many things: her method of acting, which is more difficult than
performing on stage; the success of her career; and her friendship with the Ďguysí of
"rock ní roll." As she talks about David, her voice draws to a whisper. They truly enjoy
each others company.


15.) Returning to her film debut, Tina unveils her newest video: "One of the living."


16.) "The Today Show" presented a wonderful interview with Tina, in which she talks
about working some of the best names in the business. Great Closeups of Her! She just
jumps out at you! As they continue to visit, she talks about the types of songs that she
likes to sing; working with Mick Jagger, and how she taught him to dance; and also what
it was like working with Paul McCartney. In closing she talks about the "sexual" image
that she portrays on stage, which is completely the opposite of how she is in real life.


17.) In a wonderful segment from MTV, they showcase a portion of her on tour
overseas! Besides a few moments on camera talking about her career, they show some
splendid footage of her performing "live" and also enjoying herself aboard her private jet.
She is clearly having a good time, and she looks wonderful! This is very nice! Not to be
missed! Great upclose shots! In closing, she sings a heartfelt version of "Paradise is


18.) Returning as "Guest VJ" to MTV, Tina seems more relaxed this time around! And
it clearly shows, right from the beginning! While laying on the floor, she raises her legs
and pounds this HUGE gong! signaling the start of the show! From there itís all laughs
and smiles! She looks radiant! The last video that she has chosen to present is one of her
own! "Typical Male."


19.) "Entertainment Tonight" catches up with Tina, for a very candid interview. The
conversation starts out with her talking about her childhood, and then moves to her
relationship with Ike, all of which is covered in her book: "I, Tina." During the whole
interview she is very truthful, and straightforth with her answers, willing to answer any
question put forth.

Video Collection #3


1.) As mentioned in an earlier interview, Tina makes a special appearance for
"The Princeís Trust" benefit in London. Wearing an extremely short
red mini-skirt, Tina starts the program out on a "definite!" high note, singing
"Better be good to me." As always, Tina is remarkable! Afterwards, she
welcomes Eric Clapton to the stage for a wonderful duet of "Tearing
us apart." Wonderful upclose moments with the two of them! Full Screen!
One of the guest musicians for the evening is Paul McCartney, and with
everyone on stage "they" perform "Get Back." Which so happens to
be one of Tinaís favorite songs! As the music winds up, Tina appears
almost out of nowhere! Shaking her tail feather! She is so amazing to watch!
As the song continues, Tina takes her turn at the microphone.
Clearly everyone is having a wonderful time.


2.) While appearing on the 1986 "MTV Music Awards" Tina picks
up an award for her duet with Bryan Adams "Itís only love." Looking
radiant as always, Tina just smiles! She is thrilled with the award!
Later in the program, Paul McCartney, via satellite, introduces Tina!
Singing "Typical Male" she looks and sounds absolutely wonderful!
Appearing from the crowd assembled for the eveningís festivities, she
is flaked by several bodyguards. Upon reaching the stage, she simply
commands your attention, while treating those in attendance to a
"typical high powered" performance.


3.) Performing another selection from her "Break Every Rule"
album, Tina heats up the "American Music Awards" with
a spirited rendition of "What you get is what you see." Dressed
in an outfit very similar to the video, she definitely has a style all
her own! Truly wonderful!


4.) In a fabulous blend of "music video" "concert" and "live action"
Tina presents her "Break Every Rule" special. After walking
through the streets of the city, she descends into "Le Zero" ~ an
underground Club, where she takes to the stage, singing "Back where
you started." After her rousing opening selection, she kicks it into high
gear with a variety of hit singles: "Break every rule" "What you get
is what you see" "Overnight Sensation" "Long time coming" and
"Two People." Changing into a red mini-dress, she returns
to the stage, ready to perform "Addicated to love" "Midnight Hour"
and "634-5789." As the concert draws to a close, she slips on her
raincoat, and heads for home, singing "Paradise is here." Truly a
wonderful performance from beginning to end.


5.) While on tour in Europe, "CBS This Morning" catches up
with Tina, as she shares her thoughts on her current world tour,
which will bring her once again to America. She talks about the
tremendous response that she has received everywhere she goes.
On a serious note, the conversation turns to her book, which
is about to be published in paperback. Since itís been out for awhile, s
he is asked what sort of reaction that she has received from
those who are mentioned in the book. Always willing to try
something new, she is asked about her commercial with
David Bowie, for the popular softdrink, Pepsi. Which is really cute!
Wonderful Closeups! Full Screen!


6.) With the release of her new album "Foreign Affair" Tina
stops by the set of VH1 for a very insightful interview. Speaking
directly to the camera, she talks about many things: her career,
covering other artists songs, touring, and the songs which have been
really good to her, in terms of her career. Showing a few minutes
of her video "The Best" she mentions how she decided upon the concept
for the video, and what the song means to her. As the interview continues,
she talks about her "image" and how it was never her intention to play
the "sex symbol." In talking about the process of filming a video, she
confides that sometimes she has to hand the controls over to someone
else, in order to stretch as an entertainer. Interestingly, she continues
to be very open and straightforward, as she talks about marriage, having
children, and the idea of living together, as opposed to making a
commitment, and then not being able to fulfill it.
Wonderful interview! Full Screen Moment!

7.) "Entertainment Tonight" spotlighted the current inductees
into the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame." As one of the special guests,
Tina joins the Ďboysí for the closing number: "Honky Tonk Woman."


8.) After being welcomed to the stage, Tina presents the award for
"Artist of the Year" during this particular appearance at the
MTV Music Awards. As always, she looks wonderful!


9.) In a special edition of "Jet" magazine, Tina talks about her
new album: "Foreign Affair." Dressed for the occasion very elegantly, and
stylish, she looks radiant! Wonderful Upclose Moments! Full screen
shots of her! As their conversation continues, she suggests if her new album
is a rousing success, that she will feel the need to go on tour.
Interestingly, she talks about her commercials for Plymouth, and how
those moments on the small screen, are considered "acting" for her.
On a final note, she confides that she is "truly happy" at this point in her life.


10.) Throughout many of these interviews, Tina talks about wanting to
get into the "acting" field, and so itís no surprise, that the first part of
this conversation on "Entertainment Tonight" should center around that
particular idea. Ironically, as she plans to concentrate on her acting,
her new album is a definite hit with the critics. Leaving
Tina once again, with a choice of which path she would like to follow.


11.) Thankful for us, her new album "Foreign Affair" was a rousing
success! During this short clip from "Entertainment Tonight" we
are treated to another memorable moment with Tina on stage.


12.) With the addition of ten extra weeks to her current Ďsold-outí tour,
"The Today Show" caught up with the talented superstar in Europe.
Looking wonderful, as always, Tina simply sparkles!
In a lighthearted moment, we are treated to a special moment
from her 50th Birthday Party. In closing she talks about her future:
"never give up on your dreams."

These last three moments were items that I came across
after the "collection" was assembled.

13.) The last segment of this interview from an earlier
"Good Morning America" finds Tina in London, talking to
us, via satellite. The most interesting moment from the interview
comes to light when she is asked about her children, and how she
raised them. Since Ike was busy with "their" career, she was basically
left to raise them on their own. After leaving Ike, she talks about
how she took a year off, before she decided to that she wanted to
pursue a musical career on her own.


14.) During this short moment from MTV, Tina talks about
her upcoming new album: Break Every Rule.


15.) Prior to her return to the spotlight in 1985, and the "Private Dancer"
concert performance, Tina shares her thoughts during this "profile"
for Home Box Office. We are treated to several moments "behind the scenes"
with Tina in her dressing room getting ready, and in rehearsal.
Wonderful "upclose" moment.

Video Collection #4

1. Upon the celebration of her 50th Birthday, "The Today Show" featured an
excellent interview with Tina! For those of us, who have followed her life and career,
the endless speculation centered around her age, and long she plans to continue in the
entertainment field, is beginning to wear a little thin. As Tina speaks from the heart, she
confides that "age" is only a number, and there are more individuals today, who remain
active, long past the notion of when a person should begin to slow down. In matters of
the heart, she touches upon her relationship of three years, with Erwin Bach, and how
he has changed her life.

2. Stopping by the set of "Friday Night Videos" Tina plays hostess for the evening, with
Paul Shaffer. Interestingly, she talks about her famous duet, "State of Shock" with
Mick Jagger, during "Live Aid" when he rips her skirt off, which was "wasn't planned!"
Throughout the program, they show many of Tina's videos, which gives her a perfect
opportunity to share with us, her insights into each of them. You'll be surprised by
what she has to say!


3. Making a delightful appearance on the 1990 Grammy Awards, Tina is
on hand to present the "Record of the Year" award. She looks simply radiant!

4. With the success of the movie, "What's love got to do with it" pulling in the fans
at the box office, Ike steps from the shadows, to cast doubt upon the events, detailed
in the film. Once again, he clearly refuses to accept the responsibility for his actions,
wanting us to believe, that Tina is the one not telling the truth. Refusing to counter his
allegations, Tina is briefly interviewed for this moment, from "Entertainment Tonight."


5. As far as interviews go, this particular one from "Dateline" is exceptional!
Tina simply lights up the screen with her presence! Once again, the fascination
with her age comes into play, but the "line of questions" are a bit different, and
so we'll forgive Jane Pauley for asking them. Pausing for a brief second, Tina
reflects upon her image, before commenting, "When I'm stage, I'm ageless!"
Scattered throughout the interview, we are treated to many moments from
her past, highlighted by the release of her life story on the big screen, with
the feature film, "What's love got to do with it." Returning to the present,
Tina touches upon her life today, and how she has managed to find a
measure of happiness, in spite of all the hard work.
Wonderful Interview!

6. Making an "exceptional" appearance at the "International Rock Awards"
Tina performs a wonderful rendition of her hit song, "I don't wanna fight."
Interestingly, as the camera pans through the audience, you catch a glimpse of
the other guests on hand for the evening, but none of them "sparkle" as brightly
as Tina! Returning later in the program, she is honored for life long
achievement to the music industry.

7. Looking absolutely "sensational" Tina performs a stirring version of her
hit song, "I don't wanna fight" on the "David Lettermen" show. Afterwards,
she spends a delightful moment with the late night host, that is just plain
goofy! And she is clearly enjoying every minute of it! Dave really makes
her laugh when he suggests that they run off and get married! And if that
isn't enough he gets her to do a few steps of the "Pony" as the band plays
a few bars of "Honky Tonk Woman." Which truly brings the house down!

8. Returning to the concert stage, we are treated to a portion of Tina's
current sold out tour "What's Love ~ Live!" Starting with a rousing
rendition of "Steamy Windows" Tina sizzles as she electrifies the crowd,
with her presence! And the energy level never lets up, as she rips
through the classic, "Nutbush City Limits." Inbetween the musical
segments, a camera captures Tina, as she shares a few of her
thoughts on the music, her current tour, the fans, and so much
more! Throughout the hour, she performs many of her hits!
"We don't need another hero" "Addicted to love"
"I don't wanna fight" "Proud Mary"
"What's love got to do with it"

9. Returning to the spotlight, after taking some time off, after her world tour, Tina
makes a sensational appearance on VH1's Fashion Awards. Singing her
latest selection "Golden Eye" Tina looks simply radiant!

10. While making a special appearance on the "Billboard Music Awards" Tina
accepts an award, on behalf of Michael Jackson, who was unable to attend.


11. Backstage at the "Billboard Music Awards" Tina visits with "Entertainment
Tonight" about Michael Jackson, who was rushed to a nearby hospital, only hours
before the show.

12. While on the set of her commercial for "Hanes" pantyhose, Tina visited
briefly with "Entertainment Tonight."


13. While touring throughout Europe, Tina's opening act was none other
than "Bruce Willis." Seeing the two of them together is quite interesting!

14. With the start of her American Tour only days away, Tina makes a
sensational visit to the set of "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee." As always
she looks absolutely radiant! After they visit for a few minutes, she sings
an acoustic version of her hit song, "Let's stay together." Which is truly
remarkable! Her voice is only matched by her incredible personality!
Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!
Video Collection #5

1. Entertainment Tonight caught up with "Tina" on the set of her
new video, "Missing you." As always, she looks absolutely radiant!

2. Proving that life doesn't end when you turn 50, the television show
"New Passages" shines the spotlight on the incredible "Tina Turner!"
What a way to open the show!

3. During an extended moment, from an earlier segment shown on "Entertainment
Tonight" we are treated to Tina's incredible presence, on the set of her next music video.

4. Kicking things into high gear, in support of her new album "Wildest Dreams"
Tina makes a special appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Looking simply
sensational, she starts things off with a wonderful rendition of her hit song,
"The Best." After returning from the break, Oprah presents an overview of
Tina's incredible life and career, from her humble beginnings in Nutbush, work
with Ike, and then right into the "present." This is an exceptional moment with
Tina! She talks about so many things! And she doesn't just skim the surface
either, like some of the previous interviews, she gives us an indepth view of
her incredible life. And her beliefs too, which have shaped her into the person
that she has become. Performing Oprah's favorite selection from her brand
new album, Tina steps to the stage for a sizzling version of "In your wildest
dreams." As the show continues, one of the real treats of her hour with
Oprah, is a grand tour of her villa in the south of France, which is simply
breathtaking! Words don't even begin to describe her home! As the show
draws to a close, Tina performs an acoustic version of her hit song, "Let's
stay together." Which is absolutely sensational! It's an exceptional
hour with the talented star!

5. Looking simply radiant, Tina treats us to another delightful and indepth
interview, this time on the "Larry King" show. Throughout this exceptional hour,
she touches upon many, many things! Far too many to even list! From her choice
of living in Europe, her difficult years with Ike, finding the right material to record,
her view on aging, wanting to act in the movies, and so forth. The interview runs
the gambit, touching upon all the aspects of her life and career. Interestingly, when
asked about her faith in Buddism, she even "chants" one of her prayers for us, and
if you watch closely you can see how her expression starts to change, and a sense
of calm embraces her. Throughout the program, they also take phone calls from the
fans, which is also quite interesting. Overall, it's a wonderful hour!

6. Stepping into Tina's "Wildest Dreams" we are treated to a very special
interview, mixed with moments from her concert, all wrapped into one exceptional
program! We are given a "backstage pass" as Tina prepares to get ready, for her
show. We are with her as she rehearses with the dancers, and warms up with the
band, who talk fondly of the talented singer. It's amazing the amount of hard work
that goes into the staging of her show! Throughout the program they present
moments from her past, portions of her videos, and a wonderful assortment of
photos, which highlights her incredible beauty. This is a fantastic program!



Video Collection #6

1. Looking simply sensational, Tina unveils her latest video "Missing You."

2. Appearing on the "Late Show with David Lettermen" Tina simply
sizzles as she performs an acoustic version of the song, "Undercover
Agent for the Blues." She has never looked and sounded better!
During the interview portion of the show, she touches upon her current
world tour, and what it's like being away from home, for months at a
time. And once again, Dave asks her when she's going to get married!
Among other things! It's a wonderful moment with Tina!

3. While in New York, Tina also makes a delightful appearance on Saturday Night
Live, blending a bit of her acting skills during one of the skits, along with several of
her trademark performances! Singing "In your wildest dreams" Tina looks fantastic!
Later in the program, she returns to perform a rousing rendition of "Proud Mary"
which leaves no doubt . . . she is definitely the "Queen of Rock and Roll."

4. Proving that she is as much a joy "off" stage and stunning, as she is "on"
we are treated to an exceptional interview with the talented singer, on this
particular installment of "60 Minutes." During these "upclose" full screen
moments, Tina looks absolutely beautiful! After the typical run through of
her life and career, we are treated to an outstanding interview centered
around her life ~ "today" ~ at this particular moment. Which involves her
long time beau, Erwin, and the villa they share in the south of France. As
we are given a tour of her spacious home, it's clear to see why she has
chosen such a peaceful place to live. Throughout the program, she
touches upon many things, and we even hear from Erwin, as he
discusses their relationship. It's a great interview! As it draws to
a close, she sings a few bars of "Let's stay together" accappella.

5. No one deserves the title of "Legend" more than "Tina Turner!"
And during VH1's highly popular series, devoted to those who have
earned the title, Tina's life and career are profiled in a very indepth
special. There are so many images of her, from the early days to
the present! The camera catches up with her many times, in
different locations, talking about her life and career.

6. As "Oprah Winfrey" wrapped up her week long show from Los Angeles,
Tina made Oprah's "Wildest Dream" come true, by inviting the popular daytime
host, to be a part of her show. Throughout her tour, Oprah had joined her
in several of the major cities along the way, but it was time to head back to
Chicago. In addition to the rehearsal, and the moment from the concert, Tina
makes a surprise visit to the show, honoring all the hard work that Oprah has
done for those less fortunate. As they visit, both of the ladies share many
of their thoughts with us, touching upon some of the same things they had
discussed earlier, but with a greater sense of depth.

Video Collection #7
1. "Entertainment Tonight" presented a few minutes with Tina.
2. Tina looks wonderful at the 1999 "Nobel Peace Prize" awards.
She performs "When the heartache is over" and "Whatever you want."
3. "Entertainment Tonight"
spotlighted a portion of Tina's new video, "When the heartache is over."
4. Lending her incredible presence to an episode of "Ally McBeal"
Tina is looking for backup singers, for her upcoming tour.
5. With just two days left before the "big game" Entertainment Tonight
spotlights the upcoming "Superbowl," where Tina is scheduled to perform.
6. Kicking things into high gear, Tina performs a rousing set at the
"Superbowl." Looking radiant as always, she sings "When the heartache
is over" and "Proud Mary."
7. With a new world tour waiting in the wings, Tina makes a sensational appearance
on the "Oprah Winfrey Show." After a splendid introduction, Tina takes to the stage
and performs a spirited version of "Hold on I'm coming." She has never looked better!
After a wonderful interview, Tina returns to the stage to perform "When the heartache
is over" and "Whatever you need."
8. With the release of her new cd, "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with the
talented superstar, where she talks about many things!
Tina is having a wonderful time!
9. Appearing on the "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno, Tina performs a
rousing rendition of "When the heartache is over"
10. "Entertainment Tonight" spotlighted the release of Oprah's "O" magazine,
and Tina was on hand for the occasion!
11. Oprah featured a few minutes of the release party for her magazine,
during her show.
12. Nothing is more "exciting" than the opening night of Tina's world tour!
And Vh1 was on hand, for Tina's return to the stage! During this exceptional
moment, Tina performs "I want to take you higher"
"Absolutely nothings changed" and "Fool in love."
13. With her final U.S. tour in full swing, "60 Minutes II" caught up with Tina
out on the road! As always, it's wonderful seeing her!
14. Spotlighting "Women who rock!" Oprah catches up with Tina, one
more time!
15. Similar to a video itself, Tina's presence was everywhere with her
commercial for "Target." Singing "Baby I'm a star!" Tina looks wonderful!
"Thank you"
for taking the time to read through these rather lengthy descriptions!
I know it seems rather "incredible" to believe!
All these moments from the past.
Moments that you might have missed recording.
And those that you have only heard about.

Throughout the years, I've
shared many of these clips from my collection
with my friends, and they have always been astounded by all the appearances
that I was able to record. To ensure the highest quality possible, I use a "dual deck"
vcr when I'm sharing any of these moments from my collection.
I look forward to hearing from you!
" Thank You! "

Remix CD #1
1. Let's stay together ( "Hot Tracks" Remix ) 9.20
2. Montage Medley:
"I can't stand the rain" "Two People" "We don't need another hero"
"What's love got to do with it" "Typical Male" "Let's stay together" 8.54
3. What's love got to do with it ( Special Extended Mix ) 5.42
4. I can't stand the rain ( Extended Mix ) 6.15
5. I wrote a letter ( Unreleased Track ) 3.28
6. Better be good to me ( Extended Version ) 7.33
7. When I was young ( Unreleased Track ) 3.11
8. Let's pretend we're married ( "Live" Unreleased Track ) 4.23
9. Show some respect ( Extended Mix ) 5.43
10. Johnny and Mary ( Unreleased Track ) 4.14
11. We don't need another hero ( Extended Version ) 6.10
12. Private Dancer ~ Anita Morris 4.01
Remix CD #2
1. Break every rule ( Dance Mix ) 8.47
2. Afterglow ( 12'' Vocal Dance Mix ) 7.15
3. Two People ( Dance Mix ) 8.22
4. Typical Male ( Dance Mix ) 7.06
5. What you get is what you see ( Extended Dance Mix ) 6.31
6. Don't turn around ( Unreleased track ) 4.17
7. I can't stand the rain ~ LaBouche 3.21
8. Disco Inferno ( Extended Mix ) 5.33
9. Nutbush City Limits ( 90's Version ) 3.44
10. Golden Eye ( AC Mix ) 4.02
11. Whatever you want ( Alternative Mix ) 4.47
12. The Best ( Club Mix ) N.T.T. 5.48
Remix CD #3
1. Steamy Windows ( 12'' Vocal Mix ) 6.24
2. What you get is what you see ( Rock Mix ) 5.57
3. Tina's Wish ( Unreleased Track ) 3.12
4. Take me down to the river ( Unreleased Track ) 4.33
5. Whatever you want (Soul Solution Vocal Anthem Mix)
Taylor Dayne 8.29
6. On Silent Wings ( Soul Solution Mix ) 6.50
7. Unfinished Sympathy ( Extended Olympic Mix ) 8.19
8. Golden Eye ( Urban Edit ) 4.03
9. Why must we wait until tonight ( Tony Dofat Remix ) 5.25
10. Never in your wildest dreams ( Crossover Mix ) 3.54
11. Afterglow ( Tinappella ) 4.47
12. Do something 3.22
13. The Best ~ Bonnie Tyler 4.16
Remix CD #4
1. The Best ( "Live" ) 5.24
2. Proud Mary ( "Live" ) 4.37
3. Shake a tail feather ( Unreleased Track ) 2.34
4. Havin' a party ( Unreleased Track ) 3.58
5. What you get is what you see ( "Live" ) 4.56
6. Fire down below 3.15
7. Rock n' Roll Widow ( Unreleased Track ) 4.45
8. Nutbush City Limits ( Factory Team Dance Mix ) T-Zone 5.41
9. Steamy Windows ( 12'' House Mix ) 7.15
10. Golden Eye ( Club Edit ) 4.27
11. Don't turn around ~ Bonnie Tyler 4.14
12. Never in your wildest dreams (Antonio Banderas Latin Mix) 4.02
13. Why must we wait until tonight ( Accappella Mix ) 4.30
14. When the heartache is over ( 7th District Club Mix ) 5.12
15. Row, row, row your boat ( Unreleased Track ) .55
16. The Best ( Groovy Mix ) N.T.T. 5.14

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