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"Video Collection #1"

1.) Appearing on the extremely popular “Solid Gold”
program, the group performs one of their all time
favorites: “The boy from New York City.” Looking
wonderful as always, they are clearly enjoying 
their current success! 

2.) While appearing on the 25th Annual Grammy
Awards, the “Manhattan Transfer” join Ella Fitzgerald
as they present one of the awards for the evening.
Beforehand, however, they perform an EXCEPTIONAL 
rendition of “How high the moon.” Truly a highlight!
Not to be missed! Afterwards, they receive 
another standing ovation! 

3.) With the release of their new album, 
“Bodies and Souls” the “Transfer” sits down
for an interesting visit with David Hartman for 
“Good Morning America.” Considering the early
hour, they look great! Wonderful “full screen moments”
with each of them, as they talk about the “incredible harmony”
they share, both in their music, and in their friendship,
with one another. As they talk about their music,
they present a few bars of “Java Jive” which is
astounding! Great interview! 

4.) In a special “Evening with the Boston Pops”
the Manhattan Transfer joins, famed conductor,
John Williams for an “exceptional set” covering 
some of their all time favorites: “Route 66”
“Candy” “Duke of Dubuque“ “That’s the way it goes”
“Birdland” “A nightingale sang in Berkley square.”
With a “full” orchestra backing them up, they sound
absolutely fantastic! After each selection, the 
crowd simply loves them! In these “upclose”
moments, you’ll especially love “seeing and hearing”
their remarkable musical expressions. When it comes
time for “Birdland” they simply “step” to the music!
Looking radiant as always, Cheryl and Janis, simply
shine! While Alan and Tim provide a stylish
backdrop, dressed in their tuxedos. Truly a
wonderful performance! Not to be missed. 

5.) “Entertainment Tonight” spotlighted the popular
group, upon the release of their new album: 
“Bodies and Souls.” Shown during a relaxed moment in 
the recording studio, each of them shares a thought 
or two on what has made them so incredibly popular. 
Wonderful “full screen” moment! 

6.) Joining this next appearance in progress,
Janis and Alan are being interviewed on
CNN, upon the release of their new album “Vocalese.”
The two stars talk about the process of recording
the songs, and what it was like putting the album
together, from the musical side of things. In 
spotlighting the new release, they present a few minutes
of their video: “Ray’s Rockhouse.” Afterwards, 
Janis and Alan talk about the wide range of music that
they have recorded over the years, always a step away
from what you’d expect them be doing! Very nice
interview with the two of them! 

7.) Performing several selections, The Manhattan Transfer
visit the “Tonight Show” for a wonderful appearance,
scheduled around the release of their “Vocalese” recording.
This particular “upclose” moment is EXCEPTIONAL! 
They all look FABULOUS! Shifting from one individual
to the next, each of them is featured “full screen!”
Upclose! After a musical number from their “Vocalese”
album, they perform “Rambo” with “The Tonight Show”
orchestra. Absolutely wonderful appearance! 

8.) In an earlier interview, Janis and Alan were
asked about the “colorful” side of themselves, 
displayed in the videos, that were filmed
for their “Vocalese” album. Here are two of those
selections: “Killer Joe” and “Ray’s Rockhouse.” 

9.) Ending the year on a musical note, the “Transfer”
appear on Dick Clark’s “Rockin’New Year’s Eve” 
Celebration. Sounding wonderful as always, they start 
out by performing a rousing rendition of their hit song:
“The Boy from New York City.” Clearly pleased with
their presence, the crowd absolutely loves them! 
And the “Transfer” is having an equally good time too!
Full of energy, each of them looks “fabulous!” during 
these “full screen moments” on camera. With just a 
few minutes until midnight, they sing a few bars
of “Trickle Trickle” which is shorten, as the focus 
shifts to Times Square. With several musical moments 
happening throughout the United States, the network
returns to The Plaza, for a special performance of 
the Transfer, performing “Ray’s Rockhouse.” Which
is exceptional! Returning later in the show, the group
has changed into their “evening wear.” And if 
I may say, Janis looks radiant! Slowing things 
down a bit, they perform another selection, showcasing
their incredible vocal talent. Truly a wonderful evening! 

10.) During a special musical “jazz” moment on the 
“Grammy Awards” the Transfer are on hand, lending 
their voices to those on stage. Once again, they 
each look exceptional! 

11.) Showcasing their incredible talent, 
“The Transfer” appear on a “Fourth of July
Liberty Special.” Looking wonderful as always, the 
group fills the stadium with their four
part “jazz” harmonies, and expressive personalities.
At best, I can only say, that the song they are 
performing is “Of thee I sing.” Backed by a full 
marching band, they sound wonderful! 

12.) During this short moment from the USA 
program “Hollywood Insider” The Transfer 
are spotlighted with the release of their
new album: “Vocalese” and the video
collection that is also being offered.

13.) Although this next very short moment is 
“noticably flawed” The Transfer are shown
during this “fifteen second” commercial for the 
popular snack cake, “Sara Lee.” True to their fun
loving personalities, they are always a delight to see!
( If I may say, this was probably one of those moments 
where I grabbed the tape, and hit the “record” button
before the tape was fully loaded, and ready to run.)

14.) Capitalizing on their success, with "Sara Lee"
The Transfer lend their presence to yet, another commercial.
This time they are seen enjoying "Diet Coke."

15.) During this very short moment from VH1, Janis mentions
that "The Transfer" is now headed for an extended tour of
Japan. In closing, she asks everyone to "please, look
for my new album, in a store near you!" Which sets the
stage for her video: "Small Day Tomorrow."

16.) During a “very” lighthearted moment, The Transfer
compete against one another on “The New Family Feud." 
Of all places! Joining the other “Guest Stars” on hand,
it’s the “ladies” against the “guys!” Truly a wonderful 
time was had by everyone! It’s fun seeing this old classic,
presented with a new “celebrity” twist! Fun! Fun! Fun!
I won’t tell you who wins! But I will say: 
"Janis" is just fabulous!
After the collection on the "Transfer" was completed, I happened
to come across the following appearance, that definitely needed to be included.


17. )  Singing a few bars of their hit song, "The Duke from Dubuque" the Transfer
light up the stage, at the "Night of a 100 Stars" Celebration.

"Video Collection #2"

1.) On the final evening of their “Vocalese” tour of 
Japan, “The Transfer” are warmly welcomed, as they 
perform a wide selection of their favorites. Looking 
wonderful, as always, the group is truly in top form!
Here’s just a few of the songs they performed: 
“Four Brothers” “Rambo” “Meet Benny Bailey” “To You” 
“Joy Spring” “Move” “Killer Joe” “Duke of Dubuque”
“Gloria” “Heart’s Desire” “Birdland” “On the Boulevard”
“Shaker Song” “Java Jive” “Blue Champagne” “How high
the moon” “Boy from New York City” and “Ray’s Rockhouse.” 
Mid-point through the show, the group takes a moment
to step out of their evening wear, into something 
less formal. You’ll absolutely love Tim’s “zoot-suit”
complete with matching tie, and jacket! Clearly a 
favorite, he simply charms the audience. Dressed in
much more “comfortable” attire, the group swings
through the 50’s and 60’s, before touching upon some 
of their more recent hits. Truly a wonderful evening!


2.) Returning with a all new “project” The Transfer
unveil their latest video: “So you say.” Throughout ... 
Cheryl looks fabulous! In fact, “striking!” 

3.) Shaking things up, “The Transfer” performs a 
rousing rendition of their all time favorite: 
“Birdland” for the Celebration honoring Atlantic 
Records. They look EXCEPTIONAL during this performance!
They simply command your attention! And “Janis!” 
looks fabulous!

4.) If the last performance didn’t “grab” your 
attention, wait until you see this next moment
from the “Arsenio Hall” show! Singing an upbeat 
version of their song: “Move” the group is absolutely
astounding! Interestingly, they all look like they
just walked onto the set, for a dress rehearsal, 
because their choice of clothes are very “relaxed!”
and different from one member to the next. And 
wait until you see Janis! After the break, they perform 
a selection from their new album, “Brasil.” 


5.) While appearing on the “Grammy Awards” the 
Transfer showcase their incredible vocal talent by 
singing acappella “She’s the most” before presenting
“Best Pop Vocal / Female.” Afterwards, it’s a 
pleasure to present . . . them WINNING an award of their
own! for “Best Pop Duo or Group.” Clearly surprised!
They graciously accept ANOTHER Grammy! 

6.) During a special celebration for Frank Sinatra,
the Manhattan Transfer join Connie Haines on stage,
for a delightful musical number. Looking radiant,
the group is simply marvelous! Unfortunately, we 
weren’t able to see their entire performance. 



7.) After being away for several years, the Transfer
reappeared on “The Tonight Show” with a new offering:
“The Offbeat Avenues.” While performing two selections
from the album, they firmly re-establish themselves as
a major “entertainment force!” They’ve never looked 
and sounded better! Wonderful “full” screen moment with
Cheryl, as she takes the lead on the second selection!

8.) Always stepping out on her own, Janis makes a special
 appearance on “A Night at the Improv.” Looking wonderful
as always, she is simply a delight! After telling a joke
of her own, which is really cute! she introduces 
the rest of the comedians on the show. 

9.) During this next really short clip from 
“Entertainment Tonight” the group is spotlighted, as 
they begin their all ‘acoustic tour.’ In an “upclose”
moment, Janis expresses her thoughts on 
this particular outing.

"Video Collection #3"

1.) While promoting her latest solo release, Janis
stops by the set of “Biggers and Summers” on the 
Lifetime channel, for an interesting visit. Throughout
the interview, she talks about many things: the birth of
her son, and how that has affected her career, both as
a “individual” and as a member of the group. Even though
she is there to promote “Slow Hot Wind” she performs
another selection, especially put together for 
the show, which is simply wonderful! You’ll absolutely
love these “upclose” moments with Janis, that are
“full” screen. She looks gorgeous! 

2.) Stepping to the stage, Frankie Vali and the
members of the “Transfer” are welcomed to the 22nd
annual “American Music Awards.” Presenting the 
honor for “Favorite Pop / Rock Female Artist” they
all look wonderful. It’s nice to see them again!

3.) In ringing in the season, the Transfer make
a special appearance on the “Winans ‘The Real Meaning
of Christmas’ Special.” True to the holiday season,
they lend their exceptional voices on several time
honored classics. As always, it’s a pleasure to
see them. Very nice performance! 

4.) During a special tribute to “Carol King” on 
the Lifetime channel, titled “Tapestry Revisited”
the Manhattan Transfer selects one of her songs 
to record. It’s a treat listening to them, as they
honor one of the greatest song writers of our time.

5.). Disappearing once again, for several years, 
“The Transfer” reappeared on the Nashville Network
with an entirely new project called: “Swing.” After
being welcomed by Ricky Skaggs, they take to the 
stage, for a delightful performance! Beginning with 
“Down South Camp Meetin’” they prove once again, why 
everyone loves their EXCEPTIONAL harmonies! They sound
absolutely fantastic! In between their musical numbers,
they share a few of their thoughts with us; mainly 
centered around their early music influences. 
Reflecting upon their own particular choices in music,
they decide to sing a classic: “Cho Cho Ch' Boogie,”
which is wonderful! As the show draws to a close,
they join Ricky for a rousing rendition of an old Roy
Orbison classic: “Dream Baby.” 


6.) After being welcomed by Kathie Lee, on her first
Christmas Special, the Transfer sing a spirited version
of “Santa Claus is coming to town.” Later in the show,
they join the rest of the “guest stars” for a wonderful
selection of Christmas favorites. 

7.) Making a special appearance on the “1998 Essence 
Awards,” the Transfer lend their voices on a wonderful 
“jazz” tribute. Although their moment on stage is rather
short, it’s still a pleasure to see them! They look 
and sound great! 

8.) The “Big Apple” comes to Texas, as the 
Manhattan Transfer spend a delightful evening
with those in attendance, on this particular 
installment of “Austin City Limits.” Recorded
around the time of their “Swing” album, the 
group performs several numbers on their own, and
then with Ricky Skaggs, and “Asleep at the Wheel.”
It’s nice to see them again! And they sound fantastic!
After a couple songs from their "Swing" album, they
sing a whole host of favorites, past and present!
"Route 66" "Java Jive" "Choo Choo Ch' Boogie"
"A-Tisket A-Tasket" "I know why and so do you"
"Air mail special" and so many more!
Truly a wonderful evening!
One of their best "live" performances!
"Thank you"
for taking the time to read through these rather lengthy descriptions!  

I know it seems rather "incredible" to believe!  
All these moments from the past.
Moments that you might have missed recording.
And those that you have only heard about!

Throughout the years, I've
shared many of these clips from my
with my friends, and they have always been astounded by all the appearances
that I was able to record.  To ensure the highest quality possible, I use a "dual deck"
vcr when I'm sharing any of these moments from my collection.
I would like to trade for shows that I don't have and a few other things.
I look forward to hearing from you!



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